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Families covered: Vere of Oxford

Richard de Vere, 11th Earl of Oxford (b c1386, d 15.02.1416/7)
m1. _ Holand (dsp, dau of John de Holand, 1st Duke of Exeter)
m2. (1406/7) Alice Sergeaux (d 18.05.1452, dau of Sir Richard Sergeaux of Cornwall)
1. John de Vere, 12th Earl of Oxford (b 23.04.1408, d 26.02.1461/2)
  m. (1425) Elizabeth Howard (dau of Sir John Howard)
A. Aubrey de Vere (dvpsp 20.02.1461)
  m. (c04.1460) Anne Stafford (d c14.04.1472, dau of Henry Stafford, 1st Duke of Buckingham)
  B. John de Vere, 13th Earl of Oxford, Great Chamberlain (b 08.09.1442, d 10.03.1512/3)
  m1. Margaret Nevill (d after 20.11.1506, dau of Richard Nevill, Earl of Salisbury)
  i. John de Vere (d young)
  m2. (c1509) Elizabeth Scrope (d 26.06.1537, dau of Sir Richard Scrope of Bolton family)
C. Sir George Vere 'of Earls Colne' (d 1503)
  m. Margaret Stafford (dau of Sir William Stafford of Bishop's Frome)
  i. George de Vere (dvp 1498)
  ii. John de Vere of Campes, 14th Earl of Oxford (b 14.08.1499, dsp 14.07.1526)
  m. Anne Howard (d before 22.02.1558/9, dau of Thomas Howard, 2nd Duke of Norfolk)
  iii. Dorothea de Vere (d 07.02.1526-7)
  m. Sir John Nevill, 3rd Lord Latymer (b 17.11.1493, d 02.03.1542-3)
iv. Elizabeth de Vere
  m. Sir Anthony Wingfield (d c1552)
  v. Ursula de Vere (dsp 1558)
  m1. George Windsor (dvpsp before 11.1520, of Stanwell family)
  m2. Sir Edmund Knightly or Knightley of Fawsley (d 12.11.1542)
  D. Sir Richard de Vere
  m. Margaret Percy
  E. Sir Thomas de Vere (dsp 1489)
  F. Mary de Vere, a nun
  G. Joane de Vere
  m. Sir William Norris of Yatenden
  H. Elizabeth de Vere
  m. William Bourchier, younger of Essex (dvp)
  partner unknown
  I. Katherine (a 06.1504) possibly of this generation
  m. Sir Robert Broughton of Toddington (b before 1467, d 10.08.1506)
2. Sir Robert de Vere
m. Jeane Courtenay (dau of Sir Hugh Courtenay)
  A. John de Vere
  m. Alice Kilrington (dau of Walter Kilrington aka Colbroke) ## see here ##
  i. John de Vere, 15th Earl of Oxford, Great Chamberlain (d 21.03.1539/40)
  m1. (1493/4) Christian Foderingey (b c1481, dsp before 04.11.1498, dau of Thomas Foderingey of Brockley by Elizabeth Dorward)
  m2. (c1508) Elizabeth Trussel (b 1496, d before 07.1527, dau of Sir Edward Trussel of Kibblestone)
  a. John de Vere, 16th Earl of Oxford, Great Chamberlain (b c1516, d 03.08.1562)
  m1. (03.07.1536) Dorothy Nevill (d c1546, dau of Ralph Nevill, 4th Earl of Westmorland)
  (1) Katherine de Vere (d 17.01.1599)
  m. Sir Edward Windsor, 3rd Lord (b c1532, d 24.01.1574/5)
m2. (01.08.1548) Margery Golding (d 02.12.1568, dau of John Golding of Halstead / Belchamp St. Paul by Elizabeth Hamond)
  (2) Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford, Great Chamberlain (b 12.04.1550, d 24.06.1604)
  m1. (19.12.1571) Anne Cecil (b 05.12.1556, d 05.06.1588, dau of William Cecil, 1st Lord Burghley, Secretary of State)
  (A) son (b/d c05.1583)
  (B) Elizabeth de Vere (d 10.03.1626-7)
  m. (26.06.1594) William Stanley, 6th Earl of Derby (d 29.09.1642)
  (C) Bridget de Vere (b 06.04.1584, d before 05.1631)
  m1. (1598-9) Francis Norris, 2nd Lord of Rycote, Earl of Berkshire (b 06.07.1582, d 29.01.1621-2)
  m2. Sir Hugh Pollard, 2nd Bart of King's Nympton (b c1610, d 27.11.1666)
  (D) Susan de Vere (bur 01.02.1628-9)
  m. (27.12.1604) Philip Herbert, 1st Earl of Montgomery, 4th Earl of Pembroke (b 16.10.1584, d 23.01.1649-50)
(E) Frances de Vere (bur infant 12.09.1587)
  m2. (1591) Elizabeth Trentham (bur 03.01.1612/3, dau of Thomas Trentham of Rocester Priory by Jane Sneyd)
  (F) Henry de Vere, 18th Earl of Oxford, Great Chamberlain (b 24.02.1593, dsp Breda 06.1625)
  m. (01.01.1623/4) Diana Cecil (b c1596, d 27.04.1654, dau of William Cecil, 2nd Earl of Exeter)
  (3) Mary de Vere (d 24.06.1624?)
  m1. (1578) Peregrine Bertie, 11th Lord Willoughby de Eresby (b 12.10.1555, d 25.06.1601)
  m2. (before 02.06.1605) Sir Eustace Hart of Highgate, London (d 18.09.1634)
  For a generation or two, Visitation (Essex, 1558, De Vere) supports/provides part of the following.
  b. Aubrey de Vere
Visitation identifies Aubrey's wife as a dau of Sir Anthony Gebons of Norfolk but BE1883 identifies her as ...
  m. Margaret Spring (dau of John Spring of Lavenham)
  (1) John de Vere (dsp)
  (2) Hugh de Vere
  m. Eleanor Walsh
  (A) Robert de Vere, 19th Earl of Oxford (b after 23.08.1575, d Maestrich 1632)
  m. (before 1626) Beatrix van Hemmema (d 1653/7, dau of Sjierck van Hemmema of Berlikumby Lijsbeth Jarges of Groningen)
  (i) Aubrey de Vere, 20th Earl of Oxford (b 28.02.1626/7, d 12.03.1702)
  m1. (18.06.1647) Anne Bayning (b 01.05.1637, dsp 14.09.1659, dau of Paul Bayning, 2nd Viscount of Sudbury)
  m2. (c04.1673) Diana Kirke (d 07.04.1719, dau of George Kirke)
  (a) Diana de Vere
m. (13.04.1694) Charles Beauclerk, Duke of St. Albans (b 1670, d 1726)
  (b)+ other issue (d unm) - Charles (dvp infant), Charlotte (d young 1674), Mary (d 01.08.1725), Henrietta (b c1682, d 22.09.1730)
  (B) daughter (dsp)
  (3) Anne de Vere
  m1. Christopher Sherborne
  m2. John Stapes or Staple
  (4) Bridget de Vere
  m. Thomas Crachewood of Curshall
  (5) Jane de Vere
  m. Henry Hunt of Gosfeild
  c. Robert de Vere
  m1. Joane Hobart (dau of Richard Hobart of Norfolk)
  (1) John de Vere (dsp)
  m2. Maria Barnishe
  (2) Mary de Vere
  m. _ Goodwin of Norfolk
  d. Geffery de Vere
  m. Elizabeth Hardkyn (dau of Sir John Hardkyn or Harkyns of Colchester by _ Sherington)
  (1) John de Vere of Kirby Hall
  Visitation shows John as married to Thomazia Lory of London with an illegitimate son, Sir John, BE1883 shows ...
  m. Thomasine Porter
(A)+ issue (dsp) - John, Robert
  (2) Sir Francis de Vere, Governor of Brill (d 1608/9)
  m. Elizabeth Dent (dau/coheir of _ Dent or Lent of London)
  (A) issue (dvpsp) - John, Edward, Henry, Dorothy, Elizabeth
  (3) son BE1883 shows him as Geoffrey (d unm), Visitation as Robert (dsp)
  (4) Horatio de Vere, Lord Tilbury (b 1565, d 02.05.1635, General)
  m. (11.1607) Mary Tracy (b 18.05.1581, d 25.12.1671, dau of Sir John (or William) Tracy of Toddington)
  (A) Elizabeth Vere (b 1623, d 12.1683)
  m. (04.09.1626) John Holles, 2nd Earl of Clare (b 13.06.1595, d 02.01.1665)
  (B) Mary Vere (d before 02.12.1639)
  m1. (1628) Sir Roger Townshend, Bart of Raynham (d 01.01.1636-7)
m2. (21.06.1638) Mildmay Fane, 2nd Earl of Westmorland (d 12.02.1665)
  (C) Catherine Vere
  m1. Oliver St. John, younger of Lydiard Tregoze (dvp 11.1641)
  m2. (1640-1) John Poulett, 2nd Lord of Hinton St. George (d 15.09.1665)
  (D) Anne Vere (d 16.10.1665)
  m. Thomas Fairfax, 3rd Lord of Cameron (b 17.01.1611-2, d 12.11.1671, C-I-C of Parliamentary army)
  (E) Dorothy Vere (bur 15.03.1688)
  m. (sp) John Wostenholme, younger of Nostel (dvpsp 12.09.1669)
  (5) Frances de Vere
  m. Sir Robert Harcourt
  e. Elizabeth de Vere
  m. Thomas Darcy, 1st Lord of Chiche (b 1506, 28.06.1558)
  f. Anne de Vere (bur 14.02.1571/2)
  m. Edmund Sheffield, 1st Lord Sheffield (b 22.11.1521, d 31.07.1549)
  m2. John Brock of Colchester
  g. Frances Vere (d 30.06.1577)
  m1. (1532) Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey (b 1517, dvp 21.01.1547)
  m2. (before 1553) Thomas Steyning of Earl Soham

Main source(s): BE1883 (Vere of Oxford), BE1883 (Vere of Tilbury), TCP (Oxford) with input/support as reported above
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