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Families covered: Scott of Ardross, Scott of Balcomie, Scott of Gibleston, Scott of Knightspottie, Scott of Melby, Scott of Orchardfield, Scott (Scot) of Scotstarvit (Scotstarvet)

Robert Scott of Allanhaugh & Whitchester (a 1483)
Nisbet provides a clearish descent from Robert except for some confusion as to the next generation or two, not helped by unclear use of "He", "his son" & such which is only consistent with what is given elsewhere if Robert's 2 elder sons were both called Alexander. That view is supported by the combination of Nisbet identifying Robert of Knightspotty as the provost's nephew and the identification of John, Provost of Corstorphine, in 'An Historical Account of the Senators of The College of Justice' (Brunton & Haig, 1836, p99) as 3rd son of Robert Scott of Allanhaugh & Whitchester and brother of Alexander. A review on 03.10.17 using 'East Neuk of Fife' appeared to help resolved the confusion albeit at the cost of reinforcing the view that Robert's 2 elder sons were both called Alexander. HOWEVER, the dates leave us unconvinced. There is no reason to suppose that this Robert was particularly young when he died or that Robert of Kinghtspottie was particularly old when he died (although he was clearly not particulary young). We suspect that there has been confusion between 2 generations of Sir Alexanders.
1. Sir Alexander Scott of Hassenden & Haining (d Flodden 09.1513) possibly brother rather than father of ...
  A. Sir Alexander Scott (a 1534, Vice Register of Scotland)
  i. Robert Scott of Knightspottie (d 28.03.1592, clerk of Session, Director of Chancery)
  Nisbet report that Robert had his son Robert by Elizabeth Sandilands and James by his 2nd wife Elizabeth Scott. Provisionally we follow Wood who provides more information on his family and suggests that all of his children were by Elizabeth Scott.
m1. (1579) Elizabeth Sandilands ("of the House of Calder")
  m2. Elizabeth Scott (a 1592, relict of John Scott of Orchardfield & mother of Sir William of Ardross, see lower section below)
  a. Robert Scott of Inveresk (dvp 23.11.1588, Director of Chancery)
  m. Margaret Acheson (dau of Alexander Acheson or Aitchison of Gosford)
  (1) Sir John Scott or Scot of Knightspottie, later of Caiplie & Tarvit renamed Scotstarvit (b 1585-6, d 1670, Director of Chancery, Senator of the Court of Justice )
  m1. Anna Drummond (d before 1637, dau of Sir John Drummond of Hawthornden)
(A) Sir James Scot (dvp 1650)
  m. (1635) Margaret Carnegie (dau of John Carnegie, Earl of Ethie and Northesk)
  (i) James Scot of Scotstarvit (d unm 1670-1 / before 1668)
  (ii) David Scot of Scotstarvit (b c1645, d 05.06.1718)
  m1. Nicola Grierson (dau of Sir John Grierson of Lag by Isabel Boyd)
  (a) Marjory Scott (d 08.04.1746)
  m. (mcrt 31.01.1688) David Murray, 5th Viscount Stormont (d 19.11.1731)
m2. Elizabeth Ellis (dau of John Ellis of Elliston, "a near relation")
  (b) David Scot of Scotstarvit & Balcomie (d 1766, MP)
  m. Lucy Gordon (dau of Sir Robert Gordon of Gordonstoun, Bart)
  ((1)) David Scot of Scotstarvit (dsp before 1785)
  ((2)) John Scot of Balcomie, later of Scotstarvit (b 1725, General)
  m1. (1770) Mary Hay (dau of Earl of Errol)
  m2. (1773) Margaret Dundas (d 1797, dau of Robert Dundas of Arniston, Lord President)
  ((A)) Henrietta Scott (b 1774, d 28.04.1844)
  m. (04.08.1795) William Henry Cavendish-Bentinck-Scott, 4th Duke of Portland (b 24.06.1768, d 27.03.1854)
  ((B)) Lucy Scott (b 1775, d 03.08.1798)
  m. (19/26.01.1795) Francis Stewart, 10th Earl of Moray (b 02.02.1771, d 12.01.1848)
((C)) Joan Scott, Viscountess Canning of Kilbrahan (b 1776, d 14.03.1837)
  m. (08.07.1800) George Canning, Prime Minister (b 11.04.1770, d 08.08.1827)
  ((3)) Elizabeth Scott
  m. (1739) Peter Hay of Leys (b 1717, d by 1757)
  ((4))+ other issue - Marjory (b 1719), Margaret (b 1723), Agnes (b 1726), Lucy (d unm 1761)
  (c) Marjory Scott
m. (1722) Peter Ogilvie, younger of Balfour
  (d) Elizabeth Scott (d 04/14.09.1768)
  m. (1718) Alexander Lindsay, 4th Earl of Balcarres (dsp 25/6.07.1736)
  (B) John Scott of Gibleston, Fife (bpt 09.08.1614, d 1658)
  The following comes from 'The County Families of the Zetland Islands' by Francis Grant, 1893 ('Scott of Melby', p230+).
m. Jane Gordon (dau/heir of Sir Alexander Gordon of Cluny)
  (i) George Scott of Gibleston (b 03.05.1644, a 1690)
  m. (mcrt 27.11.1665) Elizabeth Maxwell (dau of William Maxwell of Springkell))
  (ii) John Scott of Gibleston 'of Melbie'
  m. Grizel Mitchell (dau/coheir of James Mitchell of Girlesta)
  (a) James Scott of Gibleston
  (b) John Scott of Melby, Shetland (d 12.08.1765)
m1. (15.01.1736) Elizabeth Mitchell (dau of Charles Mitchell of Uresland)
  ((1)) John Scott of Melby (b 20.01.1737, d 1764)
  m. Jane Henry (dau of Archibald Henry of Bayhall)
  ((A)) John Scott of Melby (b 1760, d 22.07.1850)
  m. (28.12.1780) Elizabeth Scott (dau of James Scott of Scalloway)
  ((i)) John Scott (b 1782, dvp 20.02.1813)
  m1. (24.12.1801) Barbara Nicolson (dau of Arthur Nicolson of Lochend)
  m2. (01.06.1806) Mary Scott (dau of John Scott of Scalloway, m2. Rev. Alexander Webster of Quarff)
  ((ii)) James Scott (surgeon) had issue
  m. (28.01.1810) Katherine Scott (dau of John Scott of Scalloway)
  ((iii)) Jane Scott
  m. Archibald Henry of Bayhall (Captain)
  ((iv)) Clementina Scott
  m. (12.09.1828) James Hewat of Edinburgh
  ((v)) Catherine Scott
  m. (17.06.1804) Cassilis Wilson
  ((vi))+ other issue - Charles, Archibald, William Pitt in New Brunswick, Robert, Margaret (d unm 29.12.1850)
  ((2)) Margaret Scott (13.07.1740)
  m. (1766) John Thomas Henry of Bayhall
((3))+ other issue - James (b 20.01.1739), Elizabeth (bpt 28.11.1738, d young)
  m2. (mcrt 19.01.1748) Anne Sinclair (dau/coheir of Robert Sinclair of Scalloway)
  ((5)) Philadelphia Scott
  m. George Chalmers of Lerwick
  ((A)) Ann Chalmers (bpt 18.12.1765)
  m. _ Finnis
  ((B))+ other issue - William (bpt 31.03.1769, d 15.10.1769), William (bpt 10.12.1774), Helen (bpt 22.02.1768), Catherine (bpt 08.10.1770), Philadelphia (b 25.11.1771)
m3. Mary Henry (dau of Archibald Henry of Bayhall, d before 15.12.1764)
  ((6)) James Scott had issue
  m. Elizabeth Tennant
  ((7)) Clementina Scott (b c1759, d 28.01.1826)
  m. (22.04.1782) John Scott of Scalloway
  ((8)) Mary Scott (b 1764, d unm 31.05.1839)
  (c) Barbara Scott
  m1. (1725) Hector Scott of Scottshall
  m2. Alexander Innes of Laxfirth
  (d) Lilias Scott
  (e) Elizabeth Scott
m. Robert Ash ("a skipper")
  p. Francis Mitchell ("son of Westshore")
  (C) Jean Scott (dsp)
  m1. John Gordon of Buckie
  m2. Henry Elphinstone of Claderhall (Calder Hall)
  (D) Catherine Scott
  m. (Alexander) Spittal of Leuchat
  (E) Anne Scott
  m. Robert Cunningham (a 03.1670, usher to King Charles II, son of 7th (sb 8th?) Earl of Glencairn)
  (F) Rebecca Scott
m. John Ellis of Elliston (Eleis of Eleiston)
  (G) Margaret Scott
  m1. John Trotter of Charterhall
  m2. Sir John Murray of Philiphaugh (d 1676)
  (H)+ other issue - Janet, daughter (Helen and/or Agnes) (d unm)
  m2. Margaret or Elizabeth Melville (dau of James Melville of Halhill)
  (J) George Scot of Pitlochie
  m. ?? Rigg (dau of Thomas Rigg of Aithern)
  (i) daughter (to New Jersey)
m. _ Johnston
  m3. Eupham or Margaret Monypenny of Pitmilly (who m1. William Rigg of Aithernie)
  (K) Walter Scot of Edinshead
  m. (1663) Margaret Rigg (dau of William Rigg of Aithernie)
  (i) Ann Scot (dsps 19.12.1763)
  m. Charles Erskine (d 25.02.1763, son of 3rd Lord Cardross)
  (2) James Scott
  m. (Marion) Scott (dau of Lawrence Scott)
  b. daughter
  m. James Hoppringle of Smailholm
  c.+ other issue - James of Vogrie, William
  B. William Scott of Deloraine (younger son)
2. James Scott (d 1563, Provost of Corstorphine, Senator of the Court of Justice)



Nisbet identifies the Scotts of Ely & Andross as "being of the same blood and stem with the Scotts of Scotstarvet". Much of the following comes from 'East Neuk' wherein the source is identified as (the laird of) Scotstarvet with the comment "Let it be taken, however, cum grano salis, as there was evidently a quarrel between the two." That caveat was probably to do with the reported humble status of ...
John Scott of Orchardfield (d 1558, "maltman in the West Port")
m. Elizabeth Scott (m2. Robert Scott, Director of Chancery (see above))
1. Alexander Scott of Orchardfield (d before 1646)
A.+ issue - William, Bessie
2. Sir William Scott of Elie, later of Ardross (b c1546, d 1628, Director of Chancery)
  Sir William purchased Ardross from his son-in-law, Thomas Dishington.
  m1. Elizabeth Hamilton (dau of Thomas Hamilton, 3rd of Priestland)
  A. John Scott (d before 1605)
  B.? James Scott (Clerk of Exchequer)
  C. Janet Scott
  m. (before 1605) (Sir John) Murray of Philiphaugh (d 1640)
  D. Elizabeth (Elspeth) Scott
  m. (1598) Thomas Dishington of Ardross (d after 22.07.1611)
  m2. (c1590) Isabel Durie (dau of David Durie of Durie)
  E. William Scott
m. (after 28.05.1612) Ann Moncrieff (dsp 1613, dau of William Moncrieff of Moncrieff)
  F. Isabella Scott
  m. _ Swinton of Pittenweem (saddler)
  m3. (1602) Jean Skene (dau of Sir John Skene)
  G. Sir William Scott 'of Elie' of Ardross (d before 1684, 2nd William)
  m. (1634) Helen Lindsay (dau of Robert Lindsay, Lord of the Byres)
  i. William Scott (a 1667, dvp)
  ii. John Scott, last of Ardross (b 1637, d 1696)
  iii. Margaret Scott
  m. James Young of Kirkton
iv. Anna Scott
  m1. (1661) Sir Daniel Carmichael of Mauldslie (d 10.07.1692, son of James, 1st Lord Carmichael)
  m2. (before 1696) Robert Sinclair of Stevenston (d 07.1713)
  v. Helen Scott
  m. (1662) John Forbes (son of Sir William of Leslie)
  vi. Jean Scott
  m. (1664) James Watson, later of Aithernie
  vii. Christian Scott (b 1639)
  m. (1664) Francis Durham of Largo (dsp 1667)
  H. Helen Scott
  m. (before 12.08.1615) William Stewart, 2nd Lord Blantyre (d 29.11.1638)
  I. Eupheme Scott
  m. (after 14.04.1633) Sir William Cochrane, 1st Earl of Dundonald (b 1605, d 1685)

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section (uploaded 01.05.06, reviewed/expanded 16.03.15, expanded 13.04.15, reviewed again 03.10.17) : 'A System of Heraldry' by Alexander Nisbet (vol 2, 1816, 'Scott of Scotstarvet', p279+), 'East Neuk of Fife' (Walter Wood, 1887, p387+) with some support/input on Scotstarvit from 'Fife (P&H)' (vol 1, p155+)
(2) For lower section (uploaded 16.03.15, based on a section that was started in a temporary page on 01.05.06) : 'The East Neuk of Fife' (2nd edition by Rev. Walter Wood, 1887, p218+)
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