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Families covered: La Warr of Brislington, La Warr of Wickwar, Westfaling of Maunsell (Mansell) Gamage, Westfaling of Rudhall (Rudhale), Worthal (Worthyale) of Womburnford

John La Warr of Brislington (d c1213)
1. Jordan La Warr of Brislington (d c08.1231)
  m. Emma Jordan's widow, possibly mother of ...
  A. John La Warr of Wickwar and Brislington, Sheriff of Herefordshire (a 1275)
  m. Olimpia de Fokinton (dau of Sir Hugh de Fokinton of Folkington)
i. Roger La Warr of Wickwar, 1st Lord (d 20.06.1320)
  m. (by 09.1276) Clarice le Tregoz (d c1300, dau of Sir John le Tregoz of Ewyas Harold)
  a. John La Warr of Ewyas Harold, 2nd Lord (b c1276, d 09.05.1347)
  m. (c12.1294) Joan de Gresley (d 20/1.03.1352/3, sister of Thomas, Lord Gresley)
  (1) John La Warre (dvp before 24.06.1331)
  m. Margaret Holand (d 20/2.08.1349, dau of Sir Robert de Holand, 1st Lord)
  (A) Sir Roger La Warr, 3rd Lord (b 0.11.1326, d 27.08.1370)
  m1. (before 14.10.1338) Elizabeth (Isabel) Welles (dau of Adam Welles, Lord)
  (i) John La Warr, 4th Lord (dsp 27.07.1398)
m1. (before 08.05.1368) Elizabeth
  m2. (before 20.01.1388/9) Elizabeth Neville (dau of Sir Gilbert de Neville of Grimsthorpe)
  (ii) Thomas La Warr, 5th Lord (dsp 07.05.1426/7, rector of Manchester)
  m2. (before 03.02.1353/4) Elizabeth
  m3. (before 23.07.1358) Eleanor Mowbray (dau of John Mowbray, Lord)
  (iii) Joan La Warr (d 24.04.1404)
  m. (before 02.05.1384) Sir Thomas West of Oakhanger, 1st Lord (d 17/9.04.1405)
  The Barony passed into the West family.
  (B) Sir John La Warr of Bokampton (dsp 1361/2)
  (2) Jane La Warre
  m. Robert Hildeyard of Normanby
  Shown by BP1934 to be sister of the 3rd Baron but by TCP (Latimer) to be of this generation was ...
  (3) Catherine La Warr (d 09.08.1361)
  m. (by 1328) Sir Warine de Latimer, de jure 2nd Lord (b c1300, d 13.08.1349)
  b. Catherin La Warr
  c. Clarice La Warr probably of this generation
  m. Roger le Savage of Bobbing Court, Kent (d 1311)



Herbert Westpaling or Westphaling of London
Wikipedia ("Herbert Westaling"), which adds some details for the following Herbert, reports that the family originated in Westphalia, Germany. HoP ("Herbert Westfaling") reports that this family's ancestors "emigrated from Germany in the 15th century".
1. Herbert Westfaling of Maunsell Gamage (Herefordshire), Bishop of Hereford (b 1531/2, d 01.03.1602, Vice Chancellor of the University of Oxford)
  m. Anne Barlow (dau of William Barlow, Bishop of Chichester)
  A. Herbert Westfaling of Maunsell Gamage (a 1634)
m1. Frances Rudhall (dau of William Rudhall of Rudhall)
  i. Herbert Westfaling of Mansell Gamage (d 1638)
  m. Elizabeth Frogmere (dau of John Frogmere of Worcester and/or Claines)
  a. Herbert Westfaling of Rudhall, last of Mansell Gamage (b 03.01.1630, d 1705, MP)
  The following comes from HoP ("Herbert Westfaling", various).
m. (1650) Anne Edwards (dau of Sir Thomas Edwards, 1st Bart of Greet)
  (1) Herbert Rudhall Westfaling of Rudhale (b 1671?, d 11.1743, MP)
  m. (c01.1695) Anne Chappell (dau/heir of Charles Chappell of Battersea)
  (A) Herbert Westfaling of Rudhale (b c1699, d 28.04.1773, MP) possibly father of ...
  (i) Philip Westfaling of Rudhall probably of this generation
m. (14.06.1755) Catharine Scudamore (b 1724, dsp, dau of Richard Scudamore of Rowlstone)
  (B)+ 4 other sons
  (2)+ 4 daughters
  b.+ other issue (a 1634) - John, William, James, Frances, Elizabeth
  ii. William Westfaling of Hereford
  m. Elizabeth Thurston (dau of Richard Thurston of Challock)
  a.+ issue - Frances, Mary
  iii. Anne Westfaling
m. James Maisters of Burghill
  iv. Elizabeth Westfaling
  m. John Whittington of Yarkle Castle
  v.+ other issue - James, Samuell, Frances, Mary
  m2. Casandra Tirrell (dau of Sir Edward Tirrell of Thornton)
  B. Margaret Westfaling (d before 27.04.1637)
m1. Richard Edes (Dean of Worcester)
  m2. Humfry Litleton of Shreife Naunton
  C. Anne Westfaling
  m. William Jeoffreys of Homecastell
  D. Elizabeth Westfaling
  m1. Robert Walwin of Newland
  i. Herbert Walwin of Newland probably of this generation
  m. Elizabeth Dickins (dau of John Dickins of Bobington)
  ii. Elizabeth Walwin probably of this generation
  m. Thomas Dickins of Leaton in Bobington (b 1597/8, a 04.1663)
  m2. John Dickins of Leton
  E. Frances Westfaling
  m. Francis Jenkes of Newhall



Vivian spells the family name as 'Worthyale' whilst the only cross-reference we have found from another family spells it as 'Worthall'. Somewhat arbitrarily, we give precedence to the spelling used by Westcote. The similarity in name suggests the possibility that the family was connected to that shown on Worthevale1.
William Worthal or Worthyale of Womburnford, Devon named John by Westcote
m. Elizabeth (natural dau of Edmund Lenthall of Monckton)
1. John Worthal of Womburnford
  m. _ Tye (dau of John Tye)
  A. William Worthal of Womburnford (a 1622)
  m. Susan Turpin (dau of Robert Turpin of St. Mary Awtry)
  i. Grace Worthal
  m. (c09.1620) George Shapton of Luppit
  ii.+ other issue (a 1620/22) - John of Cottleigh (b c1600), William (b c1609), Beatrix, Mary, Sara, Wilmot
  B. John Worthal
  m. Agnes Croker (dau of Hugh Croker of Linham)
  C.+ other issue - Benjamin, Amias
2. Christopher Worthal
  m. ?? (natural dau of Hugh Culm)
  A. Amias Worthyale

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