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Families covered: Ryves of Damory Court, Ryves of Ranston (Randelstone)

John Ryves of Damory Court, Dorset
m. Amy Harvey (dau of _ Harvey (Hervy) of Launston (Launceston))
1. John Ryves of Damory Court (d 1587)
  m. Elizabeth Marvyn (dau of (Sir) John Merven or Marvyn of Fonthill)
  A. Sir John Ryves of Damory Court (dsp)
m1. Ann Naper (dau of Sir Robert Naper of Dorset)
  m2. Dorothy Hastings (dau of Henry Hastings of Woodlands, m2. Thomas Tregonwell)
  B. Henry Ryves (4th son)
  i. George Ryves (b c1600, a 1623) father (or uncle) of ...
  a. John Ryves (dspm)
  ii. Elizabeth Ryves (a 1623)
  m. George Ryves of Ranston @@ below
  C. Sir William Ryves in Ireland (6th son)
  m1. _ Latham (dau of _ Latham of Latham Hall)
  i. William Ryves
  m. Elizabeth Bagshaw (dau of Sir Edward Bagshaw of Finglass)
  a. Thomas Ryves (2nd son)
  m. Jane Burrows (dau of Capt. _ Burrows)
  b.+ other issue - William, Bagshaw, Frank
  ii. Charles Ryves (master in Chancery)
  m. Jane Ogden
  a. Sir Richard Ryves (judge, recorder of Dublin & Kilkenny) had issue
  m. _ Savage
  b. Jeremiah Ryves
  m. Ann Maude (niece of the Bishop of Ossory)
iii. George Ryves
  m. Ann Bagshaw (dau of Sir Edward Bagshaw)
  iv. John Ryves
  m. ?? (Mrs. Plunkett)
  v. daughter
  m. Sir John Stanley
  vi. daughter
  m. Sir Arthur Lee
  vii. Elizabeth Ryves (d 1724???)
  m. Edward Berkeley of Pylle
  viii. daughter
  m2. _ Waldram (dau of John Waldram)
  D. Sir Thomas Ryves (d 02.01.1651, judge in Ireland, youngest son)
  m. _ Waldro' of Leicestershire
  E. Elizabeth Ryves
  m. Thomas Salmo' of Southamptonshire
  F. Amy Ryves
  m. _ Badd of Southamptonshire
  G. Lucy Ryves
  m. Thomas Bellot of Ireland
  H.+ other issue - George (dsp), Charles (a 1602, dsp), James in Ireland (had issue), Valentine (dsp)
2. Robert Ryves of Randleston (Ranston), Dorset
  Commoners inserts too many generations at this point, showing the first above-mentioned John of Damory Court as father of (John, who d 1587, and ...) Henry father of John of Ranston father of Robert (d 1551) father of Robert of Ranston who left 5 sons: John (m. Ann Burley), Robert (m. Margaret Gillett), James, Richard (m. Editha Seymer) and Matthew. We are following the Visitations.
  m. Margaret Gillett (dau/coheir of William Gillett of Kingston in the Isle of Purbeck)
A. John Ryves of Ranston (Randelstone) (a 1581)
  m. Anna Burley (dau of George Burley of Long Parish, Isle of Wight)
  i. George Ryves of Ranston (Randelstone)
  m1. Mary Hussey (dau of Thomas Hussey of Winterborne Thompson)
  a. John Ryves 'of Ranston' (a 1661, bencher)
  (1) Dorothy Ryves (b c1644, d 06.01.1667)
m. Giles Eyre of Brickworth (d 1695)
  (2) Anne Ryves (d 03.12.1670) not mentioned by Visitation (1677) but probably of this generation
  m. (c04.1677) Ralph Stawell, 1st Lord of Somerton (b c1640, d 1689)
  b. Elizabeth Ryves (b c1616, a 1623)
  m2. Elizabeth Ryves (dau of Henry Ryves, brother of Sir John of Damary, sister/heir of George) @@ above
  c. George Ryves of Ranston (Randelstone), Sheriff of Dorset (b c1628, bur 29.03.1689)
  m. (c09.1670) Mary Chafin (d 07.04.1697, dau of Thomas Chafin of Chettell, relict of John Prowse)
  (1)+ issue (twins, bur 28.08.1672) - Mary, Elizabeth
  d. Richard Ryves (5th son of this marriage)
m. ?? Northey (sister of Sir Edward Northey, attorney-general)
  (1) Thomas Ryves (d 1704, "comptroller of the prize office")
  m. Anne Cochin
  (A) George Ryves of Ranston
  m. Arethusia Pleydell (dau of Edmund Pleydell (MP) by Anne, dau/heir of Sir John Morton of Melborne)
(i) Arethusia Ryves
  m1. Peter Hawker of Longparish House
  m2. Thomas Sidney (son of the Earl of Leicester)
  (B) Thomas Ryves (d 1723)
  m. Elizabeth (relict of William Kyffin (Governor of Anjango))
  (i) Thomas Ryves 'of Ranston' (d 1788)
m1. (1749) Elizabeth Abdy (dau/coheir of Sir Anthony Thomas Abdy, Bart of Felix Hall)
  (a) Charlotte Ryves
  m. James Williams of Spetisbury
(b)+ other issue - Thomas (married in America), John (d 1768?), Elizabeth
  m2. Anna Maria Graham (dau of Daniel Graham)
  (e) George Frederick Ryves (b 1758, d 20.05.1826, Rear Admiral)
  m1. (1792) Catherine Elizabeth Arundell (dau of Hon, James Everard Arundell of Ashcombe)
  ((1))+ issue - George Frederick (RN), Henry Wyndham, Elizabeth
  m2. (1806) Emma Graham (dau of Richard Robert Graham)
  ((4))+ other issue - Charles Graham, Walter Robert, Edward Augustus, Herbert Thomas, Mary Emma
  (f) Henry Ryves (vicar of Elstead)
  m. Sarah Hall (dsp, dau of Thomas Hall of Golbury)
  (g) Maria Georgiana Ryves
  m. William Leigh Symes of Esher
  (ii) Elizabeth Ryves
  m. _ Skipton (Colonel)
  (iii) Susannah Ryves
  m. William Girdler (Serjeant)
  (C) Ann Ryves
  m. Edward Berkeley (son of William of Bryanston)
  (D)+ other issue - Elizabeth, Mary, Dorothy, Arundell
  e. Elizabeth Ryves
  m. Henry Rose
  f.+ other issue - Charles, Henry, Thomas, Robert
  ii. John Ryves (b c1595, d 19.08.1665)
  m. Mary Hussey (dau of Thomas Hussey of Dorset)
  a.+ issue - John, Elizabeth
  iii. Margaret Ryves
  m. Leonard Welsted of Milton Abbas (son/heir of Leonard)
  iv. Millicent (Mellet) Ryves
  m. John Foyle of Shaftesbury
  v. Ann Ryves (d 03.12.1670)
  Commoners shows this as the Anne who m. Ralph Stawel, 1st Lord. However, that would make her 40 years or so older than her husband. We show that Anne above and follow Visitation (1677) in showing this Anne as married to ...
  m. Francis Jones (b c1602, d 13.09.1652)
vi.+ other issue - Richard (b c1567, d before 14.09.1661), Robert (b c1601, a 1623), Elizabeth
  B. Robert Ryves of Blan(d)ford, Dorset
  m. Maria Jordaine of Lyme
  i. Robert Ryves (b c1599, a 1623)
  C. Jacob (James) Ryves
  m. Frances Averie (dau of Thomas Averie of Wiltshire)
  i.+ issue (a 1623) - John (b c1609), Robert (b c1613)
  D. Richard Ryves 'of Child'
  m. Edith Seymer (dau of John Seymer or Seamore of Hanford)
  i.+ issue (a 1623) - Richard (b c1616), Anna (b c1614), Elizabeth (b c1617), Edith (b c1620), Dorothe (b c1622)
  E. Mathew Ryves
  m. Mary James (dau of Mark James of the Isle of Wight)
  i. Mark Ryves (b c1599, a 1623)
  F. Elizabeth Ryves
  m. George Marvin of Knoell, Wiltshire
  G. Margaret Ryves
  m. Richard Golston of Alderberie
3. Mary Ryves
  m. William Adeyn alias Barbett of Dorchester
4. Margaret Ryves
  m. Richard Lawrence of Stepleton
5. Jane Ryves
  m. Thomas Sydenham of Winfrith (Sidnam of Wynford Egle)
6.+ other issue - Valentine, Richard, Thomas

Main source(s):
(1) the section 'Family of Ryves of Ranston' within Commoners (vol 3, 'Hawker of Longparish House', p51+)
(2) Visitation (Walter Metcalfe (1867), Dorset, 1565, 'Ryves of Damory Court'), Visitation (Dorset, 1623, 'Ryves'), Visitation (Dorset, 1677, 'Ryves')
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