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Families covered: Windsor of Estain, Windsor of Stanwell, Windor of West Horsley

Gherardine or Gherardo was possibly the father of ...
1. Otho or Other (a 1057, d before 1100) the first mentioned by most sources
  A. Walter FitzOther or FitzOtho, Keeper of the Forest, Constable of Windsor Castle
  m1. Beatrice
  i. William FitzWalter/FitzOtho de Windsor, Constable of Windsor Castle
  m. Agnes de Valogne name found on a web site
  a. Sir William de Windsor (a 1194)
  (1) Walter de Windsor (d c1205)
  (A) Christian de Windsor
  m. Duncan de Lascelles
  (B) Gunnora de Windsor
  m. Ralph de Hodeng
(2) William de Windsor of Stanwell (a 1212)
  (A) William de Windsor of Stanwell (d c1275)
  m. Agnes
  (i) William de Windsor of Stanwell (d c1279)
  m. Margaret Drokensford (dau of John Drokensford)
  (a) Sir Richard de Windsor of Stanwell (d c1326)
  m1. Julian Stapleton (dau of Sir Nicholas Stapleton of Hachilsay)
  ((1)) Richard de Windsor of Stanwell (d 1367)
  m1. Joane
  ((A)) daughter
  m2. Julian Molyns (dau of James Molyns of Hants)
  ((B)) Sir James de Windsor of Stanwell (d 02.10.1371)
  m. Elizabeth Strechie (dau of Sir John Strechie of Wombro)
  ((i)) Sir Miles de Windsor of Stanwell
  m. Alice de Wymondam (dau of Adam de Wymondam of Wymondam)
((a)) Brian de Windsor of Stanwell
  m. Alice Drewe (dau of Thomas Drewe of Segrave)
  (((1))) Miles de Windsor of Stanwell (d unm)
  (((2))) Richard de Windsor of Stanwell
  m. Christian Falconer (dau of Richard Falconer)
  (((A))) Miles Windsor of Stanwell (d 30.09.1451)
m. Joan Green (dau of Walter Green of Bridgenorth)
  ((C)) Sir William de Windsor 'of Grayrigg', Baron (d 15.09.1385/6)
  Assumed to have been also by the second marriage were ...
  ((D)) Isabel de Windsor (b c1347)
  ((E)) Christian de Windsor (b c1351)
  m. Sir William Moraux
  ((F)) Margery de Windsor (b c1353)
  m. John Duket
  m3. Claricia Drokensford (dau of John Drokensford)
((2)) William de Windsor (rector of Stanwell)
  (b)+ other issue - Walter, Margaret (nun)
  (ii) Hugh de Windsor
  (a) Joan de Windsor
  m. Sir Richard de Dray
  b. Stephen de Bending or Bendeng of Elvetham (a 1160) possibly of this family, of this generation
  m. Juliana (dau of Piers)
  c. Hugh FitzWilliam de Windsor of West Horsley (a 1166)
  The following comes from VCH (Surrey, vol 3, West Horsley).
  (1) Hugh de Windsor of West Horsley (younger son?)
  (A) Hugh de Windsor
  (B) Christina de Windsor, heiress of West Horsley (d before 1325)
  m. Ralph de Berners (d 1297)
ii. Gerald FitzWalter de Windsor, Constable of Pembroke Castle
  m. (1112) Nesta of Deheubarth (d before 1136, dau of Rhys, Prince of South Wales)
a. William FitzGerald of Carru (Kerrin) Castle (d 1173)
  m. Maria de Montgomery (dau of either Stephen, Constable of Cardigan, or of Kingsley of Cheshire)
  (1) Otto or Odo FitzWilliam of Carru Castle
  m. Margaret (dau of Richard son of Tancred)
  (2) William FitzWilliam
  (A) William ('Gerrard') FitzWilliam of Kingsley
  m. Emma de Kingsley (dau of Richard de Kingsley)
  (i) William Gerard of Kingsley (d before 1316)
  m. Margaret
  (3) Raymond Crapus or 'le Gros'
  We do not follow Commoners (vol IV, Fitzgerald of Glyn) (or Vivian) in showing Raymond as ancestor of the Grace family and the Fitzmaurice Earls of Kerry.
  (4)+ other issue - Richard 'la Mare', Ralph, Robert, Ida mentioned by Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1887), Cornwall, 1530+1573+1620+additions, 'Carew of Antony', p67)
b. Maurice FitzGerald, Lord of Maynooth and Naas (b 1100, d 01.09.1176) Y
  m. Alice de Montgomery (dau of Arnulf de Montgomery, lord of Pembroke, 'Cimbricus') Y
  c. David FitzGerald, Bishop of St. Davids (d 1176)
  (1) Milo FitzBishop of Iverk
  d. Angharad or Angareth
  TCP (Barry) reports that the father of Angareth, who married William de Barry and whose mother was Nesta (dau of Rhys, Prince of South Wales) was Stephen, Constable of Cardigan Castle. He was Nesta's 2nd husband. For once we disregard TCP as most sources we have seen, including some 'serious' web sites, indicate that Nesta was Angareth's mother through her 1st marriage rather than her 2nd.
  m. William de Barry
  iii. Robert FitzWalter de Windsor, lord of Eston or Estain (Easton, Buckinghamshire)
  a. William de Windsor of Estain
  (1) Delicia de Windsor
  m. Robert de Hastings
  (A) Delicia de Hastings
  m. Henry de Cornhill
  (i) Jane de Cornhill
  m. Sir Godfrey de Lovaine
  (a) Sir Matthew de Lovaine of Estain
  m2. Gwladys of Gwynedd (dau of Gruffydd, Prince of Gwynedd)

Main source(s): BP1934 (Plymouth), BP1934 (Leinster), BP1934 (Gerard), BE1883 (Windsore) with a little input/support from 'RoyalData' and with other input as reported above
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