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Families covered: Piers of Stonepit, Peirs of Westfield, Perry of Moyloughmore, Perry of Perrymount, Patullo of Balhouffie

Edward Peirs (d 1540-1)
m. Margaret Thatcher or Thacher of Presthawes
1. Thomas Peirs of Westfield, Sussex
  m. Bennett Stapeley ((dau of John Stapeley of Framfield)
  A. Laurence Peirs of Westfield
  m. Catherine Theobald (dau of John Theobald of Stonepitts)
  i. Sir Thomas Peirs or Peiris or Piers of Stonepit (Kent), 1st Bart (b c1616, d 17.05.1680)
  m1. (by 1643) Jane Oxenden (dau of Sir James Oxenden of Dene (by Mary, dau of Thomas Nevinson or Navinson of Eastry), sister of Sir Henry, 1st Bart)
  a. Sir Thomas Piers of Stonepit, 2nd Bart (b c1643, bur 26.08.1693)
  m. (09.09.1669) Elizabeth Courthope (a 08.1693, dau of Sir George Courthope of Whiligh by Elizabeth, dau of Edward Hawes of London)
  (1) Sir George Piers of Stonepit, 3rd Bart (bpt 25.10.1670, dsp (unm?) 07.05.1720)
  (2) John Piers (bpt 12.10.1673, bur 09.04.1692)
  b. Margaret Piers
  c. Jane Piers
  m. Thomas Fowler of Ash
  m2. (21.05.1649) Audrey Master (b c1625, d 06.01.1656/7, dau of Sir Edward Master of Ospringe by Audrey, dau/coheir of Robert Streynsham)
  d.+ other issue - Edward (b c1652, a 1681), Richard (bpt 01.01.1655/6, d unm by 05.1680), Streynsham (bpt 22.12.1656, d unm bur 05.04.1681), Martha



Of Welsh descent was ...
James Perry of Moyloughmore (a 06.1662)
1. Francis Perry of Tityreagh (Tattyreagh) (dsp)
  m. Elizabeth Lowry (dau of John Lowry of Ahenis or Pomeroy)
2. Samuel Perry 'of Moyloughmore' (d 1730)
  m1. Catherine Lowry (dau of John Lowry of Ahenis or Pomeroy)
  A.+ issue
  m2. Isabella Graham (dau of Hector Graham of Lee Castle & Coolmain House)
  B. Edward Perry (Captain)
  m. Margaret Perry (dau of George Perry) @@ below
  i. Catherine Perry (d unm)
  ii. Angel Perry
  m. William Brooke
  C. Catherine Perry
m. Henry Richardson of Rich Hill & Rossfad (Colonel)
3. George Perry of Moyloughmore
  m. Angel Sinclair (dau of Rev. James Sinclair of Holyhill)
  A. Samuel Perry of Perrymount & Moyloughmore
  m. _ Oliphert (dau of _ Oliphert of Ballyconnell House)
  i. George Perry of Perrymount & Moyloughmore (b 1762, dsp)
  m. Mary Burgess (dau of John Burgess (Burges), niece of Sir John Smith-Burgess, Bart)
  ii. Mary Perry
  m. (12.1781) Alexander McClintock of Newtown (b 30.03.1746, brother of John of Drumcar)
B. George Perry
  m. _ Crawford (dau of _ Crawford of Cooley)
  i. Sinclair Perry had issue
  m. _ Dick
  ii. George Perry
  m. _ Porter
  iii. Mary Perry
  m. Oliver Speer
  C. Margaret Perry
  m. Edward Perry (Captain) @@ above
  D. Letitia Perry
  m. _ Johnston
  E. daughter
  m. _ Dick



George Patullo (b c1612, d 1679, minister of Newtyle then Kingsbarns)
m. Mary Ayton (dau of John Ayton of Kinaldy)
1. George Patullo of Balhouffie, Fife (d 1699, MD)
  m1. Catherine Balfour (dau of Sir James Balfour of Denmiln)
  A. daughter (d young)
  m2. Ann Gibson (dau of John Gibson of Durie)
  B. John Patullo of Balhouffie (d c1735)
  m. (1710) Rachel Campbell (d 1768, dau of David Campbell of Keithilk)
  i. James Patullo of Balhouffie (d 1773)
  m. Elizabeth Erskine (d 1773)
  a. Janet Halket Patullo of Balhouffie (d 1802)
  m. John Patullo (d 1795, cousin)
  (1) Robert Patullo, last of Balhouffie
  (2)+ other issue - George (d 1805), 9 sons, Betsy, Nancy, Margaret
  b. Rachel Patullo
  m. (1780) _ Thomson of Jamaica (Dr.)
  ii. daughter (d 1768)

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