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Families covered: Ouchterluny in /of Arbroath, Ouchterluny of Cairnie, Ouchterluny of Guynd, Ouchterluny of Hospitalfield, Ouchterluny in /of Montrose, Ouchterluny of Muirhouse

John Ouchterlony of Balmirmer then Burnesyde then Cairnie (b c1550, d 07.11.1613)
m. (before 19.08.1581) Janet Beaton (a 1598, dau of (Robert?) Beaton of Westhall)
1. William Ouchterluny of Cairnie (b c1590, a 1657)
  m. (mcrt 27.10.1612) Catherine Symmer (a 1595, 1648, dau of George Symmer, younger of Balzordie, by Magdalene Strachan)
  A. James Ouchterluny of Cotsyd (a 1620, 1668) (a 1620, 1668)
  m. (25.11.1641) Catherine Spence (a 1668, dau of Thomas Spence of Edinburgh)
  i.+ issue - William (a 1668), John (d before 10.12.1717, baillie of Arbroath), Helen (a 1668), Christiane (a 1661)
  B. John Ouchterluny (a 1625, 1648)
  i. Jean Ouchterluny
  m. William Swinton in Pittenweem (d before 1717, clothier)
  C. Isobella Ouchterluny (b 1625, 1648)
  m. (mcrt 01.01.1647) David Strachan of Arbroath (son of William of Arbroath by Elizabeth Elliot)
2. John Ouchterluny of Muirhouse, later 1st of Guynd in Carmyllie, Angus (b c1585, d 24.04.1664)
m1. Joneta Pearson (d 28.03.1656, dau of Thomas Pearson of Barngrein & Lochlands by Agnes Boswell)
  A. John Ouchterluny of Hospitalfield (b c1606, dvp 05.1647)
  m. (mcrt 29.08.1628) Nicolas Carnegie (d 26.10.1679, dau of James Carnegie of Newgate by Margaret Ouchterlony)
  i. John Ouchterluny, 2nd of Guynd & Bospitalfield (a 1633, d 1702)
  m. (13.07.1654) Catherine Maule (d 01.11.1694, dau of Patrick Maule in St. Andrews (son of Robert son of Thomas of Pamure) by Christian Forbes)
a. John Ouchterluny, 3rd of Guynd (a 1652, d by 1733)
  m. (03.10.1686) Elizabeth Lindsay (bpt 06.07.1662, dau of Sir Alexander Lindsay of Evelick, 1st Bart, by Jean Fotheringham)
  (1) John Ouchterluny, 4th of Guynd (bpt 23.12.1688, d 1771)
  m. (mcrt 22.04.1713) Margaret Fotheringham (b 04.06.1692, d 09.1776, dau of Thomas Fotheringham of Powrie by Anne Ogilvy)
  (A) Ann Ouchterluny of Guynd (b c1714, d 1795?)
  m. John Ouchterluny in Riga & Montrose (b 23.02.1696, son of James of Montrose by Jean Renny)
  Guynd passed to their eldest son.
  (B) Clementia Ouchterluny (b 1722, d 11.09.1789)
m. William Ker, Provost of Forfar (d before 1790)
  (C)+ other issue - Margaret (b 1715, d 1794?), Marjory (b 1717, d 1801?), Catherine (b 1720, d 1794?), Jean (b 1730, d 1793?)
  (2) Alexander Ouchterluny in Arbroath (dvp 1717/1722)
  (3) Margaret Ouchterluny (b by 1690?)
  m. (c1705) Alexander Arbuthnot, 5th of Findowrie (b 1685, d 27.04.1747, son of Alexander by Margaret Lindsay)
  b. Patrick Ouchterluny of Muirhouse (b c1654, a 1738, minister of Redgorton, baillie of Brechin)
  m. Nicolas Ouchterluny (dau of James Ouchterluny of Muirhouse by Jean Beg) @@ below
  (1) James Ouchterluny of Muirhouse (b 12.03.1687, d 12.03.1763, shipmaster in Montrose)
  m1. (06.12.1721) Jean Ouchterlony (d before 1733)
(A) James Ouchterluny of Muirhouse (b 1725, d 07.01.1809)
  m. (09.04.1758) Mary Carter (a 1769)
  (i) William Ouchterluny (bpt 10.03.769, d 05.11.1829, 2nd son) had issue
  m. (11.05.1807) Harriet Lee (b 1786, d 02.12.1862, dau of Thomas Lee of Liverpool)
  (ii) Mary Ann Ouchterluny (bpt 28.09.1760, a 1809)
  m1. (c1781) Robert Mill, later Scott of Logie (son of Alexander Mill of Hatton by Margaret, sister of James Scott of Logie)
  m2. (c1800) John Bennet in Edinburgh (d 10.10.1805, surgeon)
  (iii)+ other issue - James (bpt 23.07.1759, d before 1809), Jean (bpt 09.07.1763, d 28.06.1844)
  (B) John Ouchterluny (bpt 22.07.1729, d before 1736)
  m2. (19.08.1733) Catherine Fraser (d 01.03.1772)
  (C) Robert Ouchterluny of Montrose (b 08.10.1737, d 14.12.1816, 2nd son of this marriage)
  m. (31.05.1766) Anne Reny (b 06.10.1734, d 31.07.1787, dau of Robert Renny by Mary Scott of Rossie)
  (i)+ issue including James in Jamaica, Robert in Jamaica
  (D) Isobell Ouchterluny (b 10.07.1739, d 1801)
  m. (13.02.1768) John Ouchterluny, Provost of Arbroath (son of Alexander by Agnes Wallace)
(E)+ other issue - John (b 25.04.1736, had issue), William (b 14.03.1741, had issue), Nicola(s) (d 1801)
  (2) John Ouchterluny in Brechin (d 1747)
  m. (?) (12.07.1723) Magdalene Edgar (bpt 04.04.1690, dau of David Edgar of Kethiock by Jean Guthrie)
  (A) Nicola(s) Ouchterluny (d 1782)
  (B) Ann Ouchterluny (b 1733, d 1773)
  m. James Mitchell in Montrose (b 1730, d 1795)
  (3) William Ouchterluny (d 07.1769, shipmaster in Montrose)
  m1. (mcrt 28.11.1722) Jean Gordon (d 1753, dau of Dr. John Gordon of Collistoun by Catherine Fullartoiun)
  m2. (20.12.1754) Margaret Arbuthnot (dau of Alexander Arbuthnot of Findowrie by Margaret Ouchterluny)
  (4) Catherine Ouchterluny
  m. (mcrt 22.12.1715) James Donaldson in Montrose (son of John)
  c. Robert Ouchterluny (b 27.10.1662, d 09.0131750, minister at Garvock)
  m1. Anne Keith (dau of Captain William Keith of Reidcloak)
m2. (19.11.1703) Barbara Stewart (dau of Thomas Stewart in Laurenstown)
  d. Nicolas Ouchterluny (b c1660, a 1704)
  m. (03.08.1681) James Fraser of Hospitalfield & Kirktoun (son of James of Hospitalfield & Kirktoun (minister at Arbroath) by Isobel, dau of Dr. Henry Philip of Almerieclose)
  ii. James Ouchterluny of Muirhouse (a 1637, 1701)
  m1. (mcrt 16.11.1657) Jean Beg (dau of David Beg at Mylne of Kynnell by Jean Ramsay)
  a. Nicolas Ouchterluny
  m. Patrick Ouchterluny of Muirhouse @@ above
  m2. (24.04.1670) Anna Guthrie (d c1727, dau of John Guthrie of Colliston(
  b. Helen Ouchterluny (a 1715)
  m. (05.08.1699) Patrick Wallace in Arbroath
  iii. Magdalene Ouchterluny (a 1639, 1666)
  m. (1660) James Pearson in Arbroath (a 1666, son of Alexander (baillie of Montrose))
  iv.+ other issue - Francis in Crofts (a 1673), William (a 1664)
  m2. (by 1660) Nicolas Ouchterlony
  partner unknown
  B. Patrick Ouchterluny in Arbroath (a 1676, cordiner)
  m. (1631) Margaret Mackoull (a 1676, dau of John Mackoull of Arbroath by Margaret Lydell)
  i. James Ouchterluny (a 1676)
3. Andrew Ouchterluny in/of Kirkton & Arbroath (a 1598, 1647)
  m. (before 1619) Isobella Pearson (b before 1598, a 1628, dau of Robert Pearson of Arbroath by Elizabeth Ramsay)
4. Elizabeth Ouchterluny (d by 1607)
  m. (mcrt 15.01.1602) John Mortimer of Flemington (a 1609, son of John of Flemington (by Elspet Wischart), m2. Jonet Guthrie)
5. Matilda Ouchterluny (d by 1635?)
  m1. (c1622) Peter Oliphant of Kirktoun of Rescobie (d 1623, son of John of Heughfield by Elizabeth Ker)
  m2. Patrick Guthrie of Auchmutie (b c1577, d 1653, son of Robert of Kinblathmont (by Isobella Ogilvie), m2. Janet Reid)
6. Catherine Ouchterluny (a 1601, 1640)
  m. John Hamilton of Kirktoun of Arbroath, Both & Croftis (a 1642, m2. Isobell, dau of Robert Rollok in Dundee)



David Ouchterlony of Kellie (a 1512, d before 1545)
m. (before 1531) Isobel Arbuthnot (d 1558, dau of James Arbuthnot of that ilk (by Jean Stewart), m2. Sir Robert Maule of Panmure)
1. Alexander Ouchterluny in Crudie & Arbroath (a 1532, d 31.03.1596)
  m. Isobell Lyne (a 1532, 1596)
  A. Andrew Ouchterluny of Arbroath (d by 1617, maltman)
  m1. Isobel Hailis (d before 1595)
  i. David Ouchterluny of Legastoun & Arbroath (d 1612-3, maltman)
  m. (mcrt 26.11.1603) Helen Gardyne (a 1643, dau of Thomas Gardyne of Legastoun & Arbroath)
  a. Andrew Ouchterluny (a 1609, 1657, baillie of Arbroath)
  (1) Janet Ouchterluny (a 1661)
  m1. (1642) Patrick Anderson (d by 1649, son of James of Arbroath by Elizabeth Wichtoun)
  m2. (mcrt 03.05.1653) John Ramsay (a 1685, baillie of Arbroath, son of David of Cairntoun & Arbroath by Elizabeth Pearson)
  b. isobel Ouchterluny (a 1653)
  m. (1634) David Alexander of Arbroath (a 1653, son of William of Arbroath by Bessie Watson)
  ii. Gilbert Ouchterluny of Arbroath (d 14.02.1621, maltman)
  m. (before 1608) Euphame Pearson (a 1661, dau of Thomas Pearson of Lochlands & Arbroath (by Agnes Boswell), m2. Alexander Fethe of Arbroath (son of Henry of Ballindoch by Isobella Gardyne))
  a. John Ouchterluny, Provost of Arbroath (b c1609, d by 1670)
  m1. (1637) Helen Pearson (widow of William Gryme of Montrose)
  m2. Margaret Philip (d 1657)
  Not clear which wife was mother of which child.
  (1) John Ouchterluny (b c1649, a 1679)
  (2) James Ouchterluny of Arbroath (a 1654, 1688)
  m. (before 1688) Jean Pearson
  (A) Alexander Ouchterluny (bpt 16.03.1688)
  (3) Euphame Ouchterluny (a 1686)
  m. (19.03.1666) John Aikman of Cairnie, Edinburgh & Arbroath (b 1613, d 1693, son of George in Arbroath (by Agnes Ouchterlony), m1. Margaret, dau of Robert Hamilton of Newhaven (by Janet Johnstone), half-sister of Helen)
  iii. George Ouchterluny (b c1584, a 1662, minister of Carmyllie then Tweedmouth)
  m. (before 1634) Margarert Home
  a. James Ouchterluny of Preston & Edinburgh (d 1667)
  m. (mcrt 15.07.1652) Helen Hamilton (a 1677, dau of Robert Hamilton of Newhaven (by Jonet Hamilton), half-sister of Margaret)
  (1) Janet Ouchterluny (a 1681)
  m. (c1670-1) John Hay
  (2) Mary Ouchterluny (bpt 21.05.1661, d before 1705)
  m. (18.09.1700) John Grierson (b 1668, d 21.12.1709, minister at Queensferry, m2. Agnes Learmonth)
  (3)+ other issue - John (bpt 02.04.1665), Thomas (bpt 10.09.1668), Margaret (bpt 08.05.1659), Christiane (bpt 31.05.1663), Anna (bpt 15.04.1666)
  iv. John Ouchterluny (a 1590, 1643, maltman, baillie of Arbroath)
  m. Joneta Wedderburne (a 1643, dau of Alexander Wedderburne of Pittormie (Perthshire) & Cupar by Christian Fairny)
  a. David Ouchterluny (b 1609, d 10.1650, minister at Kincardine-in-Menteith)
  m. Christiane Aissoun (a 1677, probably dau of John Aussoun (minister at Kincardine) by Margaret Doig)
  (1) child (a 1653)
  b.+ other issue - Patrick (a 1631), James (a 1653), Alexander (a 1624), Catherine (a 1653)
  m2. (before 25.08.1595) Isobel Peter (a 1621)
  B.+ other issue (a 1596) - Isobell, Margaret, Agnes

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(2) For lower section : 'The Ouchterlonys of that ilk' (Harald Jan Haraldson, 2022, p33 & p129+)
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