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Families covered: Toke (Tooke) of Bere (Beere), Tooke of Donington, Tooke of Essendon, Toke of Godinton, Tooke of Wormley

John Toke of Beere, Westcliffe, Kent
m. (1328-9) Elizabeth Malmains
1. ?? Toke
  Although BLG1952 and the Visitations show no gap between the John who married Elizabeth Malmains and the John who married Joyce Hoo, it is thought likely that there was at least one and possibly two intermediary generations.
  A. ?? Toke
  i. John Toke of Beere (a temp Henry V who r. 1413-1422)
  Visitation (Kent, 1574) shows John as son of Raulf by Margaret, dau of Richard Portinghton, and his wife as a daughter of Richard Gower of Yorkshire. What we show follows Visitation (Kent, 1619) and BLG1952. Whilst his wife may well have been a Hoo, she would probably have been a generation earlier than a niece of Lord Hoo (who d 1454/5).
  m. Joyce Hoo (dau of Sir Thomas Hoo, brother of Lord Hoo & Hastings)
  a. Thomas Toke of Beere (d 1471)
  We follow BLG1952 in showing the order of the wives as below. Visitation shows them the other way round.
  m1. Joan Goldwell (dau/heiress of William Goldwell of Godinton)
(1) Ralph Toke
  m1. _ Darrell
  m2. Ann Brockhill or Brockhull
  (A) Robert Toke or Tooke of Beere
  m. Elizabeth Roberts
  (i) John Toke or Tooke of Beere or Bere
m. Margaret Pype or Pix
  (a) George Tooke of Bere
  m. Peyton Monins (dau of Thomas Monins of Dover)
  (b) Elizabeth Toke
  m. William Knight of Hithe
  (c) Emma Toke
  m. John Collins of Heath (Hythe)
  (ii) daughter
  m. _ Coldwell
  (iii) Amy or Anne Toke
  m. John Crispe or Cripes of Tennett
  (iv) Dorothy Toke
  m. _ Southwell (or Susewell or Sueswell)
  (v) Mary Toke
  m1. Robert Vincent
(a) Richard Vincent
  m2. _ Warren
  m3. _ Mansfield
  (2) John Toke of Godinton or Goddenton (d 20.05.1513)
  m1. Margaret Walworth (dau/heiress of John Walworth of Walworth)
(A) John Toke of Godinton (b c1485, d 07.11.1565)
  m. Cicely Kempe (dau of Sir Thomas Kempe of Wye)
  (i) Nicholas Toke of Godinton (d 1599)
  m. Mary Bennet (dau of John Bennet of Essex)
  (ii) Richard Toke
  (iii) Francis Toke
  m1. Mary Vaux (dau of Lord Vaux of Harrowden)
  m2. Catharine Oxenbridge ## sb Mary here? ##
(iv) Mary Toke
  m. Thomas Odiam
  (B) Clara Toke possibly of this generation, presumed of this marriage
  m. Nicholas Moore of Wigmore (dsp 1556)
  (C)+ other issue (dsp) - Richard, Anthony, Christopher, Nicholas
  m2. Anna Engham (dau of John Engham of Singleton)
  (3)+ other issue - Richard (dsp), Elizabeth, Jane, Anna, Margaret, Alice
  m2. Cecily Chicheley (dsp, dau of Sir Robert Chicheley)
  b. Ralph (not Robert) Toke or Tooke of Dover, Kent
  The following comes partly from Visitation (Walter Metcalfe 1886, Hertfordshire, 1634 Additions, Tooke of Essendon, Wormley and Stanstead) with some support from Visitation (Kent). Visitation (KEnt,1574) shows Raulf's wife as Mawde, dau of Henry Drmyn (sisc), but Metcalfe identifies her as...
  m. Jane Haute (dau of Roger Haute of Kent)
  (1) William Toke
(A) Alice Toke
  m. Thomas Roper of Brenley in Boughton
  (2) Ralph Toke (dsp)
  (3) Walter Toke or Towke or Tooke
  m. Mary Stanhop
  (A) Ralf Tooke of Goddingston, Kent
  m. Alice Meggs (dau of William Meggs of Canterbury)
  (i) William Tooke of Popes, Hertfordshire (Auditor of the Court of Wards & Liveryes)
m. Alice Barley (dau of Robert Barley of Bibesworth or Bibsworth)
  (a) Walter Tooke of Popes (a 1588, Auditor of the Court of Wards & Liveryes)
  m1. Angelett Woodliff (dau of William Woodliff of London)
  ((1)) John Tooke of Wormley (dsp, Auditor of the Court of Wards & Liveryes, 3rd son)
((2)) Thomas Tooke of Wormley (a 1634, Auditor of the Court of Wards & Liveryes, 6th son)
  m. Judith Trott (d 08.07.1638, dau of John Trott of Conyhatch, widow of Lawrance Campe of London)
  ((A)) John Tooke 'of Wormly'
  m. (Elizabeth) Dacres (dau of Sir Thomas Dacres of Cheshunt)
  Visitation ends here. They were probably parents of ...
  ((i)) Thomas Tooke of Wormley probably of this generation
  m. Elizabeth Atkins (dau of Sir Richard Atkins, 1st Bart of Clapham)
  ((B))+ other issue - Thomas, Angelett
  ((3)) Anne Tooke
  m. John Wyberd of Essex
  ((4)) Joane Tooke
  m. Robert Lovelace of Eynsworth Castle
  ((5)) Maudlyn Tooke
  m. Francis Earnley of Yatesbury
  ((6))+ other issue - Rafe (a 1634, dsp), William (dsp 11.1630), George (captain), Francis (dsp)
  m2. Jane Goldstone (dau of Richard Goldstone, widow of _ Threll of Essex)
(b) William Tooke of Hertford (d 12.02.1611)
  m. Mary Tichborne (d 29.08.1623, dau of Nicholas Tichborne of Roydon)
  ((1)) William Tooke of Essendon, Hertfordshire
  m. Judith Hartop (dau of William Hartop of Burton)
  ((A))+ issue - Thomas (dsp), Walter, Rafe, Elinor, Judith, Ffrances, Ellinor, Frances
  ((2)) James Tooke of St.Alban's (a 1634, 4th son)
  m. Dorothy Gray (dau of John Gray of London)
  ((A))+ issue - John, James, Nicholas, Edward, Mary
  A contributor (RB, 09.10.07) reported that James (b c1593, d 01.02.1659) died in Isle of Wight County, Virginia.
  ((3)) Dorothy Tooke
  m. Edward Willon
  ((4)) Mary Tooke
m. Edward (sb Henry?) Darnell of Essendonbury
  ((5))+ other issue - Christopher (dsp 19.08.1630), Nicholas
  (c) Nicholas Tooke of Essendon Parsonage
  m. Alice Hickman (dau of Thomas Hickman of London)
  ((1)) Alice Tooke
  m. John Shephard
  ((2)) Anglelett Tooke
  m1. William Dighton
  m2. Henry Dighton of Lincolnshire
  ((3)) Martha Tooke
  m. _ Wilkinson
  ((4)) Anne Tooke
  m. Philip Jennings
  ((5))+ other issue - Richard, George, Tristram
  (d) Jasper Tooke of Stansted, Hertfordshire
  m. Anne Rows (dau of Henry Rows of Rygate)
  ((1)) Edward Tooke of Boughton Malherbey, Kent
  m. Elizabeth Anthony (dau of Arthur Anthony, widow of Humphrey Hayles)
  ((A))+ issue - William, Henry, Anne
  ((2)) William Tooke
  ((A))+ issue - Anthony, Alice
  ((3)) Thomasin Tooke
  m. Gabriell Colford of Essex
  ((4)) Elizabeth Tooke
  m. Francis Cooke of London
  (e) Dorothy Tooke
  m. Nicholas Bash of St. Margaret's alias Stansted Theale
  (f) Mary Tooke
  m. William Newce of Boxbourne
  (g) Petronell Tooke
  m. Edward Boughton of Plowsted
  (ii) Martin Tooke of Donington, Isle of Ely
  m. Eunice Reynolds (dau of Richard Reynolds of Wickmerhill)
  (a) Henry Tooke
  m. Anne Spence of Lynn (widow of Walter Averell)
  ((1))+ issue - Cox, Angelett
  (b)+ other issue - Rafe, Thomas, Martin, Richard
  (iii) Richard Tooke of Donington, Cambridgeshire
  m. Christian Burley (dau of Robert Burley of Andover)
  (a) Lawrence Tooke
  m. Elizabeth Dent (dau of Thomas Dent of Barwick)
  ((1))+ issue - Henry, Edward, Thomasin, Mary Barbara
  (b) Angelett Tooke
  m. Richard Barker
  (c)+ other issue - Christopher, Maudlyn, Petronell
  (iv) Ralf Tooke
  (a) William Tooke
  (v) Mary Tooke
  m. James Parker of Donnington Parsonage
(vi) Jane Tooke
  m. Thomas Cawthorne
  (vii) Elizabeth Tooke
  m. Thomas Bruse of Chatteris
  (4) Jane or Joanna Toke
  m. James or John Isaake of Bridge
  (A) James Isaake
  (i) William Isaake
  (a) Edward Isaake
  ((1)) Jane Isaake
  (B) Anne Isaake
  m. Sir John Darell 'of Calehill' (d 1509)
  c. John Toke
  m. Jane Hyde
  (1) Alice Toke
  m. Sir John Eyre of Derbyshire

Main source(s): BLG1952 (Toke of Bucksford formerly of Godinton), Visitation (Kent, 1619, Toke), Visitation (Walter Metcalfe 1886, Hertfordshire, 1634 Additions, Tooke of Essendon, Wormley and Stanstead), Visitation (Kent, 1574, Towke)
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