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Families covered: Ogston of Ardoe, Ogston (Ogstoun) of Auchmacludy, Ogston of Coburty, Ogiston of Craggis, Ogstoun (Ogston) of Fettercairn, Ogston of Ironhill, Ogston of Ogston (Ogiston of Ogiston)

The following family probably took its name from Ogston in Moray. Whether or not there was any ancient link between that Ogston and other places of similar names in other parts of Great Britain (such as Hoggeston in Buckinghamshire) is not known.
Symon de Hogeston of Hogeston (Ogston), Morayshire (d before 1240)
1. John de Ogiston (a 1262)
  A. Alexander de Ogiston (a 1296)
  i. Reginald de Ogiston (a 1345, Chancellor of Glasgow)
  a. Andrew de Ogiston (a 1381, dsp)
b. Sir Rannald de Ogiston or Houstoune (a 1366, rector of Forres, Chancellor of Aberdeen)
  (1) John de Ogyston of Craggis (Forfarshire) & Glenylay (d by 1442, bailie of Irvine)
  (A) Alexander Ogiston 'of that ilk' of Ogiston & Craggis (d c1473)
  (i) John Ogiston 'of that ilk' of Ogiston & Craggis, Sheriff of Aberdeenshire
  'The Supplement' suggests that John's wife was probably a daughter of Lawrence, 1st Lord of Saltoun. TSP (Saltoun) shows the wife of Walter (John's son) as being a generation later.
m. ?? Abernethy (probably dau of William Abernethy, 2nd Lord of Saltoun)
  (a) Walter Ogiston 'of that ilk' of Ogiston & Craggis (a 1488)
  m. Jane Scrymgeour (d 1489)
  ((1)) Elizabeth Ogstoun
  m. Sir Adam Hepburn of Craigs (d Flodden 09.09.1513)
  ((2)) Janet Ogstoun --
m(1). (c1507) James Crichton of Ruthven (d Flodden 09.09.1513)
  'The Supplement' reports that the earlier 'The History' supported the view, reported elsewhere, that this was the Janet who m2. George Halyburton. However, 'The Supplement' reports that its author/editor had seen no evidence to support that. Nevertheless, we provisionally support the view that she m2. as follows.
m2. George Haliburton of Pitcur (d by 17.06.1538) --
  (b) David Ogstoun (d 1498?) - continued below
  (c) James Ogstoun of Arbroath (a 1476)
  (d) John Ogstoun of Fettercairn (a 1539)
  m. ?? Barclay (dau of ?? Barclay of Mathers)
  ((1)) Alexander Ogstoun 'of that ilk' of Fettercairn (a 1567)
  m. Margaret Strachan (dau of Alexander Strachan of Thornton, widow of William Ramsay of Balmain)
((A)) Walter Ogstoun of Fettercairn (a 1615)
  m. Mariota Lindsay
  ((i)) Alexander Ogstoun (dvpsp)
  ((B))+ other issue - Alexander (a 1614), David (a 1607)
  (B) Thomas Ogston of Fettercairn (a 1469, Bailie of Lanark)
  m1. ?? Irvine (dau of Alexander Irvine of Drum)
  (i) ?? Ogston of Fettercairn (dsp, daughter)
(ii) Janet Ogston
  m. (1479) David Douglas of Tilwhilly
  m2. (sp) Elizabeth Crechton (widow of _ Gifford of Sheriffhall)
  The following connection is shown as "conjectural".
  (2) ?? Ogstoun father or grandfather of ...
  (A) ?? Ogstoun of Ludquharn
  (i) daughter, heiress of Ludquharn --
  m. Sir Gilbert Keith of Ludquharn (d c1494) --
  The following connection is shown as "conjectural".
  c. daughter
  m. Henry Cheyne of Esilmont



David Ogstoun (d 1498?) - continued above
1. George Ogstoun of Auchmacludy (a 1574)
  m. Elizabeth Murray
  A. George Ogstoun of Auchmacludy (a 1633)
  i. William Ogstoun of Auchmacludy
  m. Christian Wilson (d 1661)
  a. George Ogstoun of Ardlay & Coburty (a 1689)
  (1) John Ogston of Ironhill, Coburty (a 1698)
  (A) James Ogston of Ironhill, Coburty
  m. (1702) Margaret Forbes
  (i) William Ogston of Ironhill, Coburty (b 1706, 2nd son)
  m. (1723) Elizabeth Ritchie
  (a) Alexander Ogston in Tarves (d 1774?, scholmaster, 2nd son)
  m. _ Lind or Paterson
  ((1)) Alexander Ogston in Aberdeen (2nd son)
  m. Helen Milne
  ((A)) Alexander Ogston of Ardoe
  m. Elliot Lawrance
  ((i)) Alexander Milne Ogston of Ardoe had issue
  m. Katherine Anne Mitchell Rennie
  ((ii)) James Ogston of Norwood
  m. Anne Leslie Jamieson
  ((iii)) Elliot Ogston
  m. John Miller
  ((iv)) Helen Ogston (dsp)
  ((v)) Sarah Ogston
  m. Peter Clark
  ((vi)) Amelia Ogston
  m. Ed. N. Carless
  ((B)) George Ogston in Sydney (dsp)
  ((C)) Francis Ogston (professor)
  m. Amelia Cadenhead
  ((i)) Jane Ogston
  m. H. Cowan (professor)
  ((ii)) Alexander Ogston (doctor) had issue
  m1/2. Mary J. Hargrave
  m2/1. Isabella M. Matthews
  ((iii)) Francis Ogston
  m1. Charlotte E. Rhind
  m2. Kate M. Ridings
  ((iv)) Helen Milne Ogston
  m. Arch. E. Malloch (dsp, doctor)
  ((D)) Sarah Ogston
  m. David Gill
  ((E)) Helen Ogston
  m. William Reid
  ((2))+ other issue (dsp young) - George, James, Catherine
  (b) Jane Ogston
  m. William Urquhart
  (c) Mary Ogston (b 1726)
  m. _ Reid
  (d)+ other issue (dsp) - William, George, James
  (ii)+ other issue - James (b 1703, dsp), James
  b. William Ogstoun of Auchmacludy
  m. Magdalen Forbes
  (1) Christrian Ogston
  m. (1691) Alexander Reid
  c. John Ogstoun (a 1675)
  d. Barbara Ogstoun
  m1. Walter Simpson
  m2. William Adamson
  e. Christian Ogstoun
  m. George Adamson
  f. Janet Ogstoun
  m. Allan Bridge
  ii. George Ogstoun
  iii. Janet Ogstoun
  m. Alex. Keith
  B. Marcus Ogstoun

Main source(s): 'Supplement to the Genealogical History of the Families of Ogston' (1897, available on archive.org) which refers to the earlier 'A Genealogical History of the Families of Ogston' (1876) which we have not seen
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