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Families covered: Williams of Cochwillan, Williams of Marle, Williams of Penrhyn, Williams of Vaynol, Williams of Ystymcollwyn

William Williams of Cochwillan (d 1588-9)
m. Lowry Salusbury (dau of Henry Salusbury of Llanrhaladr)
1. William (Wynn) Williams of Cochwillan (d before 13.03.1610)
  m. Dorothy Griffith (dau of Sir William Griffith of Penrhyn, Chamberlain)
  A. William Williams of Cochwillan, Sheriff of Carnavronshire (a 1592, eldest son)
  m1. Agnes Wynn (dau of John Wynn ap Meredith of Gwydyr)
i. Owen Williams (disinherited)
  Griffith shows that Owen's wife was Catherine, dau of John Leigh of The Ridge, but BP1934 identifies her as ...
  m. Dorothy (dau of Rhys ap Thomas of Ystym Colwyn)
  a. Dorothy Williams
  m. Henry Needham
  ii. Ellen Williams
  m. Sir William Williams, 1st Bart of Vaynol (d c1630) @@ below
  m2. Barbara Lumley (dau of George Lumley)
iii. Henry Williams (a 1620, sold Cochwillan)
  m. Jane Salusbury or Salesbury (dau of Thomas Salusbury of Denbigh Castle, of Lleweny family)
  a. Lumley Williams of Ystumcolwyn (d 20.04.1638)
  The following comes from Griffith's Pedigrees (Meillionydd, p380) with some support from BE1883 (Lumley).
  m. Dorothy (dau./heir of Rhys ap Thomas ap David ap Ithel, of Ystym Colwyn)
  (1) John Williams (dsp)
  m. Meriel Powel (dau of Richard Powel of Worthen)
  (2) Lumley Williams of Ystym Colwyn or Ystymcollwyn (a 01.1700)
  m. Ann Owen (dau/coheir of Thomas Owen of Botalog)
  (A) Lumley Williams of Ystym Colwyn or Ystymcollwyn
  m. Elizabeth Bradeley (dau of Edward Bradeley)
  (i) Muriel Williams of Ystym Colwyn (b 27.09.1684, d 20.1.1725)
  m. (1703) Arthur Williams of Meyllionydd (b 28.04.1681, d 31.10.1723)
(B) Rhys Williams of Rhyd y Gro
  (i) Lumley Williams
  (C)+ other issue - John, Matthew
  (3)+ other issue - Rhys (dsp), Jane, Barbara, Elizabeth, Dorothy
  b. William Williams not mentioned by Griffith but reported in BE1883 (Lumley)
  (1) Griffith Williams (d unm 02.04.1658)
  c. Barbara Williams
  m. Owen Lloyd of Llwyn Owain (bur 19.07.1671, son of David Lloyd of Pentreclawd)
  iv. William Williams (d young)
  v. Blanch Williams
  m. Richard Price of Eglwyseg
vi. Mary Williams
  m. William Bulkeley of Coedan (Brynddu)
  vii. Barbara Williams
  m. Richard Herbert of Park
  B. Rhys Williams (3rd son)
  m. Sarah or Jane Endesby (dau of William Endesby of Coventry)
  C. Arthur Williams of Meillionydd (d 03.07.1621, precentor of Bangor Cathedral)
  m. Anne (dau of John Lewis of Chwaen Wen, relict of Owen Wynn of Ystemcegid)
  D. Edmund Williams of Conway (d 13.01.1601, 6th son)
  m. Mary Wynn (d 10.10.1585, dau of Owen Wynn of Eglwysfach)
  i. Robert Williams of Pen-yr-allt (Penrallt) (d before 1624)
  m. Elizabeth (dau of Griffith ap John of Cefnamwich)
a. Sir Griffith Williams, 1st Bart of Penrhyn & Cochwillan (d after 13.09.1663)
  m. Gwen Bodwrda (dau of Hugh Bodwrda of Bodwrda)
  (1) Sir Robert Williams, 2nd Bart of Penrhyn & Cochwillan (d 10.12.1680)
  m1. Frances or Jane Glynne (dau of Sir John Glynne, Serjeant-at-law, Lord Chief Justice)
  (A) Sir John Williams, 3rd Bart of Penrhyn (d unm 04.01.1682)
  (B) Sir Griffith Williams, 4th Bart of Penrhyn (d unm 29.12.1684)
  (C) Frances Williams (dsps)
  m1. Robert Lloyd of Esclusham
  m2. Lord Edward Russell (b 1641-2, d 30.06.1714, 4th son of Duke of Bedford)
  (D) Anne Williams
  m. Thomas Warburton of Winnington (bur 26.02.1726-7)
BP1934 suggests that they had a daughter Anne Susanna who married (19.11.1783) Richard (Pennant), 1st Lord Penrhyn but that was a generation later.
  (E) Gwen Williams (bur 19.11.1739)
  m. (18.06.1691) Sir Walter Yonge, 3rd Bart of Colliton (bpt 08.09.1653, d 18.07.1731)
  Griffith shows that Sir Robert's 2nd wife was _ Jennings of Yorkshire, relict of Col. Whyte of Friars in Beaumaris, but BP1934 identifies her as ...
  m2. (12.06.1671) Frances Barkham (dau of Sir Edward Barkham, Bart, relict of Col. White of the Friars)
  (2) Sir Hugh Williams of Marle, 5th Bart, Sheriff of Carnarvonshire (d 22.03.1686, sb 1706?)
  m. Anne Vaughan (dau/heir of Henry Vaughan of Pantglass)
  (A) Sir Griffith Williams of Marle, 6th Bart (d 1734)
  m. (1697) Catherine Anwyl (d 1726, dau/heir of Owen Anwyl of Penrhyn-deu-draeth)
  (i) Sir Robert Williams, 7th Bart of Penrhyn (d unm 1745)
(ii) Anne Williams (dsp 12.1770)
  m1. (11.01.1739) Sir Thomas Predergast (Prendergast), Bart (dsp 23.09.1760)
  m2. Terence Predergast (Captain)
  (iii)+ other issue (d young)
  (3) Edmund Williams of Arianws (bur 01.08.1714)
  m. Mary Wood (dau of William Wood of Dal-y-llyn)
  (A) Griffith Williams of Ariannws (colonel)
  m. (1715) Margaret or Mary Williams (dau of Robert Williams of Roe)
  (i) Sir Hugh Williams, 8th Bart of Penrhyn (d 19.08.1794)
  m. (28.06.1760) Emma Rowlands (d 13.083.1770, dau of Thomas Rowlands of Nant)
  (a) Sir Robert Williams 'of Friars', 9th Bart of Penrhyn (b 20.07.1764, d 01.12.1830) had issue
  m. (11.06.1799) Anne Hughes (d 11.09.1837, dau of Rev. Edward Hughes of Kinmel Park)
(b) Hugh Rowlands Williams (d Grenada 1795)
  (c)+ other issue (d unm) - Anne Jane (d 04.01.1801), Frances Emma (d 09.1829)
  (B) Gwen Williams
  m. Richard Sherburne of Lancashire
  (4) John Williams of Brynmor (b 1642-3, dsp 25.07.1706)
  m. Gaynor Griffith (d 1749, dau/heir of Owen Griffith of Tal y Bont)
  (5) Roger Williams of Penrallt and London had issue
  m. Mary Curtiss (dau of Norton Curtiss of Morden)
  (6) Eleanor Williams
  m. Robert Coytmor of Coytmor (bur 1725)
  (7) Dorothy Williams
  m. John Jeffreys of Acton (b c1636, dvp 1670)
  (8) Catherine Williams
  m. John Bodwrda of Bodwrda
  (9) Grace Williams
  m. Cadwallader Wynne of Voelas (b 1640, d 02.1719)
  (10) Elizabeth Williams
  m. Henry Rowlands of Llwynbedw
  (11)+ other issue - Griffith (bpt 06.04.1639, dsp), William (bpt 06.04.1639, dsp), Gaynor (bpt 14.03.1640, d unm)
  b. Catherine Williams
  m. Hugh Griffith (Canon & Chancellor of Bangor)
c. Elin Williams
  m. Thomas Griffith of Llwyn y Glyn
d. daughter
  m. _ Hookes of Conway
  ii. John Williams, later of Cochwillan, Archbishop of York (b 25.03.1581, d unm 25.03.1650)
  iii. Dorothy Williams
  m1. Hugh Williams of Wegg or Wig (captain)
  a. Elizabeth Williams apparently of this generation, sister of Grace
  m. Rev. William Dolben (b 1588, d 1631)
b. Grace Williams
  m. Sir Owen Wynn, 3rd Bart of Gwydir (d c1660)
  m2. Sir William Powel of Rolleston Park
  iv. Ellen Williams (d 1643)
  m1. Evan Griffith of Pengwern
  m2. Sir Peter Mytton of Llanerch Park
  E. Catherine Williams
  m. John Wynn ap Humphrey, of Cesailgyfarch
  F. Jane Williams
  m. William Coytemore or Coetmor
  G. Margaret Williams
  m. John Lloyd Rosindale
  H.+ other issue - John of Llanllechid, Rowland (dsp 1583), Thomas, Richard
2. Thomas Williams of Vaynol (d 27.05.1592, 3rd son)
  The following is supported by Griffith's Pedigrees (Vaynol, p190).
  m. (1536) Jane Stanley (d 25.05.1579, dau of Sir William Stanley of Hooton)
A. Sir William Williams, 1st Bart of Vaynol (d c1630)
  m1. Ellen Williams (dau of William Williams of Cochwillan) @@ above
  i. Sir Thomas Williams, 2nd Bart of Vaynol (b 1585-6, d 26.06.1636 or c1650)
  m. Katharine Wynne (b c1588, d 14.11.1639, dau of Robert Wynne of Conway)
  a. Sir William Williams, 3rd Bart of Vaynol (d 01.11.1658)
  m1. Margaret Jones (d 06.1647, dau of Griffith (not Richard) Jones of Castle March)
  (1) Sir Griffith Williams, 4th Bart of Vaynol (b c1644, d c1663)
  m. Penelope Bulkeley (dau of Thomas Bulkeley, 1st Viscount Beaumaris)
(A) Sir Thomas Williams, 5th Bart of Vaynol (d unm c1670)
  (B) Sir William Williams, 6th Bart of Vaynol (dsp 23.12.1696)
  m. Ellen Bulkeley (b c1668, d 10.09.1729, dau of Robert Bulkeley, 2nd Viscount Beaumaris)
  m2. Margaret Wynne (d 1698, dau of John Wynne of Moll (Melai))
  b. Thomas Williams of Dinas
  m. (1645, sp) Jane Jones (dau of Griffith Jones of Castle March)
  c. Magdalen Williams
  m. (06.02.1634, sp) Lewis Anwyl of Park
  ii. Jane Williams probably of this generation, presumed of this marriage
  m. Owen Owen 'of Bodafon' (d before 05.12.1608)
m2. Dorothy Dymock (d before 24.05.1625, dau of Edward Dymock of Willington)
  B. Simon Williams of Wig
  m. Ann Gwyn (dau of Hugh Gwyn of Bodfel)
  i. Jane Williams (dsp)
  m. Thomas Strafford
  ii. Grace Williams (dsp)
  m. Edward Williams of Wig
C. Elin Williams
  m1. Robert Puleston of Bersham
  m2. Lewis Owen Meyrick, of Frodneg
  D. Catherine Williams
  m. William Glynn of Plas Newydd (a 1613)
3. John Wynn Williams of Bodlew (5th son)
  m. Elin (dau of Howel ap Robert ap John ap Meyrick, of Bodsilin)
4. Elin (Eleanor) Williams
  m1. Robert Puleston of Bersham
  m2. Lewis Owen ap Meyrick, of Brondeg
5. Grace Williams
  m. John ap Rhys ap Llewelyn, of Bodychen
6. Ann (Annes) Williams
  m. William Eyton of Watsay
7. Margaret Williams
  m. John Broughton of Murchwiail
8. Angharard possibly of this generation
  m. Morris ap John ap Rhys
9.+ other issue - Robert of Conway (d 1550), Edward of Maees y Catell (dsp after 1600, Captain, Sheriff of Carnarvonshire), Henry (Wynn) of Llangoed/Penmon

Main source(s): Griffith's Pedigrees (Cochwillan & Penrhyn, p186), BP1934 (Williams-Bulkeley), TCB
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