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Families covered: Smith of Bally Kelly, Smith of Barnes Hall, Smith of Cawthorne, Smith of Cowley Manor, Smyth of Deanhills, Smith of Glasswell, Smith of Hemsworth, Smith of Newton, Smith of Smithfield

Adam Smith of Dundee (a 1535)
m. Matilda Anderson
1. Henry Smith
  A. John Smith of Glasswell, Angus (d by 1661, recorder of Forfar)
  m. Agnes Wylie (dau of Andrew Wylie of Dundee)
  i. Henry Smith of Glasswell
  m. Anne Ramsay (dau of Sir Gilbert Ramsay of Banff)
a. James Smith of Camno, later of Atherstone (b 1664)
  m. Grizel Watson (dau of Alexander Watson of Wallace Craigie)
  (1) John Smith in London (b 1703, d 27.07.1787, 4th son)
  m. Mary Ransom (d 26.03.1787, dau of Griffin Ransom of Lambeth)
(A) Joshua Smith of Erlstoke (Erlestoke) Park, Wiltshire (b 1735, d 20.03.1819)
  m. (1766) Sarah Gilbert (dau of Nathaniel Gilbert of Antigua)
  (i) Maria Smith (b 1767/8, d 24.03.1843)
  m. (18.08.1787) Charles Compton, 1st Marquess of Northampton (b 24.03.1760, d 24.05.1828)
  (ii) Elizabeth Smith
  m. William Chute of The Vine (dsp 1824)
(iii) Augusta Smith (d 1846)
  m. (1798) Charles Smith of Suttons (b 1757, d 09.05.1814)
  Their son Charles inherited the baronetcy from Augusta's uncle Drummond (## just below).
  (iv) Emma Smith (d unm 1860)
  (B) Sir John Smith, later Smith-Burges, Bart of Havering Tower, Thorpe Hall & Eastham (dsp 24.04.1803)
  m. (1771) Margaret Burges (dsp 28.05.1838, dau of Ynyr Burges, she m2. John, Earl Poulett)
(C) Sir Drummond Smith, 1st Bart of Tring Park (b 1740, dsp 22.01.1816)
  Drummond's baronetcy was inherited by a great-nephew (## just above).
  m1. Mary Cunliffe (dsp 27.02.1804, dau of Sir Ellis Cunliffe, 1st Bart)
  m2. (16.04.1805) Elizabeth Monckton (d 02.07.1835, dau of William Monckton, 2nd Viscount Galway, widow of Sir Francis Sykes, 1st Bart)
  (D) Thomas Smith of Fonthill, Jamaica
  m. Susan Mackworth-Praed (dsp 13.10.1856, dau of William Mackworth-Praed of Bitton)
  (E) Elizabeth Smith
  m. Andrew Jelfe of Penhill
  (F) Emma Mary Smith (dsp 06.1828)
  m. (07.08.1800) Randall Plunkett, 13th Lord Dunsany (d 04.04.1821)
  The following was found on http://www.monikie.org.uk/affcastl3.htm.
  b. Henry Smith of Smithfield (d 1726)
  (1) John Smith, 2nd of Smithfield
  m. Margaret Douglas (dau of William Douglas, Provost of Forfar, son of Robert, Bishop of Brechin then Dunblane)
  (A) Catherine Smith
  m. John Fyffe in Edinburgh (of the family of Dron)



Thomas Smith of Hemsworth, Yorkshire (d after 20.12.1545)
1. Robert Smith of Hemsworth (d after 17.05.1559)
  A. Edward Smith of Hemsworth (a 12.1593)
  i. Thomas Smith
  m. (1593) Margaret
  a. Robert Smyth of Deanhills ('Dane Hill'), Cawthorne (d by 1650)
  m. (1618) Agnes Beaumont (dau of Thomas Beaumont of Over Flockton, sister of George of Darton)
  (1) Thomas Smyth of Deanhills (d 1669)
  (A) Robert Smyth of Deanhills (bur 15.06.1732)
  m. (1676) Susanna Greene (d 1737, dau of William Greene of Elmhirst, sister/coheir of John)
  (i) William Smith of Elmhirst, Cawthorne (b 08.04.1692, d 18.02.1777)
  m. (01.05.1724) Jennet Woofenden (d 06.03.1759, dau of William Woofenden of Norcroft)
  (a) Thomas Smith of Upper House, Cawthorne, later of Cowley Manor (b 14.06.1725, d 31.03.1791)
  m. (17.05.1754) Anne Kirke (d 18.05.1797, dau of Gerard Kirke of Cowley Manor (sister/heir of John) by Anne, dau of George Walker of Hunshelf Hall)
  ((1)) William Smith of Cowley Manor, later of Barnes Hall, Yorkshire (b 27.08.1761, d 05.09.1849)
  m. (13.12.1792) Elizabeth Parkyn (d 19.03.1834, dau of Thomas Parkyn of Mortomley Hall)
  ((A)) William Smith of Barnes Hall (b 27.10.1795, d 30.10.1888) had issue
  m. (26.05.1828) Mary Anne McKenzie (d 22.01.1874, dau/heir of Rev. Alexander McKenzie of Finegland & Sharrow Head)
  ((B))+ 4 sons and 1 daughter
  ((2))+ 2 daughters
  (b)+ 4 sons and 4 daughters
  (ii)+ "several daughters"
  (B)+ other issue



Michael Smith of Bally Kelly, co. Carlow
1. Joseph Smith of Bally Kelly & Kilbride
  m. (08.09.1680) Elizabeth Wilkinson of Ganlyduff
  A. Michael Smith of Bally Kelly & Ballynaskear, co. Meath (b 1681, d 1747)
  i. Michael Smith of St. John's Island, America (4th son)
  a. Eleanor Smith (b 1784, d 24.11.1825)
  m. Sir Michael Smith, 1st Bart @@ below
  ii.+ other issue - William (a 1769), Thomas, Joseph, Richard, John
  B. Joseph Smith of Pitchfordstown, co. Kildare (b 1685, d before 01.09.1780)
  i. Sarah Smith
  m. (1759) Daniel Gahan of Coolquill
  ii. Elizabeth Smith
  m. (1770) Matthew Bathurst of Kilcock
  C. William Smith of Newton, King's Co. (b 1686, d 1747)
  m. Hester Lynch ("of the Galway tribe of Lynch")
  i. Sir Michael Smith of Newton, 1st Bart (b 07.09.1740, d 17.12.1808, Master of the Rolls in Ireland)
m1. (1765) Mary Anne Cusack (d 23.06.1798, dau of James Cusack of Coolmines & Ballyronan)
  a. Sir William Smith, later Cusack-Smith, 2nd Bart (b 23.001.1766, d 21.08.1836, Solicitor General, Baron of the Court of Exchequer in Ireland)
  m. (13.08.1787) Hester Berry (d 04.06.1832, dau of Thomas Berry of Eglish Castle)
  (1) Sir Michael Smith, later Cusack-Smith, 3rd Bart (b 21.12.1793, d 16.05.1859) had issue
  m. (1820) Elizabeth Moore (d 10.06.1828, dau of Charles Patrick Moore)
  (2) Thomas Berry Smith, later Cusack-Smith (b 1795, d 13.08.1866, Master of the Rolls in Ireland, MP) had issue
  m. (07.09.1819) Louisa Smith-Barry (d 18.04.1872, dau of James Hugh Smith-Barry of Marbury Hall)
(3)+ other issue (d unm) - Frances Mary Anne (b 07.08.1788, d 04.07.1882), Mary Anne Angelina (b 08.07.1790, d 24.06.1866)
  b. Angelina Smith
  m1. (03.04.1787) Smith Steele (son of Sir Richard, 1st Bart)
  m2. William Borrowes (dsp, son of Sir Kildare, 5th Bart)
  m2. (1808) Eleanor Smith (d 24.11.1825, dau of Michael Smith) @@ above
  c. Michael William Smith (b 27.04.1809, d 18.04.1891, General) had issue
  m. (1830) Charlotte Carr (d 28.04.1891, dau of Rev. George Whitmore Carr of Ardross)
  ii. Elizabeth Smith
  m1. Michael Donovan of co. Cork
  m2. (1785) Shawe Cartland of Ballykillin
  D. Anne Smith
  m. Robert Bowen
  E. Elizabeth Smith
  m. _ James
  F. Mary Smith
  m. John Higginson

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