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Families covered: Stafford of Buckingham, Stafford of Stafford, Stafford of Wiltshire

Edmund de Stafford, 5th Earl of Stafford (b 02.03.1377, d Shrewsbury 21.07.1403)
m. Anne Plantagenet, Countess of Buckingham, Hereford & Northampton (b 1383, d 16.10.1438, dau of Thomas Plantagenet, Duke of Gloucester, Earl of Buckingham)
1. Humphrey de Stafford, 6th Earl of Stafford, 1st Duke of Buckingham (b c1402, d Northampton 27.07.1460)
  m. Anne Nevill (dau of Ralph Nevill of Raby, 1st Earl of Westmorland)
  A. Humphrey de Stafford, Earl of Stafford (dvp St. Albans 22.05.1455)
  m. Margaret Beaufort (dau of Edmund Beaufort, 1st Duke of Somerset)
  i. Henry de Stafford, 2nd Duke of Buckingham (b 04.09.1455, d 02.11.1483)
  m. Katherine Wydville (dau of Sir Richard de Wydeville of Grafton, 1st Earl Rivers)
  a. Edward de Stafford, 3rd Duke of Buckingham (b 03.02.1477/8, d 17.05.1521)
Like his father, Edmund was stripped of his title and beheaded for conspiracy against the throne. However, his son Henry was not regranted the Dukedom but was appointed a Baron.
  m. Alianore Percy (d 1530, dau of Henry Percy, 4th Earl of Northumberland)
  (1) Henry Stafford, 1st Lord Stafford (b 18.09.1501, d 30.04.1563)
  m. (16.02.1518/9) Ursula Pole (d 12.08.1570, dau of Sir Richard Pole)
  (A) Henry Stafford, 2nd Lord Stafford (dsp 08.04.1566)
  (B) Edward Stafford, 3rd Lord Stafford (b 17.01.1535/6, d 18.10.1603)
m. Mary Stanley (d 03.09.1609, dau of Edward Stanley, 3rd Earl of Derby)
  (i) Edward Stafford, 4th Lord Stafford (d 25.09.1625)
  m. Isabel Forster (dau of Thomas Forster of Tonge)
  (a) Edward Stafford (b 1600, dvp 1621)
  m. Anne Wilford (dau of James Wilford of Newnham Hall)
  ((1)) Henry Stafford, 5th Lord Stafford (d unm 1637)
  ((2)) Mary Stafford
m. (1637) Sir William Howard, later Stafford-Howard, 1st Lord Stafford, Viscount Stafford (b 30.11.1614, d 29.12.1680)
  (ii) Ursula Stafford
  m. Walter Erdeswick
  (iii) Dorothy Stafford
  m. Gerveis of Chadsen
  (C) Richard Stafford
  m. Mary Corbert (dau of John Corbet of Lee)
(i) Roger Stafford, 'Lord Stafford' (b c1572, d unm c1640)
  (ii) Jane Stafford
  (D) Walter Stafford
  (E) Dorothy Stafford
  m. William Stafford of Grafton
  (F) Elizabeth Stafford
  m. Sir William Nevil of Chebsey
  (G) Anne Stafford apparently of this generation
  m. Henry Williams (dvpsp bur 20.08.1551)
(2) Elizabeth Stafford
  m. (before 08.01.1512-3) Thomas Howard, 3rd Duke of Norfolk (b 1473, d 25.08.1554)
  (3) Katherine Stafford
  m. Ralph Nevill, 4th Earl of Westmorland (d 1549)
  (4) Mary Stafford
  m. Sir George Nevill, 5th Lord Bergavenny (b 07.1483, d 1512-3)
  b. Henry Stafford, Earl of Wiltshire (b c1479, dsp 03.1522/3)
  m1. Margaret Grey (dau of John Grey, 2nd Viscount L'Isle)
  m2. Cecily Bonvile (dau of William Bonville, Lord Harington)
c. Elizabeth Stafford (a 01.1529, d before 11.05.1532)
  m. Robert Ratcliffe, Lord FitzWalter, 1st Earl of Sussex (b c1483, d 27.11.1542)
  d Anne Stafford
  m1. Sir Walter Herbert
  m2. George Hastings, 1st Earl of Huntingdon (d 24.03.1544)
  B. Sir Henry Stafford
  m. Margaret Beaufort (d 1509, dau of John Beaufort, Duke of Somerset)
  C. Edward Stafford
  D. George Stafford
E. John Stafford, 1st Earl of Wiltshire (d 08.05.1473)
  m. Constance Greene (d 02.03.1474/5, dau/heir of Sir Henry Greene of Drayton by Margaret, dau of Sir Robert Roos of Gedney)
  i. Edward Stafford, 2nd Earl of Wiltshire (b 07.04.1470, dsp 24.03.1498/9)
  m. Margaret Grey (d before 09.09.1504, dau of John Grey, 2nd Viscount L'Isle)
  F. Anne Stafford (d c14.04.1472)
  m1. (c04.1460) Aubrey de Vere, younger of Oxford (dvpsp 20.02.1461)
  m2. Sir Thomas Cobham
  G. Joane Stafford
  m1. (before 04.05.1461, div before 1477) William Beaumont, 2nd Viscount (dsp 19.12.1507)
  m2. Sir William Knyvet of Buckenham (d c1492)
  H. Catherine Stafford (d 26.12.1476)
  m. (1467) John Talbot, 3rd Earl of Shrewsbury (b 12.12.1448, d 28.06.1473)
2. Philippa Stafford (d young)
3. Anne Stafford
  m1. Edmund Mortimer, 5th Earl of March (b c1392, dsp 1424)
  m2. John Holand, 1st Duke of Exeter (d 1446)

Main source(s): BE1883 (Stafford of Stafford and Buckingham, etc.) with just a very little support from Collins (vol 2, 1841, 'Stafford-Howard, Earl of Stafford', p471+)
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