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Families covered: Trygarn of Trygarn, Morgan of Crugeran, Williams of Saethon

Llewelyn ap Cynfrig ap Bleddyn Frych
Griffith (p224) misses out this Llewelyn. It is not clear in what order his sons were born.
1. Richard Trygarn 'of Trygarn' (esquire of the body to King Edward IV who r. 1461-1483)
  m. Myfanwy (dau of Morgan ap Ifan, of Penllech)
A. Robert Trygarn
  m. Gwen (dau of Gruffydd ap John ap Goronwy, of Gwnyfryn)
  i. Thomas Trygarn
  m. Janet (dau of Richard ap John ap Madog ap Howel, of Bodwrda)
  a. Richard Trygarn (d 1604)
  m. Eleanor (dau of Rowland ap Robert, of Meyllteyrn)
  (1) Robert Trygarn
  m. Gaynor (dau of Hugh Griffith of Brynodol)
(A) Richard Trygarn (b c1586, d 03.1666)
  m1. Ann (dau of John Williams of Bodafon)
  (i) Robert Trygarn
  m. Grace (dau of David Lloyd of Brynmorfydd)
(a) Richard Trygarn (d by 1683)
  m1. Mary (dau/heir of Griffith Williams of Cefn main alias Tyn y Coed)
  ((1)) Griffith Trygarn (b c1664, dsp 1687, 3rd son?)
  m. Martha (dau of Richard Edwards of Nanhoron, m2. Robert Nanney)
  ((2)) Morris Trygarn (bur 16.04.1708)
  m. (22.04.1690) Jane (dau of John Vaughan of Tybrith)
  ((A)) Richard Trygarn 'of Trygarn' (bpt 11.06.1697, d 20.05.1730)
  m. (1723) Elizabeth Anwyl (bpt 20.11.1701, dau of Rev. Ellis Anwyl of Llaniestyn)
  ((i)) Mary Trygarn, heriess of Berw & Trygarn
  m. John Griffith of Carreglwyd
  ((ii))+ other issue - Robert (bpt 12.02.1725, bur 07.03.1731), Laura (bur 29.08.1732), Jane (bur 12.05.1731)
  ((B)) Robert Trygarn (bpt 09.12.1705)
  ((C)) Mary
  m. (26.11.1711) Hugh Owen of Cregir & Cefn y Gaer
((3))+ other issue (d young) - Robert, Richard
  m2. Elin (dau of David Foulkes of Cefn Meriadog, relict of John Griffith of Llanddyfnan)
  (b) Morris Trygarn (a 1715)
  m. Margaret Foulkes of Llwyndu
  ((1)) Jane
  m. Ellis Morris
((2)) Grace
  m. Robert Edwards
  ((3))+ other issue (a 1723) - Robert, Sarah
  (ii) Jane Trygarn (bur 13.10.1683)
  m. Francis Jones of Llangoed (d 20.03.1680)
  (iii) Ann Trygarn (b 1631-2, d 28.03.1756)
  m. (John?)
  (a) William Jones (d 1748)
  m1. Janet
  ((1)) John Williams of Saethon (b 1713, d 1796)
  m. (07.08.1742) Ann Roberts, heiress of Llonfydyr (bur 02.04.1795, dau of Robert Davies)
  ((A)) David Williams of Saethon (b 04.09.1754, d 28.03.1823)
  m. (19.06.1792) Jane (dau of Capt. Edward Jones of Carnarvon, brother of John of Coed Marian)
  ((i)) John Williams in Llanfyllin (b 17.06.1797, d 22.11.1846) had issue
  m. Ann Smith (b 05.08.1796, d 25.05.1859, dau of John Smith of London)
  ((ii)) David Williams of Castelldeudraeth, Sheriff of Merioneth then Carnarvonshire (b 30.06.1800, d 15.12.1869) had issue
  m. (1841) Anne Louisa Loveday Williams (b 1820, d 1904, dau of William Williams of Peniarth ucha)
  ((iii)) Robert Williams (b 01.03.1804, d 1869)
  ((iv)) Abraham Jones Williams of Gelliwig, Sheriff of Carnarvonshire (b 1812, dsp 30.05.1887)
  m. (1853) Sarah Elizabeth Parry (dau of Sir Love Parry Jones-Parry of Madryn)
  ((v)) Margaret Williams (b 12.07.1801, d 01.1879)
  m. Rev. John Breese (b 09.1789, d 08.08.1842)
((vi)) Mary Wynn Williams (b 29.08.1806)
  m. Evan Williams of Gelliwig
  ((vii)) Jane Williams (b 23.06.1808)
  m. John Williams of Holywell
  ((B)) Robert Williams of Bryntirion had issue
  m. Elizabeth Williams of Hirdrefawr
  ((C)) Jonet
  m. Thomas Morgan of Crugeran
  ((i)) Nathaniel Morgan of Crugeran
  ((a)) John Morgan of Crugeran had issue
  ((ii))+ other issue - John, Thomas, Hugh, Ann
  ((D)) Mary
  m. Griffith Jones of Wern
  ((i))+ issue - John, Griffith, Ann, Margaret, Mary, Eleanor
  ((E)) Jane
  m. Humphrey Griffith of Taltruddyn
  ((i))+ issue - Griffith, Ann, Mary
((F)) Ann
  m. John Jones of Cefnmain & Nanhoron
  ((i))+ issue - John, William, Ann, Eleanor, Jane
  ((G))+ other issue (dsp) - William, John
  ((2))+ other issue - Thomas, William, Hugh, Elin, Dorothy, Elizabeth
  m2. Gwen Hughes
  (b)+ other issue - Elinor (d 1685), Jane
  (iv)+ other issue - David, Henry
  m2. Margaret (b c1608, d 1653, dau of Humphrey Lloyd of Rhosgyll)
(vi) Herbert Trygarn (b c1646, d 1662)
  (vii) Griffith Trygarn in Chester (d 02.12.1698, saddler)
  m1. (13.04.1672) Mary Coddington (d 17.04.1679, dau of Edward Coddington, widow of _ Mathers)
  m2. (15.04.1681) Catherine King of Chester
  m3. Jane (dau of Henry Rowlands of Llwynbedw)
  (B) Dafydd
  m. ?? (dau/heir of John Owen of Trefaes)
  (C) Thomas
  m. Ann (dau of Robert Griffith of Trefgraig)
  (D) Lowry
  m. Owen ap Hugh, of Cefn y Gaer and Cregir
  (E) Elin
  m. John ap Richard, of Tyn y Coed
  (F) Jane
  m. Edward Trygarn
  (2) daughter
m. John Cadwaladr alias Richards (curate of Llanbedrog)
  (3)+ other issue - Hugh, Thomas, John, Gwen
  b. William Trygarn
  (1) Richard Trygarn (dsp)
  (2) Robert Trygarn
  (A) Thomas Trygarn
  (i) John Trygarn (a 1719)
  (a)+ issue - Henry, Edward
  B. Hugh Trygarn or Prichard 'of Cefn Llanfair'
  m. Annes (dau of Robert ap Howel, of Saethon)
2. Hugh Trygarn (a 1442, rector of Llanddyfnan, archdeacon of Merioneth)
  The following comes from the section on 'Rowland Jones, on the maternal side' within Griffith's Pedigrees (Broom Hall, p331). The apparent confusion with the wives of various of Hugh's descendants, and the identification of his attributed daughter Margaret as his heir, raises doubts as to the reliability of the following.
  m. Gwenllian (great-granddau of Owen Pigott, lord of Ewyas)
  A. Richard Griffith of Trygarn
  Griffith (p331) shows Richard's wife as Myfanwy Gwynion of Penllech and cross-refers to p272 where her husband is shown as Richard Trygarn of Trygarn, cross-refering to p276. Although it is possible that Myffanwy (Myddanwy) married twice, we presume that this Richard has been confused with the Richard Trygarn shown at the top of the page.
  i. Robert
  Griffith (p331) shows Robert's wife as Gwen, dau of Gruffydd ap John Gruffydd, of Cefnamwlch, and cross-refers to p164 where her husband is shown as Robert ap Richard Trygarn, cross-refering to p276. Although it is possible that Gwen married twice, we presume that this Robert has been confused with the Robert Trygarn shown at the top of the page.
  a. Richard
  m. Ann Hughes of Cefn Llanfair
  (1) Robert
  m. Grace Lloyd of Brynsyllty
  (A) Richard
Griffith (p331) shows Richard's wife as Elin Rowlands of Meyllteyrn (sister of Bishop Rowlands) and cross-refers to p269 where her (Eleanor's) husband is shown as Richard ap Thomas Trygarn, cross-refering to p276. Although it is possible that Elin/Eleanor married twice, we presume that this Richard has been confused with the Richard Trygarn (d 1604) shown above.
  (i) Thomas
  m. Margaret Lewis of Rhiw
  (a) Harry
  m. Mawd Owen of Trefaes
  ((1)) Richard Parry (b c1647, d 10.08.1724)
  m. Catherine Jones of Dwylan (b 1653-4, d 01.05.1717)
((A)) Mary Trygarn
  m. John Williams of Bachellyn
  B. Margaret, heiress of Meyllteyrn shown on Griffith (p54, Plas Gwyn & Llwynogan)
  m. Rhys ap Howel
3. Llewelyn of Cefn Llanfair
  The following comes from Griffith's Pedigrees (Cefn Llanfair & Madryn, p224).
  m. Nest (dau of Dafydd ap Meredydd ap Ieuan ap Dafydd Goch ap Trahaiarn Goch, of Lleyn)
  A. Dafydd
  m. Catherine (dau of Howel ap Rhys ap Howel Vychan, of Bron y foel)
  B. Lleuki
  m. Robert ap Llewelyn ap Ithel Vychan, of Castellmarch
  C. Elin
  m1. Hugh ap John Madryn, of Llannerchfawr
  m2. Rhys Wynn of Gwernengan
  D.+ other issue - Gruffydd, Hugh (dsp)
4. Sabel
  m. Hugh ap Dafydd
5.+ other issue - Dafydd, Gruffydd of Bodgadle

Main source(s): Griffith's Pedigrees (Trygar alias Trygarn (p276) & Castelldeudraeth (p317)) with input as reported above
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