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Families covered: Stirling of Cadder (Cawder), Stirling of Garden, Stirling of Keir, Stirling of Kippendavie
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Sir James Stirling, 4th of Keir and of Cadder (d 1588)
m1. (1534, div) Janet Stirling (dau of Andrew Stirling, 12th of Cadder)
1. John Stirling of Bankeir (dsp)
m2. (1542) Jean Chisholm (cousin of William Chisholm, Bishop of Dunblane)
2. Sir Archibald Stirling, 5th of Keir, 2nd of Cadder (d 1630)
  m1. Mary Drummond (d before 1589, dau of David Drummond, 2nd Lord)
A. Sir James Stirling (dvp 1614)
  m. (1606) Anna Home (dau of Sir George Home of Wedderburn)
  i. Sir George Stirling, 6th of Keir, 3rd of Cadder (d 06.1667)
  m1. (1630, dsps) Margaret Ross (b 19.12.1615, bur 27.03.1633, dau of James Ross, 6th Lord)
  a. Margaret Stirling (d 11.05.1633)
  m2. (1637, sp) Margaret Napier (dau of 1st Lord Napier)
  m3. (1654, sp) Anna Nicolson (dau of Sir Thomas Nicolson, Bart of Carnock)
  m4. (1666) Margaret Livingston (dsp 02.11.1674, dau of Alexander Livingston, 2nd Earl of Linlithgow)
ii. Mary Stirling
  m. (1633) John Stewart, younger of Blackhall and Ardgowan
  iii.+ other issue - James (d young), Archibald (d young), Jean
  B. Jean Stirling
  m. Sir William Drummond of Riccarton
  m2. (1589) Grizel Ross (d 03.10.1618, dau of James Ross, 4th Lord)
  C. Archibald Stirling, 1st of Kippendavie (d before 17.04.1646)
  m. (1618) Jean Muschet (dau of Sir George Muschet or Mushet of Burnbank)
i. George Stirling
  ii. John Stirling, 2nd of Kippendavie (d 01.06.1697)
  m. (1667) Christian Doig (dau of David Doig of Ballingrew)
  a. Charles Stirling, 3rd of Kippendavie (b 14.12.1680, d 11.1736, 4th son)
  m1. (1703) Katherine Arbuthnott (dau of Alexander Arbuthnott of Knox)
(1) Patrick Stirling, 4th of Kippendavie (b 08.04.1704, d 11.1745)
  m. (1727) Margaret Douglas (d before 1757, dau of Sylvester Douglas of Whiteridge)
  (A) Patrick Stirling, 5th of Kippendavie (b 28.01.1734, d 12.12.1775)
  (B) John Stirling, 6th of Kippendavie (b 22.12.1742, d 06.1816)
  m. (30.04.1781) Mary Graham (dau of William Graham, 2nd of Airth)
  (i) Patrick Stirling (b 25.04.1782, dvp 30.03.1816) had issue
  m. (1810) Catherine Georgiana Wedderburn (d 1863, dau of John Wedderburn of Clapham)
(ii) William Stirling of Kenmure and Jamaica (b 26.06.1787, d 1862) had issue
  m1. (1811) Elizabeth Barrett (d 19.04.1830, dau of Henry Barrett of Jamaica)
  m2. (1833) Olivia Salmond (dau of Peter Salmond)
  (iii) James Stirling of Glentyan (b 31.10.1789, dsp 1872, Captain RN)
  m1. (1820) Mary Macdowall (dsp 17.02.1839, dau of Day Hort Macdowall of Walkinshaw, cousin)
  m2. (1844) Elizabeth Christian Dundas (d 1844, James Dundas of Ochtertyre, cousin)
  (iv) Charles Stirling, 1st of Gargunnock (b 24.01.1796, d 24.10.1839) had issue
m. (14.06.1831) Christian Hamilton (d 25.09.1890, dau of John Hamilton of Sundrum)
  (v) Sylvester Douglas Stirling of Glenbervie (formerly Woodside) (b 03.02.1803, d 02.09.1846) had issue
  m. (1830) Anne Patricia Cragie Connell (d 1899, dau of David Connell of Glasgow)
  (vi) Anne Stirling (d 12.07.1851)
  m. (06.11.1809) Ludovic Houstoun of Johnstone Castle (b 10.05.1780, d 03.10.1862)
  (vii) Margaret Douglas Stirling (d 13.12.1836)
  m. (03.11.1806) James Sandilands, 10th Lord Torphichen (b 21.07.1770, d 22.03.1862)
(viii) Mary Stirling (d 09.1820)
  m. (04.1808) James Russell of Woodside (d 12.1830, Colonel)
  (ix) Katharine Stirling (dsp)
  m. (1811) James Erskine of Linlathen (cousin)
  (x) Elizabeth Christian Stirling (d 03.03.1860)
  m. (11.11.1815) Sir William John Millikin Napier, 8th Bart (d 04.02.1852)
  (i)+ other issue - John of Gogar and Blackgrane (b 18.10.1788, dsp 21.05.1819), Jean Wilhelmina
  m2. (1709) Christian (widow of Douglas of Garvald)
  b.+ other issue - Archibald (dsp), George (dsp), James (dsp), Alexander, Christian
D. Agnes Stirling presumably the Anne/Anna who married ...
  m. (c06.1614) Sir John Edmonstone of that ilk of Edmonstone & Ednam (d by 1633)
  E.+ other issue - Henry (had issue), Alexander
  Possibly son of Henry or Alexander (or Archibald?) was the following James who is identified in TCB (vol 2, Montgomery or Montgumry of Skelmorie) as a grandson of Sir Archibald Stirling of Keir.
  i. James Stirling
  a. Francis Stirling (2nd son, Colonel)
  m. Agnes Murray (dau of Robert Murray of Blackbarony)
(1) Frances Stirling (d 09.06.1759, 1st dau)
  m. Sir Robert Montgomery, 5th Bart of Skelmorlie (d 15.08.1731)
3. Sir John Stirling, 1st of Garden (b before 30.09.1595, d 16.04.1643)
  m1. (17.08.1613) Margaret Monteith (d 21.07.1628, dau of Sir William Monteith of Kerse)
  A. John Stirling (dvpsp)
  B. Sir Archibald Stirling, 2nd of Garden, 7th of Keir, 4th of Cadder (b 09.06.1617, d 04.1668, Senator of the College of Justice as Lord Garden)
  m1. (09.07.1637) Elizabeth Murray (dau of Patrick Murray, 1st Lord Elibank)
  i. Sir John Stirling, 8th of Keir, 5th of Cadder (b 1638, d 1684)
  m1. (06.02.1668) Margaret Livingston (dsp 02.11.1674, dau of Alexander Livingston, 2nd Earl of Linlithgow)
  m2. (1675) Lilias Colquhoun (dau of Sir John Colquhoun, 2nd Bart of Luss)
  a. John Stirling, 9th of Keir, 6th of Cadder (d unm 1693, 2nd son)
  b. James Stirling, 10th of Keir, 7th of Cadder (d 1749, 4th son)
  m. (24.02.1704) Marion Stewart (d 20.03.1770, dau of Alexander Stewart, 5th Lord Blantyre)
(1) John Stirling, 11th of Keir, 8th of Cadder (d unm 1757)
  (2) Archibald Stirling, 12th of Keir, 9th of Cadder (dsp 1783)
  m1. (1755) Margaret Erskine (dsp, dau of Col. William Erskine of Torrie)
  m2. (07.10.1762) Anne Hay (dau of William Hay of Drumelzier)
  (3) William Stirling, 13th of Keir, 10th of Cadder (b 05.06.1725, d 22.05.1793)
  m1. (01.10.1765) Helen Gray (b 30.06.1745, d 29.07.1775, dau of John Gray, 11th Lord)
  (A) Archibald Stirling, 14th of Keir, 11th of Cadder (b 02.08.1769, d 09.04.1847) had issue
  m. (01.06.1815) Elizabeth Maxwell (d 05.09.1822, dau of Sir John Maxwell, 7th Bart of Pollok)
  m2. (03.11.1781) Jean Stewart (dau of Sir John Stuart, 4th Bart of Castlemilk)
  (B) William Stirling of Castlemilk and Milton (b 23.08.1789, d 12.1826) had issue
  m1. (13.03.1818) Mary Anderson (d 17.12.1819, dau of John Anderson of London)
  m2. (01.06.1822) Anne Charlotte Maitland (d 17.09.1875, dau of Sir Alexander Charles Maitland, 2nd Bart)
  (C)+ 2 daughters
c. Lilias Stirling
  m. James Murray of Touchadam
  d. George Stirling (dsp)
  m. _ Macfarlane (dau of Malcolm Macfarlane, 5th of Gartartan)
  e.+ other issue - Archibald (d young), William (had issue), Elizabeth
  ii.+ 1 son and 2 daughters
  m2. (24.06.1646) Mause Murray (dau of Sir James Murray of Kilbaberton)
  v. Archibald Stirling, 3rd of Garden (b 21.03.1651)
  m1. (04.1677) Margaret Colquhoun (d 20.07.1679, dau of Sir John Colquhoun, 2nd Bart of Luss)
  a. Archibald Stirling, 4th of Garden (b 20.07.1679, d 08.1732)
  m. (1712) _ Read (of Barbadoes)
(1)+ 2 sons (d young) and 3 daughters
  m2. (26.01.1686) Anna Hamilton (d before 01.1735, dau of Sir Alexander Hamilton of Haggs)
  b. John Stirling, 5th of Garden (d 1760)
  m. (02.12.1736) Grizell Graham (d 05.1751, dau of Robert Graham of Gartmore)
  (1) Archibald Stirling, 6th of Garden (b 01.1738, d 01.1824)
  m. Christian Stirling (dau of James Stirling) @@ just below
  (A) James Stirling, 7th of Garden (b 03.09.1772, d 20.06.1856) had issue
  m. (01.1843) Isabella Monteith (d 1886, dau of William Monteith)
  (2)+ other issue (d unm) - Robert (d 1765), James, Isabel (b 1742), Ann (b 1747, d 1825)
c. James Stirling (b 11.05.1692)
  m. Barbara Watson (dau of Watson of Thirtyacres)
  (1) Christian Stirling
  m. Archibald Stirling, 6th of Garden (b 01.1738, d 01.1824) @@ just above
  d.+ other issue - James (d before 1701), Charles (d unm)
  vi.+ 6 sons and 3 daughters
  C. James Stirling had issue
  D. Anna Stirling
  m. Alexander Cowan of Western Polmaise
  E.+ other issue - William (d young), William, George, Alexander, Grizel, Margaret
  m2. (10.1638) Margaret Bruce (dau of Sir John Bruce of Kincavel)
4. Margaret Stirling
  m. Sir John Houston of Houston (d 1609)
5. Elizabeth Stirling (d 1579)
  m. John Napier, 7th of Merchiston (b 1550, d 03.04.1617)

Main source(s): BLG1952 (Stirling of Keir), BLG1952 (Stirling of Garden), BLG1952 (Stirling of Kippendavie)
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