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Families covered: Westropp of Attyflin, Westropp of Ballysteen, Westhorpe (Westropp) of Brompton, Westropp of Cornborough, Westropp of Mellon

Edward de Westhorp
m. Johan de Manby
1. John de Westhorp of Brompton, Yorkshire (a 1282)
  A. Thomas de Westhorpe (a 1345)
  m. _ Linaker (dau of Thomas Linaker)
i. John de Westhorpe of Brompton (d 1430)
  m. Jane Thweng (dau of John FitzEdmond Thweng of Cornborough, sister/heir of Marmaduke of Cornborough)
  a. William Westhorpe of Brompton
  m. Isabel Wentworth (dau of Thomas Wentworth)
  (1) Robert Westhorpe of Brompton called Christopher by Foster in 2 sections, omitted in another
  m. Anna Meynell
  (A) Richard Westhorpe or Westropp (b 1456, d 1497)
  m. Jane Witham (dau of John Witham of Brettonby)
Foster inserts an additional generation here, a George. In Walker's Yorkshire Pedigrees (1942, Thwenge of Kilton), George is shown as son of Thomas Westropp of Brettonby by Ivetta Watton. As it appears that BLGI1912 was prepared after serious investigation, we omit George.
  (i) Ralph Westropp of Brompton & Cornborough
  (a) Hugh Westropp of Brompton (d 1545)
  m1. _ Conyers (dspm, dau of John Conyers of Hutton-on-Wyske)
  m2. (1522) Jane Sayer (dau of John Sayer of Worsall-on-Tees)
  ((1)) James Westropp of Cornborough (d 1580)
  m. (1569) Elizabeth Lepton (dau of Christopher Lepton of Kepwick, m2. Edward Fairfax)
  ((A)) Ralph Westropp (d young)
  ((B)) William Westropp of Cornborough (b c1571, d 1603) - continued below
  m. (1595) Elizabeth Witham
  ((C)) Agnes Westropp
  m. Richard Askwith of Berowby
  ((D)) Elizabeth Westropp
  m. John Laycock of Brompton called John Lacon by Foster
  ((E)) Isabella Westropp
  m. John Jeffryson called John Giffardson by Foster
((F)) Jane Westropp
  m. William Wasse
  ((2)) Thomas Westropp (dsp 04.1604, Captain)
  m. (1591) Anna (widow of _ Gowerley)
  ((3))+ other issue (d unm) - Ralph (d 25.06.1606, Serjeant-at-Arms), Agnes (d 1606)
  (2) John Westhorpe (d 1490-1, priest of St. Andrew's Newton)
  (3) Isabella Westhorpe
  m. Thomas Greene of Stansale
  (4) Johan Westhorpe
  m. Robert Morson of Babrie
  (5) Anna Westhorpe
  m. William Palmes of Naborn
  b. James Westhorpe (3rd son)
  m. _ Salvyn (dau of Gerard Salvyn)
  c.+ other issue - Anthony of Whitby, Thomas (d 1466-7, rector of Newton)



William Westropp of Cornborough (b c1571, d 1603) - continued above
BLGI1912 identifies William's wife merely as Elizabeth Witham. In Walker's Yorkshire Pedigrees (1942, Thwenge of Kilton) she is identified as ...
m. (1595) Elizabeth Wytham (dau of William Wytham of Ledston)
1. Ralph Westropp of Cornborough (b 12.1599, d 1610)
2. Thomas Westropp of Cornborough (d c12.1656)
  A. Edward Westropp of Newnham (a 1665)
B. Montifort or Montiford Westropp 'of Bunratty' (d 24.08.1698, settled in Ireland)
  m. Frances Taylor (dau of John Taylor of Ballinort by Gertrude, dau/heir of Sir Francis Berkeley of Askeaton by Catherine Loftus)
  i. John Westropp of Killard (co. Clare) & Cahirduggan (co. Cork)
  a. daughter (dsp)
  m. Charles Atkins of Cirrakerry West (Fountainville), Sheriff of Limerick
  ii. Montiford Westropp of Kilkerin & Attyflin (d before 12.05.1726)
  m. (1684) Elizabeth (d 1756)
  a. John Westropp of Atttyflin, Sheriff of co. Limerick (dsp 1781)
  m. (1734) Mary Taylor (dau of Berkeley Taylor of Ballinort, cousin)
  b. Elizabeth Westropp
  c. Mary Westropp
  m. (1715) Poole Hickman of Kilmore
  d. Frances Westropp
  m. W. Lavitt of Cork
  e. Jane Westropp
m. (1726) Edmund (not Thomas) Browne of Newgrove
  f. Gertrude Westropp
  m. (1728) Luke Hickman of Fenloe
  g. Anne Westropp
  m1. Richard Bury of Mount Pleasant
  m2. William Spaight of Six Mile Bridge
  h. Susannah Westropp
m. (21.09.1738) John Longfield of Longueville
  iii. Ralph Westropp of Cahirduggan (co. Cork) & Clonmoney (co. Clare) (d before 04.1741)
  m. (08.1701) Hanna Roberts (dau of Randall Roberts of Britfieldstown)
  iv. Thomas Westropp of Mellon (co. Limerick) & Ballyseeen (d 1743-4)
  m. Elizabeth Bury (dau of ?? Bury of Shannongrove by Albinia, dau of Sir Drury Wray, Bart)
  a. Thomas Westropp of Ballysteen
  m. (22.07.1729) Sara Taylor (dau of Berkeley Taylor of Ballinort)
  (1) Thomas Westropp 'of Ballysteen' (d 12.1789)
m. Jane Browne (dau of Thomas Browne of Newgrove)
  (A) John Westropp of Ballysteen, Sheriff of Limerick (dsp 1825, General)
  (B) Sara Westropp
  m. Thomas Odell of Ballingarry, later Westropp of Ballysteen
  (C)+ 3 children (d young)
  (2) Berkeley Westropp (d 177*, Colonel)
  (A) John Westropp had issue
  (B) Mary Westropp possibly fits here
  m. (1783) Arthur Vincent of Summerhill (b 1761)
(3) Lucy Westropp probably of this generation
  m1. _ Lindsay (Captain)
  m2. John Vincent of Limerick
  (4) daughter
  b. Mountiford Westropp of Mellon
  m. (1744) Martha Roberts (dau of Thomas Roberts of Britfieldstown)
  (1) John Westropp of Mellon & Rockfield (d 03.11.1793)
  m. (1776) Susannah Lewin (d 1823, dau of Thomas Lewin of Cloghams)
  (A) Mountiford Westropp of Mellon & Westbury Lodge (b 1781, d 1843) had issue
  m. (1813) Jane Dawson (d 1859, dau of Charles Dawson of Charlesfort)
(B) Barbara Westropp (dsp 1863)
  m. Howell Powell Clough
  (C) Susanna Westropp (d 06.01.1817)
  m. Charles Whitehead Dunbar Massey (d 14.6.1817, son of Sir H.D., Bart)
  (2) Jane Westropp
  m. Edward Galwey of Lota
(3) Elizabeth Westropp
  m. (09.03.1771) Rev. Richard Collis (Chanter of Limerick Cathedral)
  c. Robert Westropp (d unm)
  d. Cecil Westropp of Ballydoole (d 1788, minister of Ardcanny)
  m. Hannah Westropp (dau of Ralph Westropp of Cahirdowgan, cousin)
  (1) Thomas Westropp of Corraghbridge
  m. (08.1771) Frances Minchin (dau of William Minchin of Greenhills)
  (A) Thomas Westropp (b c1772, d 1843, rector of Doonnas) had issue
  m. Elizabeth Stacpoole (dau of George Stacpoole of Cragbrien)
  (B) Ralph Westropp (d unm, RN)
  e. Palmes Westropp, Sheriff then Mayor of Cork (d 23.10.1793)
  m. (1749) Susannah Ross-Lewin (dau of John Ross-Lewin of Fort Fergus)
  (1) Henry Westropp of Richmond, co. Limerick
  (A) Henry Sheares Westropp 'of Richmond' had issue
  m. Elinor Winthrop Jones
(2) Palmes Westropp (Colonel)
  (A) John Westropp of Dublin (General)
  v. Robert Westropp of Fort Anne, co. Clare (dsp)
  m. Anna Smith
  vi. Elizabeth Westropp
  m1. (1684) Thomas Spaight of Burrane
  m2. Arthur Ward of Lodge
  vii. Frances Westropp
  viii. Susannah Westropp
  m. (1678) Henry (sb Simon?) White of Knocksentry
  C. Anna Westropp (bpt 09.08.1632)
  m. Symon Peacock
  D.+ other issue - Ellen (b 03.1633, d before 11.1656), Elizabeth (a 1656)
3. Elinor Westropp
  m. (04.1612) Sir Robert Osbaldeston (Attorney General in Ireland)
4.+ other issue - Anne (bpt 08.1598, d before 1606), Gertrude, Elizabeth

Main source(s): BLGI1912 (Westropp of Attyflin) with some support for upper section from Visitation (Foster, Yorkshire, 1584/5-1612, Westhroppe of Corneburgh)
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