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Families covered: Lords of Brnffenigl (Brynffenigl)

Marchudd ap Cynan, Lord of Brnffenigl (d c850)§W§ (T19)
1. Arseth
2. Owain
3. Karwedh (Carwed), Lord of Brnffenigl
  A. Jafeth (Japheth), Lord of Brnffenigl
  i. Nathan, Lord of Brnffenigl
a. Edryd
  (1) Idnerth, Lord of Brnffenigl Griffith (p396) calls him Idnerth (or Ithel)
  (A) Gwgan, Lord of Brnffenigl
  (i) Iorwerth, Lord of Brnffenigl
  m. Gwenllian (dau of Ririd ap Pasgen)
  (a) Kendrig (Cynric or Cynwrig), Lord of Brnffenigl
  m. Angharad (dau of Hwfa ap Kendrig ap Rhywalon, Lord of Christionydol)
  ((1)) Ednyfed Vychan of Brynffenigl (a 1200) - continued below H
  m1/2. Gwenllian (dau of Rhys ap Griffith, Lord of South Wales) H
  m2/1. Eva (dau of Llowarch ap Bran, Lord of Menai)
((2)) Grono Voel
  ((3)) Einion Ddu
  (b) Gwenllian
  m. Iorwerth ap Hwfa ap Cynddelw
(ii)+ other issue - Rhys, Kendrig
  (B) Bradwen of Brnffenigl
  m. Margaret of Gwynedd (dau of Owain, Prince of Gwynedd)
  (C) Iddon mentioned on Griffith (p396)
  (D) Madog Miniaw
This connection comes from Griffith (Stock of the founders - Einion ap Geraint, p325).
  (i) Cynfawr
  (a) Tegwared
  ((1)) Geraint
  ((A)) Einion, Lord of Pentraeth
  (2) Bleddyn
  (3) Rhys
  (A) David
  David is not mentioned on Griffith (p396), which provides the descents of Cynddelw & Gwillim, but he is shown here by BP1934 (Mostyn (barons of Mostyn)) which identifies him as ancestor of Griffith Goch, lord of Rho & Rhyfoniog.
  (B) Cynddelw of Plas Ucha
  (C) Gwillim
  b. Edwin
  c. daugher
  m. Madoc, Lord of Llechwedd Issat



Ednyfed Vychan ap Kendrig, Lord of Brynffenigl (a 1200, d 1233?, Chief Counsellor) - continued above§W§ (T1)
(1) Griffith reports that Endyfed married twice: m1. Gwenllian; m2. Eva aka Tanglwst. BE1883 shows the marriages the other way round (calling the first wife Tangwystyr, dau of Llowarch ap Bran, Lord of Menai). WBO does not name Ednyfed's wives. We initially followed BE1883 but, after a review in September 2009, now follow Griffith but note that Griffith (pp106&162) shows Ednyfed (d 1233) whilst we have seen Gwenllian shown as died in 1236. We may yet reverse the marriages again.
(2) BE1883 shows Tangwystyl as mother of Tudor, Llewellyn, Kendrig, Rhys (mentioned twice, apparently in error), Howel, Iorwerth, Angharad & Gwenllian and Gwenllian as mother of Grono & Griffith. We follow the allocation shown in 'Griffth's Pedigrees' but note that Gwenllian is often identified as mother of most of Ednyfed's sons.
m1. Gwenllian (d 1236?, dau of Rhys, Lord of South Wales)
1. Goronwy / Grong / Gruno, Lord of Tref-Gastel (Trescastell) (d 1270)
  m. Morfydd (dau of Meuric ap Ithel, Lord of Gwent)
  A. Tudor Hen of Penmynedd (bur 09.10.1311)
  m. Angharad (dau of Ithel Vychan of Englefield)
  B. Adles
2. Griffith (Gruffydd) of Henglawdd, later of Tregarnedd
  m. Gwenllian (dau of Howel (ap Ifan) ap Trahaiarn ap Gwgan, lord of Brecknock)
  A. Howel
i. Gruffydd
  a. Sir Rhys 'Hen'
  Griffith identifies Sir Rhys as ancestor of Sir Henry Vernon of Nether Hatton (here?), presumably through a female line.
  b. Robert probably of this generation
  (1) Rhys
(A) Robin Lloyd
  (i) Nest
  m. Ynyr ap Llewellyn ap Hywel ap Ynyr Fychan of Nannau
  B. Sir Rhys
  m. Margaret or Gwerfyl (dau of Howel ap Ynyr Vychan ap Ynyr ap Meyrick ap Madog ap Cadwgan, of Nannau)
  C. Gwenllian probably of this generation
  m. Howell ap Meredith of Efionydd
3. Gwladys mentioned by Griffith (pp162&184) but not by Griffith (p389), BE1883
4. Gwenllian Griffith does not show any spouse for Gwenllian but BE1883 shows her as wife of ...
  m. (sp) Llywelyn 'the Great', Prince of Wales (b 1173, d 11.04.1240)
m2. Eva (probably not Tangwystyl) (dau of Llowarch ap Bran, Lord of Menai)
5. Sir Tudor of Nant and Llangynhafal
  m. Adlais (dau of Richard ap Cadwallader)
6. Cynwrig or Kendrig (younger son)
  A. ??
  i. ??
  a. ??
  (1) ??
  According to BLG1863 (Lloyd of Plymog, Gwerclas and Bashall), 5th in descent from Kendrig was ...
  (A) Tudor ap Grifith of Plymog (a 1506)
  m. Ellen (dau of Griffith Vaughan of Cors y Gedol)
7. Rhys of Garth Garmon
  A. Gwenllian probably of this generation
  m. Madog Rwth
8. Angharad shown by Griffith (p389) as dau of Gwenllian but by Griffith (pp162&184) & BE1883 as dau of Eva/Tangwystyl
  BE1883 shows Angharad as wife of Einion Vychan ap Einion of Plas-yn-nant. Griffith shows that she married twice, as follows:
  m1. Tegwared y Bais Wen
  m2. Einion ap Gwalchmai
9.+ other issue - Llewellyn of Creuddyn (Creuthyn), Howel (d 1247, Bishop of St. Asaph), Iowerth of Abermarlais

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section (01.10.07) : 'RoyalData', BLG1850 (Lloyd of Plymog, etc), Griffith's Pedigrees (Stock of founders - Ednyfed Vychan, p324)
(2) For lower section (transferred from Tudor1 on 10.09.09) : BE1883 (Tudor of Richmond), Griffith's Pedigrees (Tribe of Ednyfed Vychan (p389) & Nanhoron Issa (p162))
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