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Families covered: Speke of Jordans, Speke of Whitelackington (White Lackington)
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Sir George Speke of Whitelackington, Sheriff of Somerset (a 1593)
m. Phillippa Rosewell (dau of William Rosewell or Rowsell or Russell of Ford)
1. George Speke of Whitelackington, Sheriff of Somersetshire (a 1592, 1623)
  m. Joan Portman (dau of Sir John Portman, Bart of Orchard Portman)
A. George Speke of Whitelackington (d 1690)
  m. Mary Pye (dau of Sir Robert Pye of Farringdon)
  i. John Speke of Whitelackington (3rd son)
  m1. (1680, sp) Katherine Prideaux (dau of Edmund Prideaux)
  m2. Elizabeth Pelham (dau of Robert Pelham)
  a. George Speke of Whitelackington
  m1. Alice Brooking (dau of Nicholas Brooking)
(1)+ 2 daughters (d young)
  m2. (sp) Jane Hickmore (widow of William Pitts)
  m3. Anne Peer-Williams (dau of William Peer-Williams)
  (3) Anne Speke (d 1797
  m. (20.05.1756) Frederick North, 2nd Earl of Guildford (b 12.04.1732, d 05.08.1792, Prime Minister)
  ii. William Speke of Shepton (Shipton) Beauchamp (d 09.1734, 6th son)
  m. Margaret Bond (dau of William Bond of Bestwall, son of Denis of Lutton)
a. George Speke of Curry Rivel (b 13.04.1699, dsps)
  m. Jennings Anderton (dau of James Anderton) @@ below
  b. Anne Speke (b 10.12.1696)
  m. Sir Edmund Elwill, Bart
  c. Mary Speke
  m1. _ Hawker
  m2. John Howe
  d.+ other issue - William, John (b 10.04.1701), Margaret
  iii. Mary Speke
  m. Thomas Jennings of Burton, Somerset
  a. Thomas Jennings (d unm young)
b. Mary Jennings
  m1. Edmund Star
  m2. Sir William Pynsent, Bart of Erthfont (d 15.06.1754)
  c. Elizabeth Jennings
  m1. James Anderton
  (1) Jennings Anderton
  m1. (sp) Sir Charles Cornwallis Lloyd, Bart of Milfield
  m2. George Speke (dsps) @@ above
  (2)+ other issue - Mary, Elizabeth
  m2. John Trevelian
  iv. Phillippa Speke
  m1. Sir John Trenchard (d 1694)
  m2. Daniel Sadler
  v.+ other issue - George (b c1644, d 1668), Hugh (b 1656, d c1724), Charles (d 1685), Thomas in London (d young), Elizabeth
  B. Henry Speke (d young)
  C. William Speke of Jordans, Somerset (d 08.02.1680)
m. Anne Roynon
  i. William Speke of Jordans
  m. Elizabeth King of Devon
  a. William Speke of Jordans (d 13.11.1792, prebendary of Wells & Bristol)
  m. Juliana Webber (d 1792, dau of Charles Webber of Exeter)
  (1) William Speke of Jordans, Sheriff of Somerset (b 1771, d 17.04.1839)
  m1. (02.04.1794) Mary Dickinson (d 17.06.1805, dau of Benjamin Dickinson of Tiverton)
  (A) William Speke of Jordans (b 07.04.1798, d 19.11.1887) had issue
  m. (17.11.1824) Georgiana Elizabeth Hanning (dau of William Hanning of Dillington House)
  (B) George Speke had issue
  m. Elizabeth Dickinson of Tiverton
  (C) Hugh Speke (rector of Dowlish Wake, 4th son) had issue
  m. Mary Coles (dau of J.B. Coles of Porrocks Lodge)
  (D) Juliana Speke
m. S. Barnes (son of Archdeacon of Exeter)
  (E) Sarah Speke
  m. William Dickinson
  (F)+ other issue - Benjamin Dickinson (d young), Mary (d unm 21.03.1827)
  m2. (1809) Frances (d 1816, dau of Archdeacon Andrew of Exeter)
  (H) Frances Speke (d 30.03.1845)
  m. (23.06.1838) John Thomas Pine-Coffin (prebendary of Exeter)
  (I) Isabella Speke
  m. Rev. Francis Kitson
  (J) Charlotte Speke
  m. William Marwood Mules of Honiton
  m3. (1823) Susan Mico (dau of J. Mico of Hortman)
  (K) child (d infant)
  (2) Mary Speke
  m. _ Follet of Dorset
  (3) Sarah Speke
  m. Rev. _ Fewtrell of Somerset
  (4) Anne Speke
  m. Rev. C. Marshall of Exeter
  b.+ other issue
  ii. Anne Speke
  m. _ Walrond
  iii. Joane Speke (d 13.03.1680)
iv. Phillippa Speke
  m. _ Musgrave of Exeter (MD)
  a. son
  b. daughter
  m. Thomas Brown of Kings Carswell, Devon
  D. Ann Speke (bur 14.06.1674)
  m. Thomas Warr of Swell Court (bpt 28.03.1611, d before 12.12.1682)
  E. Phillippa Speke (d 1669)
  m. Edward Berkeley of Pylle (d 1669)
  One of their descendants inherited Orchard Portman and took the name Portman.
The following comes from Visitation (Somerset, 1623, Speke).
2. Anne Speke
  m. Sir John Horner of Mells
3. Dorothy Speke (d before 10.04.1674)
  m. Thomas Warr or Warre of Hestercomb (b 28.11.1576, bur 30.04.1617)
4. Margaret Speke
  m. Henry Dennis of Pucklechurch
5. Elizabeth Speke
  m. Thomas Chester of Allmerburie
6. Philippa Speke
  m. Thomas (not Edward) Brydges (not Bridger) of Keynsham

Main source(s): BLG1952 (Speke of Jordans), Commoners (vol iv, Speke of Jordans)
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