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Families covered: Pasley of Craig, Putt of Combe Gillisham, Pecche (Lords), Puckering of Weston

John Pasley of Craig, near Langholm, Dumfries-shire (b 1694-5, d 13.04.1773)
m. Magdalene Elliot (dau of Robert Elliot of Middlemiln, grandson of Sir Gilbert of Stobs)
1. Robert Pasley 'of Craig and Mount Annan' (b 30.01.1727) had issue
  m. (1766) Christian Pringle (dau of Alexander Pringle of Whytbank)
  A. Hannah Leonora Pasley probably of this generation
  m. (05.05.1807) Sir William Maxwell, 6th Bart of Calderwood (b 07.01.1748, dsp 12.08.1829)
2. Gilbert Pasley in Madras (d 1781, surgeon general, 4th son)
  m. _ Dashwood
3. Sir Thomas Pasley, 1st Bart of Craig (b 02.03.1734, d 29.11.1808, Admiral)
  m. Mary Heywood (dau of Thomas Heywood of The Nunnery, Isle of Man)
  A. Maria Pasley
  m. (21.08.1800) John Sabine (Major, son of Joseph Sabine of Tewin (Hertfordshire) by _ Hunt of Boreatton)
  i. Sir Thomas Sabine, later Pasley, 2nd Bart of Craig (b 26.12.1804, d 13.02.1884, CIC Portsmouth) had issue
  m. (10.06.1826) Jane Matilda Lilly Wynyard (dau of Rev. Montagu John Wynyard of Yorkshire)
  B. Magdalene Pasley (d 1841)
  m. (1798) Thomas Dowdeswell of Pull Court (dsp 11.1811)
4. Charles Pasley of London (b 25.02.1740) had issue
  m. (21.02.1780) Jane Carlyle (dau of John Carlyle)
5. Helen Pasley
  m. (1759) Matthew Little of Langolm
6. Margaret Pasley
  m. (1761) George Malcolm of Burnfoot
7. Magdalene Pasley
  m. (1772) Stephen Briggs
8.+ other issue - James (dsp), John of Colney Hatch (d unm 1804), Elizabeth (d unm 1790)



John Putt of Berry Pomeroy, Devon
1. William Putt
  m. _ Pomerory (dau of Sir Thomas Pomeroy of Berry Pomeroy)
2. Andrew Putt
  m. _ Eston (dau of William Eston of Dartington)
A. Nicholas Putt, 1st of Combe in Gittisham, Devon (a 1615, 2nd son)
  m1. Susan Simmes (dau of John Simmes)
  i. William Putt of Combe had issue
  ii. Nicholas Putt
  m. Jane Ivory of Cothay
  a. Sir Thomas Putt, Sheriff of Devon, 1st Bart of Combe (d 1686)
  m. (c1675) Ursula Cholmeley (d 1674, dau/coheir of Sir Richard Cholmeley of Grosmont by Margaret Poulett)
  (1) Sir Thomas Putt, 2nd Bart of Combe (b c1675, dsp 05.05.1721)
  m. Margaret Trevelyan (dau of Sir George Trevelyan, 1st Bart, by Mary Willoughby)
  (2) Margaret Putt
  Robert Dillon, 6th Earl of Roscommon (d 14.05.1715)
  (3) daughter
  m. Charles Gorsuch
  (4) Susannah Putt
  m. (1695) Sir John D'Oyley, Bart of Chiselhampton (d c1746)
  b. ?? Putt
  (1) Raimond Putt of Combe
  m2. (sp) Elizabeth (dau of Gilbert of Churchstow)
  m3. (sp) Margaret Duke (dau of Richard Duke)
  B. Susan Putt
  m. Thomas Winter of Stokenham
  C.+ other issue - William, James



William Pecche or Pecchie
m1. Alfwen (a 1088)
m2. Isilia (probably dau of Hervey de Bourges)
1. Hamon Pecche (d before 12.1185)
  m. (before 1135) Alice Peverel (dau of Robert Peverel)
  A. Geoffrey Pecche (d(sp) before 12.1188)
  m. (by 1185) ?? (widow of Richard de Colechirche)
  TCP reports that Gilbert dsp, his brother being his heir. However, W.U.S. Glanville-Richards, in his book on the Glanville family, shows Geoffrey as father of the following Sir Gilbert. We have no reason to doubt that much of the following is correct but it appears that this connection to the baronial family of Pecche is spurious.
  i. Sir Gilbert Pecche
  m. Maud Leach
a. Sir Simon Pecche
  m. Julian de Glanville (dau of Sir Geoffrey de Glanville of Bromholm)
  b. Almuric Pecche (d 1268)
  m. Alianore de Glanville (dau of Sir Geoffrey de Glanville of Bromholm)
  (1) Edward Pecche
  (A) Thomas Pecche (b c1287)
  (i) Thomas Pecche (a 1311)
  (2) Bartholomew Pecche
  B. Gilbert Pecche (d before 09.07.1212)
  m. Alice FitzWalter (a 1213, dau of Walter FitzRobert of Dunmow, sister of Robert FitzWalter)
  i. Hamon Pecche (d 1241)
  m. Eve
  a. Gilbert Pecche (d 25.05.1291)
  m1. Maud de Hastings (d 1264-5, possibly dau of Henry de Hastinges (grandfather of 1st Lord of Abergavenny))
  m2. Joan de Creve (a 1302, dau of Simon de Creve, widow of Richard de Dover of Chilham)
  (1) Gilbert Pecche, 1st Lord (d before 26.06.1322)
  m. Iseult (a 03.1331/2)
  Berry's Essex Pedigrees (1838, Hunt) shows that the Sir Gilbert Peche who married Isolda was son of Sir Gilbert (by dau of Sir Simon Gray) son of Lord Hamond (by dau/heir of Sir Payne Peverell) and was father of Elizabeth and Sir Gilbert whose daughter/heir (by a daughter of Sir Hugh Watevile) was Catherin.
  (A) Gilbert Pecche, 2nd Lord (b 1305-6, d before 24.08.1349)
  m1. (by 10.1331) Sibyl
  m2. Joan (widow of John de Ingoldesworth)
  (i) Roger Pecche, 3rd Lord (dsp 29.08.1360)
  (ii) Katherine Pecche, 'Baroness Pecche' (b c1339, dspm)
  m1. Sir John Aspall shown by Berry as "of Aspall in Suffolk"
  (a) Merabel Aspall
  TCP notes that the barony descended through Merabel "to the family of Lucas". Berry shows that this was through ...
  m. William Geding
  m2. Thomas Notebeme identified by Berry as Sir Thomas Nutbeane
  (b) Margaret Notebeme (Nutbeane)
  m. John Hinkley shown by Berry as "of Hinkley, Suffolk"
  TCP shows that Margaret had 2 daughters, one (not named) and Cicely who, by Henry Caldebeck, had 2 unnamed daughters who m. _ Bladwell/Blodwell & _ Turner respectively. Berry provides the following:
((1)) Griselde Hinkley
  m. Henry Caldebeck
  ((A)) Thomasin Caldebeck
  m1. John Turner of Haverhill
  m2. Thomas Underhill of Little Bradley
  ((i)) Thomas Underhill
  ((a)) Thomasin Underhill
  m. Thomas Stotvill of Dalham
  ((b)) Ann Underhill
  m. Thomas Knighton of Bayford
((B)) Margaret Caldebeck
  m. Geffrey Blodwell of Thurloe
  ((2)) Catherin Hinkley (dsp)
  m. _ Cavendish
  ((3)) Alice Hinkley (dsp)
  m. John Marshall
  (iii) Elizabeth Pecche (b c1348, dsp 21.03.1361/2)
  (B) Simon Pecche
  (2) Margery Pecche probably of this marriage
  m. Sir Nicholas de Criol or Kyrriel (d 1303)
  (3)+ other issue - William, Simon, John
  b.+ other issue - Hamon, Hugh, Robert, Thomas, William
  ii. daughter apparently of this generation
  m. Nicholas, lord of Anstey (d by 1225)
  C. Maud Pecche (b c1135, a 1185)
2. Basilia Pecche of Marley probably of this marriage
Not sure by which wife were ...
3.+ other issue (a 1130, dsp) - Simon, Ralph of Cheveley



It is not known whether or not the following family was connected to the Pickerings of Yorkshire.
William Puckering of Flamborough, Yorkshire
1. Sir John Puckering of Weston, Hertfordshire (b 1544, d 30.04.1596, Queen's Serjeant, Speaker of the House of Commons, Keeper of the Great Seal, 2nd son)
  m. Anne or Jane Chowne (dau (sb sister?) of George Chowne of Kent)
  A. Sir Thomas Puckering of Weston, later of The Priory (Warwickshire), Bart (dsps 20.03.1636)
m. Elizabeth Morley (d 1652, dau of Sir John Morley of Glynde by Cicely Carrill)
  i. Jane Puckering (dsp 1651)
  m. Sir John Bale, Bart of Carleton Curlieu (dsp c1653)
  B. Elizabeth Puckering probably of this generation
  m. Sir Thomas Mildmay, Bart of Moulsham (dsp 13.02.1625-6)
  C. Dorothy or Katherine Puckering apparently of this family, called Dorothy by BEB1841 (Newton of Charlton) but Katherine by TCB (vol 1, Newton), possibly 2 sisters?
  m1. Sir Adam Newton of Charlton, 1st Bart (d 13.01.1629/30)
  (1) The Priory passed to a son who assumed the name Puckering.
(2) This was possibly the Dorothy who (also) married (and had 4 children by) ...
  m2. Sir John Ferrers of Tamworth (d 1633)
  D. Frances Puckering (d 26.01.1618-9) probably of this generation
  m. Sir Thomas Grantham of Goltho (b 07.1574, d 30.07.1630)

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