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Families covered: Shemeld of Billingley, Shemeld of Sheffield, Sayle of Wentbridge, Suger of York, Swift of Nabbs, Seyliard of Salmonds

Richard Shemeld of Sheffield (d c1645, ironmonger) possibly father of ...
1. Joseph Shemeld of Sheffield
  A. Mercurius Shemeld of Sheffield & Billingley (a 06.1701)
  m. Mary Hill (probably dau of John Hill of Billingley)
i. John Shemeld of Billingley (bpt 19.01.1681, d 31.12.1731)
  m. Mary Kiplin (b 1689-90, d 30.05.1771, sister/coheir of John Kiplin of Ackworth)
  a. John Shemeld of Billingley
  b. Joseph Shemeld of Barnsley (b 1725-6, d 16.09.1768)
(1) William Shemeld (b 1751-2, dsp 09.05.1790)
  (2) Margaret Shemeld
  m. Thomas Biggen of Norton
  c. Martha Shemeld (d 01.10.1810)
  m. Lancelot Iveson of Leeds
  d.+ other issue (d unm) - Mary (b 1713-4, d 20.08.1764), Elizabeth (b 1717-8, d 21.06.1758)
  ii. Jonathan Shemeld of Sheffield (bpt 10.04.16898, dsp 05.03.1723-4)
  m1. (30.12.1712) Hannah Shaw (d 27.10.1713)
  m2. Elizabeth Bamforth (b c1674, d 24.12.1757, dau of John Bamforth of Fullwood by niece of John Fox of Fullwood Hall)
  iii. Hannah Shemeld (b 1695-6, d 07.06.1770)
  m. (04.09.1720) William Radcliffe of Sheffield
  iv.+ other issue - Joseph (bpt 29.01.1684-5), James (a 1704), Mary (bpt 21.02.1683),



Thomas Sayle of Wentbridge
m. Olivia Sunderland (dau of Samuel Sunderland of Bradley)
1. Benjamin Sayle of Wentbridge (d 1808)
  m. Mary Booth (dau of John Booth of Brushes)
  A. Thomas Sayle of Wentbridge (2nd son?)
  m. Margaret Holroyd (dau of John Holroyd of Grove House)
  B. Olivia Sayle
  m. (1800) Henry Jackson of Sheffield (d 1837, apothecary)
  C.+ other issue (d unm?) - Benjamin of Brightside (d 1846), Elizabeth



FMG starts with 3 siblings whom we show as children of ...
?? Suger
1. Zachariah Suger (b c1672, d 16.01.1720, vicar of Feliskirk)
  m. (26.05.1700) Judith Stainforth of York (b c1685, d 1707)
  A. Elizabeth Suger
  m. Samuel Drake
  B. Judith Suger
  m. (21.03.1722-3) Henry Best of Brigsley (rector of Enderby, prebendary of Lincoln)
  i. daughter
  m. Francis Bacon (alderman of York)
  a. daughter
m. John Croft of York (wine merchant)
2. (Nicholas?) Suger (of York?)
  m. _ Idle of Westow
  A. Zachariah Suger of York (dsp, clergyman)
  m. _ Snell
  B. (Jane) Suger
  m. (Randal) Wilmer of York
  C.+ other issue - Nicholas in York, Francis, Martha (d unm), Elizabeth (d unm 11.06.14782)
3. Bridget Suger (b 1672-3, d 29.09.1732)
  m. (26.01.1692) Thomas Mosley (b c1673, d 26.11.1732, rector of Skelton, vicar of Overton)



John Swift of Silkston, Yorkshire (d after 05.06.1536)
m. Elizabeth (a 1536)
1. John Swift of Nabbs (a 09.1558)
  m. Ann
  A. William Swift of Nabbs (bur 06.11.1599)
  m. Rosamund (bur 16.101.1614)
i. Robert Swift of Nabbs (bur 265.08.1609)
  m. Ann Kay (a 1660, dau of Rev. Arthur Kay of Doncaster, m2. Rev. Nicholas Broadley)
  a. Robert Swift of Nabbs (bur 13.02.1626-7)
  m. Frances Clark (a 1653, dau of William Clark, Mayor of Doncaster, m2. John Kaye of Nabbs)
  (1) Robert Swift of Masborough (dsp before 29.06.1654)
  (2) Elizabeth Swift
  m. William Wood of Nabbs
(3) Frances Swift
  m. James Bradshaw of the Lound
  b. John Swift (a 1653, younger son)
  m. (27.06.1637) Beatrix Burdet (bpt 28.05.1611, dau of Valentine Burdet of Woolley)
  (1) Henry Swift (vicar of Peniston, 2nd son)
  m. ?? Haldenby (dau of Robert Haldenby of Haldenby)
  (2)+ other issue - Thomas, John, Timothy
  c.+ other issue (dsp) - William (a 1653), Henry (bpt 01.04.1604)
  ii. Elizabeth Swift
  m. William Green of Banks
  iii. Ann Swift
  m. John Hoole of Yorkshire
  iv. Joan Swift
  m. John Hawkhirst
  v. Catherine Swift
  m. Thomas Johnson
  vi. Gertrude Swift
  m. George Shemeld
  vii.+ other issue - William, Henry, John (d young), Mary (d young)
  B. Thomas Swift
  C. Robert Swift of Midhophall (dsp after 05.1513)
  m. Margaret (widow of William Coldwell of Waldershelf)
  D. Jennet Swift
  m. Thomas Denton of Burton-upon-Trent
  E. Elizabeth Swift
  m. Richard Oxley of Clayton
  F. Ann Swift
  m. John Hobson of Dodworth



Cass identifies the arms of this family as "Az. a chief arm.".
John Seyliard of Salmonds (Salmans) in Penshurst (d before 09.06.1668, "Of the Petty bag office")
m. Frances Reeve (d 21.04.1650, dau of John Reeeve of London, widow of Thomas Streafeild of Shoreham)
1. Thomas Seyliard of Salmonds (d before 07.02.1673-4)
  m. (c08.1654) Mary Holman (b 03.12.1630, dau of Robert Holman of Pendhill, m2. Thomas LEe)
  A. John Seyliard of Pendhill, Bletchingley
  m. (09.06.1692) Margaret Amherst (dau of Jeffery Amherst of Riverhead, aunt of 1st Lord Amherst)
  B. Susan Seyliard
  m. Thomas Woodgate
  C. Mary Seyliard
  m. Richard Antrobus
  D.+ other issue - Thomas of Penshurst (dsp, MD), Frances, Anne
2. John Seyliard of St. Giles's in the Fields (d before 30.06.1676)
  A. Elizabeth Seyliard
  m. _ Davenant

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