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Families covered: Vernon of Hodnet, Vernon of Houndshill (Houndhill), Vernon of Kinderton, Vernon of Sudbury
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Humphrey Vernon 'of Hodnet' (d 1542)
m. (1493) Alice Ludlow (dau of John Ludlow of Hodnet)
1. George Vernon of Hodnet (d 1553)
  The following is partly supported by BEB1841 (Vernon of Hodnet).
  m1. Elizabeth Pigot (dau of Thomas Pigot of Chetwynd)
  A. Richard Vernon (d 1560)
  B. John Vernon of Hodnet (b c1546, bur 02.05.1591)
  m. (1564) Elizabeth Devereux (dau of Sir Richard Devereux, sister of Walter, 1st Earl of Essex)
  i. Sir Robert Vernon of Hodnet (b 1577, d 1625)
  m. Mary Needham (dau of Robert Needham of Shavington & Shenton, sister of 1st Viscount Kilmorey, relict of Thomas Onneslowe of Boraton)
a. Sir Henry Vernon, 1st Bart of Hodnet (bpt 16.12.1606, d 04.1676)
  m. (1636) Elizabeth White (dau/heir of Sir Richard White of the Friers)
  (1) Sir Thomas Vernon, 2nd Bart of Hodnet (d 15.02.1684)
  m1. (09.09.1675) Elizabeth Cholmondeley (dsp bur 19.06.1676, dau of Thomas Cholmondeley)
  m2. Mary Kirke (dau of George Kirke, sister of Diana, Countess of Oxford)
  (A) Sir Richard Vernon, 3rd Bart of Hodnet (b 22.06.1678, d unm 01.10.1725)
(B)+ other issue (d unm) - Diana, Henrietta
  b. Robert Vernon
  c. Elizabeth Vernon (d 1685)
  m. (1675) Robert (not Thomas) Cholmondeley of Vale Royal (d 1679)
  ii. Ann Vernon
  m. George Barlow
  iii. Elizabeth Vernon (a 11.1655)
  m. (before 30.08.1598) Henry Wriothesley, 3rd Earl of Southampton (b 1573, d 1624)
  iv. Susanna Vernon
m. George Carey of Cockington
  v. Frances Vernon
  m. Sir Arthur Shirly
  vi.+ other issue - 4 sons (d young), 3 daughters (d young)
  m2. Mary Corbett
2. Thomas Vernon (d 17.01.1556/7)
  m. Eleanor (Hellena) Shirley (d 1563, dau of Ralph Shirley, m2. Nicholas Brown)
  A. Walter Vernon of Houndhill or Houndshill (b 1552, d 11.01.1592/3)
  m. Mary Littleton (d 1622, dau of Edward Littleton of Pillaton, m2. John Vernon)
  i. Sir Edward Vernon 'of Sudbury' of Houndshill (b 14.12.1584, d 15.06.1657)
  m. (23.07.1613) Margaret Vernon (b c09.1592, d 03.01.1656, dau/heir of Henry Vernon of Hilton & Esington)
a. Sir Henry Vernon of Sudbury (b 07.1616, d 09.03.1658/9)
  m. (21.09.1634) Merriall or Muriel Vernon (dau/heir of Sir George Vernon of Haslington)
  (1) George Vernon of Sudbury (b 1635, d 13.07.1702, MP)
  m1. Margaret Onely (dau of Edwin Onely of Catesby)
  (A) Onely Vernon (dsp)
  (B) Margaret Vernon
  m. Godfrey Meynel
  (C) Muriel (Meriell) Vernon
  m1. (23.04.1685) (James) Boothby (bur 04.03.1687-8)
  m2. (Thomas) Vernon (Dr.)
  (D) Catherine Vernon
m. _ Drake
  (E) Mary Vernon
  m. _ Drake
  (F) Henrietta Vernon
  m. Sir William Poole of Worral
  m2. Dorothy Shirley (sister of Robert, Earl Ferrers)
(G) Dorothy Vernon
  m. (sp) George Vernon of London (son of Sir Thomas)
  (H) Margaret Vernon
  m3. Catherine Vernon (d 21.10.1710, dau of Sir Thomas Vernon of Twickenham)
  (I) Henry Vernon of Sudbury (b 04.1686, 25.02.1718/9, MP)
m1. Anne Pigot (b c1692, d 04.1714, dau/heir of Thomas Pigot of Chetwynd by Mary, sister of Peter Venables of Kinderton)
  (i) George Vernon, later Venables-Vernon, 1st Lord of Sudbury & Kinderton (b 09.02.1707-8, d 21.08.1780)
  m1. (21.06.1733) Mary Howard (d 02.1740, dau/coheir of Thomas Howard, 6th Lord of Effingham)
  (a) George Venables-Vernon, 2nd Lord of Sudbury & Kinderton (b 09.05.1735, d 18.06.1813)
  m1. (16.07.1757) Louisa Barbara Mansel (d 16.02.1786, dau of Bussey, Lord Mansel)
  ((1))+ issue - George (d young), Louisa (b 18.06.1765, d unm 1786), Charlotte (d young)
  m2. (25.05.1786) Georgiana Fauquier (d 31.05.1823, dau of William Fauquier of Hanover)
  ((4)) Georgiana Venables-Vernon (b 09.01.1788, d 13.09.1824)
m. (19.09.1809) Edward Harbord, 3rd Lord Suffield (b 10.11.1781, d 06.07.1835)
  ((5)) Charlotte Catharine Venables-Vernon (bpt 02.1789, d infant)
  (b) Mary Venables-Vernon
m. (05.01.1763) George Adams of Orgrave, later Anson
  (c)+ other issue (d young) - Henry, Howard, Mary
  m2. (22.12.1741) Anne Lee (dsp 22.09.1742, dau of Sir Thomas Lee, Bart of Hartwell)
  m3. (10.04.1744) Martha Harcourt (d 08.04.1794, dau of Hon Simon Harcourt)
  (f) Henry Venables-Vernon, 3rd Lord of Kinderton (b 18.04.1747, d 20.03.1829)
  m1. (14.02.1779) Elizabeth Rebecca Anne Nash or Sedley (d 18.07.1793, natural dau of Sir Charles Sedley, 2nd Bart of Southfleet)
  ((1)) George Charles Venables-Vernon, 4th Lord of Kinderton (b 04.12.1779, d 18.11.1835) had issue
  m. (05.08.1802) Frances Maria Warren (d 17.09.1837, dau of Admiral Sir John Borlase Warren)
  ((2)) Catherine Venables-Vernon (b c1782, d 29.04.1867)
  ((3)) Louisa Henrietta Venables-Vernon (d 06.03.1861)
  m. (04.11.1816) Brooke Boothby (d 04.01.1829, prebendary of Southwell)
  m2. (29.11.1795) Alice Lucy Whiteford (d 01.08.1827, dau of Sir John Whiteford, Bart)
  ((4)) Henry Venables-Vernon (b 1796, d 12.12.1845, Lt. Colonel) had issue
m. (29.08.1822) Eliza Grace Coke (dau of Edward Coke of Longford Court)
  ((5)) John Venables-Vernon (b 08.03.1798, d 11.12.1875, rector)
  m1. (24.11.1830) Frances Barbara Duncombe (dsps 07.12.1848, dau of Thomas Duncombe of Copgrove)
  m2. (15.12.1853) Caroline Paget (d 17.07.1894, dau of General Sir Edward Paget)
  (g) Edward Venables-Vernon, later Harcourt, Archbishop of York (b 10.10.1757, d 08.11.1847, 6th son)
m. (05.02.1784) Anne Leveson-Gower (d 16.11.1832, dau of Granville Leveson-Gower, 1st Marquess of Stafford)
  ((1)) George Granville Harcourt of Nuneham Courtenay (b 06.08.1785, d 19.12.1861) had issue (1 daughter)
  m1. (27.03/5.1815) Elizabeth Bingham (d 09.09.1838, dau of Richard Bingham, 2nd Earl of Lucan)
  m2. (30.09.1847, sp) Frances Elizabeth Braham (d 05.07.1879, dau of John Braham)
  ((2)) Edward Venables-Vernon (b 1787, d 1806)
  ((3)) Leveson Venables-Vernon (b 1788, d 26.07.1860, Chancellor of York)
  m. (19.08.1815) Caroline Mary Peachey (d 16.07.1871, dau of John, 2nd Lord Selsey)
((4)) William Venables-Vernon or Harcourt (b 06.1789, d 01.04.1871, canon of York) had issue
  m. (11.07.1824) Matilda Mary Gooch (d 19.11.1876, dau of Col. William Gooch)
  ((5)) Frederick Edward Vernon Harcourt (b 15.06.1790, d 01.05.1883, Admiral) had issue
  m. (1829) Marcia Tollemache (d 27.12.1868, dau of Admiral J.R. Delap Tollemache)
  ((6)) Henry Vernon Harcourt (b 1791, dsp 26.02.1853, Lt. Colonel)
  m. (20.04.1835) Frances Harley (d 15.10.1872, dau of Edward Harley, 5th Earl of Oxford)
  ((7)) Granville Harcourt-Vernon of Grove Hall (b 26.07.1792, d 08.12.1879) had issue
m1. (22.02.1814) Frances Julia Eyre (d 05.02.1844, dau of Anthony Hadolph Eyre of Grove)
  m2. (22.11.1845, sp) Pyne Jesse Brand-Trevor (d 03.03.1872, dau of Henry Otway Brand-Trevor, 22nd Lord Dacre)
  ((8)) Octavius Henry Vernon-Harcourt (b 26.12.1793, d 14.08.1863, Vice Admiral)
  m. (22.02.1838) Anne Holwell Gater (d 26.06.1879, dau of William Gater)
  ((9)) Charles Vernon-Harcourt (b 14.11.1798, d unm 10.12.1870, prebendary of Carlisle)
  ((10)) Francis Vernon-Harcourt of St. Clare & Buxted Park (b 06.01.1801, dsp 23.04.1880, Colonel)
  m. (20.11.1837) Catherine Julia Jenkinson (dsp 05.12.1877, dau of Charles Cecil Cope, Earl of Liverpool)
  ((11)) Egerton Vernon-Harcourt of St. Clare and Whitwell (b 1803, d 19.10.1883) had issue
  m. (08.12.1859) Laura Milner (b c1826, d 05.02.1889, dau of Sir William Mordaunt Sturt Milner, 4th Bart)
  ((12)) Louisa Augusta Harcourt (d 04.08.1869)
  m. (14.06.1825) Sir John Johnstone, 2nd Bart (d 24.02.1869)
  ((13)) Georgiana Harcourt (dsp 29.10.1886)
m. (04.12.1846) George E. Malcolm (d 02.06.1888)
  ((14))+ other issue (d unm) - Caroline (d 13.05.1815), Anne (d 1867)
  (h) Elizabeth Venables-Vernon (b 21.01.1746, d 25.01.1826)
  m. (26.09.1765) George Simon Harcourt, 2nd Earl Harcourt (dsp 20.04.1809)
  (i)+ other issue - William (d young), Catharine (b 31.08.1749, d unm 08.06.1751), Martha (b 24.12.1751), Ann (b 02.03.1754)
  (ii) Anna Catherina Vernon
  m. (1749) Richard Lockwood (dsp, cousin)
  m2. Matilda Wright (dsp, dau of Thomas Wright of Longstone)
(J) Anna Catherina Vernon
  (K) Matilda Vernon
  m. Richard Lockwood of Lambourne (b 1672-6, d 1756)
  (2) Henry Vernon of Hilton (b 06.1636/7, d 10.04.1711, 3rd son?)
  m. (1659) Margaret Ladkins (d 1699, dau of William Ladkins of Shaw & Helledon)
  (3)+ other issue - Edward (dsp 1734), son?
  b. Edward Vernon of North Aston & Clontarf Castle (Colonel)
  Collins suggests that Edward dsp whilst BP1934 & BP2003 report that he dspm. BLG1886/BLGI1912 (Vernon of Clontarf Castle) show his family as follows.
m. _ Guildeford (sister of Joseph Guildeford)
  (1)+ issue - Mary (d unm 1729), Elizabeth (d young)
  c. John Vernon of Clontarf (bpt 22.05.1632, d 13.03.1670)
  m1. Anne Huish (dau of James Huish of Sand)
  m2. Elizabeth Walwyn (dau of Fulke Walwyn of Much Marcle)
  d. Anne Vernon
  m. George Harper of Twyford
  e. Dorothy Vernon probably of this generation
  m. Edmund Browne of Hungry Bentley (b c1611, a 1662)
f.+ other issue (d unm) - Walter (dsp), daughters (d young - Mary, Catherine, Grace, Mary, Elizabeth)
  ii. Grace Vernon
  m. John Merrick (brother of Sir Henry)
  iii. Mary Vernon
  m. Sir Henry Merrick of Bowton
  iv. Elizabeth Vernon
  m. Sir Henry Morley of Barton
  v.+ other issue (dsp) - Sir Thomas, Walter
  B. Dorothy Vernon probably of this generation
  m. Job Throckmorton of Haseley (b c1545, d 23.02.1601)
3. Catherine Vernon
  Collins suggests that Catherine m. John Pole of Radburne but it appears that her husband was in fact:
  m. Francis de la Pole of Dale Abbey, younger of Radbourne (dvp)
4.+ other issue - Henry (dsp), Benedicta, Elizabeth, Margaret

Main source(s): BP2003 (Vernon, Baron of Kinderton) with input/support/contradiction from BP1934 (Vernon), Collins (Egerton Brydges, vol 7 (1812), 'Vernon, Lord Vernon', p396+) and as reported above
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