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Families covered: Early Counts of Altena, Early Counts of the Mark

Theodoric, Count of Altena
1. Otto, Count of Altena (a 937)
  A. Adolph I, Count of Altena (d 1147)
  i. Eberhard, Count of Altena
  ii. Adolph II, Count of Altena
  a. Adolph, Count of Altena, the Mark, and the Berg (3rd son)
  m. Adelheid von Laufen
  (1) Adolf II, Count of the Berg (a 1160)
This Adolf, recorded from GENEU, was not included in 'Royal Genealogies' which shows his mother as Adelheid, daughter of Henry, Count of Arensberg, whereas GENEU appears to show that Adelheid as his first wife.
  m1. Adelheid von Arnsberg
  (A) Adolf (d 1148)
  m2. daughter of Engelbert von Schwarzenberg
  (B) Eberhard I, Count of the Mark (d 1180)
  GENEU describes this Eberhard as "von Berg und Altena" and shows his wife as a daughter of Arnold I, Count of Cleves. We follow 'Royal Genealogies'.
  m. Margaret of Julich (dau of Gerhard III, Count of Julich)
  (i) Arnold, Count of Altena and Hovel (d 1209)
  m. Mechtild ze Styrum
  (ii) Adolf of Berg, Archibshop of Cologne (d 1220)
  (iii) Frederic von Altena, Count of the Mark (d 1199)
  m. Margaret of Limburg
  (a) Adolf IV von Altena, Count of the Mark (d 1249)
  Not certain that all his children were by his first wife.
  m1. Lutgardis (possibly daughter of Gerhard von Looz)
  ((1)) Eberhard von Altena (d 1241)
  m. Matilda
  ((A)) daughter (a 1243)
((2)) Gerhard von Altena, Bishop of Munster (d 1272)
  ((3)) Otto, Count of Altena (d 1269)
  m. Ermgard von Holte
  ((4)) Engelbert I von Altena, Count of the Mark (d 1277)
  m1. Cunigunde of Schauenberg (Kunigunde von Bliescastel)
((A)) Eberhard I, Count of the Mark (d 1308)
  m1. Irmgard of Berg (d 1294, dau of Adolph, Count of Berg)
  ((i)) Engelbert II, Count of the Mark (d 1328)
  m. (1299) Bechtild ('Matilda', dau of John, Lord of Arenberg)
  ((a)) Adolf II, Count of the Mark (d 1347) GJ
  m. (1332) Margaret of Cleves (dau of Theodoric IX, Count of Cleves) GJ
  ((b)) Engelbert III von der Mark, Archbishop of Koln (d 1368)
  ((c)) Eberhard von der Mark (d 1387)
  m. (1351) Marie von Looz (d 1400)
((d))+ other issue - Matilda (d before 1327), Irmgard, Catherine, Margaret, Richardis
  ((ii))+ other issue - Adolf (b 1278, d 1344, Bishop of Liege), Konrad, Margaret, Irmgard, Katherine, Kunigunde
  m2. Maria von Looz
  ((vii))+ other issue - Engelbert of Loverval (a 1329, 1362), Johanna, Richarda
  ((B)) Agnes von der Mark GJ
  m. Henry of Windeck, Count of Berg (d before 1295) GJ
  ((C)) Richarde von der Mark
  m. (before 1277) Otto III, Count of Tecklenburg (d 1285)
  ((D)) Sofie von der Mark
  m. Ludwig, Count of Ziegenhain
  m2. Elisabeth von Falkenburg
((E)) Gerhard von der Mark (a 1344)
  m. Elizabeth de Danmartin
  ((i)) Isabelle
  m. Bertrand de Liers (d 1391)
  ((F)) Matilda von der Mark
  m. Florenz Berthout, Sn de Malines
  ((G)) Adelaide von der Mark
  m. Otto, Count of Cleves (d 1311)
  ((5)) Richarde of Altena (a 1270)
  m. Otto, Graf von Dale
m2. (before 07.04.1210) Irmgard of Geldern (a 1230)
  (b) Friedrich von Atlena (a 1199)
  (iv) Oda von Altena (d by 1224)
  m. Simon, Count of Tecklenburg (d c1202)
  (C) Engelbert I, Count of Berg (d 1189)
  m. Margaret of Geldern (dau of Henry, Count of Geldern)
  (i) Adolph IV, Count of Berg (d 1218)
  m. Berta von Sayn
  (a) Margaret (or Irmgard), heiress of Berg (d 1248/9) GJ
  m. (1218) Heinrich IV, Duke of Limburg (b c1195, d 25.02.1247) GJ
  (ii) Saint Engelbert of Berg, Archbishop of Koln (b 1185, d 1225)
  (2)+ other issue - Eberhard of Berg (d before 1152, Abbott), Bruno II Archbishop of Koln (d 1137)
  B. Margaret of Altena
  m. John, Count of Arkel

Main source(s): ROYL (table CCCXLVII), GenEU (Cleves4, 5)
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