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Families covered: Cockburn of Clerkington, Cockburn of Gartsford, Cockburn of Henderland, Cockburn of Ormiston, Cockburn of Rowchester
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(1) TSP (Lindsay of Crawford) contains reference to an ancestor of the Lindsays of Ormiston "afterwards represented by Cockburn of Langton". From this we presume that the Cockburns of Ormiston were a branch of the Cockburns of Langton reported on Cockburn1.
(2) Noting the eminence of various members of this family, we hope in due course to find a source that pulls together the generations with some security. The first of this family we have so far identified is ...
John Cockburn of Ormiston father of Helen, presumed father of ...
1. John Cockburn (d by 1512)
  m. Margaret Hepburn (possibly dau of Patrick Hepburn, 1st Earl of Bothwell) presumed parents of ...
  A. Sir John Cockburn of Ormiston, Secretary of State apparently father of Barbara and Sibyl, presumed father of ...
  i. John Cockburn of Ormiston
  m. Alison Sandilands (d 21.10.1584, dau of Sir James Sandilands of Calder) presumed parents of ...
a. Sir John Cockburn of Ormiston (d 1623, Lord Justice Clerk)
  m1. (mcrt 28.07.1574) Janet Home (dau of Alexander Home of Manderston)
  (1) Margaret Cockburn (a 08.1642) eldest dau of the Lord Justice Clerk
  m. Patrick Sinclair, 8th Lord (d 1615)
  m2. Elizabeth Bellenden (dau of Sir John Bellenden of Auchnoull)
  (2) Katherine Cockburn eldest dau by Katherine Bellenden
m. (c20.12.1621) Sir James Makgill of Cranston Riddell, 1st Viscount Oxfuird (d 05.05.1663)
  Not known by which wife were ...
  (3) John Cockburn of Ormiston (d before 07.1664)
  Shown by various web sites as father of Lord Justice Clerk Adam by ...
  m. Janet Hepburn (d 1665, dau of Sir Adam Hepburn of Humbie, m2. Sir James Dundas)
  (A) Adam Cockburn of Ormistoun (d 16.04.1735, Lord Justice Clerk, Lord of Session as Lord Ormistoun)
  m1. (mcrt 13.03.1679) Susannah Hamilton (bpt 28.07.1657, dau of John Hamilton, 4th Earl of Haddington)
(i) John Cockburn of Ormistoun (d 12.11.1758)
  m1. (1700, sp) Beatrix Carmichael (dau of John Carmichael, 1st Earl of Hyndford)
  m2. Isabella or Arabella Rowe (dau of Anthony Rowe of Oxfordshire)
  (a) George Cockburn of Ormiston (d 23.07.1770, Comptroller of the Navy)
m. Caroline Baillie, Baroness Forrester (d 25.02.1784, dau of George Baillie, 5th Lord Forrester of Corstorphine, by Charlotte Rowe, sister of Isabella)
  ((1)) Anna Maria Cockburn, Baroness Forrester (d unm 31.12.1808)
  ((2)) Mary Baillie Cockburn (dvmsps 02.08.1777)
  m. (04.10.1776) Rev. Charles Shuttleworth (b 1750, d 19.12.1821)
  (ii) Patrick (not Robert) Cockburn
  Originally we reported a son Robert married to Alison Rutherford of Fernilie, as found on a web site. A site visitor (HH, 25.08.06+27.07.07) kindly drew our attention to some correspondence (PW, 20.08.06+14.06.07) which corrected the connection to what is shown.
  m. (1731) Alison Rutherford (d 22.11.1794, dau of Sir Robert Rutherford of Fernilie)
  (a) Adam Cockburn (d young)
  (iii) Adam Cockburn (to America)
m2. (after 1704) Ann Houstoun (d 18.01.1721, dau of Sir Patrick Houstoun, 1st Bart of Houstoun)
  Not known by which wife was ...
  (iv) Christian Cockburn
  m. Sir Robert Sinclair, 3rd Bart of Longformacus
  (v) Anne Cockburn (d 23.11.1772)
  m. Sir John Inglis, 2nd Bart of Cramond (b 1683-4, d 03.07.1771)
Not known by which wife was ...
  (B) Agnes Cockburn eldest dau of John who d before 07.1664
  m. (c07.1664) Sir William Kerr of Halden (b 22.12.1638)
  (4) Alison Cockburn
  m. Andrew Edmonstone of that ilk of Ednam
  ii. Barbara Cockburn
  m. (1563) George Hamilton of Preston (d 1608)
  iii. Sibyl Cockburn
  m1. (mcrt 26.02.1566) Sir William St.Clair of Herdmanston (d 02.06.1594)
  m2. John Cockburn of Clerkington @@ below
  iv. Janet Cockburn possibly of this generation
  m. James Heriot of Trabroun (d 04.10.1580)
  v. Jean Cockburn (d 07.07.1600) possibly of this generation --
  m. Sir William Lauder of Haltoun --
2. Helen Cockburn
  m. (before 1492) Alexander Gourlay of Kincraig
3. Agnes Cockburn possibly of this generation, married twice? --
  m1. Edward Crichton of Brunston (d 1506)
  m2. William Murray of Touchadam (d Flodden 1513) --



We hope in due course to find out how the following branches of this family connect with the other branches.
?? Cockburn father of Margaret, presumed father of ...
1. William Cockburn of Henderland (a 1474)
  m. Katherine Rutherford (a 1474, dau of George Rutherford of Chatto) wife of William, presumed mother of ...
  A. Marjorie Cockburn
  m. Walter Scott, 9th of Synton (d 1557)
2. Margaret Cockburn (a 1463)
  m. Sir Walter Scott of Branxholme and Buccleuch (d by 09.02.1469)



Patrick Cockburn of Clerkington father of Agnes, presumed father of ...
1. Sir John Cockburn of Clerkington
  m1. (mcrt 30.09.1560) Helen Maitland (dau of Sir Richard Maitland of Thirlestane and Lethington)
  A. Sir Richard Cockburn of Clerkington (Lord Privy Seal) confirmed as son by Helen in TSP (Maitland of Lauderdale), father of Margaret, presumed father of ...
  i. (Patrick?) Cockburn of Clerkington name Patrick suggested in TSP index but not in text in Cranstoun article
  m. Margaret Cranstoun (dau of James, Master of Cranstoun who dvp 1633)
  ii. Margaret Cockburn
  m. Sir Alexander Murray, 2nd Bart of Blackbarony, Sheriff of Peebleshire (b before 1634)
  iii. Jean Cockburn dau of Sir Richard, Lord Privy Seal
  m. (1620) James Pringle, 5th of Torwoodlee (d c1657)
  B.+ other issue
  m2 . Sibyl (dau of John Cockburn of Ormiston, Secretary of State) @@ above
2. Agnes Cockburn
  m. James Hamilton of Piell of Livingston (b by 1541)



According to BLG1886, the following family branched from the Cockburns of Langton about the end of the 13th century when a younger son obtained Selburnrigg.
Jaems Cockburn, last of Selburnrigg (a 1688)
1. John Cockburn (d 1712)
  A. David Cockburn in Langton (d 1763)
  m. Mary Whytelaw
i. Thomas Cockburn of Rowchester, Berwickshire (b 1723, d 1787)
  m. (1752) Agnes Scott (dau of John Scott of Belford, grandson of Sir John, Bart of Ancrum)
  a. John Cockburn, later Cockburn-Ross of Rowchester (d 1827)
  m. Jane Ross, heiress of Shandwick
  (1) Charles Cockburn-Ross of Rowchester & Shandwick (dsp 1839)
  (2)+ other issue (dsp) - Thomas (d Badajos, Captain), Christiana (d unm 1872)
  b. Thomas Cockburn
  m. Henrietta Colebrook
  (1) Thomas Cockburn (dsp)
  (2) Agnes Mary Cockburn
  m. (13.11.1815) Henry Stafford Northcote
  c. Alexander Cockburn of Gartsford, Ross-shire (d 1808)
  m. Olypmia Campbell (dau of Sir Alexander Campbell, 1st Bart)
  The following comes from BP1934 (Cockburn-Campbell of Gartsford). Olpympia's father's baronetcy passed to ...
  (1) Sir Alexander Thomas Cockburn, later Cockburn-Campbell of Gartsford, 2nd Bart (d 23.04.1871 in Australia) had issue
  m1. (20.06.1827) Margaret Malcolm (d 1841, dau of General Sir John Malcolm, cousin)
  m2. (1842) Grace Spence (d 31.07.1870, dau of Joseph Spence of Birtswith)
  m3. (04.04.1871, sp) Sophie Jana Trimmer (d 09.1890)
  d. Agnes Cockburn
  m. Thomas Hood of Hardacres (cousin)
  (1) John Hood, later Cockburn-Hood of Stoneridge, Berwickshire (b 08.07.1795, d 1878, 2nd son?) had issue
  m1. (1818) Janet Anne Low (d 1836, dau of Alexander Low of Leadnurquhart by Anne, dau of George Thomson of Nuthill & Falkland)
  m2. (1844, sp?) Elizabeth (Ms. Cosens of Kames)
  (2)+ other issue including Thomas (d Sancta Maura 1818, Captain)
  e. David Cockburn
  a.+ other issue - Mary, Marion, Cecilia Charlotte (d unm)
  ii. David Cockburn
  iii. Mary Cockburn
  m. Thomas Hood (grandson of James of Hwdesland or Hoodsland)

Main source(s):
(1) For upper 3 sections (uploaded 08.06.06) : Cross-references from TSP and elsewhere in the database
(2) For lowest section (uploaded 06.07.08) : BLG1886 (Cockburn-Hood of Stonebridge)
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