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Families covered: Thwaites of Denton, Thwaites of Lofthouse, Thwaites of Lund (Lound), Thwaites of Rydale, Thwaites of Smeaton, Thwaites of Thwaites

It is not known what relationship, if any, existed between the families reported below and those shown on Thwaites01 and Thwaites03.
Thomas Thwaites of Harewood then Goldsborough (a 1353, 1367)
m. Margaret
1. Thomas (William?) Thwaites of Thwaites
  A. John Thwaites of Thwaites (a 1461)
  m1. Joan Thornton (dau of Robert Thornton by Alice, dau of Ralph de Leke of Leke by Margaret (d 1334), dau of Philip Lardiner)
i. Thomas Thwaites of Thwaites & Denton
  m. Alice de la Hay (d 12.03.1486, dau of Thomas de la Hay of Spaldington by Isabel, dau of Sir Ralph Babthorpe of Babthorpe by Dulcia, dau of Thomas Ashley)
  a. John Thwaites of Thwaites, Denton Castle & Smeaton (b 1457, d 29.01.1507)
  m1. Agnes
  (1) Thomas Thwaites 'of Denton Castle' (dvp)
  m. Emma Midelton (dau of Nicholas Midelton of North Deighton)
(A) Isabel Thwaites
  m. (1518) Sir William Fairfax of Steeton (d 31.10.1558)
  (B)+ other issue (d young) - Henry, William, John (b 29.01.1518, d 10.12.1518), Jenkin, Thomas
  Walker shows that John m2. Anna Knevett of Knevett (a 1540). The following comes from various web sites.
  m2. Ann Knyvett (dau of William Knyvett by Alice Grey)
  (2) Christopher Thwaites
(A) William Thwaites of Oulton
  m. Alice Garneys (dau of John Garneys of Kenton Hall by Elizabeth, dau of Chief Justice John Sulyards of Weston)
  (i) Winifred Thwaites (heir)
  m1. Sir George Pierrepont of Holme Pierrepont (d c1564)
  m2. Sir Gervase Clifton of Clifton & Hodsock (d 20.01.1587/8)
  b. Henry Thwaites of Smeaton (d 30.06.1520)
  m. Margaret Emmerson
  (1) Marmaduke Thwaites of Smeaton (a 1539)
  m. Ellen Acclom (dau of John Acclom of Moreby by Alice, dau of Ralph Danby of Yafforth)
(A) Dorothy Thwaites (d 1590)
  m. Thomas Grimston of Grimston Garth (d 15.02.1585-6)
  c. Jane Thwaites
  m. _ Stafford
  (1) Umfray Stafford (b 1480)
  d.+ other issue - William (d 1459), Thomas, Jenkyn
  ii. Alice Thwaites (a 1462)
  iii. Sibilla Thwaites
  m. Christopher Wandesford of Kirklington (son of John by Eleanor, dau of Thomas Mountford of Hackforth)
  m2. Isabella Ryther (dau of Sir William Ryther) @@ connection below?
  B. Katherine Thwaites
  m. (1413) William del Dykes of Dovenby Hall



Brother of Thomas of Lofhouse & Cattall (a 1401) was ...
Sir John Thwaites of Lofthouse
1. Sir John Thwaites of Lofthouse (d before 11.10.1469)
  m. Isabella Ryther (d 1440, dau of Sir William Ryther of Scarcroft by Sibil Aldeburgh) @@ connection above?
  A. Thomas Thwaites of Lofthouse (d before 1475)
  i. Joan Thwaites
  m. Lyonell Copley (d before 28.05.1508, son of Sir Richard of Batley Hall by Margaret Denton)
  B. Henry Thwaites (dvp 1455)
  C. Matilda Thwaites
  m. Sir John Middleton of Stockeld (d 1474, son of William by Margaret Hamerton)
  D. Agnes Thwaites
  m. Sir Thomas Gower of Stittenham
2. daughter possibly of this generation
  m. William Mallet



Henry Thwaites of Lund
1. Edmund Thwaites of Lund (d after 04.1500)
  m. Joan
  A. Henry Thwaites of Lund (b 1475, dvp)
  Walker identifies Henry's wife as Agnes, dau of Ralph, 7th Lord Greystock, by Beatrix. Provisionally, given the apparent confusion with the Agnes we show as wife of his son, we follow another source that shows that Agnes (Anne) as d unm. However, we accept that it may be possible that it was this Henry who married Agnes Constable and that his son married another Agnes.
i. Sir Henry Thwaites of Lund (d c07.1520)
  Walker identifies Sir Henry's first wife only as Agnes. She appears to have been the following Agnes but there must be some doubt on this or on the identify of his mother's mother because of the apparent close blood connection. See the note just above.
  m1. Agnes Constable (dau of Sir Robert Constable of North Cliffe apparently by Beatrix Hatcliff, widow of Ralph, Lord Geystock)
  a. William Thwaites of Lund (d before 10.02.1588)
  Walker identifies William's wife as Anne Clapham (dau of William Clapham of Beamsley (by Margaret Midelton), m2. Francis Gale m3. John Ingleby) and his daughter Catherine as married to Anne's sister. As two other sources that show the marriages to Francis Gale & John Ingleby do not show this marriage, and as (as kindly pointed out by a contributor (JH, 03.02.19)) that would mean that her daughter Katherine (by William Thwaites) married her brother George, we suspect that she was misidentified by Walker.
  (1) Catherine Thwaites
  m. George Clapham of Beamsley (son of William)
b. Thomas Thwaites
  (1) Isabell Thwaites
  m. Sir Richard Strangways of Ormsby & Smeton (d before 04.08.1558)
  c. Frances Thwaites presumably the Frances who married ...
  m. Sir John Gresham
  d.+ other issue - Henry (d 1520), Isabell (d 1520), Katherine
  m2. Ann Savile (dau of Sir John Savile of Thornhill by Elizabeth Paston)
  ii. Eliza (sb Eleanor?) Thwaites (a 1526)
  m. William Killinghall of Middleton St. George
iii. Elizabeth Thwaites
  m. John Vavasour of Weston
  B. William Thwaites 'of Lound'
  The following is supported by Visitation (Foster 1875, Yorkshire, 1584/5+1612, Thwaites of Rydale).
  m. Margaret Bellingham (dau of Sir Henry Bellingham of Levens, sister of Sir Henry)
  i. William Thwaites
  m. Anne Kirkby (dau of John Kirkby of Ratcliffe)
  a. John Thwaites of Rydale
  m. Isabel Fleming (dau of John Fleming of Rydale)
  (1) William Thwaites of Rydale
  m. Joan Sandford (dau of Edmond Sandford)
(A)+ issue - William, John, Peter, Joan, Isabel
  (2)+ other issue - Anthony, Richard, Robert, Thomas, Jane, Alice, Winifred, Dorothy, Mabel, Joan
  b. Elizabeth Thwaites
  m. William Bellingham
  c. Isabel Thwaites
  m. Thomas Elderton of Hackney
  C. Edmund Thwaites
  D. Ellinor Thwaites
  m. John St. Quentin of Harpham (d 08/9.1509)
  E. Margery or Margaret Thwaites
  m. Sir John Mallory of Studley
2. John Thwaites
3. Elizabeth Thwaites (d 1483)
  m. (10.1477) Anthony Langdale (d 1502-3, son of John of Etton by Ann, m2. Agnes Middleton)

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : Walker's Yorkshire Pedigrees (1942, Thwaites of Thwaites, Denton and Smeaton)
(2) For middle section : Walker's Yorkshire Pedigrees (1942, Thwaites of Lofthouse in Cleveland)
(3) For lower section : Walker's Yorkshire Pedigrees (1942, Thwaites of Lund)
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