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Families covered: Smith of Bulkhayn, Smith of Kilburn, Smith of Shute, Smith of Westminster, Smith of Withcock (Withcote), Smith of Woodhaine

Ambrose Smith of London, later of Withcock (Withcote) (d c21.06.1584)
m. Joane Coo (d 30.04.1601, dau of John Coo of Coggeshall (Cooe or Coe of Coxall))
1. Henry Smith of Withcock (Withcote) (a 1605) this line supported by Nichols
  m. Anne Skipwith (dau of Henry Skipwith of Cotes in Prestwold, sister of William of Cotes (not Mayor of London))
A. Henry Smith 'of Withcock' (d 1623)
  m. Frisjoice Wright (dau of Thomas Wright of Suelston)
  i. Henry Smith of Withcock (a 1633)
  Nichols notes that Henry "forfeited Withcock at the Restoration, having been one of the judges on the trial of king Charles I."
  m. _ Holland (dau of Charles Holland)
  ii. Elizabeth Smith probably of this generation
  m. Richard Green of Wykin (d c1656)
  B. Dorothea Smith
  m. Thomas Brudnell of Stanton (a 1619)
  C. Sibilla Smith
2. Francis Smith of London (d before 13.11.1600)
  m. Elizabeth Taylor (dau/heir of John Taylor of London, m2. Sir Thomas Freake of Cerne)
  A. Francis Smith of Woodhaine in Shute, Devon (b 07.09.1586, a 1630)
  m. (05.11.1633) Faith Hore (a 1681, m2. _ Read?)
  i. Francis Smith of Woodhaine (bpt 1634, bur 1678)
  m. Joyce Veryard (bur 11.03.1718, dau of Henry Veryard of Bramcombe)
  a. Henry Smith of Bulkhayn, Shute (bpt 1654, d before 08.05.1712)
  m. Elizabeth (a 1711)
  (1) Francis Smith of Bulkhayn & Smiterspit (bpt 1691, d before 1784)
  m. (13.11.1716) Eleanor (bpt 25.11.1695, bur 24.10.1784, dau of Thomas Robertson or Robinson of Shute)
  (A) Thomas Smith (b 23.08.1719, d beford 16.10.1767)
  m. Agnes (a 01.1768)
  (B) Francis Smith of Shute (b 17.08.1723, d before 11.05.1757)
  m. (10.11.1746) Eleanor Clapp of Farrington
  (C) Samuel Smith of Kilburn, Middlesex (b 24.04.1742, d 05.10.18198, youngest son?)
  m. (1764) Sarah Neals (b 08.04.1739, d 1821)
  (i) Samuel Smith of Cricklewood in Willesden, Middlesex (b 08.09.1774, d 16.05.1866, surgeon) had issue
  m. (27.01.1803) Grace Callender Anderson (b 29.09.1784, d 11.05.1812, dau/heir of Lt. Colonel Robert Anderson)
  (ii) Sarah Smith (b 1767, d 1848?)
  m. Frederick William Petersdorff of Tottenham
  (iii) Elizabeth Smith (b 1769, d 1855)
  m. (06.09.1793) George Scott of Shepherd's Bush
  (iv) Ann Smith (b 25.05.1777, d 20.04.1831)
  m. (17.08.1802) Richard Neale of Bristol (b 15.12.1760, d 24.06.1817)
  (v)+ other issue - Samuel (b 1772, d 1773), Sally (b 1765?, d 1767), Eleanor (b 1770, d unm 03.1856). Dinah of Kilborun (b 18.11.1779, d unm 24.01.1855)
  (D) Eleanor Smith (bpt 03.12.1721, a 1802)
  m. Edward Holwell of Sidbury
  (E) Sarah Smith (b 30.01.1737)
  m. Daniel Hart
  (F)+ other issue - Henry (b 09.05.1727, bur 26.10.1751), Stephen of Kilburn (b 14.03.1731-2, bur 17.01.1815), Carolus, Joel (b 1734), Joyce (b 12.01.1717-8), Dinah (b 27.09.1725, d 27.09.1746), Elizabeth
  (2) Henry Smith of Umbourn, Shute (bpt 1680, d before 03.07.1761) had issue
  m. Mary
  (3) Stephen Smith of Shute (bpt 20.08.1672, d by 1752) had issue
  m. Mary
  (4) Elizabeth Smith
  m. William Reed
  (5)+ other issue - Joyce (a 1712),Joan (bpt 09.03.1685)
  b. Francis Smith of Whitford, Shute (bpt 11.11.1668, d before 04.11.1714) had issue
  m. Mary
  c. James Smith of Shute (bpt 20.08.1672, d by 1752) had issue
  m. Mary
  d.+ other issue - William (b 12.12.1655), daughters
  ii.+ other issue - Richard (bpt 02.04.1637), Mary (bpt 10.03.1636), Elizabeth (bpt 30.04.1639)
3. Sir William Smith of London (d before 17.07.1620)
m. Elizabeth Skinner (a 1601, dau of Thomas Skinner, Mayor of London)
  A.+ issue - Ambrose, William, George, Thomas, John, Elizabeth, Joane
4. Isabel or Sibell Smith (a 1619)
  m1. _ Lewis or Lowes
  m2. _ Maynard of Hertfordshire & Northampton
5. Elizabeth Smith (a 1619)
  m. Martin Calthrop of Antingham
6. Margaret Smith
  m. Sir Thomas Wilkes (Clerk of the Council for Queen Elizabeth)
7. Dorothy Smith
  m1. Benedict Barnham (b c1558, d 03.04.1598, Alderman of London)
  m2. (11.1598) Sir John Pakington of Westwood (d 01.1625)
  m3. Robert Needham, Viscount Kilmorey (d 1631)
  m4. Thomas Erskine, Earl of Kelly (d 1639)
8. Anna Smith



?? Smith ("claiming to derive from co. Leicester")
m. Jane
MGH starts with the unnamed father of Samuel & Hugh and gives the arms of this family as "Gules, on a chevron or, between three bezants as many crosses pattée fitchée, sable"and notes the following: "The above arms ... are those of Smith of Withcote, or De Heriz, and two brothers, undoubtedly of the later family, are found to have flourished contemporaneously with the Samuel and Hugh (here) named. ... It is supposed, from the evidence of some family plate, dating between 1675 and 1696, which bears the intials E.S., that the father of the first Samuel was either Edward of Erasmus Smith."
1. Samuel Smith of Westminster (b c1700, d 17.12.1770)
  m. Christian Pain (bur 29.05.1765, dau of Rev. Edward Pain of Westminster)
A. Samuel Smith (b 1731, d 23.03.1808, Headmaster of Westminster School, Prebendary of Westminster & Peterborough, Rector of Dry Drayton)
  m1. (27.08.1764) Anna Jackson (d 28.11.1789, dau of John Jackson of London & Totteridge)
  i. Samuel Smith (b 20.09.1765, d 09.01.1841, Rector of Dry Drayton, etc.) had issue
  m. (1803) Anne Brady Barnett (d 23.02.1826, dau of William Barnett of Jamaica)
  ii. Henry Smith (b 23.01.1774, d 18.01.1844, Prebendary of Southwell, Vicar of Kilsby, 3rd son)
  m. Frances Taunton (d 11.06.1847, dau of Sir William Elias Taunton, sister of Sir William Elias)
  iii. Anna Smith (b 02.08.1767, d 16.04.1849)
  m. (before 1801) James Wake of Heavitree (d 10.06.1841, son of Rev. Charles of Westminster)
  iv. Elizabeth Smith (b 11.01.1770, dsp bur 26.05.1853)
  m. (14.05.1800) Robert Nares (b 09.06.1753, d 23.03.1829, Rector of All Hallows, Canon of Lichfield, Archdeaon of Stafford, author)
  v.+ other issue- John (b 12.02.1772, bur 21.07.1773), Thomas (b 21.01.1777, d 15.03.1824, of the Inner Temple), Francis of Holt Lodge (b 24.09.1778, d 12.11.1828)
  m2. (09.05.1791) Susanna Clerk (b 17.11.1749, d 24.03.1792, dau of Rev. John Pettingall Clerk of Westminster)
  i.+ other issue - John (b 14.03.1792, d 29.06.1792), Susanna (b 14.03.1792)
  m3. (19.06.1794) Anne Pinckney (a 1824)
  B. Elizabeth Smith (b 12.04.1734, d 08.09.1814)
  m. (c1771) John Wind of Thirkleby (dsp before 1814)
  C. Anne Smith (b c1734, d 24.12.1815)
  m. Jackson Barwis of Marshall's, Essex (b c1739, d 19.01.1810)
  i. Frances Smith (b c1763, d 25.01.1846)
  m. (01.05.1788) Matthew Wilson (b c1759, d 12.10.1822, Vicar of Gray's)
  ii. Jane Jackson Smith
  m. (21.08.1788) Richard Barnard Wyatt
2. Hugh Smith

Main source(s):
(1) For upper generation (uploaded 26.10.20) : 'Suffolk Manorial Families' (Joseph James Muskett, 'Edited with extensive additions', vol 1, 1900, 'Smith of Kilburn', p249+) with a little input/support from Visitation (Leicestershire, 1619, 'Smith al's Harris'), 'History and Antiquities of the County of Leicester' (John Nichols, vol 2, part 1, 1795, 'Pedigree of Smith, alias Heriz of Withcock', p184)
(2) For lower generation (uploaded 09.02.21) : MGH (NS1, vol 4 (1884), 'Pedigree of Smith of Westminster and Dry Drayton, co. Cambridge', p61+)
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