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Families covered: Scott of Reafirth, Scott of Scalloway, Scott of Scottshall (Shetland)

Alexander Scott of Edinburgh (goldsmith)
m. (mcrt 09.07.1652) Agnes Wauchope (dau of George Wauchope of Edinburgh (by Agnes Wilson), m2. George, Earl of Linlithgow)
1. George Scott of Edinburgh (goldsmith)
  m. Grizel Sinclair
A.+ issue - John in Dundee (a 1712), Alexander
2. John Scott of Scottshall, Shetland (d 1719)
  m. (1690) Margaret Bruce (dau of Hector Bruce of Muness)
  A. Hector Scott of Scottshall (1738)
  m1. Janet Douglas (dau of William Douglas)
  i. John Scott
  ii. Ursilla Scott
  m. Robert Barclay
  m2. (mcrt 01.10.1725) Barbara Scott (dau of John Scott of Melbie, m2. Alexander Innes)
  iii. Robert Scott of Scottshall (d 17.12.1774)
  m1. Janet Nicolson (dau of Arthur Nicolson of Lochend)
  a. Hector Scott
  m2. Elizabeth Graham (dau of James Graham)
  b. Walter Scott of Scottshall (d 30.11.1808)
  m. Isabel Bolt (dau/coheir of Thomas Bolt of Cruister)
  (1) Keith Scott of Scottshall (d by 1813, 4th son)
  (2) John Scott of Scottshall (a 1813, Major)
  (3) Grace Scott (b 24.02.1780)
  m. Andrew Duncan of Lerwick
  (4) Elizabeth Scott
  m. (17.08.1783) Duncan Campbell (surgeon)
(5)+ other issue - Robert (b 14.07.1771), Walter (b 17.12.1774), James (b 05.03.1779), Isabel (b 17.04.1770), Janet (b 02.04.1773, d 11.08.1794), Henrietta (b 17.12.1774, d 1775)
  c. Elizabeth Scott (d 1806)
  m. (01.09.1781) John Murray (son of James of Clairden)
  d.+ other issue - John in London, Henrietta
  iv. James Scott of Scalloway (b 1727, d 02.207.1793)
  m. (28.03.1751) Catherine Sinclair (dau/coheir of Robert Sinclair of Scalloway)
  a. John Scott of Scalloway (b 06.04.1756, d 11.11.1833)
  m. (22.04.1782) Clementina Scott (dau of John Scott of Melby)
  (1) John Scott of Scalloway (b 06.09.1791, d 08.05.1850, 2nd son) had issue
  m. (24.05.1814) Jessie Gifford (dau of Gideon Gifford of Busta)
(2) Catherine Scott (b 27.12.1786)
  m. (27.01.18510) James Scott (surgeon RN, cousin)
  (3) Mary Scott (b 26.03.1788)
  m1. (01.06.1806) John Scott of Melby
  m2. Alexander Webster (b 19.12.1798, d 05.10.1887, minister of Quarff)
  (4)+ other issue - James (b 17.02.1785, dsp), Charles (b 22.07.1793), Robert (b 14.08.1798), James (b 03.05.1800), Mary (b 17.12.1782, d 15.04.1784), Elizabeth (b 06.09.1789), Jacobina Charlotte (b 24.11.1794)
  b. Barbara Scott (b 28.06.1751)
m. John Leslie of Ulstaness
  c. Elizabeth Scott (b 16.08.1761)
  m. (28.12.1780) John Scott of Melby
  d. Grizel (Grace) Scott
  m. (19.05.1776) Robert Robertson of Gossaburgh
  e.+ other issue - Robertr (b 208.08.1757, d young), James (b 19.08.1738), Charles in Lerwick (b 27.07.1760), Robert (b 08.11.1762), Philadeplhia (b 11.10.1752), Ann (b 07.09.1754), Mary
  v.+ other issue - George, Barbara
  B. Grizel Scott
  m. (1723) John Stewart of Bigton
  C.+ other issue - Andrew, George, Arthur, John, Margaret
3. William Scott
4. James Scott
  A.+ issue - Alexander (d 1672), William in Orkney (shipmaster)
5. Henrietta Scott
  m. (mcrt 15.06.1683) Alexander Livingstone of Bedlormie



It is not known how the following David was connected to other Scott families. The following family shares this page with the above family for our convenience.
David 'Sanderson' Scott, later of Reafirth (to Shetland in 1574)
m1. (1582) Janet Blair (dau/heir of Alexander Blair of Reafirth)
1. Alexander Scott of Reafirth (d 1628)
  m. Ursilla Henderson (dau of Ninian Henderson of Buness)
  A. David Scott of Reafirth (d 1641)
  m. Sarah Anderson (dau of Hosea Anderson of Dalsetter)
  i. Hosea Scott of Reafirth (d 08.07.1665)
m1. Katherine Henderson (dau of James Henderson of Gardie)
  a. Walter Scott (dvp)
  m2. (27.06.1657) Katherine Spence (dau of Gilbert Spence)
  b. Charles Scott of Reafirth (d 16.01.1714)
  m. Barbara Gifford (dau of Gilbert Gifford of Weathersta)
  (1) Magnus Scott of Reafirth (d unm 1722)
  (2) David Scott of Reafirth
  (A) Charles Scott of Mid Yell (later of Reafirth?) (bpt 23.06.1727, a 1768, 2nd son)
  (B)+ other issue - Magnus, Margaret (bpt 04.11.1729), Katherine (bpt 11.08.1732), Janet (bpt 13.08.1733)
  c. David Scott
  d. Barbara Scott
m. Ninian Spence of Vatser
  ii. Barbara Scott
  m. Arthur Anderson of Sandvoe
  iii. Elizabeth Scott
  m. Andrew Johnson of Aywick
  iv.+ other issue - Charles, Walter
  B.+ other issue - Magnus, Robert, Janet
2. Barbara Scott
  m. George Brown
  A. Hosea Brown
  m. Doraty Spence (dau of Ninian Spence of Houlland)
  i. James Brown (d young)
  ii. son
  m. Elspeth Scott (dau of Hosea Scott of Reafirth)
  iii. Marable Brown
  m. Arthur Anderson of Sandvoe
3.+ other issue - James, Elizabeth, Anne
m2. Katherine Edmonston (dau of Mathew Edmonston)

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : 'The County Families of the Zetland Islands' by Francis Grant, 1893 ('Scott of Scottshall' (p235+) & 'Scott of Scalloway' (p238+))
(2) For lower section : 'The County Families of the Zetland Islands' by Francis Grant, 1893 ('Scott of Reafirth', p223+)
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