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Families covered: Plantagenet of Cornwall, Plantagenet of England, Plantagenet of Lancaster, Plantagenet of Leicester, Plantagenet of Normandy
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We follow the tradition of implying that this family used the name Plantagenet even though such would have been unknown to them. It appears that the first to actually use Plantagenet as a name was Richard, 3rd Duke of York, c1448. The name is believed to have derived from the shrub (plante) called broom (genisteae) either because the following Geoffrey wore a sprig of it in his bonnet as a personal emblem or because he otherwise became associated with the plant, perhaps because he planted broom to improve his hunting covers. [See Brome1 for another family which followed a similar tradition.]
Geoffrey V "Plantagenet", Count of Anjou, Duke of Normany (b 23.08.1113, d 07.09.1151)
m. Matilda or Maud, 'The Empress', Queen of England (b 1102, d 10.09.1167/69, dau of Henry I 'Beauclerc', King of England, widow of Henry, Holy Roman Emperor)
1. Henry Plantagenet, King Henry II of England (b 05.03.1133, d 06.07.1189)
  m. (11.05.1152) Eleanor, Duchess of Aquitaine (b 1122, d 31.03.1204, dau of William/Guillaume VIII/X, Duke of Aquitaine)
  A. William Plantagenet (b 17.08.1152, d 1156)
  B. Henry Plantagenet, Duke of Normandy (b 28.02.1155, d 1183)
  m. (1160/1172) Marguerite de France, Countess de Vexin (b 1158, d 1197)
  C. Richard Plantagent, 'the lion-hearted', King Richard I of England (b 08.09.1157, d 06.04.1199)
  m. (1191) Berengaria of Navarre (b c1163, d 1234, dau of Sancho VI 'el Sabio', King of Navarre)
D. Geoffrey Plantagenet, Count of Anjou, Duke of Brittany (b 23.09.1158, d 1186)
  m.(1181) Constance, Duchess of Brittany (b 1161, d 05.09.1201)
  i. Arthur Plantagenet, Duke of Brittany (b 1187, d 1203)
  ii. Eleonore Plantagenet (b 1184, d 1241)
  Mentioned in Collins (1741, vol i, Powlett of Bolton), presumably an illegitimate son, was ...
  iii. William Paulet of Leigh Paulet (d 1242)
  E. John Plantagenet, 'Lackland', King John of England (b 24.12.1166, d 18.10.1216)
  m1. (29.08.1189, div 1199/1200) Isabella, Countess of Gloucester (b c1170, d 1217, dau of William FitzRobert, 2nd Earl of Gloucester)
  m2. (24.06.1200) Isabella d'Angouleme (b 1189, d 31.05.1246, dau of Aymer Taillefer, Count of Angouleme)
  i. Henry Plantagenet, King Henry III of England (b 01.10.1207, d 16.11.1272)
  m. (14.01.1236) Eleanor of Provence (b 1217/23, d 24.01.1291, dau of Raimund Berengar I, Count of Provence and Forcalquier)
a. Edward Plantagenet, 'Longshanks', King Edward I of England (b 17.06.1239, d 08.07.1307)
ancestors line E
  m1. (18.10.1254) Eleanor of Castille (b 1240/41, d 29.11.1290, dau of Fernando II of Castille and Leon)
ancestors line W (part)
  m2. (08.09.1299) Margaret of France (b 1275-79, d 14.02.1317) HJ
  b. Edmund Plantagenet of Woodstock, 'Crouchback', Earl of Chester, Leicester, Derby & Lancaster (b 16.01.1244/5, d 05.06.1296)
  The following is partly supported by TCP (Lancaster) & BE1883 (Plantagenet - Earls of Chester, Leicester, Derby & Lincoln, Duke of Lancaster).
  m1. (08/9.04.1269) Aveline de Forez, 'de Fortibus' (b 1259, dsp 10.11.1274, dau of William de Fortibus, Earl of Albemarle)
  m2. (03.02.1276) Blanche d'Artois (b c1243, d 02.05.1302, dau of Robert I, Count of Artois)
  (1) Thomas Plantagenet, 'the Martyr', 2nd Earl of Lancaster, Earl of Lincoln (b 1279/80, d 1322)
m. (by 10.1294/c1310, div 1318) Alice de Lacy (b 1281, d 1348, dau of Henry Lacy, Earl of Lincoln (by Margaret Longspee), m2. Sir Ebles Lestraunge, m3. Lord Frene)
  (2) Henry Plantagenet, 3rd Earl of Lancaster, Earl of Leicester (b c1281, d 22.09.1348)
  m1. (before 02.03.1297) Maud de Chaworth (b 1282, d before 03.12./22, dau/heir of Sir Patrick Chaworth)
  (A) Henry Plantagenet 'of Grosmont', Duke of Lancaster, Earl of Leicester & Derby (b c1310, d 24.03.1360/1)
  m. (c1334) Isabel de Beaumont (b c1315, d after 24.03.1356, dau of Henry de Beaumont, 1st Lord, Earl of Buchan)
  (i) Matilda (Maud) Plantagenet (b 1335/9, dsps 10.04.1362)
  m1. (01.11.1344) Ralph de Stafford, younger of Stafford (dvpsp 1347)
  m2. (1352) Wilhelm I, Duke of Bavaria-Straubing, Count of Holland, etc. (b 1330, d 1388)
  (ii) Blanche Plantagenet (b 25.03.1345/1347, d 12.09.1369)
  m. (19.05.1359) John Plantagenet of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster (b 24.06.1340, d 03.021399)
  (B) Maud Plantagenet (b 1298/c1310, d before 05.05.1377) Y
m1. (c1330) William de Burgh, 3rd Earl of Ulster (b 1312, d 06.06.1333) Y
  m2. (before 06.07.1345) Sir Ralph de Ufford, Justice of Ireland (d 1346)
  (C) Blanche Plantagenet (b 1305, d before 12.07.1380)
  m. (before 09.10.1316) Thomas Wake, 2nd Lord Wake (dsp 1349)
  (D) Joan Plantagenet (b c1312, d after 06.02.1345/7 or 07.07.1349)
  m. (28.02.1326) John de Mowbray, 3rd Lord (d 04.10.1361)
  (E) Isabel Plantagenet (b c1317, d after 01.02.1347, prioress)
  (F) Eleanor Plantagenet (b 1311/c1316, d 11.01.1372) HJY
  m1. (1337) John Beaumont, 2nd Lord (b 1317/8, d 05.1342)
  m2. (05.02.1345) Richard FitzAlan, 9th Earl of Arundel (b 1306, d 1376) HJY
  (G) Mary Plantagenet (b c1321, d 01.09.1362)
  m. (1334) Henry Percy, 3rd Lord of Alnwick (b 1320, d c17.05.1368)
m2. (after 1322) Alix de Joinville (d after 19.04.1336, dau of John of Jonville, Seneschal of Champagne (by Alix de Risnel, dau/heir of Gautier, Sn de Risnel), widow of Jean, Sr. dArcies sur Aube et Cacenay)
  (3)+ other issue - John (b by 1286, d before 1327), Mary (d young)
  c. Margaret Plantagenet (b 29.09.1240, d 1275)
  m. (26.12.1251) Alexander III, King of Scots (d 1286)
  d. Beatrice Plantagenet (b 25.06.1242, d 24.03.1275) GHSY
  m. (22.01.1259/60) Jean II de Dreux, Duke of Brittany (Bretagne) (b 1239, d 18.11.1305) GHSY
  e.+ other issue - Richard (b c1247, d before 1256), John (b c1250, d before 1256), Henry (b after 1265, d young), William (b/d c1256), Katherine (b 25.11.1253, d 03.05.1257)
  ii. Richard Plantagenet, Earl of Cornwall, King of the Romans (b 05.01.1209, d 02.04.1272)
  The following is partly supported by TCP (Cornwall) & BE1883 (Plantagenet - Earls of Cornwall).
  m1. (30.03.1231) Isabel Marshal (b 09.10.1200, d 15/7.01.1239/40, dau of William Mareschal, 1st Earl of Pembroke)
  a. Henry Plantagenet (b 02.11.1235, dvp 13.03.1270/1)
  m. (15.05.1269) Constance, Countess of Bigorre (d 1310, dau of Gaston de Moncada, Vcte de Bearn)
  b.+ other issue - John (b 31.01.1231/2, d 22.09.1232), Isabella (b 1233, d 1234), Nicholas (b/d 1240)
m2. (22.11.1243) Sancha of Provence (b 1225, d 09.11.1261, dau of Raimund Berengar I, Count of Provence and Forcalquier)
  e. Richard Plantagenet (b/d 1246)
  f. Edmund Plantagenet, Earl of Cornwall (b 05.12.1250, dsp 23.03.1300/1)
  m. (06.10.1272, div 02.1293/4) Margaret de Clare (b 1249/50, d 1312/3, dau of Richard de Clare, 2nd Earl of Gloucester)
  m3. (16.06.1269) Beatrice (dsp 17.10.1277, dau of Walram de Fauquemont, Sn de Montjoye, by Jutta, dau of Ottoc, Count of Ravensberg)
  p1. Joan (wife of Richard de Valletort, m. Sir Alexander de Okeston) see here ##
  g. Richard de Cornewall of Thunnock (b c1234, d Berwick 1272)
  m. Joan de St. Owen (dau of John, "Lord St. Owen")
partner(s) unknown
  h. Walter de Cornewall
  i. Edward de Cornewall
  m. (07.12.1309) Elizabeth Croft (b 12.12.1294, dau of Sir Hugh de Croft of Wharton, Newton and Croft)
  j. Ralph de Killigrew possibly of this generation
  iii. Joan Plantagenet (b 22.07.1210, d 04.03.1238)
  m. (1221) Alexander II, King of Scotland (d 1249)
  iv. Isabella Plantagenet (b 1214, d 01.12.1241)
  m. (20.07.1235) Frederick II, King of Germany, Emperor (b 26.12.1194, d 13.12.1250)
  v. Eleanor Plantagenet (b 1215, d 13.04.1275) H
  m1. (23.04.1224) William Marshal, 2nd Earl of Pembroke (dsp 1231)
  m2. (07.01.1237/9) Simon de Montfort, 2nd Earl of Leicester (b 1208/9, d Evesham 04.08.1265) H
p1. Suzanne de Warren
  vi. Richard Fitzroy of Chilham (b c1186, d c06.1246)
  BE1883 (Lucy) suggests that Richard's wife was of the Lucy family but it seems instead that she was ...
  m. (c1207) Rohese de Douvres (b c1188, d 1264/5, dau of Foubert/Robert de Douvres of Chilham)
  a. Richard de Douvres or Dover of Chilham (d 1247)
  m. Maud, Countess of Angus (b c1222, d 1261)
  (1) Richard de Chilham (d by 10.01.1266)
  (2) Isabel de Chilham (b after 1245, d by 01.05.1292) --
  m1. Sir David de Strathbogie, Earl of Athol (b c1240, d 06.08.1270) --
  m2. Sir Alexander de Baliol of Cavers --
  b. Isabel de Chilham (b c1218, d 07.07.1276/7)
  m. (c12.07.1247) Maurice de Berkeley (d 04.04.1281)
c. Loretta de Dover
  m. (1248) William Marmion (d 1275)
  p2. Agatha Ferrers (dau of William de Ferrers, 3rd Earl of Derby)
  vii. Joan Plantagenet (b c1188, d 04.03.1237) HJY
  m. (18.06.1205) Llywelyn 'the Great', Prince of Wales (b 1173, d 11.04.1240) HJY
  partner unknown
  viii. Isabella de Blanche
  m. Sir Richard FitzYva (d 1207)
  a. Richard FitzYva (d 1281?)
  (1) Isabell FitzYva (d 04.04.1313)
m. Sir Belym Heligan (d 1312)
  F. Matilda Plantagenet (b 1156, d 28.06.1189) GHJS
  m. (01.02.1168) Henry V, Duke of Saxony and Bavaria (d 06.08.1195) GHJS
  G. Eleanor Plantagenet (b 13.10.1162, d 31.10.1214) GHJSWY
m. (22.09.1177) Alfonso VIII 'el Noble', King of Castile (b 1155, d 1214) GHJSWY
  H. Joan Plantagenet (b 1165, d 04.09.1199)
  m1. (13.12.1177) William II, King of Sicily (b 1154, d 16.11.1189)
  m2. (1196) Raymond, Count of Toulouse (d 1222)
  p1. Rosamund de Clifford (dau of Walter de Clifford)
  I. William Plantagenet, 'Longespee', 1st Earl of Salisbury (b 17.08.1152, d 04.03.1226) HJY
  m. (1196) Ela Fitzpatrick (b 1187, d 24.08.1261, dau of William FitzPatrick, 2nd Earl of Salisbury) HJY
  partner(s) unknown
  J. Geoffrey Plantagenet, Archbishop of York, Chancellor of England (b c1159, d 1212)
  K. Morgan Plantagenet
2.+ other issue (dsp) - Geoffrey VI (b 1134, d 1158, Count of Anjou & Nantes), William (b 1135, d 1164, Count of Anjou)
partner(s) unknown
4. Emma Plantagenet (d before 1214)
  m1. Dafydd, Prince of Gwynedd (d 1203)
  m2. Guy V, sire de Laval
5. Hamelin Plantagenet, 5th Earl of Surrey (b 1130, d 07.05.1202) HJY
  m. (1164) Isabel de Warenne, Countess of Surrey (b 1137, d 13.07.1199/after 04.1203, dau of William de Warrenne, 3rd Earl of Surrey) HJY

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