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Families covered: Steade (Stede) of Onesacre

(1) Commoners reports that this family was at Onesacre, Yorkshire, in the time of King Edward II (who r. 1327-1377). Both Commoners & FMG start with the following John. Commoners reports that his immediate successors were Thomas, John, John and Nicholas (presumed to be the Nicholas who m. Mary Revel). FMG shows John as father of Peter father of John father of Thomas father of John father of Nicholas father or Richard (possibly a Nicholas) who was probably father Nicholas (m. Margaret Revel) but reports "There is no proof of the filial relations of these, but every probability." The following attempts to pull this together but, with FMG showing more generations than Commoners yet not being fully convincing regarding the dates given, we are left with a somewhat arbitrary and unconvincing compromise. We show the uncertain generations in italics.
(2) Commoners spells the family name "Steade". FMG spells it as "Stead". We broadly follow the former but do not attempt to be consistent with that.
John de la Stede of Onesacre (a 1419)
1. Peter Stede (d by 1417?)
  m. Joan
  A. John Stede of Onesacre (a 1417, son of Joan)
  B. Thomas Stede of Onesacre (a 1476)
  i. John Stede of Onesacre (a 1486)
  a. Nicholas Stede of Onesacre (a 1515,1550)
  (1) Richard Stede of Onesacre (a 1564)
  (A) Nicholas Stede or Steade of Onesacre
  m(1). Margaret Revel (dau of _ Revel of Smalfield, m2. Rowland Thompson of Brighholmlee) named Mary by Commoners
  (i) Nicholas Steade 'of Onesacre' (bur 26.03.1619)
Commoners identifies Nicholas's wife (and mother of Nicholas) as Elizabeth Steade (m. 1581, a cousin) but FMG shows an Elizabeth, sister of this Nicholas, as wife of another Nicholas Stead (with the note "Of this I have seen no proof") and identifies this Nicholas's wives as shown below.
  m1. (14.09.1578) Agnes Shaw
  (a) Nicholas Steade of Onesacre
  Commoners identifies Nicholas's wife as Frances Brighton (m 1619). FMG identifies her as ...
  m. (03.02.1617) Frances Hawksworth (bur 30.12.1645, relict of Robert Beighton of Nether Bradfield)
  ((1)) Thomas Steade of Onesacre - continued below
  m. Gertrude Broomhead (dau of Richard Broomhead)
((2)) Emote Steade
  m. (24.03.1648) John Cart (rector of Hansworth)
  (b) Reginald Steade of Billingley
  m. ?? (relict of _ Waddilo of Billingley)
  ((1)) Jane Steade
  m. William Watson of Bolton-upon-Dearne
  ((A)) Rowland Watson
  (c) Jane Stead
  (d) Emote Stead (bur 01.1652)
  m. John Shaw
  m2. Dionysia Thompson (dau/coheir of John Thompson of Thornsett)
  (e) Thomas Stead probably ancestor of the Steads of Comber
  m2. (by 1581) Margery Ibbotson (dau of Jennet Ibbotson)
  (2)+ other issue - John, Arthur



Thomas Steade of Onesacre (bpt 25.12.1619, bur 19.07.1686)- continued above
m. Gertrude Broomhead (bur 21.07.1686, dau of Richard Broomhead, widow of Edmund Hobson of Smalfield)
1. Nicholas Steade of Onesacre (bpt 25.12.1648, d 09.07.1727)
m. (04.02.1669) Mary Milner (b c1644, bur 09/16.02.1714-5, dau of William Milner of Burton Grange, sister of Mrs. Beaumont (ancestress of Beaumonts of Bretton Hall))
  A. Thomas Steade of Onesacre (bpt 25.04.1672, bur 04.02.1739)
  m. (1696) Elizabeth Creswick (dau of Thomas Creswick of Borough-Leigh (Burrowlee House) by Elizabeth Ann)
  i. Thomas Steade of Onesacre (b 08.04.1698, d unm 24.10.1765)
  ii. Nicholas Steade of Moor Hall (b 11.12.1705, d c1745)
  m. (1728) Ann Micklethwaite (dau of Benjamin Micklethwaite of Ardsley)
a. Thomas Steade of Borough-Lee & Hillsborough (bpt 18.03.1728, d 1793)
  m. (1768) Millicent (Meliscent) Pegge (dau of Strelley Pegge of Beauchieff Abbey, sister of Peter Pegge-Burnell of Winkburn Hall)
  (1) Thomas Steade of Onesacre (d unm 1798, captain)
  (2) Broughton Benjamin Steade, later Pegge-Burnell of Winkburn Hall & Beauchief Abbey, Sheriff of Derbyshire (b 03.07.1774, d 20.05.1850, 3rd son?) had issue
  This entry is supported by BLG1952 ('Craven-Smith-Milnes of Hockerton Manor and Dunston and formerly of Winkburn').
  m. (21.12.1802) Elizabeth Dalton
  (3) Charles Steade (youngest son)
  m. (09.1830) Elizabeth May Smith (dau of Thomas Smith of Dunston)
(4)+ other issue - William (d young), Nathaniel in London (d unm), Micklethwaite (d unm?), Peter in Devonshire (a 1824), dau (d unm)
  b. Nicholas Stead of Sheffield (b 12.09.1734, dsp)
  m. Mary (a 1761)
  c. Ann Stead (bpt 29.10.1730)
  m. _ Wood of Green Lane near Sheffield
  d. Alice Stead (bpt 09.03.1732, d unm 14.02.1811)
  iii. Gertrude Stead (b 23.12.1700)
m. (1726) Thomas Allen of Sheffield
  iv. Anne Stead (b 09.02.1702, d 26.04.1762)
  m. (1722) William Wordsworth of New Laithes
  v. Elizabeth Stead (b 14.05.1708)
  m. John Woodhead of Nether Bradfield
  vi.+ other issue (d unm) - Mary (b 05.04.1710, bur 06.08.1777), Barbara (b 28.08.1714, bur 19.02.1717-8)
  B. William Stead of Sheffield (bpt 05.04.1675)
  m. (07.02.1697-8) Rebecca Baxter (b 1671-2, d 15.04.1748, dau of Nathaniel Baxter of Woodseats & Attercliffe)
  The following comes from FMG (vol 1, Revel, MS173).
  i. Rebecca Stead
  m. Rev. _ Marshal
  ii. Hannah Stead
  m. _ Knightley of London
iii.+ other issue - William of Leeds (bpt 06.10.1700), John, Samuel, Benjamin of Walworth, Thomas, Nathaniel (bpt 24.10.1702), Mary (bpt 06.03.1698)
  C. Nicholas Stead of Moor Hall & Dungworth, Ecclesfield (bpt 14.04.1682, bur 03.05.1746)
  m. (08.09.1708) Elizabeth Taylor (bur 14.07.1752, possibly dau of Thomas Taylor of Tomhill)
  i. Thomas Stead (b 31.12.1709, bur 01.07.1735)
  ii. Benjamin Stead of Dungworth (bpt 26.11.1719, bur 18.05.1759)
  m. (c07.1742) Dorothy Woodhead (b 04.06.1721, dau of Robert) Woodhead of Woodseats, m2. Robert Hope of Derby (brother of Charles))
  a. Susanna Stead (b 1744-5)
m. (1762) Charles Hope of Derby (d 1798, vicar in Derby)
  b.+ other issue (d infant) - Benjamin, Ann
  iii. Mary Stead (b 19.10.1712, bur 20.09.1743)
  m. (08.06.1731) Aymor Green of Gate House (son of John of Smalshaw)
  D. Mary Stead (bpt 14.11.1677)
  m. John Armitage of Thick Hollins
  E. Sarah Stead (bpt 01.04.1680)
  m1. (08.10.1701) William Bagshaw of Stannington
  m2. Samuel Moor of Lee House
  F. Jane Stead (bpt 10.04.1684)
  m. Joseph Carr of Birley Edge
  G. Ann Stead (bpt 23.06.1687)
  m. (22.06.1710) Richard Broomhead of Nether Bradfield
  H. Elizabeth Stead (bur 01.11.1690)

Main source(s): Commoners (vol I, 'Steade-Pegge-Burnell of Beauchieff Abbey', p150+), FMG (vol 1, MS144, 'Stead', p331+)
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