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Families covered: Wade of Belseys (in Hampstead), Wade of Carrowmore, Wade of Killavalley

(Sir) Armigal Wade of Belseys in Hamsted, Middlesex (d 20.06.1568, Clerk of the Council)
m1. Alice Patten (dau of Richard Patten alias Waingfleet of Newington, widow of Thomas Searle of Essex)
1. Sir William Wade of Belseys (Clerk of the Council, Ambassador, Lieutenant of the Tower)
  m. Anne Waller (dau/coheir of Owen Waller of London by Emme, dau/heir of John Jurden alias Carter of Warwickshire)
  Mundy, in his Middlesex Pedigrees (1914, 'Wade of Belseys in Hampstead'), supports the above and this generation and shows Sir William & Anne as parents of an unnamed child, Armeniagilda, an unnamed daughter (wife of John Whorwood), and Alice. BIFR1976 reports that they had William (only son) plus Elizabeth.
  A. William Wade
  BIFR1976 reports that William "went to Tangier, allegedly m on his return, and was probably the father of" ...
  i. William Wade of Killavalley & Tyrrellspase, co. Westmeath (d 1683, Major)
  m. _ Stonestrut (dau of Rev. Henry Stonestrut (or Stonestreet) of S. Heighton)
  a. William Wade (b 1670, d 01.02.1732, Canon of Windsor)
  m. Frances
  b. Jerome Wade of Killavalley (b 1671)
  m. _ Osbrey (d by 08.1757)
  (1) Thomas Wade, last of Killavalley, later of Fairfield (Carrowmore), co. Galway (b 1719, d 24.07.1769)
  m1. Elizabeth Low (dau of Col. _ Low of Newtownlowe)
  (A) daughter
  m. _ Wakefield
(B) Elizabeth Wade
  m. John Doolittle of Slane
  m2. (1747) Margaret de Foe (d 01.04.1766)
  (C) Samuel Wade of Carrowmore (b 16.02.1748, d 17.08.1826)
  m. Catharine Davies (d 25.08.1845, dau of Thomas Davies of Newcastle)
  (i) Thomas Wade of Fairfield House of Carrowmore (b 09.03.1787, d 24.10.1865) had issue
  m. (15.01.1813) Dorothea Rochfort (d 15.06.1879, dau of Gustavus Hume Rochfort of Rochfort)
  One of their grandsons assumed the name Hyde.
  (ii) Maria Wade (b 21.01.1785, d 29.11.1810)
  m. (29.05.1801) Robert Persse of Roxborough & Castleboy (d 01.1850)
  (iii) Anne Wade (b 1791, d 11.06.1830)
  m. (08.10.1807?) William Robinson of Anneville (d 01.10.1856)
  (iv) Margaret Wade (b 04.04.1797, d 05.12.1871)
  m. Charles Seymour of Somerset (Colonel)
  (D) Jerome Wade (b 15.07.1751, d unm 14.05.1799)
  (E) Thomas Wade (b 01.10.1753)
  m. Anne Handy (dau of Samuel Handy of Cooolyclough)
  (i)+ 3 sons
  (F) John Wade (b 01.11.1763, d 30.10.1827, Major)
  m. Alice Davies (d 05.05.1829, dau of Thomas Davies of Newcastle)
  (i) Thomas Wade (d 12.08.1814)
  (ii) Maria Wade (dsp 1819)
  m. (1818) Richard Galbraith of Cappard
  (G) Margaret Wade (b 1761, d 29.03.1826)
  m. Henry Whitestone (councillor)
  m3. Anne Walshe (dau of Jonathan Walshe of Walshe Park)
(H) child (d young)
  (2) George Wade
  m. Mary Nugent (dau of Capt. J. Nugent, son of Thomas of Clonlost)
  (A) John Wade
  m. _ Plunkett (dau of Sir Richard Barnwell Plunkett of Rathmore)
  (i) Richard Wade had issue
  m. _ Howes
  (ii) George Wade of Curriestown (co. Westmeath) & Ashbrook (co. Dublin)
  m. Caroline Domvile (dau of Charles Domvile (formerly Pocklington, sister of Sir Compton, 1st Bart)
  (iii) John Wade
  (B) William Wade
  m. Eliza Aird (d 1815, dau of Robert Aird of Airdrie & Coolure)
  (i) John Thomas Wade of Monaghan
  (3) Hester Wade
  m. _ Sayers
c. George Wade (b 1673, d unm 04/14.03.1748, Field Marshal, MP)
  Wikipedia ('George Wade (military commander)', at 30.01.23) identifies George as son of Jerome Wade in Killavall, whom we show above as George's elder brother. HoP ('George Wade') also shows him as son of Jerome but the dates appear to support BIFR1976 in showing him as of this generation. Most of the details of his illegitimate children come from Wikipedia.
  (1) Jane Erle Wade
m. Ralph Allen of Bath (postmaster) named by HoP
  (2) Emilia Wade
  m1. (23.02.1728) John Mason of Porters
  m2. _ Jebb
  (3)+ other issue - William (Captain), John (Captain)
  d. Christina Wade (b 1672)
  m. Robert Cooke of Kiltinane
  B. Elizabeth Wade
  m. Edmund Lenthal of Lechford
  C. Armeniagilda Wade
  m. Charles Mordaunt of Thunderley
  D. daughter
  m. John Whorwood of Compton
  E. Alice Wade
  m. Phillip Cage of Hormedbury
2. Thomas Wade
  m. _ Pope (heir)
3. Margaret Wade
  m. Robert Jones (Clerk of the Privy Seal)
4.+ other isuse - Anne, Joyce, Grissell
m2. Anne Marbury

Main source(s): BIFR1976 (Hyde)
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