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Families covered: Sinclair of Brims, Sinclair of Dunbeath, Sinclair of Lybster (in Reay), Sinclair of Stemser, Sinclair of Stirkoke, Sinclair of Thura

Alexander Sinclair of Stamster, Dunbeath, etc. (d before 1541)
m. Elizabeth Innes (d c1557, "no doubt of the family of Innes of Innes")
1. William Sinclair of Dunbeath (d 1608)
  Henderson reports that Douglas suggests that William's 1st wife was Beatrix, dau of John, Earl of Sutherland, but adds that "according to Gordon, who is the more reliable authority in this instance", she was a generation earlier ...
  m1. Beatrix (Gordon) ( dau of Alexander, Master of Sutherland, sister of John, Earl of Sutherland)
  m2. Margaret Innes (dau of John (sb Alexander?) Innes of Innes by Elizabeth, dau of John, 5th Lord Forbes) ## see here ##
Henderson reports that "it has been supposed that by his first wife, Lady Beatrix Gordon, he had William, Richard, and George, and by his second wife, Henry and David. It is certain, however, that William was son of the second marriage." We presume to show all of the sons as by Margaret Innes.
  A. William Sinclair of Stemser (dvp)
  m. Janet (Sinclair) (dau of George, 4th Earl of Caithness)
  i. George Sinclair of Dunbeath (d 1624)
m. Margaret Forbes (dau of John, 8th Lord Forbes)
  a. Margaret Sinclair
  B. Richard Sinclair of Brims (d before 1625)
  i. Alexander Sinclair of Brims (dvp)
  m. (1619) Ann McKay (dau of Hugh McKay of Scourie & Farr by Jane, dau of Alexander, Earl of Sutherland)
  a. John Sinclair of Brims
  m. Anna McKay (possibly dau of Colonel Hugh McKay of Scourie)
  (1) Elizabeth Sinclair
  m. John McKay of Strathy (cousin)
  b. William Sinclair
  ii. Oliver William Sinclair of Spittal (a 1631)
  iii. daughter (a 1631)
  m. Alexander Bayne of Clyth (son of Henry in Mybster)
  C. George Sinclair in Downreay & Durran (a 1643)
  i. John Sinclair
  ii. James Sinclair of Borlum then Toftkemp
  Henderson (p20+) reports that "It is conjectured that (this) James ... may possibly have been a son of this George Sinclair". We presume to show that to have been the case. The following comes from 'The Sinclairs of Borlum, Toftkemp, and Thura' within 'Caithness Family History' (John Henderson, 1884, p255+).
  a. James Sinclair of Wester Brims (d before 1659)
  m. Elizabeth or Elsepth Innes ("probably of the Inneses of Thursater and Wester-Brims")
  (1) John Sinclair (minister of Leckpatrick in Ireland)
  (2) Isabell Sinclair
  m. George Anderson (minister of Halkirk)
  (3) Jean Sinclair
m. Alexander Sinclair in Thurso
  (4) daughter
  m1. Alexander Abernethy in Swordale
  m2. Alexander Mullien in Papigo
  b. Alexander Sinclair of Bowertower then Telstane (aka Hempriggs)
  m. Isabel Cunningham (dau of John (probably not William) Cunningham of Brownhill)
  (1) Katharine Sinclair
  m1. William Sinclair of Dun
m2. Alexander Sutherland of Ausdale
  (2) daughter
  m. John Fullerton
(3)+ other issue - John (a 1683), JAmes
  c. William Sinclair of Thura (a 1680, Major)
  m. Margaret Doull (dau of John Doull of Thuster by dau of John Sinclair of Assery)
  (1) John Sinclair of Thura (a 1701)
  (2) Richard Sinclair of Thura (a 1701)
  m. Elizbeth Sinclair (dau of George Sinclair of Assery)
  (A) John Sinclair of Thura (a 1754, Captain)
  (3)+ other issue - James, Jean
  d. Robert Sinclair
(1) Elizabeth Sinclair
  m. Donald Henderson in Sibster, later in Achalibster
  e. Jean Sinclair
  m. (1658) Alexander Steill
  iii. Barbara Sinclair
  m. (1640) David Sinclair of Lybster in Reay @@ below
  D.+ other issue (dsp) - Henry of Brubster & Brims (d before 1610), David of Thura
2. Oliver Sinclair
3. Isabel Sinclair
  m. Gilbert Gordon of Garty (uncle of John, 5th Earl of Sutherland)
4. Helen Sinclair probably of this generation
  m. Donald Mackay of Strathnaver (d 1550)



Francis Sinclair of Stirkoke (a 1624)
m. Margaret Williamson
1. Francis Sinclair of Stirkoke (d by 1681)
  m. (1658) Anne Sinclair (dau of Patrick Sinclair of Ulbster)
  A. John Sinclair of Stirkoke (d c1706, 2nd son)
  Henderson (p105) mentions only John's marriage to Margaret Sinclair but elsewhere (p97) shows that he also married ...
  m1/2. Jean Sinclair (dau of George Sinclair of Barrock)
  m2/1. Margaret Sinclair (dau of Sir James Sinclair of Mey)
  i. Francis Sinclair of Stirkoke a 1710, dspm)
  a. Frances Sinclair
m. Bernard Clunes in Cromarty
  b.+ other daughters
  ii. George Sinclair of Stirkoke (d 1744)
  m. Isabella Strahan
  a. Charles Sinclair of Stirkoke
m. Elizabeth Sinclair (dau of Alexander Sinclair of Olrig)
  (1) Katherine Sinclair of Stirkoke (d unm)
  b. Elizabeth Sinclair
  m. George Smith in Dunnet
  c. Helen Sinclair
  m. John Sinclair of Sibster
  d.+ other issue - Francis in Wick (shipmaster), son
B. Charles Sinclair of Bilbster
  m1. Katharine Sinclair (dau of George Sinclair of Barrock)
  i. Fenella Sinclair presumed of this marriage
  m. Donald Sinclair of Olrig
  m2. Mary Dunbar
  C. Jean Sinclair
  m. John Gibson (minister of Evie, brother of Rev. Alexander of Canisbay)
  D.+ other isssue - Patrick (a 1676, dvp?), George of Sibster-Wick (a 1674)
2. Marjory Sinclair
  m. Donald (Mackay), 1st Lord Reay
3. Anne Sinclair
  m. (1659) Francis Sinclair in Scrabster (Colonel, son of John of Assery)
4.+ other issue - John, Gustavus



Henderson reports that the following brothers, David & William, were possibly descended from Henry Sinclair (d c1614), natural son of John, Master of Caithness. The dates suggest that, if this was the case, they were probably his grandsons. The following presumes that to have been the case.
?? Sinclair
1. David Sinclair of Lybster (in Reay)
  A. James Sinclair of Lybster (a 1637, d before 1661)
  m. Margaret Macleod
  i. David Sinclair (a 1670)
  ii. Barbara Sinclair
  m. Donald Campbell in Thurso
  B. Robert Sinclair of Lybster in Reay
  m. (1640) Barbara Sinclair (dau of George Sinclair in Downreay, brother of Richard of Brims) @@ above
21. William Sinclair of Lybster
  A. Margaret Sinclair

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