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Families covered: Princes of Gwynedd, Princes of North Wales, Family of Castellmarch
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Sources vary as to the titles given to some of the people mentioned on this page: "King" is used by some whilst "Prince" is used by others. We have yet to adopt a standard policy on this (should such a thing be possible), and have yet to check properly that we are being 'correct' on the regions over which the leaders claimed control, and so may be inconsistent on how we describe them. We will review this in due course.
Merfyn (Mervyn) 'the freckled', King of Powys, Isle of Man & Gwynedd (d 843-4)
As reported on the continuation, Griffith shows the wives of Merfyn and his father Gwyriad the other way around, with Essyllt as wife rather than mother of Merfyn and Nesta as wife rather than daughter-in-law of Gwyriad. Provisionally we follow those sources (such as Wikipedia) which show Essyllt as mother of Merfyn and Nest(a) as his wife but we may review this in due course.
The disagreement between sources on this matter appears to be quite well known. For example, BLG1952 (Phillips of Cilyblidd) quotes Sir John Edward Lloyd, who gives Nest as wife of Mervyn and Ethyllt as his mother, as saying in his 'History of Wales' that "This account, harmonising as it does with Harl, MS. 3859, is to be preferred to the common one, which reverses matters, making Nest the Mother of Merfyn and Ethyllt or Esyllt his wife". Nevertheless, BLG1952 then goes on to show Nest as mother and Essylht as wife of Mervy(n).
m. Nest (dau of Cadel ap Brochwel of Powys)
1. Rhodri Mawr ('the Great'), King of Wales (d 877-8)§W§ (F33)
  m1. Angharad (dau/heir of Meyrick ap Dyfawal ap Arther ap Selsyllt)
  A. Anarawd, Prince of North Wales (d 913 / 916 / 922)
  i. Idwal or Edwal Foel (the bald) (d 942)
  m. Avandreg of Powys (dau of Merfyn, King of Powys) @@ below
  a. Iago, Prince of Gwynedd (d 979)
  (1) Constantine 'the Black' mentioned by 'RoyalData'
  b. Idwal Vychan
  We presume that Idwal was the same person as the Ieuaf (Levan) shown by 'RoyalData' as Idwal's 2nd son who was Governor of South Wales, d 988, and was father of ...
(1) Hywel ('the Bad'), Prince of Gwynedd (d 985)
  (A) Cynan, Prince of Gwynedd (d 1005)
  (2) Cadwallan, Prince of Gwynedd (d 986)
  c. Meyrick or Meurig (d 986)
  (1) Idwal, King of North Wales (d 996)
  (A) Iago, Prince of Gwynedd (d 1039)
  (i) Cynan of Gwynedd
  Griffith identifies Cynan's wife as Rhanult, dau/heir of Alphrich ap Suttrick ap Mackmoth, of Ireland. 'RoyalData' helps identify her by describing her as ...
  m. Ranult or Ragnhildir (dau of Olaf Sihtricson, King of Dublin)
  (a) Gruffydd, Prince of Gwynedd (b 1055, d 1137) HJY
m1. Angharad (d c1162, dau of Owain ap Edwin, Lord Tegaingl) HJY
  m2. ?? (dau of Llychiom of Llanbeulan)
  m3. Perisair (sister of Llanwarch ap Bran)
  (b) Meredydd
  (ii) Angharad
  m. Lluddocca ap Tudor Trevor
  d. Rhodri (d 968) mentioned by 'RoyalData'
  e. Chrisly possibly of this generation
  m. Dryffin (Driffen or Driffon), King of Brecknock
ii. Eliseg or Ellis (d 942)
  a. Cynan this generation omitted by Griffith but given by 'RoyalData'
  (1) Trawst HJY
  m. Seisyllt, Prince of Wales HJY
  B. Cadell or Kadeth, King of South Wales (d 907/9) HJY
  m. Fenela (dau of Erpenwald, King of the East Saxons) HJY
  C. Merfyn, King of Powys (d 900-4)
  i. Llewelyn of Powys
  a. Angharad HJY
  m. Owain, King of South Wales (d 968/9889) HJY
  ii. Trifin or Triffyn
  a. Meirion Goch of Lleyn 'of Rhiw' - continued below
  iii. Iarddur
  iv. Avandreg HJY
  m. Idwal Foel (the bald) (d 942) @@ above HJY
  D. Tudwal Gloff
  E. Nest mentioned in BLG1952 (Phillips of Cilyblaidd)
  m1. Owen, Prince of Glamorgan
  m2. Morgan Vwynvawr
  F.+ other issue - Meyrick, Gwryad, Gwidlio
  Although Griffith shows Rhodri as married only to Angharad, as does 'RoyalData', BLG1952 (Phillips of Cilyblidd) reports that he married 3 times, the second wife being Nest, and that he had issue by both of the later marriages.
  m2. Nest
  I.+ other issue
  m3. ??
  J.+ other issue
2. Gwyard (d 873)



Meirion Goch of Lleyn 'of Rhiw' - continued above§W§ (T17)
1. Cyllinin Farchog of Castellmarch
  A. Cynwrig
  i. Iorwerth
  a. Cynwrig
(1) Tudur
  (A) Gruffydd
  (i) Llewelyn
  The following comes from Griffith's Pedigrees (Llandyfrydog, p150).
  (a) Gruffydd
  m. Mallt (dau of Howel Selyf of Nannau)
((1)) Einion
  m. Annes (dau of Robert ap Gruffydd ap Ednyfed ap Gruffydd ap Llewelyn ddu)
  ((A)) Ieuan
  m. Anne (dau of Dafydd ap Llewelyn ap Tudor)
  ((i)) Michael Evans 'of Llandyfrydog' (d before 07.07.1604)
  m. Catherine (dau of Owen Wynn ap Dafydd ap William ap Rhys ap Gruffydd ap Ednyfed)
  ((a)) Thomas Evans
  m. Elizabeth Kenrick (dau of William Kenrick)
  ((b)) Mary
  m. Owen Holland of Brew (son of Owen)
  ((ii)) Thomas
  ((a)) William
((iii)) Jane
  m. David ap William
  ((2)) Ieuan
  b. Tudur
  (1) Dafydd
  (A) Llewelyn
  (i) Gruffydd
  m. Margaret (dau of Sir Howel y Pedolau)
  (ii) Dafydd
  (a) Llewelyn
  ((1)) Gruffydd
  ((A)) Iorwerth
  ((i)) Margaret
  m. Meredydd ap Dafydd ap Maredydd Goch ap Trahaiarn Goch, of Lleyn

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : Griffith's Pedigrees (The Kings & Princes of Wales, p309)
(2) For lower section : Griffith's Pedigrees (Tribe of Meirion Goch (p395) & Castellmarch (p191)) with input as reported
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