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Families covered: Langton of Newton, Langton of Walton
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(1) We presume that various of the Langton families arose from different towns/villages called Langton. However, we have yet to be sure that we have found what connections there are between the different families. Other lines are on Langton01, Langton03 (draft), and Temp35.
(2) Cross-references from elsewhere in the database indicate that, unless there was confusion between different Newtons and/or Waltons, the following family was of both Walton in Lincolnshire and Newton in Lancashire. We have seen (online) the suggestion that the Langtons of Newton in Lancashire were descended from the Langtons of Langton in Leicestershire. We have yet to check any of the Visitations to Lancashire.
Robert de Langton of Walton, Lincolnshire
1. John de Langton
  m. Alice Banastre (dau of James de Banastre 'of Newton' by Ellen le Boteler)
  A. Sir Robert de Langton of Walton (d 1361)
  i. John de Langton (dvp)
a. Ralph de Langton of Walton 'and Newton' (b c1350, d 1406)
  m. Joan Radclyffe (dau of William Radclyffe)
  (1) Henry Langton of Walton
  m. Agnes Davenport (dau of Sir John Davenport of Wheltrough by Margaret Done)
  (A) Sir Ralph Langton of Walton 'of Newton'
  Tere is some confusion as to who was Ralph's wife. Alternatives seen have been Joan, dau of Christopher Southworth, an Alice, and Joan, dau of William Baldersone by Margaret Stanley. Provisionally we show the latter but there could be confusion with the allaged wife of his son Sir Henry.
  m. Joan Balderston (dau of William Balderston of Balderston by Margaret, dau of William Stanley)
  (i) Sir Henry Langton of Walton (b 1435, d 1490)
  We have seen Sir Henry's wife identified as Joanna , dau of William Balderstone by Margaret, dau of William Stanley of Hooton, but this looks like confusion with his mother.
(a) ?? Langton of Walton possibly Sir Richard father of Hellen
  ((1)) (Sir) Thomas Langton of 'Walton &' Newton possibly of this generation
  m. Elizabeth Stanley (dau of Edward Stanley of Hornby, 1st Lord Monteagle)
  ((A)) Leonard Langton (dvp)
  m. Anne Leyburn
  ((i)) Thomas Langton of Newton (d 20.02.1605) possibly of this generation
m1. (div 06.1580) Margaret Sherborne (dau of Richard Sherborne of Stoneyhurst)
  m2. (sp) Elizabeth Savage (dau of Sir John Savage of Clifton)
  ((ii)) Jane Langton possibly of this generation
  m. John Fleetwood of Penwortham, later also of Newton (d 1590)
  ((B)) Eleanor Langton possibly fits here (suggested by contributor)
  m. Edward Cholmeley of Copenhall
  ((2)) Hellen Langton possibly of this generation
  m. Sir John Southworth of Samlesbury (b c1478, d 1517)
  (b) Johanna Langton
  m. Richard Sherborne of Stonyhurst
  (2) Isabel Langton
  m. Sir Richard Venables of Kinderton (d 23.07.1403)
  A daughter of an unnamed Langton of Newton & Walton, possibly of this generation, was ...
  B. Isabel Langton
  m1. Aymer Burdett
  m2. Ralph Hyde

Main source(s): various web sites plus cross-references from elsewhere in the database
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