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Families covered: Auchmuty of that ilk, Auchmutie in Drumeldrie, Auchmuty of Gosford, Auchmuty of Halhill (Lahill)
This family is still being researched. It has NOT yet been launched formally into the Database but is shown here as DRAFT in the hope that one or more visitors to the site will contribute information that will enable us to develop this page to an acceptable standard.
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(1) The first of this family on record appears to be the following Florentius. As mentioned by Commoners, "The name of Florence would seem to indicate something of Flemish origin, (as) it is comparatively of infrequent occurence in the histories of the period."
(2) The following section attempts to combine the information provided in Commoners and that provided in 'The East Neuk'. Both list lairds whose names appear in various records with only occasionally identifying the relationship between apparent successors. The only way we have managed to show any kind of tree is to be more presumptuous than we generally care to be. Please remember that this page is DRAFT and may yet be deleted and replaced by something very different!
Florentius Admuty or Auchmuty of that ilk (a 1344) possibly father or grandfather of ...
1. ?? Admuty or Auchmuty presumed intermediary generation, possibly father or grandfather of ...
  A. (David?) Auchmuty of that ilk
  m1/2. (1450) ?? Boswell (dau of Sir John Boswell of Balmuto, widow of James Halket of Pitferran) possibly parents of ...
  i. David Auchmuty of that ilk (a 1466, d Flodden 1513?) possibly father of ...
  a. Alexander Auchmuty of that ilk (a 1536)
  m. (?) Helen Melville (d before 1574) possibly wife of Alexander & mother of ...
  (1) Henry Auchmuty of that ilk
This line comes from Commoners although it is Wood who reports that Henry (apparently this oine) married ...
  m. (before 1547) Grizel Heryst possibly parents of ...
  (A) John Auchmuty of that ilk 'of Easter Fernie' (d 1606) #1# possible duplication below #1#,
  m. Isabel Wemyss (dau of Sir David Wemyss of that ilk) possibly parents of ...
  (i) Sir David Auchmuty of that ilk 'of Easter Fernie' (d 1650) #2# probable duplication below #2#
  m. Janet Lindsay (dau of John Lindsay of Balcarres) possibly parents of ...
  (a) Sir David Auchmuty of that ilk (d 1669)
  m. Margaret Gibson (dau of Sir Alexander Gibson of Durie) ## see here ##
  ((1))+ issue - David, Alexander, Charles, Colin (m. Janet Sinclair), others
  Commoners ends with this generation but confuses the issue by apparently indicating that David was b 1648 but then reporting that (the eldest son) "is supposed to have been amongst those who fell on King Charles's side in the fatal battle of Worcester" which was in September 1651.
  b. David Auchmuty of Easter Fernie of that ilk 'of Lawhill' (a 1544) possibly of this generation
  This line comes from Wood's 'The East Neuk' which seems to go off on a tangent after mentioning the above Henry.
  (1) Florence Auchmuty of Halhill (Lahill)
  m. (before 1555) Margaret Durie
  'The East Neuk' is slightly confusing here, briefly mentioning the 2nd son Lawrence before reporting the following Florence. We presume that the following Florence was indeed elder brother rather than son of that Lawrence.
  (A) Florence Auchnuty of Halhill (a 1582, a 1608)
  (i) George Auchmutie of that ilk (dsp) probably of this generation
  m. Beatrice Leslie (who m1. David Bethune of Creich)
  (ii)+ other issue - Alexander (a 1605), Robert (d 1652)
  (B) Lawrence Auchnuty of Halhill (a 1574) possibly father of ...
  (i) John Auchmutie of Easter Fernie, Auchmutie & Halhill (d by 1615?) cousin of George, presumed to fit here
  (a) Sir David Auchmutie of that ilk (d 1650) #1# possible duplication above #1#, we show both versions just to ensure that information is not lost
  m. Janet Wemyss (dau of Sir David Wemyss)
  ((1)) Sir David Auchmutie of that ilk & Halhill (Lahill) (d 1669) #2# probable duplication above #2#
  m1. Janet Lindsay (d 1647, dau of John Lindsay of Balcarres, relict of _ Lindsay of Benholm)
  ((A)) Alexander Auchmutie (d 1695)
  ((B)) George Auchmutie
  m. (1650) Margaret Gibson
m2. _ Gibson (dau of _ Gibson of Durie)
  ((C))+ other issue - Charles (d 1650), Peter (d 1740, Captain), Cecilia, Marjory
  ((2)) Alexander Auchmutie possibly the Sir Alexandxer (d before 1653) who was father of ...
  ((A)) Alexander Auchmutie of Poverton
  ((3)) Anna Auchmutie
  m1. _ Ayton of Kinglassie
  m2. (1655) David Kinneir of that ilk
  ((4)) daughter possibly the Jean who married ...
  m. David Sibbald of Kair
  ((5))+ other issue - Robert, James (d 1649)
  (b) Henry Auchmutie
  (C) Alexander Auchmuty of Stenton (d 1603)
  (2) Janet Auchmuty possibly of this generation, ancestral lines not yet followed --
  m. (1565) William Duddingston, 3rd of Sandford --
  c. Janet Auchmuty possibly of this generation
  m. John Seton, 2nd of Lathrisk



Wood's 'The East Neuk' reports that "Another branch of the family was settled close by, in Drumeldrie" and provides the following, starting with 2 apparent brothers whom we show as sons of ...
?? Auchmutie
1. David Auchmutie (d 1658, Captain) probably brother of ...
2. Daniel Auchmutie in Drumeldrie (a 1606, d before 1649)
  m. _ Balfour
  A. David Auchmutie in Drumeldrie (d before 1680)
  m. Jean Lindsay of Dowhill (d 1655)
  i. Daniel (or David) Auchmutie in Drumeldrie (b 1650, a 1690, 2nd son)
  m. (1673) Margaret Rutherford (dau of John Rutherford)
  a. David Auchmutie (b 1681)
  m. Lydia Forbes (dau of Captain Charles Forbes)
  (1) Daniel Auchmutie (b 1710)
  b.+ other issue - Colin (b 1685), Robert (b 1687), Clara, Anne, Mary, Cecilia, Janet
  ii.+ other issue - David (b 1649, d young), James, Anne
  B. Robert Auchmutie (d 1691)
3. Isobel Auchmutie probably of this generation
  m. John Rutherford (d 03.1656, minister)



Commoners mentions "Of a cadet branch, called Auchmuty of Gosford, in East Lothian, we find Achmuty, of Gosford, married the second daughter of Sir Patrick Murray, first Lord Elibank" and then goes on to mention "Sir John Achmuty of Gosford, married to Eliza, only daughter of Patrick Murray, second Lord Elibank, by whom he had Sir Alexander Achmuty, who sold the lands". This appears to involve some duplication and/or confusion as it appears that the conneection with the Elibank family was as follows:
Sir John Achmuty of Gosford
1. Sir Alexander Achmuty of Gosford (d before 1667?)
  m. (1648) Helen Murray (dau of Patrick Murray, 1st Lord Elibank)
  A. John Achmuty
2. Sir James Achmuty (gentleman of the privy chamber to King Charles II)
3. Sophia Achmuty
  m. Sir William Drummond of Hawthornden (son of William the poet)
4. Isabella Achmuty
  m. Sir John Byres of that ilk (bpt 18.02.1619, d 1648)

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : Commoners (vol 4, 'Achmuty or Auchmuty of Brianstown', p735, note) , 'The East Neuk of Fife' (2nd edition by Rev. Walter Wood, 1887, p99+)
(2) For middle section : 'The East Neuk of Fife' (2nd edition by Rev. Walter Wood, 1887, p100+)
(3) For lower section : Commoners (vol 4, 'Achmuty or Auchmuty of Brianstown', p735, note)
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