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Families covered: Tenison of Norwich, Tenison of Rockhall, Tenyson of Ryhill
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BLG1886 identifies the arms of the Portnelligan branch of the family as "Gu., a bend engrailed between three leopards' faces or, jessant-de-lis az.".
William Tenyson of Ryhill, Holderness (d 09.1528)
m. Beatrice
1. John Tennyson (d c10.1546)
m. Margaret (possibly dau of Christopher Thornton of East Newton)
  A. Christopher Tennysone of Ryhill, etc. (d before 29.07.1580)
  m. Elizabeth
  i. John Tenison (bur 25.09.1644, Rector of Downham)
  m. (c1597) Anne Haldenby (dau of Philip Haldenby (son of Robert of Haldenby by Anne, dau of Thomas Boynton of Barmston)
  a. John Tenison (b 1599, d 25.06.1671, Rector of Topcroft then Bracon Ash)
  m. (22.05.1631) Mercy Dowsing (bur 07.08.1682, dau of Thomas Dowsing of Cottenham)
  (1) Thomas Tenison, Archbishop of Canterbury (b 29.09.1636, dsp 14.12.1715)
  m. (1667) Anne Love (bpt 22.12.1663, d 1714, dau of Rev. Richard Love (Master of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, & Dean of Ely))
(2) Anne Tenison (d before 1694)
  m. (28.12.1665) Nicholas Sayer of Pulham St. Mary, Norfolk (d before 15.05.1695)
  (A) Frances Sayer (b c1666, d 23.12.1728)
  m. (16.02.1687) Richard Tubby of Redenhall, Sheriff of Norfolk
  (i) Frances Tubby
  m. Thomas Holmes (Rector of Fritton)
  (a) Elizabeth Holmes (b 1726-7, d 01.11.1762)
  m. Thomas Hurst of Norwich
  (ii) Hannah Tubby
  m. Denzil Suckling (d 1744, son of Robert of Woodton)
  (iii) daughter (d 12.05.1739)
  m. Thomas Seaman (d 11.04.1740)
  (B) Elizabeth Sayer (b after 1670, d before 1715)
  m. Francis Hern of Suffolk
  (i) Thomas Hern (d unm 1722, "the celebrated Bangorian contraversialist")
  (C) Anne Sayer (a 1694)
  #1#. MGH reports that Anne was "unmarried 1694". However, this may have been the Anne who married her cousin Edward Tenison, later Bishop of Ossory. See below.
  (3) Sarah Tenison (b 1640, d 17.09.1711)
  m. Charles Copping of Woodton, Norfolk (d 08.1665)
  (A)+ 2 daughters
  (4) Margaret Tenison possibly fits here, see #2# just below
  Noting that there has apparently been confusion as to whether the wife of the below-mentioned Edward, Bishop of Ossory, was a Searle (or Serle) or Sayer, it is possible that Margaret has been confused with Anne, shown above as her sister.
  m. _ Serle of Cambridgeshire
  (5) Anne Tenison possibly fits here, see #2# just below
  m. Sir George Page
  (6)+ other issue - Philip (bur 03.12.1638), John (bur 1641)
  b. Ralph Tenison (a 1670)
  (1) John Tenison (a 1670, dsps?)
  m. ? (02.10.1664) Elizabeth Harvey
  c. Philip Tenison (bpt 26.04.1612, bur 15.01.1660-1, Archdeacon of Norfolk, 5th son)
#2#. BLG1886 starts with Philip but appears to confuse him with his siblings and possibly others also, given that it suggests that he was born about 1586. It suggests that Philip had 2 sons: Thomas, father of Richard the Bishop of Meath (see below), and John. It then reports that John (Rector of Topcroft) was father, by Mary Dawson, of William, Archbishop Thomas, Margaret & Anne with William then being father (by _ Mileham, sister of Lady Dorothea Browne) of Edward, Bishop of Ossory. We think it very likely that that Rector John (m. Mary Dawson) is the Rector John we show above as Philip's eldest brother (m. Mercy Dowsing) and that the William is Philip's son Joseph. We are following MGH.
  m. Anne (bur 31.12.1669)
  (1) Edward Tenison of Norwich then Lambeth (dsp before 15.12.1714, notary)
  m. (08.05.1668) Mary Ellet (or Elliott)
  (2) Joseph Tenison (d before 07.02.1689)
  m. (c1671) Margaret Mileham (bur 06.06.1693, dau of Edward Mileham of Burlingham & sister of Dorothy (m. Sir Thomas Browne))
  (A) Edward Tenison, Bishop of Ossory (b 03.04.1673, d 29.11.1735)
m. Anne Searle of Cambridgeshire (b c1676, d 08.04.1750)
  #1#. BLG1886 ('Tenison of Portnelligan') identifies Anne Serle as Edward's "first cousin". Wikipedia ("Edward Tenison" (at 14.06.21)) identifies her as "Ann Searle or Sayer, a niece of Thomas Tenison". See above.
  (i) Thomas Tenison (bpt 30.04.1702, d 07.05.1742, Archdeacon of Carmarthen, Chancellor of Oxford Diocese, 2nd son)
  m1. Elizabeth Potter (b 08.11.1711, dsps 03.1730, dau of (John) Potter, Archbishop of Canterbury)
  (a) child (b/d 03.1730)
  m2. (14.02.1738) Mary Smith (b c1711, d 17.03.1748-9, dau/coheir of Thomas Smith of Broxton & Gadesby, brother of Abel)
  (b) Thomas Tenison of Gatesby (Leicestershire), later of Rock Hall (co. Kilkenny) (b c1739, d c1788, barrister)
  m. (c1770) Elizabeth Hayden (dau of William Hayden of Croan by dau of Charles Alley (rector of Castlecomer & Gowran) son of the Archdeacon of York)
  ((1)) Thomas Tenison of Rockhall (b c1772, d 1823) had issue
  m. Mary Blackmore (dau of Major _ Blackmore)
  ((2)) Joseph Tenison of Donoughmore, co. Wicklow (b 1774, d 1808) had issue
  m. (1793) Mary O'Brien (d before 1821, dau/coheir of Rev. Martin (Lucius) O'Brien)
  ((A)) Thomas Joseph Tenison of Portnelligan, co. Armagh (b 07.11.1800, d 23.3.1873) had issue
  m. (22.11.1831) Margaret Cross (b 21.06.1805, d 23.01.1861, dau of Alexander Cross of Portnelligan)
  ((B)) Ellen Tenison (b 06.04.1796, d 15.06.1849)
  m1. (06.10.1811) John Collins of co. Galway (b 1785, d 06.1826, son/heir of William of Lissey Egan, son of Peter of Ticulla)
  m2. (1828) Rev. Philip Ryan (cousin)
  ((C)) Henrietta Tenison
  m. James Woods of London
  ((D))+ 5 daughters
  ((3)) Anne Tenison
  m. William Lane (vicar general of Lismore & Waterford, recorder of Waterford)
  ((4)) Mary Tenison
  m1. Joseph Cuffe of Charleston
m2. Joseph Hayden of Greenville
  ((5)) Margaret Tenison
  m. Trevor Lennigan
  (c)+ other issue - John (bur 02.02.1741-2), Mary (b 04.06.10742, d 23.06.1743), Henrietta (d unm)
  (ii) Henrietta or Margaret Tenison (bpt 11.08.1714, a 1753)
  Named Margaret by MGH but Henrietta by BLG1886 ('Tenison of Portnelligan') and the St. Eloy source and "Henrietta (Margaret)" by Wikipedia ("Edward Tenison" (at 14.06.21)).
  m. (after 1736) Peter St. Eloy of Canterbury (a 1753)
(iii)+ other issue (d unm) - Thomas (bpt 27.04.1699, bur 29.04.1699), Anne (bpt 29.01.1700-1, bur 21.07.1701), Ann (bpt 05.01.1704-5, d before 18.12.1736), Sophia (bpt 24.04.1707, bur 11.02.1726-7), Lyttleton (bpt 10.08.1709, bur 24.04.1731), Dorothy (bpt 13.03.1711, bur 11.01.1726-7)
  (B)+ other issue - Paul (bur 25.11.1680), Thomas (bur 27.02.1683), Thomas (bur 02.05.1686), Joseph (bur 07.02.1689), Anne (bur 28.121681), Mary (bur 03.10.1676), Mary (bur 20.01.1679), Mary (bur 09.02.1681), Mary (bur 15.06.1688), Anne (bur 24.04.1693), Catherine (bur 19.10.1693)
  (3) Charles Tenison (a 04.715, d unm?)
  (4) Thomas Tenison of Carrickfergus (a 1645, 1682, Major, to Ulster)
  #2#. MGH does not mention Thomas who is shown on the continuation as father of Richard, Bishop of Meath. However, he is mentioned by BLG1886 (see above) and is identified by BLGI1912 & BIFR1976, both used for the continuation, as "a Kinsman of Archbishop Tenison" and "apparently 2nd cousin of Dr Thomas Tenison, Archbishop of Canterbury" respectively.
  d. Elizabeth Tenison (bpt 09.09.1609, dsp bur 03.05.1677)
  m. (11.01.1637) John Hand
  e. Jane Tenison (bpt 01.12.1615)
  m. (26.04.1637) Robert Ffage (Fage or Phage) (bur 06.12.1669, Vicar of Wilburton)
  (1)+ issue (a 1670) - John (bpt 27.05.1638), Robert, Jane
  f.+ other issue - Martin (bpt 29.09.1606, bur 17.05.1608), Martin (bpt 09.07.1608, bur 24.05.1609), Robert (bpt 11.09.1614, bur 02.02.1615), Rose (bpt 18.12.1619, d infant), Mary (bur 06.11.1626)
  ii. Marmaduke Tenison of Ryston (a 1591)
  a. John Tenison
  m1. (?) (c1607) Ann Hewerdyne of Nafferton
  m2. (?) Katheren
  iii. Edward Tenison (b c1566, a 1580)
  B.+ other issue (a 1546) - Edward, Agnes
2.+ other issue - Ellen, Agnes

Main source(s): MGH (NS3 vol 2 (1896), Part 5 (March 1897), 'Tenison', p141+) with some support from BLG1886 ('Tenison of Portnelligan')
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