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Families covered: Thomas of Llannon, Thomas of Llettymawr, Trevarthian of Cornwall, Toft of Toft, Tripcony of Gulval

It is understood that the following family used Treherne as its family name before it used Thomas.
Treherne Thomas of Llettymawr in Llannon, Carmarthenshire (a 1579)
1. Rees Thomas of Llettymawr
  m. (1610) Helen John of Nydfwch
  A. Thomas Rees Treherne of Llettymawr (b 1612)
  m. Margaret Bowen of Marchoglwyn
  i. Rees Thomas of Llettymawr (b 1680, d 1759)
  m. (1709) Mary King (dau of William King of Manasint)
  a. Rees Thomas of Llettymawr (b 1710, dsp 17.11.1777)
  b. David Thomas of Llwydcoed in Llannon (d 1717)
m. Deborah Rees (dau of David Rees of Brynynyd)
  (1) John Thomas of Llwydcoed (d 1818)
  m. Ann Davies
  (A) son (dsp 07.08.1821)
  (B) Anne Davies Thomas
m. (1819) Thomas Lloyd of Bronwydd
  c. Morgan Thomas (b 1726)
  m. (1768) Frances Goring (dau/heir of Henry Goring of Frodley Hall)
  (1) Rees Goring Thomas of Llannon & Tooting Graveley in Surrey (d 21.09.1821)
  m. (09.07.1799?) Sarah Hovel (d 02.06.1838, dau of Richard Hovel of Norfolk)
  (A) Rees Goring Thomas, Sheriff (b 26.05.1801, d 26.06.1863) had issue
  m. (02.03.1824) Caroline Esdaile (d 07.10.1860, dau of William Esdaile (son of Sir James), sister of Edward Jeffries of Cothelstone House)
  (B) Morgan Thomas, later Treherne (b 06.08.1803, d 11.07.1867) had issue
  The following comes from BLG1952 (Treherne of Downash and Bowley).
  m. (12.05.1835) Louisa Frances Dalrymple (dau/heir of John Apsley Dalrymple of Gate House in Mayfield)
  (C) George Thomas, later Treherne (b 04.11.1809, d 17.03.1878) had issue
  m1. (13.04.1846) Frederica Hildbrandt (d 01.03.1847, dau of Baron Ferdinand Hildbrandt)
  m2. ??
  (D) Sarah Frances Thomas (d 30.09.1832)
  m. (22.08.1832) William Henry Pattison of Lincoln's Inn & Witham (d 30.09.1832)
  d. Elizabeth Thomas
  m. David Davies of Swansea
  ii. daughter



Robert Trevarthian (d 1263)
Vivian (p31) identifies Robert's wife as Margaret, dau of Sir William Bloyhow & sister of Sir Allin of Tregawell, but on p395 she is identified as ...
m. Margaret Klezon (d 1265, dau of Richard Klezon)
1. William Trevarthian (d 1286)
  m. Cicly Whalesborough (d 1291 (1293?), dau of Sir Bennett Whalesborough)
  A. Bennett (Benedict) Trevarthian (d 1325)
m. Mary or Marion Trembethow (d 1311, dau of Thomas Trembethow)
  i. John Trevarthian
  On p395, Vivian shows John m1. Margaret Peverell (d 1349) m2. Isabell Heligan (no date). On p31, Vivian shows that Isabell d 1344 with the marriages the other way roiund.
m1. Isabell Heligan (d 1344, dau/heir of Richard Heligan or Helllegon, widow of John Petit)
  b. Merion or Maria Trevarthian
  m. Stephen Madern or Mathaderva
m2. Margaret Peverell (d 1349, dau of Sir Hugh Peverell)
  a. Sir John Trevarthian (d 1365)
  m. Matilda Carminow (d 1361, dau/coheir of Sir Oliver Carminow)
  (1) Sir John Trevarthian (b c1360, a 1396)
  m. Johanna Bodrigan (d 1433, dau/heir of Sir Otes Bodrigan, widow of Ralph Trenouth)
  (A) Oto Trevarthian (d 15.01.1421-2)
  m. Johanna
  (i) John Trevarthian or Trewithin (dvp)
  (B) Idonea Trevarthian
  m. Ralph Reskymer (d 1420)



Walter de Toft of Toft, Cheshire (a 1199)
1. Roger de Toft of Toft (a 1230)
  A. Roger Toft of Toft
  m. Beatrix Venables (dau of Hugh Venables of Kinderton)
  i. Roger Toft of Toft
  Visitation (Cheshire, 1580, Lecester of Toft), which partly supports the following, shows Roger as son of Walter de Toft (a 1284) son of Benedict son of "Horntoft Lord of Toft al's Horne the hunter".
  m. Margery Wever (dau of Thomas Wever of Weever)
  a. Hugh Toft of Toft
  m. (1325) Felice de Dunstable (dau of Thomas de Dunstable)
  Ormerod suggests that this Hugh was father of Roger, Robert & Emme and died c1412. This seems somewhat unlikely so we follow the above-mentioned Visitation in inserting another generation of Hughs.
(1) Hugh Toft of Toft (d c1412)
  Ormerod suggests that the above Hugh m2. Alice who may in fact have been the wife of this Hugh.
  (A) Roger Toft (dspms)
  (B) Robert Toft of Hugh
  m. Cicely (widow of John Clark of Hawarden)
  (i) Roger de Toft (dsp)
(ii) Joan or Cicely Toft named Joan by Ormerod, Cicely by the Visitation
  m. Ralph Leycester (d 1380 (?), brother of John of Tabley)
  (C) Emme Toft
  m. Thomas Ashley (son of Sir Hamon of Ashley)
  b. Thomas Toft 'of Plumley'
  m. Margaret Mobberley (dau of Sir Ralph Mobberlry of Mobberley)
The following connection comes from the page on the Mobberley family within Ormerod (Cheshire, vol 1, Bucklow Hundred).
  (1) Ellen Toft
  m. John Bodon of Plumley
  (2) Sybill Toft
  m. Thomas Haslington of the Ermitage
  c.+ other issue - William, Margaret
  ii.+ other issue - Richard, Hugh (d before 1316), Thomas, Hamon, Henry
  B. William Toft
  m. Joan de Lostock (dau of Richard de Lostock, sister/heir of Richard & Thomas)
  i. Roger Toft alias de Holford of Holford (dsp 1330)
In his section on the Tofts, Ormerod reports that Roger lived at Holford and "gained the sir-name of Holford, which his posterity retained, and from whom the Holfords of Holford are descended." However, in his section on the Holfords, Ormerod shows that Roger dsp and that it was his brother Henry who was ancestor of the Holfords.
  m. Margaret le Dispenser (dau of Richard le Despenser)
  ii. Henry Toft alias Holford of Holford (a 1344)
  m. Margery
  a. William Holford (dvp)
  m. Isabel (a 1347)
  (1) John Holford of Holford (d 1408)
  m. (1347?) Joan Bruyn (dau of Roger Bruyn of Stapleford)
  (A) Thomas Holford of Holford
  m. Alice Bulkeley (dau/heir of William Bulkeley of Bulkeley)
  b. Roger Holford of Plumley (a 1344)
  C. Margaret de Toft (a 1273)
  m. William Manwaring (son of Roger)



Ralph Tripcony (a 1367)
1. John Tripcony (a 1414)
  A. Ralph Tripcony (a 1469)
  m. Joan Martine (dau of William Martine by Radulpha Trevluas)
  i. Walter Tripconie
  m. Elizabeth Ruthos (dau/coheir of William Ruthfos)
  a. James Tripconie
  m. Elizabeth Penrose (dau of John Penrose)
  (1) John Tripcony of Gulver (Gulval), Cornwall (d 14.11.1580)
m. Alice Carankan (dau/coheir of Nicholas Carankan (alias Kenegy) by Mary Polsulsack)
  (A) James Tripcony (b c1540, a 1580)
  m. Alice Cawsey (dau/heir of Robert Cawsey)
  (i) James Tripcony
  (ii) John Tripcony, last of Gulval (dsp)
  m. Thomasine Barry (dau/coheir of Michael Barry of Winscott)
  (iii) Charitie Tripcony
  m. Henry Thoms alias Carnsewe
  (B) Mary Tripcony
  m. John Cornish
(C) Elizabeth Tripcony
  m. Gilbert Bososak
  (D) Patience Tripcony
  m. John Grine
  (E) Margret Tripcony
  m. John Trevethen
  (F) Jane Tripcony
m. Edward Kestell
  (G)+ other issue - Thomas, John, Margery, Temperance
  (2) Edward Tripcony
  m. Margaret Chaumond (dau/coheir of Thomas Chaumond) ## sb Katherine?? see here ##
  (3) Katheryn Tripcony
  m1. _ Knipe
  m2. James Bonithon
  (4) Jane Tripcony
  m. Thomas Roskruge
  ii. Robert Tripcony
  m. _ Berkeley (heir)
  a. Alice Tripcony
  m. Nicholas Rosuggan
  b.+ other issue - Jane, Dennis, Joane

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