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Families covered: Pateshulle (or Pateshull or Patshull) of Bletsoe, Pateshull(e) of Pattishall, Peverel of Broun (Brunne), Peverel of Nottingham, Plaiz of Plaiz

It is not known if this family is connected to the family of Pateshall on Pateshall1 or to that of Peshall on Peshall1.
Sir Simon de Pateshulle, Sheriff of Essex and Hertfordshire (a 1189, 03.1216)
m. Amice (possibly dau of William le Chevalier of Tolleshunt)
1. Walter de Pateshulle, Sheriff of Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire (d before 20.08.1232)
  m. Margery (dau of Richard de Argentom)
  A. Sir Simon de Pateshulle of Bletsoe, Sheriff of Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire (d c04.1274)
  i. Sir John de Pateshulle of Pattishall (d 1290)
  a. Simon de Pateshulle of Bletsoe (d before 02.12.1295)
  m. (after 01.1286/7) Isabel de Stonegrave (d by 1324, dau of John de Stonegrave)
(1) Sir John de Pateshulle of Pattishall, Bletsoe and Crawley (b c1292, d 07/8.1349)
  m. (by 1312) Mabel de Grandison (dau of William de Grandison, 1st Lord)
  (A) William de Pateshulle (dsp 27.09.1359)
  m. (by 1332) Joan
  (B) Sibyl de Pateshulle H
  m. Sir Roger de Beauchamp, 1st Lord of Bletsoe (d 1379) H
(C) Maud de Pateshulle
  m. (c12.1330) Walter de Fauconberg, 4th Lord (b 1319, d 29.09.1362)
  (D) Alice de Pateshulle
  m. Sir Thomas Wake of Blisworth
  (E) Katherine de Pateshulle
  m. Sir Robert Tudenham or Tuddenham 'of Oxborough'
  (F)+ other issue (dsp before 09.1359) - Simon, Richard



Ranulph de Peverel
m. Maud (dau of Ingelric)
Ranulph and Maud are reported on various websites to have been father of both William and Payn/Robert below. We do not know what evidence has been found to support this view. Baker starts with Pagan/Pain, identifying hims as "half brother of William Peverel".
1. William de Peverel of Nottingham Castle (d 1113/4)
  TCP (vol iv, Appendix I) focuses on the family of Peverel of Nottingham but reports that little is known of William the elder except that he had a brother Robert. It discounts reports that William may have been an illegitimate son of William the Conqueror but otherwise shows no clues as to his parentage.
  m. Adeline
  A. William de Peverel (dvpsp)
  B. William de Peverel of Nottingham Castle (a 1155)
  m1. Oddona
  m2. Avice of Lancaster (a 1149, probably dau of Count Roger 'the Poitevin', lord of Lancaster, by Aumodis, Countess of La Marche)
  Not sure which wife was mother of ...
  i. Henry de Peverel
  ii. Margaret de Peverel HJY
  m. Robert de Ferrers, 2nd Earl of Derby (d before 1160) HJY
  C. Maud/Mathilda de Peverel
  D. Adelise de Peverel (a 1156) H
  m. Richard de Redvers, Sn de Reviers, Vernon and Nemou, '1st Earl of Devon, Earl of Exeter' (d 08.09.1107) H
2. Payn (Pagan) or Robert Peverel of Bourn or Brunne (Cambridgeshire) & Braunston (Northamptonshire)
(1) The following is supported by 'The History and Antiquities of the County of Northampton' (George Baker, vol 1, 1830, 'Peverel of Brunne, co. Camb.; Harcourt, Trusbut, Ros or Roos of Hamlake, co. York; and Manners Earl (now Duke) of Rutland', p269). That starts with him, naming him as Pagan or Pain.
(2) TCP (Pecche) and TCP (Winchester) identify Alice's and Aseciline's father as Robert but, acccording to 'MedieGen', his name normally appears as Pagan or Payn.
  m. Adelice
  A. Robert Peverel (dvpsp)
  B. William Peverel of Bourn or Brunne (dsp 1147/8)
  C. Matilda (Maud) Peverel (dsp)
  m. Hugh de Dover of Chilham
  D. Roese Peverel  --
  m. Rollo de Harcourt --
  E. Asceline Peverel (d by 1190)
  m1. Geoffrey de Waterville or Wateville
  i. Asceline de Wateville
  m. _ de Torpol
  m2. (1162) Saher de Quency (d 1190)
  F. Alice Peverel of Brunne (a 12.1188)
  m. (by 1135) Hamon Pecche (d before 25.12.1185)



Golda possibly father of ...
1. Hugh de Plaiz (a 1086) possibly father of ...
  A. Hugh de Plaiz (dsp) possibly brother of ...
  B. Ralph de Plaiz possibly father of ...
  i. Hugh de Plaiz possibly father of ...
  a. Ralph de Plaiz (a 1177)
  (1) Ralph de Plaiz (a 06.1208)
  (A) Sir Hugh de Plaiz (d before 18.08.1244)
  m1. Philippe de Montfichet (dau of Richard de Montfichet of Stanstead)
  (i) Hugh de Plaiz
  (ii) Richard de Plaiz (d before 08.07.1269)
  m. Joan (a 1302)
  (a) Ralph de Plaiz (b c1266, dsp before 06.11.1283)
  m. Isabel
  (b) Sir Giles de Plaiz, 1st Lord (d before 15.10.1302)
  m. Joan (a 03.1332)
  ((1)) Richard de Plaiz, 2nd Lord (b 01.08.1296, d 08.1327)
  m. Margaret
((A)) Giles de Plaiz, 3rd Lord (b c1320, dsp 16.07.1334)
  ((B)) Richard de Plaiz, 4th Lord (b 21.09.1323, d 10.1360)
  m. Margaret or Margery
  ((i)) Sir John de Plaiz, 5th Lord (bpt 14.01.1342/3, d 02.06.1389)
  m1. (1353) Margaret de Norwich (dau of Sir Walter de Norwich)
m2. (c1366) Joan de Stapleton (d 02.09.1385, dau of Sir Miles de Stapleton of Bedale & Ingham)
  ((a)) Margaret de Plaiz (b c1367, d 08.1391)
  m. (c1380) Sir John Howard of Wigenhall, Sheriff of Essex & Hertford (d 1436)
  m2. (div by 1240) Beatrice de Turnham (dau of Stephen de Turnham, widow of Ralph de Fay)
  m3. Alice (a 1275)
  C. Heloise
  The following connnection was kindly brought to our attention by a site visitor (MW, 12.10.04). It is confirmed by TCP (Strange of Knokyn).
  m. Ralph fitzHerluin of Hunstanton
  i. Maud (Matilda) H
  m. Roald Lestrange (d before 1158) H

Main source(s):
(1) For Pateshulle : TCP (Pateshulle) with input from TCP (Grandison), BE1883 (Pateshull)
(2) For Peverel : TCP (vol IV, appendix I), TCP (Pecche) and as reported above
(3) For Plaiz : TCP (Plaiz)
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