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Families covered: Onslow of Onslow

Adam de Andreslawa (a 1174)
1. John de Ondeslowe of Ondeslowe (a 1203)
  A. Roger de Ondeslowe (d c1283)
  m. (1255) Cecilia (widow of Roger de la More)
  i. Thomas de Ondeslowe of Ondeslowe (dsp)
  ii. William de Ondeslowe of Ondeslowe
  a. Thomas de Ondeslowe (d 1317)
(1) Thomas de Onslowe (d 1392)
  Visitation shows this Thomas as married to Margaret Kynaston but BP1934 shows her of the generation after.
  (A) John de Onslowe (d 1430)
  m. Margaret Kynaston (dau of Madoc Kynaston of Gesnocks)
  (i) Robert de Onslowe (d 1442)
  m. Katherine Corbet (dau of Sir Robert Corbet of Moreton Corbet)
  (a) Edward Onslow of Onslow - continued below
  m. (1470) Anne Houghton (dau of Richard Houghton of Houghton)
(b) Bridget Onslow
  m. William Cotton of Cotton
  (c) Anna Onslow
  m. John Gregorie of Manchester
  (d) Susanna Onslow
  m. Thomas Kynaston of Walford
  (ii) Thomas Onneslow (dsp)
  m. Margaret
  (iii) Elizabeth Onneslow
  (B) Thomas Onneslow
  m. Katherina
  (i) Roger Onneslow of Rodington had issue
  m. Katherina
  (C)+ other issue - Richard, Robert, William
  (2) William de Onslow
  m. Isolda
  b. Richard de Ondeslowe
  (1) Thomas de Onslowe



Edward Onslow of Onslow - continued above
m. (1470) Anne Houghton (dau of Richard Houghton of Houghton)
1. Humphrey Onslow of Onslow, Sheriff of Salop (a 1566)
  m1/2. Margaret Wrotesley (dau of Richard Wrotesley of Staffordshire)
  A. Edward Onslow of Onslow
  m. Johanna Fowler (dau of Roger Fowler of Bromhill by Sibell, sister of Rowland Leigh, Bishop of Lichfield)
  i. Richard Onslow of Onslow (a 1584)
  m. Margaret Wycherley (dau of Richard Wycherley of Wycherley)
  a. Edward Onslow (a 1623)
  m. Katherine Tannat (dau of Rhesi Tannat of Abertannat)
  (1)+ issue - 2 children (dvpsp), Mary
  b.+ other issue - Arthur, George, Richard, Elianora, Jane, Elizabeth, Susanna, Sara
  ii. George Onslow of Boreaton
  m. _ Warde of Buckinghamshire
  a. Mary Onslow
  m. Thomas Cliffe of Walford
  b. Margaret Onslow
  m. Richard Lloyd of Llan Maine (Lwynymaen)
  c. Jane Onslow
  m. ?? (priest)
  d. Dorothy Onslow
  m. John Somerford of Somerford
  e. Katherine Onslow
  m. Francis Goodier of Hertfordshire
iii. Humphrey Onslow
  m. _ Jennyns (dau of Richard Jennyns)
  iv. Elianora Onslow
  m. Thomas Burnell of Salop
  v. Katherine Onslow
  m1. Roger Hayward
  m2. Francis Warde of Hinton
  vi. Elizabeth Onslow apparently married ...
  m. Alexander Wood of Sheinwood
  vii.+ other issue - Robert, Brian
  m2/1. _ Cresset (dau of Thomas Cresset of Upton Cresset)
m3. Elizabeth Kiffin (dau of Elijah Kiffin)
2. Roger Onslow of Shrewsbury
  m1. (12.04.1509) Margaret Poyner (dau of Thomas Poyner of Beslow)
  A. Richard Onslow of Knoll 'of Cranleigh' (d 1571, Speaker of the House of Commons, Attorney General, Solicitor General)
  m. Catherine Harding (dau of Richard Harding of Knoll)
i. Robert Onslow of Onslow (d unm)
  ii. Sir Edward Onslow of Knoll and 'of West Clandon' (d 1613)
  m. Isabel or Elizabeth Shirley (dau of Sir Thomas Shirley of Preston Place)
  iii. Margaret Onslow apparently married ...
  m. (1634?) Richard Threel of Loxwood
  iv. Scissely Onslow probably of this generation
  m. Sir Humphrey Winch
  v.+ other issue - Elizabeth, Sibilla
B. Fulk Onslow ('of Bishop's Hatfield'?)
  m. Maria Wetenhall of Kent ## see here ##
  m2. Elizabeth Wolrich
3. Thomas Onslow
  m. Elizabeth Osbaldeston of Oxfordshire
  A. Thomas Onslow 'of Boreaton'
  m1. Dorothy Leighton (dau of John Leighton of Watlesburgh)
  i. Richard Onslow
  ii. Anna Onslow
  m. William Leighton of Plash
  m2. Mary Needham (dau of Robert Needham)
  B. Elizabeth Onslow
  m. William Leighton
4. William Onslow
  m. _ Kynaston
  A. Humphrey Onslow of Marton
  m. Jane Getry (dau of Richard Getry of Cliff)
  i. Richard Onslow of Cliff, Salop (a 1623)
  m. Anna Higley (dau of John Higley of Nesse-parva)
  a. Richard Onslow (b c1587, a 1623)
  m. Dorothy Clarke (dau of _ Clarke of Braunson)
  b. John Onslow
  m. Susanna Russell (dau of Roger Russell of Saunsey (Sausel Hall in Shrewsbury?)
  (1) William Onslow
  c.+ other issue - Humphrey, Roger, Johanna, Elizabeth
  B. Nicholas Onslow
  i.+ issue - Edward, William, Richard, Anna
  C. Edward Onslow
  m1. _ Wildbloud
  i. Edward Onslow
  m2. _ Moyle (dau of _ Moyle of Withiford)
  ii.+ other issue - John, Katherine

Main source(s): BP1934 (Onslow, Earls), Visitation (Shropshire, 1623, Onslow (Onyslowe) of Onslow)
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