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Families covered: Stonhouse of Amerden Hall, Stonhouse (Stonehouse) of Radley

Robert Stonhouse of Milgate
m. Rose Royden
1. George Stonhouse of Little Peckham, Kent, and Radley, Berkshire (d 20.07.1573)
  m1. Elizabeth Gibson (dau of Nicholas Gibson of Kent)
  BP1934 reports that Elizabeth dsp (sb dspms?). Visitation (Berkshire, 1566+1623, 'Stonhouse') reports that she had the following children:
  A. Rose Stonhouse
  m. Robert Tailor
  B. Mary Stonhouse (bur 14.09.1625)
  m. (before 1568) Thomas Read of Barton (b 01.07.1545, d 25.09.1604)
C.+ other issue - Edward, Thomas
  m2. (01.09.1555) Elizabeth Woodcroft (dau of David Woodcroft or Woodroff, Sheriff of London)
  E. Sir William Stonhouse, Sheriff of Berkshire, 1st Bart of Radley (b 1556, d 05.02.1631-2)
  m. (c06.1592) Elizabeth Powell (dau of John Powell of Fulham)
  i. Sir John Stonhouse, 2nd Bart of Radley (b 1601, d unm 14.06.1632)
  ii. Sir George Stonhouse, 3rd & 1st Bart of Radley (b 1608, d c1675)
  m. (22.04.1633) Margaret or Martha Lovelace (dau of Richard Lovelace, 1st Lord of Hurley)
  George disinherited his eldest son although he could not stop him from inheriting the title. He surrendered the original patent and obtained a new one, entailing it upon his younger sons.
  a. Sir George Stonhouse, 4th Bart of Radley
  m. Anne (Mrs. Scarlett)
(1) Sir George Stonhouse, 5th Bart of Radley (d 24.02.1736-7)
  m. Anne Ashton (dau of James Ashton)
  (A) Sir John Stonhouse, 6th Bart of Radley (d unm 12.07.1740, a younger son)
  (B)+ other issue - George (dvpsp 1712), Margaret, 13 others (d young)
  (2) daughter
(3) Mary Stonhouse
  m. (20.08.1691) Sir Robert Legard
  b. Sir John Stonhouse, 2nd Bart of Radley (b 1637, d 1700)
  m. (10.10.1668) Martha Brigges (dau of Robert Brigges, brother of Sir Humphrey)
(1) Sir John Stonhouse, 3rd Bart of Radley (b 1673, d 10.10.1733)
  m1. (1695) Mary Mellish (d 1705, dau of Henry Mellish of Sandersteed)
  (A) John Stonhouse(b 24.08.1696, dvp young)
  (B) Martha Stonhouse (b 28.08.1697)
  m. (23.05.1723) Arthur Vansittart of Shottesbroke (d 1760)
m2. (29.08.1706) Penelope Dashwood (dau of Sir Robert Dashwood, Bart of Northbrooke)
  (C) Sir John Stonhouse, 4th & 7th Bart of Radley (b 30.05.1710, d unm 22.09.1767)
  (D) Sir William Stonhouse, 5th & 8th Bart of Radley, Sheriff of Berkshire (d unm before 1777)
  (E) Sir James Stonhouse, 6th & 9th Bart of Radley (b 1718, d unm 13.04.1792, rector of Clapham)
  (F) Penelope Stonhouse (d 19.08.1734)
  m1. (29.10.1723) Sir Henry Atkins, 4th Bart of Clapham (d 1728)
  m2. (31.10.1733) John Leveson-Gower, 1st Earl Gower (b 10.08.1694, d 25.12.1754)
  (G) Catherine Stonhouse (b 25.05.1708, d 08.03.1754)
m. (29.05.1745) Robert Lee, 4th Earl of Lichfield (b 03.07.1706, dsp 03.11.1776)
  (H) Anne Stonhouse (d 22.05.1785)
  m. (21.08.1733) Sir William Bowyer, 3rd Bart of Denham Court (b 1710, d 12.07.1768)
  (I) Margaret Stonhouse (b 21.12.1711, d unm)
  (J) Susannah Stonhouse (d 22.11.1753)
  m. (1744) Peter Serle of Testwood
  (i) Sukey Serle (d 18.07.1804) probably of this generation
  m. (12.1765) Sir William Oglander, 5th Bart (b 1733, d 1806)
(K) Dionysia Stonhouse (b 19.10.1715)
  m. (c12.1673) Rev. _ Bennett
  c. James Stonhouse (b 1641, d 1729)
  m. (c12.1673) Mary Heron of Abingdon
  (1) Richard Stonhouse of Tubney (d 1725)
  m. Caroline
  (A) Sir James Stonhouse, 7th & 10th Bart of Radley (b 09.07.1716, d 08.12.1795, rector of Great & Little Cheverel)
  m1. (20.05.1742) Anne Neale (d 01.12.1747, dau of John Neale of Allesley)
  (i) Neale Stonhouse (b 1743, dvp unm 1772)
  (ii) Sir Thomas Stonhouse, 8th & 11th Bart of Radley (b 1744, d unm 1810)
  (iii) Sarah Stonhouse
  m. (24.10.1767) George Vansittart of Bisham Abbey (b 15.09.1745, d 21.01.1825)
  (iv) Lucy Stonhouse (d 1773)
  m. (1772) Thomas Palk
  m2. (18.11.1754) Sarah Ekins (d 10.12.1788, dau of Thomas Ekins of Chester-on-the-Water)
  (v) John Stonhouse (d 02.1803, judge in Calcutta)
  m. Sarah Stephens (d 08.03.1855, dau of Capt. Richard Stephens)
  (a) Sir John Brocke Stonhouse, 9th & 12th Bart of Radley (dsp 09.12.1848)
  (b) Sir Timothy Vansittart Stonhouse, 10th & 13th Bart of Radley (b 26.01.1799, d 30.01.1866) had issue
  m. (1825) Mary Diana Sturt (d 31.12.1873, dau of Rev. George William Sturt of Long Critchill)
  (c) Henry Stonhouse (b 20.03.1801, dsp 31.05.1876, Rev.)
m. (29.04.1835) Emily Sturt (dau of Rev. George William Sturt of Long Critchill)
  (vi) Timothy Stonhouse, later Stonhouse-Vigor (b 18.09.1765, d 03.01.1831, vicar of Sunningwell) had issue
  m. (06.07.1796) Charlotte Huntingford (d 09.02.1851, dau of Rev. Thomas Huntingford)
  (vii) Sophia Stonhouse (d unm)
  (viii) Clarissa Stonhouse
  m. Henry T. Vigor (dsp sb dspm??)
  (a) Fanny Vigor (d 04.09.1873) possibly of this generation
  m. (27.10.1831) William Temple of Bishopstrow
  (B)+ other issue - Richard (b 1725, d 1775), Mary (d unm 04.03.1786)
  d. Elizabeth Stonhouse (d 28.12.1703)
m1. (07.1658) Sir Richard Stydolph, Bart of Norbury (d 13.02.1666-7)
  m2. (20.06.1685) William Byron, 3rd Lord (d 13.11.1695)
  iii. William Stonhouse of Cokethorpe had issue
  m. Elizabeth (who m2. 13.11.1663 Nicholas Bowell of Bentley)
  iv. Elizabeth Stonhouse
  m. Edward Perrott of Northleigh
  v. Mary (or Susan) Stonhouse
  m. William Langton (rector of Brightwell)
vi. Ursula Stonhouse
  m. John Denton of North Ashton
  vii. Anne Stonhouse
  m. George Windsor of Bentley
  viii. Dionysia Stonhouse
  m. Sir Cornelius Fairmeadow
  F. Nicholas Stonhouse of Boxley (bpt 05.01.1562, 3rd son of this marriage) ancestor of Stonhouse of Standen Hussey & Hungerford Park
  m. Joan Duke (dau of Robert Duke of Otherton)
  Visitation (Kent, 1619, Stonehouse) shows their children as follows:
  i.+ issue (a 1619) - Duke (b c1601), Bridget, Elizabeth, Susanna, Jane
G. Sir James Stonhouse of Amerden Hall (bpt 30.12.1566, d 01.12.1638, youngest son)
  m1. Joane Baronsdale (dau of William Baronsdale)
  m2. Anne Weld (dau of Sir Humphrey Weld, Lord Mayor of London)
  The following comes from BEB1841 ('Stonhouse of Amberden Hall') and TCB (vol 2, 'Stonhouse of Amerden Hall', p89+).
  i. Sir James Stonhouse, 1st Bart of Amerden Hall
  a. Sir James Stonhouse, 2nd Bart of Amerden Hall (d before 05.1654)
  m. Mary Blewet of Holcombe
  (1) Sir Blewet Stonhouse, 3rd Bart of Amerden Hall (b c1653, d unm c1670)
  (2) Sir George Stonhouse, 4th Bart of Amerden Hall
  m. _ Hamilton
  (A) Sir John Stonhouse, 5th Bart of Amerden Hall (d before 12.01.1681/2)
  m. Elizabeth Cole (dau of George Cole of Buckish)
  (i) Sir George Stonhouse, 6th Bart of Amerden Hall (bpt 14.01.1678/9, dsp 13.04.1695)
  (ii) Elizabeth Stonhouse, later of Amberden Hall (d 07.07.1706)
  m. (09.08.1700) Thomas Jervoise of Herriard (b 06.09.1667, d 10.05.1743)
  ii. Anne Stonhouse probably of this generation, possibly of this marriage
  m. William Langton of Staneswick (b c1619)
  H. Elizabeth Stonhouse
  m. Edward Chard of Burleigh Park
  I. Dionysia Stonhouse
  m. Sir Edward Hext of Ham
  J.+ other issue - George (bpt 03.08.1561, bur 16.08.1561), Walter (bpt 14.01.1564), Anne (bpt 30.03.1559, bur 26.05.1560)

Main source(s): BP1934 (Stonhouse)
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