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Families covered: Wilbraham (Wilbram) of Brindley, Wilbraham (Wilburgham) of Radnor, Wilbraham of Woodhey

Sir Richard de Wilburgham of Wymincham, Sheriff of Cheshire (d 1273-4)
m1. Margery or Margaret de Vernon (dau of Warine de Vernon of Shipbroke)
1. son (dsp)
2. (Agnes) Wilburham
  m. Richard de Lostock (dsp)
3. (Matilda) Wilburham
  m. Robert de Winnington
m2. Letitia Venables (dau of Sir William Venables of Wymincham)
4. William de Wilburgham of Radnor
  m(1). Christiana Crosley (sister of Richard Crosley)
  A. William de Wilburgham of Radnor (d 1353-4)
i. Ralph de Wilburgham of Radnor (d 1388)
  m1. Felicia de Hulme (dau of John de Hulme)
  a. Thomas de Wilburgham of Radnor (b by 1366, d 1410-1)
  m. Margery de Leighes (dau of Thomas de Leighes)
(1) Thomas de Wilburgham of Radnor
  m. Margaret Golborne (dau of John Golborne of Woodhey)
  (A) Thomas Wilbraham of Radnor and Woodhey (d 1491-3)
  m. Margaret Swettenham (dau of Thomas de Swettenham by Alice de Overton)
  (i) William Wilbraham of Woodhey (d 1536)
  m. Helena Egerton (dau of Philip Egerton of Egerton)
(a) Thomas Wilbraham of Woodhey (dsp 03.07.1558-9)
  m. Margaret Mainwaring (dau of Sir John Mainwaring of Peover)
  (b) Richard Wilbraham of Woodhey (d 07.08.1558)
  m. Dorothy Grosvenor (dau of Richard Grosvenor of Eaton)
  ((1)) Thomas Wilbraham of Woodhey & Titson (d 1610)
  m1. Frances Cholmondeley (dau of Sir Hugh Cholmondeley of Cholmondeley)
  ((A)) Sir Richard Wilbraham, 1st Bart of Woodhey (b 1579-80, d 1643)
m. Grace Savage (sister (not dau) of Thomas Savage, 1st Viscount Savage)
  ((i)) Sir Thomas Wilbraham, 2nd Bart of Woodhey (b c1601)
  m. Elizabeth Wilbraham (dau of Sir Roger Wilbraham of Bridgemore)
  ((a)) Sir Thomas Wilbraham, 3rd Bart of Woodhey (d 1692)
  m. Elizabeth Mytton (dau of Edward Mytton of Weston Park)
  (((1))) Elizabeth Wilbraham (dsps)
  m. Sir Thomas Middleton, Bart of Chirck Castle
  (((2))) Grace Wilbraham (d 26/30.04.1740)
m. (before 01.11.1680) Sir Lionel Tollemache, 4th Bart, 3rd Earl of Dysart (b 30.01.1648, d 03.02.1726-7)
  (((3))) Mary Wilbraham (b c1661, d 03.12.1737)
  m. (20.04.1681) Richard Newport, 2nd Earl of Bradford (b 03.09.1644, d 14.06.1723)
  ((b)) Ralph Wilbraham of Newbottle (sb Newbattle?)
  m. Christiana Leigh (dau of Edward Leigh of Bagulegh)
  (((1))) Elizabeth Wilbraham
  m. Sackville Tufton (b c1647, d 30.03.1721)
((c)) (Elizabeth) Wilbraham
  m. (27.15.1657) Mytton Davies of Gwynsanney
  ((d))+ other sons (dsp)
  ((ii)) Mary Wilbraham (b c1603)
  m. Sir Peter Venables of Kinderton, Sheriff of Cheshire (b 1605, d 1679)
  ((iii)) Elizabeth Wilbraham (youngest dau)
  m. Sir Humphrey Brigges, 2nd Bart of Haughton (d c1691)
  ((iv))+ other issue - Richard, Raffe, John, William
((B)) Mary Wilbraham
  m. Sir Thomas Delves, 1st Bart of Doddington (b 1572-3)
  ((C)) Dorothy Wilbraham (d 1636)
  m1. John Done or Donne of Utkington (b 1577, d 1629)
  Although the dates make it seem unlikely, this Dorothy is identified as also having married ...
  m2. Basil Herne of Hampstead (d 04.01.1692)
  ((D)) Elizabeth Wilbraham (bur 26.06.1621)
  m. (1614) Sir Richard Grosvenor of Eaton
  m2. Margaret (or Mary) Warberton (d 1631, dau of Peter Warburton of Areley)
((E)) Frances Wilbraham
  m. (1599) William Davenport of Bromhall (b 1584, d 1655)
  ((F)) Mary Wilbraham
  m. Thomas Mauleverer (d 1635, son/heir of Sir Richard of Allerton)
  ((G)) Anne Wilbraham (b c1590, d 12.10.1669)
  m. (1609) John Hurlesto(n) of Pickton
  ((H))+ other issue - Thomas (d young), Hugh of Ecclsston, Warberton (d young)
((2)) Elizabeth Wilbraham probably of this generation
  m. Thomas Hough of Thornton le Hough
  (c) Ellin or Ellenor Wilbraham
  m. Rafe Donne of Flaxyards
  (d) Margery Wilbraham
  m. Rafe Leversege of Wheelock
  (e) Elizabeth Wilbraham
  m. John Whitmore of Thurstanton
  (f) Margaret Wilbraham
  m. Thomas Daniell of Tabley (d 02.06.1551-2)
  (ii) Thomas Wilbraham
  (a) John Wilbraham
  (iii) Margaret Wilbraham
  m. Thomas Hill
  (iv) Elizabeth Wilbraham or Wilbram
  m. Thomas Bromley of Norbury
  (v) Jane Wilbraham
  m. Lawrence Woodnett or Woodnoth
(vi) Alice Wilbraham
  m. John Wright of Bickley
  (B) Randulph Wilbraham (d 02.03.1548)
  The following is supported by Visitation (Cheshire, 1613, Wilbraham of Nantwich) though the dates given there for Randulph (1499) & Alice (1503) appear wrong.
  m. Alice
  (i) Ralph Wilbraham (d 1552)
  m. Elizabeth Sandford of Lancaster (d 1564)
  (a) Randulph Wilbraham in Bristol (dsp(s) 1581)
  ((1)) John Wilbraham (dvp?)
  (b) Richard Wilbraham of Nantwich (b 1525-8, d 1612)
  m1. Elizabeth Masterson (dau of Thomas Masterson or Maisterson of Nantwich)
  m2. (1591) Margaret
  (c) Thomas Wilbraham in London (d 1573)
  m. Barbara Chudleigh (dau of Robert Chudleigh of Middlesex)
  (d) Margaret Wilbraham
  m. Thomas Clutter of Nantwich
  (ii) Humphrey Wilbraham
  (a) John Wilbraham
  (iii) Thomas Wilbraham (b 1531, d 1573, recorder of London)
  (C) Richard Wilbraham of Brindley
  The following comes from Visitation (Cheshire, 1580, Wilbram of Radnor) & Visitation (Cheshire, 1613, Wilbraham of Brindley).
  m. Margery Rees (dau/coheir of William Rees of Worleston)
  (i) William Wilbraham of Brindley
  m. Ellin or Helen Beteley (dau of William Beteley or Bitley of Bourland)
  (a) Richard Wilbraham of Brindley (a 1580, dsp)
  m. Elizabeth Leech (dau of John Leech of Nantwich)
  (b) Randoll Wilbraham of Worleston
  m. Margaret Wolley or Owley of Bonbury
  ((1)) William Wilbraham (dsp)
  ((2)) William Wilbraham of Worleston, later of Brindley (a 1580, 1613)
  m. Margaret Allen (dau of William Allen of Brindley)
  ((A)) Ann or Agnes Wilbraham
  m. John Weld of Dreyton
  ((B)) Elizabeth Wilbraham
  m. Thomas Flete of Poole
  ((C)) Margaret Wilbraham
  m. _ Pratchett
((D))+ other issue - Thomas (b c1576, d young?), Richard of London, William, Randall, John, Dorothy, Mary
  (c) James Wilbraham
  ((1))+ issue - James, William, Richard
  (d) Elizabeth Wilbraham
  m. Richard Maston or Moston
  (e)+ other issue - William, Thomas
  (D) Ellin / Ellina Wilbraham (Wilbram) possibly of this generation
  m1/2. Hugh Bulkeley of Wore
  m2/1. Ralfe Done of Flaxyards
  (E)+ other issue - William, John
  (2) Griseld Wilbraham possibly of this generation
  m. Robert Wirrall of Howton
  m2. Matilda de Leigh (dau of Robert de Leigh of Adlington)

Main source(s): BP1934 (Skelmersdale) with support/input from Visitation (Cheshire, 1580, Wilburham vulgo Wilbraham of Woodhey), Visitation (Cheshire, 1613, Wilbraham of Woodhey)
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