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Families covered: Fairlie of Braid, Fairlie of Bruntsfield, Fairlie of Fairlie (Fairley of Fairley)
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Robertson that "This ancient family, now extinct, is descended from Robert de Ross, a branch of the Rosses of Tarbet, who ... are stated to have been proprietors of the lands of Fairley, in the neighbourhood, from whence they took their name." Note that, on Crawford06, Robertson is contradicted by the later Paterson.
John Fairley 'of that ilk' of Fairley, Ayrshire (a 1540) probably succeeded by ...
1. David Fairley 'of that ilk' of Fairley (d 1596)
m. Catherine Crawford (dau of Lawrence Crawford of Kilbirny by Helen, dau of Sir Hugh Campbell of Loudoun)
  A. Margaret (or Agnes) Fairley
  Robert shows Margaret m. Sir Robert Crawfurd, later Fairley of Fairley (son/heir of William of Drumsoy) whom we show just below. We now follow Paterson who shows her as mother of that Robert by ...
  m. William Craufurd of Drumsoy (a 1577)
  B. Marion Fairley
  m. John Stewart of Ascog
  C. Elizabeth Fairley
  m. Robert Boyd of Portincross
  d.+ other issue - John, William
2. Marion Fairley (a 1580)
  m1. Thomas Boyd of Linn (brother of Lord Boyd)
  m2. James Stewart of Bute (d 1570)
2. Elizabeth Fairlie possibly of this generation, could be a generation earlier
  m. Arthur Montgomery of Greenfield & Stane (b c1510?)



Sir Robert Crawfurd, later Fairley of Fairley (d by 1655, son/heir of William of Drumsoy)
m. Agnes or Margaret Paterson appears not to have found much about Robert's wife, merely stating that Craufurd (precursor to Robertson) named her Agnes "though some call her Margaret"
Whereas Robertson (Ayrshire) reports that Robert (shown as married to Margaret Fairley, above) had a son Robert but Commoners, whilst mentioning that Sir Robert "appears to have been succeeded, in Fairlie, by a Robert Craufurd, alias Fairlie, conjectured to be his son" (that possibly referring to his grandson), reports that they had "several daughters, of whom two are named," including Agnes, heiress of Drumsoy who married her 1st cousin. Paterson reports that suggestion but notes that it "is somewhat doubtful" given the dates. Provisionally, in the absence of a 'better' suggestion by Paterson, we follow Robertson with that suggestion.
1. Sir John Fairlie of that ilk (d by 1661) not mentioned by Commoners or Paterson
  m. (c1605) Marion Crawfurd (dau of Thomas Crawfurd of Jordanhill)
  A. Robert Fairlie of that ilk apparently succeeded by ...
  i. Adam Fairlie of that ilk (a 1661)
  Robertson reports that "The next I find any notice of, was William Fairley of that Ilk, whose second son John, married Barbara Mure, the heiress of Caldwell". This appears to be confusion with the William Fairlie 'of that ilk' shown below.
  B. Jane Fairlie
  m. (by 1621) Duncan Crawfurd of Drumsoy (cousin)
2. Agnes Crawfurd or Fairlie, heiress of Drumsoy
  m. Robert Crawfurd (cousin)
3. Janet Crawfurd or Fairlie
  m. William Cathcart of Carbieston
4.+ other daughters



Paterson, reporting Nisbet, states that "the ancient family of Fairlie of Braid, in the vicinity of Edinburgh, was descended from a natural son of Robert II". A web site on Braid Castle reports that the castle was owned by James Fairlie of Braid by 1485 "and the Fairlie family continued to own (it) until 1631, when Sir Robert Fairlie sold Braid to Sir William Dick". The first mention of the family we have found is of ...
John Fairlie of Braid father of Helen, possibly father or grandfather of ...
1. ?? Fairlie of Braid possibly James (a 1485) or John (father or Elizabeth)?
  m. ?? Cuningham (dau of Robert Cuningham of Cuninghamhead) who married the laird of Braid, possibly mother or grandmother of ...
  A. Robert Fairlie of Braid possibly of this generation, married twice?
  m1. (after 09.1547) Annabella Campbell (dau of Duncan Campbell of Glenorchy, widow of Archibald Napier of Merchiston)
  m2. (mcrt 26.11.1549) Mariota Wemyss (dau of David Wemyss of Wemyss)
  i. Alexander Lundie of Braid father of Robert, possibly of this generation
  m. Elizabeth Lundie (dau of William Lundie of that ilk, widow (m.1580) Andrew Wood of Largo) wife of Alexander ("of Braid family"), fits here?
  a. Robert Fairlie possibly the Sir Robert who sold Braid in 1631?, possibly married twice?
  m1/2. Margaret Dalmahoy (dau of Alexander Dalmahoy of Dalmahoy who was a 1598) wife of Robert, son/heir of Alexander of Braid
  m2/1. Nicholas Dundas (dau of Archibald Dundas of Fingask who d 1624) who married the laird of Braid
  ii. Jane Fairlie "dau of Fairlie of Baird", possibly of this generation
  m. (mcrt 20.05.1565) James Crichton, later of Aghalan Castle
2. Helen Fairlie
  m. Henry Forrester of Niddry, etc. (a 1426)



Of the following family, Muir remarked that they "have assumed the distinction of that Ilk, or chief of the name; though there is reason to believe that they are no-wise connected with it, but altogether a distinct race." Anderson reports that William Fairly of Brunsfield purchased the lands of Dregohrne which (quoting Craufurd) "he got by a new charter cald fairly (sic), and styled himself of that ilk, though he had no relation to the family of Fairly of that ilk". Paterson, reporting Nisbet, states that "it is probable that Fairlie of Brunstfield, in the same neighbourhood, was a cadet of" the family of Braid.
John Fairlie, 1st of Bruntsfield (d before 24.02.1607, burgess in Edinburgh)
m. Elizabeth Watson
1. Sir William Fairlie of Bruntsfield (d before 31.03.1626)
  A. William Fairlie of Bruntsfield & Restalrig
  i. William Fairlie of Bruntsfield & Little Dreghorn (Ayrshire) (d before 22.05.1696)
  a. William Fairlie of Dreghorn (renamed Fairlie), 'of that ilk'
  m. Jean Mure (b 04.1678, d 03.09.1724, dau of William Mure, last of Rowallan, m 2. David, 1st Earl of Glasgow)
  (1) William Fairlie 'of that ilk' of Fairlie (d by 1744)
  m1. Catherine Brisbane (dau of Thomas (sb John?) Brisbane of that ilk)
  (A) Alexander Fairlie of Fairlie (d unm 1803)
(B) Margaret Fairlie of Fairlie
  m. Sir William Cuninghame of Auchinskeith, later of Robertland, Bart
  m2. (sp(s)) Elizabeth Craufurd (dau of John Crauford of Craufurdland, m2. John Howieson of Braehead)
  (C) daughter (d infant)
  (2) John Fairlie (Collector of Customs at Ayr)
  m. _ Bowman (dau of John Bowman of Ashgrove)
  (A) Elizabeth Fairlie or Fairley
  m. (1760) George, Lord Reay
  b. John Fairlie
  m. (sp) Barbara Mure, heiress of Caldwell
  c. Elizabeth Fairlie (d c1742) probably of this generation
  m. (24.01.1688) William McKerrell of Hillhouse (d 11.05.1705)



Paterson (p73) reports that "The Fairlies, of whom Holmes is a branch, are understood to be descended from the Fairlies of that Ilk, near Largs."
Thomas Fairlie ("settled in Irvine")
m. Jane Francis (dau of _ Francis of Stane Castle)
1. James Fairlie
  m1. Jane Davidson
  A. John Fairlie (b 1717)
  m. Agnes Mure (dau of Mungo Mure of Bruntwood)
  i. James Fairlie of Jamaica then Bellfield (d 1819)
  m. Sarah Bell (relict of John Mitchell)
  a. James Fairlie of Holmes (Lt. Colonel) had issue
  m. (1821) Agnes Maria Fairlie (dau of William Fairlie of Calcutta then London) @@ just below
  b.+ 3 daughters
  ii. Mungo Fairlie of Holmes (d 1819)
iii. William Fairlie 'of Calcutta then London' (d 1825)
  m. (01.1798) Margaret Ogilvy (dau of John Ogilvy of Murtle)
  a. William Fairlie (b 1798, d 1822)
  b. John Fairlie (b 1799) had issue
  c. James Ogilvy Fairlie of Coodham (b 10.10.1809) had issue
  m1. (1840) Anne Eliza MacLeod (d 1843, dau of _ MacLeod of MacLeod)
  m2. (1845) Elizabeth Constance (dau of William Houison Craufurd of Craufurdland)
  d. Agnes Fairlie
  m. James Fairle of Holmes @@ just above
  e. Margaret Eliza Fairlie
  m1. John Stuart Hay
  m2. Robert Duncan Fergusson of Cassilis (Major)
  iv. Jean Fairlie
  m. John Mure of Netheraith
  v. Margaret Fairlie
  m. P. Clark
  B.+ other issue - Thomas, James, Margaret
  m2. ??

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