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Families covered: Rawstorne of Dutton, Rawstorne of Lexden, Rawstorne (Rosthorne) of Lum, Rawstorne (Rosthorne) of Newhall

John Rosthorne of Lum
1. Adam Rosthorne of Lum (d 1508)
  m. Helen Holt (dau of Atkin Holt of Battherston or Balterston)
  A. Henry Rosthorne of Lum (d 1528)
  BLG1952 follows the line of Henry's younger brother, William. The following line comes from VCH (Lancashire, vol 5, Townships : Tottington).
  i. Adam Rosthorne of Lum (d 1562)
  a. Richard Rosthorne of Lum (d after 1579)
m. Anne or Agnes Nuttall (dau of _ Nuttal of Nuttall)
  (1) Richard Rosthorne of Lum (yur 1593)
  m. Eleanor widow of Richard, presumed mother of ...
  (A) Edward Rosthorne of Lum (d 20.12.1634)
  (i) Edward Rosthorne (dvp bur 16.03.1631-2?)
  (a) Edward Rosthorne or Rawstorne of Lum (bpt 23.05.1632)
  ((1)) Elizabeth Rawstorne (heir)
  m. (c1660) Thomas Bradshaw
  (2) Ellen Rosthorne
  m. Thomas Fish
  (3) Isabel Rosthorne
  m. _ Howarth
  (4) Alice Rosthorne
  m. George Nuttall of Golynrode
(5)+ other issue - Adam (parson of Bircham), Lawrence
  B. William Rosthorne
  In his work on the Brocas family, Montagu Burrows shows a W. Rosethorne as husband of Anne Brocas who was mother of Lawrence and also cousin of Joan who was mother of Lawrence's wife, Anne Parvish. Provisionally we follow BLG1952 in showing the mother of Lawrence as Margaret Hallewell and presume that William also married ...
  m1/2. Ann Brocas (dau of Thomas Brocas of Compton)
  m2/1. Margaret Hallewell (dau of Elmeric Hallewell of Clegespoole)
  i. Lawrence Rosthorne of Newhall and Hutton (a 1545)
  Visitation (Surrey, 1530+1572, Rosethorne) provides just a little support on these generations. However, it shows Lawrence as m1. Elizabeth Elcock, m2. Anne, dau/heir of Thomas Godlemere by Joane Brocas. Provisionally, we follow BLG1952 which shows the marriages as follows. BLG1952 does not name any of Lawrence's children by Anne Purvishe - William is shown by Visitation (Surrey) - but reports "from their children the Rawstornes of Lexden Manor are descended".
  m1. Anne Purvishe (dau of Thomas Purvishe of Goldesmere)
  a. William Rosethorne in Surrey
  m. Ann Twisford (dau of John Twisford of Gosnall)
  (1)+ issue - Isack, Anna
  Possibly another son of William, but possibly (as we show) a son of another son of this generation, was the following Jeremy/Jeremiah. His identification, along with the rest of the following, comes from a schedule provided to us by a contributor (CV, 23.10.12) who is well-known to us for being very reliable though in this case sources are not identified.
b. ?? Rosethorne or Rawstorne
  (1) Jeremy or Jeremiah Rawstorne of Plaistow, Essex possibly of this generation
  (A) Francis Rawstorne (d before 10.1657)
  (i)+ issue (a 10.1657) - Elizabeth, Grace
  (B) Jerome Rawstorne (d before 08.1663)
  m. Grace Lane (dau of William Lane of London)
  (i) Samuel Rawstorne of Lexden, Essex (d 17.02.1720, 2nd son?)
  m. (1683) Sarah Papillon (b 10.021644, dau of Thomas Papillon of Acris)
  (a) Thomas Rawstorne of Lexden (d by 1768)
  m. Sarah widow of Thomas, possibly mother of ...
  ((1)) Ann Rawstorne of Lexden (d 1816)
  ((2)) Sarah Rawstorne
  (b) Jane Rawstorne
  m. Edward Arrowsmith
  (c) Elizabeth Rawstorne
  m. James Kilner
  (d) Susannah Rawstorne
  m. John Eldred or Eldrid (d before 1741)
  (e) Sarah Rawstorne
  m. Thomas Bullock
  (f) Hester Rawstorne
  (ii) Sir William Rawstorne, Sheriff of London
  m1. (1661) Alice Tovey
  (a) William Rawstorne (d 1747) uncertain of which marriage
  m2. (c08.1663) Elizabeth Browne (b c1646, d 1675, dau of Edwyn Browne of London by Margaret)
  (b) Elizabeth Rawstorne
  m. Thomas Davenport
(c)+ other issue - Edward, Samuel
  m3. Alice Yeend (widow of Hugh Smithson)
  (iii) Grace Rawstorne
  m. Hugh Strode
  (iv)+ other issue - Jerome of London, James of London, John, Mary, Elizabeth
  (C) Leah Rawstorne (a 10.1657)
  m. Mathew Shippard or Shippare
  (D) Elizabeth Rawstorne
  m. _ Baxter
  (E) Dorothy Rawstorne (d 18.01.1691/2)
  m. Sir Hugh Smithson, 1st Bart of Stanwick (b c1598, d 21.10.1670)
c. Martha Rosethorne mentioned by Burrows in his work on the Brocas family
  m. John Lusher (d c1602)
  (1) John Lusher (a 1651)
  m2. Elizabeth Elcocke (dau of John Elcocke of Stenfield)
  d. Edward (or Edmond) Rosthorne of Newhall (d c1622)
  m. Alice Ditchfield (dau of Hamlett Ditchfield or Ditchford of Ditton)
(1) Lawrence Rosthorne or Rawstone of Newhall (dvp)
  m. Holcroft Hesketh (dau of Robert Hesketh of Rufford)
  (A) Alice Rosthorne or Rawstone
  m. (Robert) Plessington of Dimples Hall
  (2) Edward Rosthorne of Newhall, Sheriff of Lancashire (d c1644 / c1653)
  m. Catherine Holden (dau of Robert Holden of Holden)
  (A) Edward Rosthorne or Rosethorne of Newhall (d c1646 / 1655)
  m1. Helen Assheton (dau of Ratcliffe Assheton of Cuerdale)
  (i)+ "several children" (d young)
  m2. Mary Greenhalgh (dau of John Greenhalgh of Brandlesholme)
  BLG1952 reports that Edward had 3 daughters by this marriage but does not name them. Dudgale identifies 2 of them as Katherine (m. William Lever of Kersall) & Mary (m. James Murray of Scotland). BLG1886 identiifies them as ...
  (ii) Katherine Rosethorne
  m. William Lever of Kirsall
  (iii) Mary Rosethorne
  m. _ Boswell
(iv) Jane Rosethorne
  m. James Murray of Scotland
  (B) Lawrence Rosthorne or Rawstorne of Newhall, Sheriff of Lancashire (b 1619, a 1664)
  m1. Elizabeth Murray (dau of Rev. George Murray of Bury)
  (i) Rachael Rawstorne (b 1646)
  m. Thomas Bradshaw of Lum
  m2. Mary Bold (dau of Richard Bold of Bold, widow of John Atherton of Atherton)
  (ii) Peter Rawstorne (b 1662, d young)
  m3. Marjory Fleetwood (dau of John Fleetwood of Penwortham by Anne Farrington)
  (iii) William Rawstorne of Newhall, Sheriff of Lancashire (a 1713, 2nd son of this marriage)
m. Isabella Atherton (dau of Sir Richard Atherton of Atherton by Isabella Holte)
  (a) Edward Rawstorne of Newhall (d unm)
  (b) Lawrence Rawstorne
m1. (sp) Jane Langton (dau of Richard Langton of Broughton Tower)
  m2. Agnes Dent (dau of Robert Dent of Preston)
  ((1)) Lawrence Rawstorne of Newhall & Dutton, Sheriff of Lancashire (a 1776)
  m. Elizabeth Goldsmith Atherton (dau of Robert Gwillym of Bewsey & Atherton by Elizabeth, dau/heir of John Atherton of Atherton)
  ((A)) Lawrence Rawstorne of Newhall, Dutton and Penwortham, Sheriff of Lancashire (d 1850) had issue
  m. Margaret Ledward (dau of Edward Ledward of Everton)
  ((B)) William Rawstorne had issue
  m. Agnes Maria Buckley (dau of Edward Buckley of Buckley Hall)
  ((C)) Robert Atherton Rawstorne (d 12.05.1852, rector of Warrington) had issue
  m. (1823) Mary Gwillym (d 1842, dau of Richard Gwillym of Bewsey)
  ((D)) Mary Anne Rawstorne
  m. Count Piontkowski (Colonel)
  ((E))+ other issue - Elizabeth (d unm), Henrietta Maria, Agnes Isabella (d unm)
  ((2)) daughter (d young)
  (c) William Rawstorne (d 1790, rector of Badsworth, Yorkshire)
  m. Elizabeth Walker (dau/heir of Samuel Walker of Stapleton Park)
  ((1)) Edward Rawstorne in the East Indies
  ((A)) Charles Sackville Rawstorne
  ((2)) Lawrence Rawstorne in the East Indies
  ((A)) daughter
  m. _ Porteous ('of Scotland', Major)
  ((3)) Atherton Rawstorne in Leeds
  m1. _ Perkins (dau of _ Perkins of Netherton Hall)
  ((A)) Anne Isabella Rawstorne (d young)
  m2. (sp) _ Eastland of Lincolnshire
  ((4)) Richard Rawstorne in Leeds/Manchester (d unm)
  ((5)) William Rawstorne of Wakefield, Yorkshire
  m. Susan Wignall (dau of John Wignall)
  ((A))+ issue including Walker of Bradford, Catherine, Isabella
  ((6)) James Rawstorne (Captain)
  m. _ Gibson (dau of Captain _ Gibson)
  ((A)) James Rawstorne (RN, 2nd son)
  m. Harriet Atkins (dau of Captain _ Atkins of Ireland)
  ((B)) Mary Rawstorne
  m. _ Arnold (Captain RN)
  ((C)) Charlotte Rawstorne
  m. George Washington Gibson (cousin)
  ((D))+ other issue - Fleetwood (d 1858), John George (Captain), Godfrey
  ((7)) John Rawstorne
  ((A)) John Thomas Rawstorne of Manchester had issue
  m. Catharine Frew of Ireland
((B)) William Henry Rawstorne of London had issue
  m. _ Johnson
  ((C)) Anna Maria Rawstorne (d unm)
  ((D)) Mary Rawstorne
  m. _ Fry
  ((8)) Elizabeth Rawstorne
  m. Rev. Stephen Rawlinson
  ((9)) Isabella Rawstorne
  m1. (12.11.1772) Sir Michael Pilkington of Chevet, Bart
  m2. Thomas Hewetson (Major)
(d) Mary Rawstorne or Rawsthorn
  m. Ralph William Grey of Backworth
  (e)+ other issue - Fleetwood (d 30.09.1746), James (dsp)
  (iv)+ other issue - Fleetwood (d young), Richard (d young), 2 daughters
  (C) Alice Rosthorne probably of this generation
  m. Richard Greenhalgh of Brandlesome
  (3) Susan Rosthorne or Rosethorne
  m1. Robert Radcliffe
  m2. William Rookes of Rhodes Hall nead Bradford
  (4) Alice Rosthorne or Rosethorne
  m. John Booth of Booth
  (5) Joanna Rosthorne or Rosethorne
m. Geoffrey Rushton of Antley
  (6)+ 3 sons and 3 daughters
  d. son
  e. Joane Rosthorne or Rosethorne
  m. William Ditchfield of Ditton
  ii.+ other issue - Thurstan, 3 daughters
  C. John Rosthorne
  m. Alice Hallewell (dau of Elmerie Hallewall)
  D. Margaret Rosthorne possibly of this generation
  m. Robert Rishton of Dunnishope
  E.+ 4 other daughters

Main source(s): BLG1952 (Rawstorne formerly of Balderstone Grange) with some support/input from Lancashire (Dugdale, Lancashire, 1664, Rosethorne of New Hall), BLG1863 (Rawstorne of Penwortham), BLG1886 (Rawstorne of Penwortham)
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