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Families covered: Webb of New Street, Webb of Salisbury, Webb of Tytpit, Weston (Webbe Weston) of Sutton Place

William Webb of Tytpit (b 1557, bur 27.01.1632)
BLG1894 identifies William's wife as Joan, dau of R. White of Swanborne, but BLG1952 identifies her as Joan, dau of Thomas White of Swanborne. The White records suggest that the former may be correct.
m. Joan White (dau of ?? White of Swanbourne)
1. William Webb of Tytpit and New Street (bpt 24.04.1596)
  m. (27.10.1616) Alice Mustian (dau of William Mustian)
  A. William Webb of Tytpit, New Street and Gannox (Colonel)
  m. Anna Tichborne (d 11.12.1655, dau of John Tichborne of New Sarum)
  i. John Webb of New Street, Salisbury
  m. (1680) Sarah Eyre (dau of John Eyre of Salisbury)
  a. John Webb of North Park and Pengelly (b 1685, dsp 03.1760)
  m. Mary Rymer (dau of William Rymer)
  b. William Webb in London (b 1690, d 18.03.1759)
  m. (27.08.1717) Jane Cawsey (dau of Giles Cawsey of Littleham Court)
  (1) John Webb of Clifford's Inn and Coggeshall (b 07.06.1725, dsp)
  m. (07.04.1754) Mary Thetford (dau of Joseph Thetford)
  (2) James Webb in London (b 07.05.1732, dsp 08.1757)
  m. Elizabeth Anne Newsome
  (3) William Webb (b 05.02.1738, d 14.04.1791, 4th son)
  m. Anne Sise (b 1748, d 1849, dau of James Sise)
  (A) John Webb (b 1776, d 1869, rector of Tretire and Cardiff) had issue
  m. Sarah (niece of Judd Harding of Solihull)
  (B) William Webb (b 09.09.1780, d 1831) had issue
  m1. Dorcas Holloway (dau of John Holloway of City Road House)
  m2. (04.1825) Elizabeth Priscilla Massett (d 29.09.1850, dau of Thomas Massett (by Elizabeth, dau of John Birch of Knuckin Hall), widow of Ambrose Holloway)
  (C) Thomas Stallard Webb of Hampton and Coltishall (b 1778, d 18.06.1840, 5th son) had issue
  m. Anne Holloway (d 22.05.1841, dau of John Holloway of City Road House)
  (D) Sarah Jackson Webb
  m. John Venn of Highbury Park
  (E)+ other issue - James Alden of Mountford Lodge (b 1784, d unm 1874), George (b 1786, dsp 1829), Ann (b 1774, d unm 1850), Sarah Sis (d unm)
  (4)+ other issue (d unm) - Thomas of Hoxton (b 31.05.1734, d 03.03.1813), Jane (b 29.04.1721, d 1797), Mary of Pengelly (b 02.06.1727, d 01.1807)
  c.+ other issue - Thomas (b 1693), Margery (b 1681), Sarah (b 1696)
  ii. Samuel Webb
  B. John Webb of Salisbury (bpt 12.11.1620, MP) shown by BP1894 as possibly ancestor of Webbs of Milford House, Surrey
  m. (21.07.1644) Elizabeth Pope
  C. Nathaniel Webb (d 1684)
i. Daniel Webb of Devizes shown by BLG1952 as ancestor of Webbs of Milford House, Surrey
  ii. Benjamin Webb (d after 05.1758)
  m. Rachel Wright of Salisbury
  iii. Nathaniel Webb (b 1659, d 1689, of the Middle Temple)
  m. (25.07.1682) Martha Westbeere of Salisbury
  a.+ issue (d unm) - Nathaniel (d 1719), William (d 14.12.1708, of Lincoln's Inn)
  D. Elizabeth Webb
  E. Rebecca Webb
  m. Francis Courtenay (son of Francis of Powderham Castle (by Elizabeth Seymour??))
2. John Webb (b 1585)
3. Francis Webb of Salisbury
  m. Margaret South
4. Joseph Webb of London
  m. Judith Gopsell (dau of George Gopsell)
5. Elizabeth Webb
  m. (28.11.1611) William Cromwell (possibly grandson of Sir Oliver of Hinchinbrook)
6. Catherine Webb
  m. Alexander Whitlock



John Webb of Clerkenwell (bur 17.01.1680)
m. Elizabeth Dormer (dau of Robert Dormer of Peterley, son of Lord Dormer of Wenge)
1. John Webbe (b c1648)
  m. Catherine Borlase (dau of Sir John Borlase)
  A. John Webbe (d 07.03.1729)
m. Bridget Woolfe (d 10.02.1729, dau of John Woolfe by Anne Pinchon)
  i. Thomas Webbe
  m. Anne Tancred (dau of Thomas Tancred)
  a. John Webbe, later Weston of Sutton Place, Surrey (b 1753)
  John was bequeathed Sutton Place by "a very distant cousin, on condition that he adopted the name and arms of Weston".
  m1. Elizabeth Lawson (d 1791, dau of John Lawson son of Sir John, Bart of Brough Hall)
  (1) John Webbe Weston
  m. Caroline Graham (niece of Sir James Graham, Bart of Netherby)
(A) John Joseph Webbe Weston of Sutton Place (dsp Komorn 24.09.1849)
  m. (17.05.1847) Horatia Elizabeth Waldegrave (dau of John James Waldegrave, 6th Earl Waldegrave)
  (B) Caroline Weston
  m. F. Hicks of London
  (C)+ other issue (both married in France) - Mary, Matilda
  (2) Thomas Weston of Sarnesfield and Sutton Place, Sheriff (b 02.07.1790, dsp 12.09.1857)
  m. (25.01.1826) Mary Anne Wright (dau of John Wright of Kelvedon Hall)
  m2. (24.06.1794) Mary Haggerston-Constable (dau of William Haggerston-Constable of Everingham)
(3) Anna Maria Weston
  m. (22.07.1800) William Thomas Salvin of Croxdale Hall (b 04.07.1768, d 08.06.1842)
  (4)+ 4 daughters
  b. Anne Webbe
  m. Christopher Chapman Bird of Reigate
  c. Bridget Webbe (d unm)
  d. (Mary) Teresa Webbe
  m. John Wright of Kelvedon Hall
  ii. Bridget Webbe (d 1754)
  BLG1886 suggests that Bridget married John Monington of Sarnesfield, leaving 2 daughters who d unm, but it appears that her husband was ...
  m. Edward Monington of London (brother of Thomas of Sarnesfield)
The following comes from Visitation (Foster, Middlesex, 1663, Webb of St. James's, Clerkenwell).
2.+ other issue (a 1663) - Edward (b c1648), George (b c1652), Mary (b c1650)

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : BLG1952 (Webb formerly of Odstock), BLG1894 (Webb of Odstock)
(2) For lower section : BLG1886 (Salvin of Sutton Place)
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