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Families covered: Tatteshall of Tatteshall (Tateshal of Tateshal), Bernake of Tattershall
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Spirewic, Spirvic or Spiruwin
1. Eon or Yon (Eudo) of Tatteshall (a 1086)
  A. Hugh FitzEon (d by 1166)
  i. Robert FitzHugh de Tatteshall of Tatteshall (d by 1185)
  m. Isabel (or Elizabeth) (b c1135, a 1212, dau of William FitzWalter of Wells & Claxby)
a. Philip FitzRobert, Sheriff of Lincolnshire (d c1200)
  b. Robert de Tatteshall, Sheriff of Lincolnshire (3rd son?)
  m. (by 1202) Rose de Wahull (d c09.1213, dau of Simon de Wahull of Odell, m2. Robert de Lisle)
  c. Walter FitzRobert (d 1199/1200, younger son)
  m. Iseult Pantulf (dau of William Pantulf of Breedon-on-the-Hill)
  (1) Robert de Tatteshall of Tatteshall (d 16.07.1249)
  m1. Mabel / Maud de Albini (d before 1242, dau of William de Albini, Earl of Sussex, 3rd Earl of Arundel)
  (A) Robert de Tatteshall of Tatteshall (b 1222, d 22.07.1273)
  m. (before 1249) Nichole (a 05.1277)
(i) Robert de Tatteshall of Tatteshall & Buckenham, 1st Lord (b 05.12.1248, d c07.1298)
  BE1883 shows the 1st Lord as son of the Robert who married Amabill (Mabel) de Albini, husband of Joan FitzRalph (FitzRandulph), and dying 1272. We follow TCP.
m. Joan FitzRandolph (d c03.1310, dau of Ralph FitzRandolph of Middleham)
  (a) Robert de Tatteshall, 2nd Lord (b c1268, d before 08.1303)
  m. (1280) Eve de Tibetot (b after 1267, d 22.03.1349/50, dau of Robert de Tibetot)
  ((1)) Robert de Tatteshall, 3rd Lord (b 18.03.1287/8, dsp before 30.01.1305/6)
  m. Joan (d before 10.11.1335, probably dau of Hugh Bardolf)
  (b) John de Tateshall (a 1292)
  BLG1847, used for the continuation, reports that the 1st Lord had, "it is supposed, on strong presumptive evidence, a younger son", this John.
  m. Catherine
  (c) Emma de Tatteshall
m. Adam de Cailly (Cayly) (a 1303)
  (d) Joan de Tatteshall
  m. Robert de Driby
  ((1)) Alice de Driby
  m. Sir William Bernake of Tattershall
  ((A)) John Bernake of Tattershall
  m. Joan Marmion (dau of John Marmion of Tanfield etc, 2nd Lord)
  ((i)) William Bernake of Tattershall (dsps)
  ((ii)) Maud Bernake (d 10.04.1419)
  m. (before 20.06.1366) Ralph de Cromwell, 1st Lord of Tattershall (d 27.08.1398)
  (e) Isabel de Tatteshall (d before 1313)
  m. John de Orreby, Lord Orreby (d before 18.03.1328/9)
  m2. (before 1242) _ de Grey (dau of John de Grey)
  d.+ other issue - Roger, John
  Annoyingly, we cannot remember where we found the following information.
  ii. Walter FitzHugh (6th son)
  a. Walter FitzHugh
  iii. other issue - Andrew, William, William of Denton, Roger

Main source(s): TCP ('Tateshal'), BE1883 ('Tatteshall')
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