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Families covered: St. Paul of Byrom, St. Paul of Snarford

Sir Bryan St. Paul (a 1153)
1. Nicholas St. Paul, lord of Byrom, Yorkshire (a 1161)
  m. Anne Birkin (dau of Sir John Byrkyn)
  A. John St. Paul of Byrom (a 1210)
  m. Cassandra Roteley (dau of Sir Simon Roteley)
  i. Martyn St. Paul
  m. _ Hutton (dau of John Hutton)
  a. Robert St. Paul of Byrom
  m. _ Pollington (a 1339, dau of Sir Thomas Pollington)
  (1) Robert St. Paul of Byrom (a 1339)
  m. Mary Mallett (dau of Sir Roger Mallett)
  (A) Thomas St. Paul of Byrom
  m. _ Leybourne (dau of John Leybourne)
  (i) John St. Paul of Snarford
  m. Elizabeth Snarford (dau of John Snarford of Snarford)
(a) William St. Paul of Snarford
  m. _ Lekebourne
  ((1)) John St. Paul of Snarford
  m. Elizabeth Stradgetts (dau of John Stradgetts)
  ((A)) John St. Paul of Snarford
  m1. Joane Stapleton (dau of Bryan Stapleton of Wighill)
  ((i)) John St. Paul of Snarford (d before 18.06.1546) - continued below
  m. Helen Thimbleby (dau of Richard Thimbleby of Poolham)
((ii)) Richard St. Paul of Faldingworth (d c07.1543)
  m2. Ellen Neville (dau of _ Neville of Rolleston)
  ((iii)) William St. Paul (d before 21.06.1543)
  m. _ Tyrwhit
  ((a)) Joyce St. Paul (d before 14.04.1571)
  m. Robert Dighton of Sturton
  ((iv)) Alice St. Paul
  m. Sir Thomas Mussenden of Healing
  Possibly of this generation, but (if so) of which marriage is unknown, was ...
  ((v)) Ellen St. Paul
  m. Richard Hansard of Biscanthorpe (a 1545, 1569)
  ((B)) Elizabeth St. Paul possibly of this generation
  m. Edward Grantham, Mayor of Lincoln (a 1511)



John St. Paul of Snarford (d before 18.06.1546) - continued above
m. Helen Thimbleby (dau of Richard Thimbleby of Poolham)
1. John St. Paul of Carleton (dvp)
Maddison reports that some sources show John as his father's son by an earlier marriage to a daughter of _ Chambers of Barnetby with sisters Alice & Elizabeth.
  m. Mary Lee (a 12.1558, dau of Richard Lee of New Sleaford)
  A. Margaret St. Paul (b c1517)
  m. Thomas Pulvertofte
  B. Joane St. Paul (b c1519)
  m. Christopher Kelke of Barnetby
  C. Alice St. Paul (b c1521)
  m. Thomas Richardson
2. Mathew St. Paul of Snarford (dsp 15.10.1556)
  m. (mcrt 09.11.1526) Margery or Margaret Tyrwhit (dsp, dau of Sir Robert Tyrwhit of Rettleby (sb Kettleby), m2. George Fitzwilliam of Mablethorpe)
3. George St. Paul of Snarford, etc. (b c1499, d before 22.02.1559, recorder of Lincoln, MP)
  m. Jane Ayscough (bur 27.12.1590, dau of Sir William Ayscough of South Kelsey, m2. Richard Disney)
  A. John St. Paul of Nettleton (dsp c02.1558-9)
  m. (1558-9) Elizabeth Thimbleby (dau of John Thimbleby of Inham, m2. Thomas Welby of Moulton)
  B. Sir Thomas St. Paul of Snarford & North Carlton, Sheriff of Lincolnshire (d 29.08.1582)
  m. (27.10.1550) Faith Grantham (d before 26.08.1590, dau of Vincent Grantham of Lincoln)
  i. Sir George St. Paul of Snarford & Carlton, Sheriff of Lincolnshire, Bart (b c1562, d 28.11.1613)
  m. Frances Wray (bur 15.08.1634, dau of Sir Christopher Wray of Glentworth, Lord Chief Justice, m2. Richard, Earl of Warwick)
  a. Mattathia St. Paul (bpt 01.11.1595, d 09.09.1597)
ii. Faith St. Paul
  m. (before 1598) Sir Edward Tyrwhit, Bart of Stainefield (bpt 23.03.1576-7, bur 03.03.1627-8)
  iii.+ other issue (d young?) - Thomas (bpt 30.08.1573), Faith (bpt 03.02.1564-5)
  C. Mary St. Paul (bur 03.10/2.1564)
  m. (before 30.12.1558) John Thimbleby of Inham (d 07.01.1625-6)
  D. Lucy St. Paul (a 1616)
4. Margaret St. Paul (d before 15.01.1584-5)
  m. Thomas Littlebury of Stainsby
5. Joane St. Paul (d 09.04.1521)
  m. John Tournay of Caenby
6. Margary St. Paul (d 1553)
  m. George Banks of Wickenby

Main source(s): Maddison's Lincolnshire Pedigrees (1906, St. Paul of Snarford) with a little support from BEB1841 (St. Paul of Snarford)
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