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Families covered: Venables of Bollin, Venables of Bradwell, Venables of Golborne, Venables of Kinderton
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Gilbert de Venables of Kinderton (a 1086)
Gilbert came over to England with the Conqueror whose daughter Adela was his sister-in-law. King Stephen, who reigned 1135-1154, was Gilbert's nephew.
m. Margery (dau of Walthens of Etchells, etc.) alleged wife of Gilbert, possibly mother of ...
1. William or Gilbert de Venables of Kinderton
  A. Gilbert de Venables of Kinderton
  m. Margery of Hatton (dau of Walter (sb William?), lord of Hatton)
  i. Sir William de Venables of Kinderton (d c1230)
  a. Hugh or Hamon de Venables of Kinderton (d 1249)
  m1. (div) Gwenllian
  m2. Alice or Agnes de Oxton (dau of Ranulph de Oxton)
(1) Roger de Venables of Kinderton (d c1261)
  m. Alice Peninton (dau of Alan de Peninton or Pennington)
  (A) Sir William de Venables of Kinderton (d 1292)
  m1. ??
  (i) Cecily de Venables
  m. Adnace of Allcham (?)
  m2. (1253) Margaret Dutton (dau of Thomas de Dutton)
  (ii) Sir Hugh de Venables of Kinderton, Sheriff of Cheshire (d 1310)
  m. Agatha Vernon (dau of Ralph de Vernon of Shipbroke)
  (a) William de Venables (dsp)
  (b) Sir Hugh de Venables of Kinderton
  m1. Elizabeth Mobberley (dau of Sir William Mobberley)
((1)) William de Venables (dvp 1350)
  m1. (sp) Agnes Dutton (dau of Sir Peter de Dutton of Warburton)
  m2. Maud Vernon (dau of Richard de Vernon of Shipbrook)
  ((A))+ issue ( dsp) - Maud, Katherine
  ((2)) John de Venables (dvp)
  m. Isabel Egerton (dau of Philip de Egerton)
  ((A)) William de Venables (d young)
  m2. Katherine Houghton (dau of Richard Houghton)
  ((3)) Sir Hugh de Venables of Kinderton, Sheriff of Cheshire (d 1382-3)
  m. Margery Cotton (dau of Perkin or Hugh de Cotton)
  ((A)) Sir Richard Venables of Kinderton (d 23.07.1403)
  m. Isabel Langton (dau of Rawlin de Langton of Newton and Walton)
((i)) Sir Hugh Venables of Kinderton
  Visitation shows this Hugh's wife (and mother of Richard, Jane and Elizabeth) as married to Parnell Dutton whom we provisionally show as married to his son.
  m. Cicely
  ((a)) Sir Hugh Venables of Kinderton (dsp)
  m. Parnell Dutton (dau of Sir Piers Dutton)
  ((b)) Sir Richard Venables of Kinderton
  m. Elizabeth Radclyffe (dau of Sir John Radclyffe of Ordsall)
  (((1))) Sir Hugh Venables of Kinderton (dsp Bloreheath 1459)
  m. Elizabeth Troutbeck (dau of William Troutbeck)
  ((c)) Jane Venables
  m. Richard Cotton of Richware
((d)) Elizabeth Venables
  m. Sir Adam Bostock of Bostock (d Bloreheath 1459)
  ((ii)) Henry Venables of Kinderton
  ((iii)) Joan Venables
  m1. Thomas Grosvenor of Hulme
  m2. Sir Thomas Booth of Barton
  ((B)) Thomas Venables of Horton
((C)) William Venables, later of Golborne (Constable of Chester)
  m. Blanche
  ((D)) Ellen Venables
  m. Thomas Erdeswick
  ((E)) Emily or Angella Venables
  This is probably the Amilia, wife of Sir William Brereton, who is shown by Ormerod as being of 2 generations earlier.
  m. (1386) William Brereton
((F)) Isabel Venables
  m. David Egerton (son of Philip)
  ((G)) Margery Venables
  m1. Richard Bulkeley of Cheadle
  m2. (1393) Randle Mainwaring of Over Peover (b c1368, d 1456)
  ((4)) Roger de Venables of Golborne (a 1380)
  m. Elizabeth Golborne (dau of William Golborne of Golborne)
  ((A)) Hugh Venables of Golborne
((5)) Joan Venables
  m. Sir Thomas de Latham
  (c) Sir Richard de Venables of Bollin
  Shown by Ormerod as being son rather than brother of Sir Hugh (by Katherine Houghton).
  m. Joan Fitton (dau of Hamon Fitton of Bollin)
((1)) Sir William Venables of Bollin
  m. Jane Massy (dau of John Massey of Tatton)
  ((A)) Dowce Venables
  m. Sir Robert Booth of Dunham, Sheriff of Cheshire (d 16.09.1450)
  ((B)) Alice Venables
  m. Edmund Trafford (d 1457)
  ((2)) Jenkin Venables
  m. ?? (widow of _ Starky of Stretton)
  (d) Thomas Venables
Following Visitation (1580), we used to show Thomas, ancestor of the Venables of Horton, Hartford & Agdon, as of this generation. [Visitation (1613) provides an alternative version alongside that version, showing him as possibly 3rd son (with elder brothers Richard and William) of Hugh son of John, without specifying who that John was.] We now follow Ormerod, use for his descendants, and show that Thomas above, 3 generations later, as son of Sir Hugh by Margery Cotton.
  (e) Ellen de Venables
  m. John Ardvine (son of Sir John)
  (f) Isabel de Venables
  m. David de Egerton (dsp)
  (g) daughter possibly of this generation (one after ?)
  m. Edward Giffard of Chillington (a 1378)
  (h) Alice de Venables apparently of this generation
  m. Sir John de Arderne of Alford and Alvanley (d c1349)
(i)+ other issue - Robert, John, William
  (iii) (Sir) William de Venables of Bradwall
  m1. Agnes le Legh (dau of Richard de Legh of High Legh)
  William's son by his first marriage is shown under Agnes. He was ancestor of many families of the name of Legh or Leigh and Towneley.
  m2. Katherine de St. Pierre (dau of Sir Urian de St. Pierre)
  (a) William de Venables of Bradwall
  m. Katherine Grosvenor
  ((1)) Jane de Venables
  m. Thomas Berington
  ((2)) Elene de Venables
  m. Robert de Knyperley
  ((3)) Katharine de Venables mentioned by Visitation (Cheshire, 1613, Oldfeilde of Bradwall)
m. William Bechington
  (B) Rose de Venables
  m. Alexander de Bamvyte
  (C) Roger de Venables
  (D) Amy de Venables
  m. Hugh de Hatton
(2) Elizabeth de Venables
  (3) Beatrix de Venables
  m. Roger de Toft
  b. William de Venables of Winington (or Wymincham) and Radnor
  (1) Lettice de Venables
  m1. Sir Phillip Bamville
  m2. Sir Richard Wilbram (de Wilburgham)
  m3. Robert Croft
  (2) Beatrix de Venables
  c.+ other issue - Robert, Hamon/Hugh
  ii. Hamon de Venables or Leigh of High Legh (a temp Henry II who r. 1154-1189)
  iii. Amabil de Venables
  m. Richard de Davenport
  iv.+ other issue - Gilbert, Michael, R(ichard), Hugh, Maud

Main source(s): information kindly provided by a contributor (SV, 20.12.04), apparently based on Ormerod (Cheshire, vol 3 (1882)), supported by Visitation (Cheshire, 1580, Venables Baron of Kinderton) with further support & some input from various web sites, in particular http://venables.free.fr
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