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Families covered: O'Neill of Drommorrie, O'Neill of Dungannon, O'Neill of Tyrone

We hope in due course to pull together the various main branches of this family and connect them back to the famous Niall the Great, also known as Niall of the Nine Hostages, the semi-mythical King of Ireland in the latter part of the 4th century. BE1883 starts with ...
Henry MacOwen O'Neill, "chief of his nation"
m. _ MacMurrogh (a 1452)
1. Con More O'Neill (d 1493)
  m. Elinor FitzGerald (dau of Thomas FitzGerald, 7th Earl of Kildare)
  A. Con Baccach or Bacagh (the Lame) O'Neill, 1st Earl of Tyrone (d 1559)
  m1. Alice FitzGerald (dau of Gerald FitzGerald, 8th Earl of Kildare)
  (1) TCP reports that the Earldom was created with special remainder to Con's illegimate son Matthew.
(2) BE1883 identifies only Alice FitzGerald as a wife of Con but TCP reports the other wives and mentions that Mary O'Neill is said to have been the mother of Shane. BE1883 shows Shane as the eldest son and Phelim as the next son but TCP reports that Phelim was the eldest and that, after his death, Shane was probably the eldest surviving legitimate son. We presume that Alice was mother of ...
  i. Phelim Kegh or Caach O'Neill (dvp by 05.1542)
  a. Tirlogh O'Neill Breassalagh
  (1)+ issue - Hugh, Cormack, Con, Art, Phelim, Edmund, Tirlagh, Bryan Ceannfhionain, Ever-an-locha
  m2. (before 1530) Mary O'Neill (dau of Hugh Boy O'Neill of Clandeboye)
  ii. Shane (John) O'Neill 'the Proud' (b c1530, d 02.06.1567)
  m. Margery O'Donnell (dau of Manus O'Donnell, lord of Tyrconnell)
  a.+ issue - Henry, Art
  p. Jane (wife of Calvagh O'Donnell, lord of Tyrconnell)
  c. Hugh Na Gavalloch
m3.? _ O'Byrne mentioned in a note but not in the main text of TCP
  m4. (by 11.1538) Mary MacDonnell (dau of Alexander Macrandal Boy MacDonnell)
  It is not known which wife/wives was/were mother of ...
  iii. Tirlogh O'Neill
  iv. Mary O'Neill
m. Sorley Boy MacDonnell (father of 1st Earl of Antrim)
  p. Alison Kelly ("wife of a blacksmith at Dundalk")
  v. Matthew O'Neill, 1st Lord Dungannon (dvp 1558)
  m. Joan Maguire (dau of Constantine Maguire, son of Constantine, son of Bryan, son of Philip, son of Thomas)
  a. Brien O'Neill, 2nd Lord Dungannon, de jure 2nd Earl of Tyrone (d unm 12.04.1562)
  b. Hugh O'Neill, 3rd Lord Dungannon, 3rd Earl of Tyrone (b 1550, d 20.07.1616)
  Hugh was attainted for treason and his titles were forfeited.
  m1. _ (div) O'Neill (dau of Sir Brian MacPhelim O'Neill of Claneboye)
  (1)+ children declared illegitimate
  m2. (1574) Joan O'Donnell (d by 01.1590/1, dau of Sir Hugh O'Donnell of Tyrconnell)
  (2) Hugh O'Neill (b before 12.1585, dvp unm 23.09.1609)
(3) Henry O'Neill, 'Earl of Tyrone' (b c1586, dsp)
  m. (1615) _ de Mancicidor (dau of Juan de Mancicidor)
  (4) Mary O'Neill shown by BE1883 as older than Sarah
  m. Sir Bryan McMahon of Monaghan
  (5) daughter shown by BE1883 as older than Sarah
  m. Donnell Ballagh O'Cahan
  (6) Sarah O'Neill daughter of Joan O'Donnell
  m. (before 04.03.1594/5) Arthur Magennis, Viscount Iveagh (d 05.1629)
  (7) Margaret O'Neill daughter of Joan O'Donnell
  m. Richard Butler, 3rd Viscount Mountgarret (b c1578, d 1651)
  (8) Alice O'Neill apparently of this marriage
  m. (1604) Randal MacDonnell, 1st Earl of Antrim (d 10.12.1636)
  m3. (03.08.1591) Mabel Bagenal (dsp, dau of Sir Nicholas Bagenal, Marshal, by Eleanor Griffith)
  m4. (before 06.06.1597) Catherine Magennis (d 15.03.1618, dau of Sir Hugh Magennis of Iveagh by Annabel O'Reilly)
  (9) John or Shane O'Neill, 'Earl of Tyrone' (b 18.10.1599, dspl 27.01.1640/1)
  partner unknown
  (A) Hugh O'Neill (b c1631, dsp by 10.1660)
  (10)+ other issue - Con (b 1600-1, d unm after 09.1623), Brian (b 1604, d 16.08.1617)
  c. Sir Cormac O'Neill (d c1618)
  m. _ O'Donnell (dau of Sir Hugh O'Donnell, lord of Tyrconnell)
  (1) Constantine O'Neill (dsp)
  d. Barnaby O'Neill
  partner unknown
  e. Art McBaron O'Neill(d 28.11.1618)
  (1) Art Oge O'Neill
  (A) Hugh Duff O'Neill, Governor of Limerick, 'Earl of Tyrone' (dsp before 1667, Major General)
  (2) Owen Roe O'Neill (d 06.11.1649, General)
  m. Rose O'Dogherty (widow of Calvagh O'Donnell)
  (A) Henry Roe O'Neill (d 07.1650)
  m. Eleanor FitzGerald (dau of Sir Luke FitzGerald of Tecroghan)
  (i) Hugh O'Neill, 'Earl of Tyrone' (b after 1644, dsp)
  (B) Bryan Roe O'Neill
  (i) Owen O'Neill, 'Earl of Tyrone' (dsp)
  (C) Con O'Neill (Captain)
  (i)+ issue - Owen (Colonel), Lewis
  (D) John O'Neill (priest)
(3) Con O'Neill
  (A) Daniel O'Neill
  (B) Bryan Roe O'Neill
  (i) Con O'Neill (d young)
  B. Art Oge O'Neill identified by TCP (Tyrone) as the eldest son
  i. Neil Conalagh O'Neill
  m. Rose O'Donnell (dau of Manus O'Donnell, lord of Tyrconnel)
a. Sir Tirlough Luineach O'Neill (d 1595, "Captain of all Tyrone") had issue
  (1) daughter probably of this generation
  m. Con O'Donnell of Tyrconnel (b by 1540)
  C. John O'Neill of Drommorrie (Kinard)
  i. Sir Henry O'Neill of Drommorrie
  a. Sir Henry Oge O'Neill (a 1604)
  (1) Tirlogh O'Neill (dvp)
  m. Catherine
  (A) Sir Phelim Roe O'Neill (d 1652)
  m1. (1641) Jane Gordon (dau of George Gordon, Marquess of Huntly)
  m2. _ Preston (dau of General Thomas Preston)
  Not clear which wife was mother of ...
  (i) Gordon O'Neill (d 1704, Brigadier)
  (a) Charles O'Neill
  (b) Mary Anne O'Neill
  m. Richard Bourke, 'Baron Castle Connell'
  (B) Tirlogh O'Neill of Ardgonnel
  (2) Bryan O'Neill
  (A) Cormac O'Neill
  (i) Con O'Neill (Colonel)
  (a)+ issue - Art, Cormac, John
  (3) Cormac O'Neill
  (A) John O'Neill
  (i) Bryan O'Neill
  (4) Con O'Neill
  (A) Con Oge O'Neill
  (5) Catherine O'Neill
m. Art Oge O'Neill of Tassagh
  ii.+ other issue - John 'Gealagh' (had issue, descendants in France?), Art
  D. Tirlogh O'Neill, Governor of Kinnard
  i. Neill O'Neill
  a. Neill Oge O'Neill
  E. Bryan O'Neill
  i. Con O'Neill
  a. Tirlogh O'Neill
  (1) Rory O'Neill
  (A) Art O'Neill
  F. Joane O'Neill
  m. Manus O'Donnell
2. Henry O'Neill (d 1498)
  A. Felim O'Neill
3.+ other issue - Donald (d 06.08.1509), Bryan

Main source(s): BE1883 (O'Neill of Tyrone and Dungannon) with support/input from TCP (Tyrone), TCP (vol XII/2, Appendix C)
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