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Families covered: Staniforth of Attercliffe, Staniforth of Firbeck, Staniforth of Rotherham, Staniforth of Sheffield, Staniforth of Wincobank

The following families were probably connected with each other and with the family shown on Staniforth1.
Richard Staniforth of Wincobank in Sheffield, Yorkshire (a 06.1612)
m. ?? (widow of _ Ashton) probably parents of ...
1. John Staniforth of Wincobank (b 1585, d 1652, cutler)
  m. Ann (b 1587, d 02.10.1676)
  A. John Staniforth of Wadsley Bridge (bpt 03.09.1613, d 11.11.1672, cutler)
  m. (1641) Helen Law (d 19.06.1675, dau of Anthony Law of Ollerton by Elizabeth)
  i. Nathan Staniforth of Peniston, Yorkshire
m. (25.09.1667) Mary Roebuck (bur 12.12.1699)
  ii. Jeremiah Staniforth of Wincobank
  a. Joseph Staniforth (a 1699)
  b. Martha Staniforth of Wincobank (a 1707)
  m. John Brown of Wincobank & Sheffield
  (1) Lydia Brown (bpt 23.10.1701)
  m. John Sparrow of Wincobank
  c. Lydia Staniforth (b 1666, d 02.1732)
m. John Parkyn of Ecclesfield
  iii. Luke Staniforth
  B. William Staniforth of Attercliffe in Sheffield (b 11.1615, d 22.03.1702)
  i. John Staniforth of Attercliffe Hill Top (b 15.06.1649)
  a. John Staniforth of Attercliffe Hill Top (bpt 16.06.1687, d 10.03.1765)
  m. (03.05.1715) Elizabeth Younge (b 1691, d 17.01.1758, dau of Henry Younge of Sheffield)
  (1) William Staniforth of Sheffield then Norton (b 04.09.1717, dsp 11.11.1786)
  m. (08.05.1767) Mary Macro (dsp 16.08.1775, dau/heir of Cox Macro of Norton & Little Haugh)
  (2) John Staniforth of Manchester (bpt 20.04.1726, d 1757-8, surgeon)
  m. Anne Dossie (dau of Rev. John Dossie of Sheffield, m2. John Sherburn of Sheffield)
  (A) John Dossie Staniforth (bpt 24.06.1758, d young)
  (3) Robert Staniforth of Manchester and Little Haugh (bpt 07.04.1727, d 05.03.1788)
  m. Catherine Dossie (dau of Rev. John Dossie of Sheffield)
  (A) Jane Staniforth
  m. John Patteson of Norwich (MP)
  (B)+ other isse - William (b c1764, d 06.12.1769), Catherine (b 1761-2, d 24.04.1763)
  (4) Anne Staniforth
  m. (sp) John Allot of Sheffield
  (5)+ other issue (d infant) - Younge, Sarah, ALethea, Mary, Alethea, Elizabeth
b. daughter
  m. _ Spooner of Crook's Moor
  (1) Hugh Spooner of Crook's Moor b 1725-6, dsp 25.06.1792)
  ii. Samuel Staniforth of Attercliffe (b 30.07.1652, d 13.02.1733)
  m1. (12.09.1676) Jane Redman (b c1647, dsp 27.11.1723, sister of Charles Redman, Lord Mayor of York)
  m2. Rachel Hancock (m2. Matthew Jepson of Wincobank)
  a. Samuel Staniforth of Sheffield (b 03.08.1725, d 09.1811)
m. Mary Ash (b 1727-8, d 26.05.1751, dau of William Ash of Heckmonwyke by dau of Joseph Priestley of Birstall Hall)
  (1) Samuel Staniforth of Sheffield (b 08.12.1747, d unm c1824)
  (2) William Staniforth of Sheffield (b 09.10.1749, d 1834, surgeon)
  m. Ann Cam (d c1823, dau of Joseph Cam of Boston)
  (A) William Staniforth of Sheffield (d 1835, surgeon) had issue
  m. Amy Susan Lowley (niece of _ Mower of Sheffield)
  (B) John Staniforth of Sheffield
  m. (09.12.1824) Eliza Vickers (dau of John Vickers of Mill Sands in Sheffield)
(C) Anne Staniforth
  m. (24.06.1819) William Cater Smith of Chesterfield
  (D)+ other issue - Samuel Herbert (b 1796-7, d unm 05.1823), Mary (d infant), Harriet (d unm 01.07.1720)
  iii. Benjamin Staniforth of Sheffield (b 04.10.1662, 5th son)
  m. Ann
  a. John Staniforth of Sheffield
  m. Sarah Staniforth (dau of Jeremiah Staniforth of Sheffield, m2. Sampson Hough) @@ below
  (1) Ellen Staniforth (b 02.11.1728, d 08.1807)
  m. David Broadhurst of SHeffield
  partner unknown
  (A) John Staniforth
  (2)+ other issue (d infant) - Joseph, Ruth
  b. Benjamin Staniforth of Sheffield
  c. Ann Staniforth (bpt 21.09.1691)
  m. Thomas Wood of Sheffield & Attercliffe (cutler)
  (1) Thomas Wood of Attercliffe & Sheffield
  m. Mary Watson (dau of Samuel Watson of Sheffield)
  (A) Ann Wood
  m. Henry Longden of Sheffield & Thorncliffe (ironmaster)
  iv. Sarah Staniforth (b 17.11.1655)
  m. (after 26.05.1680) Samuel Staniforth of Bramley
  v. Mary Staniforth (b 23.02.1660)
  m. John Hoole of Tinsley
  vi.+ other issue - William (b 04.04.1654), Joseph (b 23.02.1660), Luke (b 18.10.1664), Anna (b 03.10.1657), Martha (b 20.10.1666)
  C. Helen Staniforth (b 02.1624, d 1686)
  m. Richard Milner
  D.+ other issue - Lawrence (b 02.1618, a 1641), Richard (b 11.1627, d c1650), Margaret (b 09.1621)
2.+ other issue - Nicholas, William, Catherine



Samuel Staniforth of Sheffield
1. Jeremiah Staniforth of Sheffield (a 1694, scissorsmith)
  m. (29.11.1696) Ellen Shiercliffe
  A. Samuel Staniforth of Sheffield (d unm)
  B. Joseph Staniforth of Malton then Havant (minister)
  m. ?? ("dau. of a Minister in Yorkshire")
  i.+ issue - Elizabeth, daughter
  C. Sarah Staniforth
  m1. John Staniforth of Sheffield @@ above
  m2. Sampson Hough
2. John Staniforth of Attercliffe
  m. Mary
  A. William Staniforth of Sheffield Park (cutler)
  i. John Staniforth of Sheffield Park (cutler)
  m. Mary Furniss (dau of Mark Furniss of Sheffield Park, sister of Mark)
  ii. William Staniforth of Sheffield Park (cutler)
  m. Sarah Marsh (dau of William Marsh of Sheffield Park)
  iii. Sarah Staniforth
  m. John Ashmore of Park Gate (innkeeper)
  iv. Martha Staniforth
  m. Mark Furniss of Sheffield Park (brother of Mary)
  v. Hannah Staniforth in London
  B. James Staniforth of Sheffield Park
  m. Ann Makin of Sheffield
  i. Hannah Staniforth
  m. William Marsh of Sheffield Park
  ii.+ other issue including Maria



William Staniforth of Rotherham (b c1600)
m. (16.05.1627) Isabel Hatfield (a 10.1674, dau of Ralph Hatfield of Hatfield House in Shire Green & Laughton le Morthing, widow of John Swathe)
1. Jonathan Staniforth of Rotherham, later of Firbeck (bpt 04.06.1608, d before 05.01.1680)
  m1. (10.12.1657) Dorothy Shaw (bur 19.03.1658, dau of Rev. John Shaw of Hull)
  A. William Staniforth (bpt 25.02.1659, bur 26.03.1659)
  m2. (10.12.1661) Anne Spateman (bur 11.06.1667, dau of John Spateman of Rodenook)
  B.+ other issue - Jonathan (bpt 22.06.1666, a 1679, d young?), John (d young), Samuel (d young)
  m3. (23.04.1671) Mary Disney (d 24.07.1676, dau of John Disney of Swinderby)
  E. Disney Staniforth of Firbeck (bpt 01.12.1674, a 1722) had issue
  m. Mary Skinner (dau/coheir of Nicholas Skinner)
m4. Christian Knight (dau of Sir Ralph Knight of Langold)
2. Samuel Staniforth of Rotherham (a 09.1658, ironmonger)
3. Sarah Staniforth
  m. John Firth (vicar of Mansfield)
  A. Elizabeth Firth probably of this generation
  m1. (12.08.1673) Nathaniel Hurst of Little Dalton (a 04.1677)
  m2. (13.01.1677-8) William Malin
  i. John Malin of Rotherham
  m. (13.08.1701) Mary Lister of Stead
4. Elizabeth Staniforth
  m1. Timothy Linley of Rotherham
  m2. Thomas Bovil
5. Rachel Staniforth
  m. Robert Cromwell

Main source(s): FMG (vol 2, MS296-9, 'Staniforth', p728+)
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