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Families covered: Palmer of Ladbroke, Palmer of Marston, Palmer of Nazing Park, Palmer of Wanlip

Visitation (Bedfordshire, 1634, Palmer), which provides only a little support for the following, starts with Thomas of Martson, noting that he was "descended of a Familie of that S(u)rname in Yorkshr". BLG1952 & BP1934 start with ...
Ralph Palmer of Marston, Staffordshire (d before 11.04.1559)
m. Alice (d before 09.04.1561)
1. Thomas Palmer of Marston (d before 26.04.1593, eldest son
  m. Joan Fox of Hopton
  A. Robert Palmer of Hill in Old Warden, Bedfordshire (bur 12.08.1630)
  m. Mary Craddocke (dau of Walter Craddocke of Staffordshire)
i. Sir William Palmer of Warden & London, 1st of Ladbroke (bur 07.03.1682)
  m. Dorothy Bramston (bur 28.11.1690, dau of Sir John Bramston of Maldon)
  a. William Palmer of Ladbroke, Warwickshire (bur 15.04.1720)
  m1. (31.07.1663) Elizabeth Clarke (dsp)
  m2. (22.12.1687) Mary Scrimshire (d 02.08.1729, dau of John Scrimshire of Norbury)
(1) Charles Palmer of Ladbroke, Sheriff of Warwickshire (d 18.11.1764)
  m. Mary Newdigate (d 06.05.1744, dau of Sir Richard Newdigate, 3rd Bart of Arbury)
  (A) William Palmer of Ladbroke (bpt 12.01.1734, d unm bur 01.03.1772)
  (B) Charles Palmer of Ladbroke (bpt 05.08.1738, d 02.08.1806)
  m. (22.04.1776) Anne Goodwyn (d 13.06.1819, dau of Francis Goodwyn of Ashbourne, sister of Ellen, wife of George Morewood of Alfreton)
  (i) William Palmer of Ladbroke, later Palmer-Morewood of Alfreton Hall (b 19.12.1780, d 23.02.1863) had issue
  m. (14.12.1815) Clara Blois (d 10.10.1865, dau of Sir Charles Blois, 6th Bart)
(ii) Charles Palmer (b 23.11.1782, d 13.02.1871, rector of Lightborne & Ladbroke) had issue
  m. (22.01.1823) Charlotte Finch (d 17.01.1769, dau of 4th Earl of Aylesford)
  (iii) Mary Anne Palmer (bur 09.06.1866)
  m. Thomas Bilbie of Nettleworth House
  (C) Dorothy Palmer (bpt 13.04.1737)
  m. (27.05.1767) Henry Thomas Murcott
(D)+ other issue - Walter (bpt 01.06.1744), Mary (bpt 13.04.1736), Elizabeth (bpt 05.12.1739), Maria Rebecca (bpt 25.11.1741, bur 08.03.1741-2)
  (2) Dorothy Palmer
  m. (07.06.1720) Rev. Walter Goodfellow
  (3) Elizabeth Palmer
  b. Charles Palmer (prebendary of York) probably of this generation
  m. (Amy) Thompson (dau of Sir Stephen Thompson of York)
  (1) Mary Dorothy Palmer
  m. Francis Wood of Barnsley (bpt 23.07.1696, d 30.03.1775)
c.+ 1 son and 3 daughters
  ii. Barbara Palmer (b c1599, d 02.02.1655-6)
  m. Sir George Clarke
  iii. Mary Palmer possibly of this family, probably of this generation
  m. Edward Williams (a 1642)
  B. William Palmer of Wanlip Hall (Leicestershire) & Ladbroke (d 1636)
  m. Barbara Archdale of Wycombe ## possibly here? ##
  i. Archdale Palmer of Wanlip
  m. Martha Smith
  a. William Palmer of Wanlip (b 1636, d 1692)
  m1. Elizabeth Danvers (dau of William Danvers of Swithland)
  (1) Archdale Palmer of Wanlip (b 1661, d 1732)
  m1. Mary Dawson (d 1692)
  (A) John Palmer (d 1727)
  m. Anne Danvers (d 1765)
(i) daughter
  (B) William Palmer (d 1738) had issue
  m. Elizabeth Bucknell
  m2. Ann Charlton (d 1764, dau of Nicholas Charlton)
  (C) Henry Palmer of Wanlip (b 12.10.1703, bur 26.03.1773)
  m. Elizabeth Borrett
  (i) Catherine Susanna Palmer (eldest dau & eventual co-heir)
  m. (08.03.1766) Sir Charles Grave Hudson, 1st Bart
  Their elder (surviving) son inherited Wanlip Hall and assumed the name Palmer.
  (D) Thomas Palmer of Cheshunt (Hertfordshire) & London (b 11.04.1706, d 08.1789, 7th son)
  m. (02.1731) Rebecca Pickard (dau of Thomas Pickard of Cheshunt by Sarah, dau of Sir Robert Jocelyn of Hyde Hall, Bart)
  (i) Thomas Palmer of Cheam, Surrey (b 1736, d 01.1814, 2nd son) had issue
  m. Sarah Wathen (d 23.12.1815, dau of John Wathen of Clapham)
  (ii) William Palmer of Nazeing Park, Essex (b 1737, d 25.06.1821)
  The following is supported by BLG1879 ('Palmer of Nazing') .
m. (22.07.1766) Mary Horsley (d 03.07.1824, dau of Rev. John Horsley of Thorley & Newington Butts by Mary Leslie of Kincraigie, sister of Samuel (Horsley), Bishop of St. David's then Rochester then St. Asaph)
  (a) George Palmer of Nazing Park, Sheriff of Hertfordshire (b 11.02.1772, d 12.05.1853, MP)
  m. (29.12.1795) Anna Maria Bund (d 13.10.1856, dau/coheir of William Bund of Wick)
  ((1)) George Palmer of Nazing Park, Sheriff of Essex (b 23.07.1799, Lt. Colonel) had issue
  m. (24.06.1827) Elizabeth Charlotte Surtees (dau of John Surtees of Newcastle-on-Tyne, niece of the Countess of Eldon)
  ((2)) Elizabeth Palmer
  m. (25.02.1830) Robert Biddulph of Ledbury
  ((3))+ other issue - William (b 09.11.1802, d 24.02.1858, professor), Francis (b 17.02.1810)
  (b) William Jocelyn Palmer (b 05.02.1778, d 28.09.1853, rector of Mixbury & Finmere, 3rd son) had issue
  m. (10.09.1810) Dorothea Richardson Roundell (dau of Rev. William Roundell of Gledstone)
  Their 2nd son became Lord Chancellor and was created Baron Selborne then Earl of Selborne.
  (c) John Horsley Palmer of Hurlingham (b 07.07.1779, d 07.02.1858) had issue
  m1. (16.11.1810) Elizabeth Belli (d 22.06.1839, dau of John Belli)
  m2. (08.07.1841) Jane Louisa Cockerell (dsp 13.10.1865, dau of Samuel Pepys Cockerell of Westbourne House)
  (d) Sir Ralph Palmer (b 11.04.1783, d 25.01.1838, Chief Justice of Madras, 6th son) had issue
  m. (1829) Margaret Eliza Fearon (d 15.03.1867, dau of Maj. Gen. Robert Bryce Fearon)
  (e)+ other issue (d unm) - Thomas (b 06.05.1773, d 24.09.1799), Edward (b 16.07.1781, d 08.01.1807, Captain RN), Mary (b 17.05.1767, d 19.09.1854), Anna Maria (b 19.01.1769, d 02.1779), Elizabeth Ann (b 24.12.1774, d 24.06.1849)
  (iii)+ other issue - Archdale (d unm 1786), Sarah (d unm 1766)
  (E) Charlton Palmer (b 29.03.1714, d 29.07.1797, 11th son)
  m1. Mary Dawson
  (i) Susannah Palmer
  m. Thomas Pollok (rector of Grettleton)
m2. (sp(s)) Louisa Chapman
  (F) Martha Palmer (b 18.02.1766-7)
  m. Benjamin Lewis
  (G) Mary Palmer (b 04.1708)
  m. (1733) William Faris
(H)+ other issue - Charlton (b 1669, dsp 10.1713), Samuel (b 01.10.1702, d 12.1703), Archdale (b/d 1710-1), Archdale (b/d 1711-2), Archdale (b 1713, d unm 1752), Walter Ewer (dsp), Samuel Handley (dsp), Barbara (b 1709, d unm 1763), Betty (b 05.1715, d unm 1776)
  (2) Henry Palmer (dsp)
  (3) William Palmer
  m. Mary Hough
  (A) Mary Palmer
  m. Coote Molesworth (b c1697, dsp 29.11.1782)
  (4) Thomas Palmer had issue in New England
  m. Abigail Hutchenson
  m2. Martha or Sarah Hunt (dau of Col. Thomas Hunt of Boreatton)
(5) Samuel Palmer (youngest son) had issue
  m. Barbara Palmer (cousin)
  (6)+ other issue - John (d young), Martha, Barbara, Mary
  b. Thomas of Engorsby (3rd son)
  c. Barbara Palmer
  m1. Samuel Sleigh
  m2. John Morewood of Alfreton
  d. Martha Palmer
  m. Richard Lloyd
  e.+ other issue - Archdale (Rev.), Thomas of Engorsby, Joshua
  ii. Sir William Palmer of Hill, Bedfordshire (d 1674, carver to King Charles II) had issue
  m. Margaret Gardner (dau of Sir Robert Gardner, recorder of London)
  iii. John Palmer
  m. _ Biddulph (dau of Michael Biddulph of Elmhurst)
  iv. Elizabeth Palmer (d unm)
  C. Thomas Palmer of Marston had issue
  D. Thomasine Palmer
  m. Thomas Cook
  E.+ other issue - John (d unm 06.07.1639, minister), Katherine
2.+ other issue

Main source(s): BLG1952 (Palmer-Morewood of Alfreton), BP1934 (Selborne)
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