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Families covered: Viscount of Avranches, Abrincis of Chester, d'Avranche (Abrincis) of Okehampton, Sn de l'Aigle

No connection has yet been found between the two families d'Avranches that are shown on this page although, as they both intermarried into related families, they may well have been. We follow what appears to be the normal identification of the following Richard's wife, and mother of Hugh Lupus, but another 'candidate' is Ermenhild, dau of Leofwine of Mercia. We suspect that one of the families below gave rise to that shown here.
Richard of Goz, Viscount of Avranches (b 1025, d 1066)
m. Emma de Conteville (dau of Herluin, Viscount de Conteville)
1. Hugh 'Lupus' de Abrincis (or Avranches), 1st Earl of Chester (b c1050, d 27.07.1101)
  m. Ermentrude de Clermont (dau of Hugh, Count of Clermont)
  A. Richard de Abrincis or d'Avranches, 2nd Earl of Chester (b c1094, d 12.1119-20)
  m. (1115) Maud (Mahaut) de Blois (dau of Stephen, Count of Blois)
  Not known if legitimate or not but identified by BEB1844 (Tracy of Stanway) as a daughter of Hugh Lupus was ...
  B. Maud de Abrincis HY
  m. Harold de Sudeley of Sudeley, Ewyas and Toddington HY
  Identified by 'The House of Cockburn of that Ilk and the Cadets thereof' (Thomas H. Cockburn-Wood (1888), p266) as a sister of both Hugh Lupus and his successor Richard, identified as brother rather than son of Hugh, was the Lucy whose marriage to Ranulph de Meschines led to Ranulph being created Earl of Chester.
partners unknown
  C. Ottiwell
  D. Robert, Abbott of St. Edmundsbury
  E. Geva de Abrincis
  m. Geoffrey de Ridel, Count of Blaye, Lord of Witheringe, Justiciar of England (d 25.11.1120)
2. Albreda d'Avranches (b c1045)
  m. Baldwin FitzGilbert, Sn de Meules and Sap, lord of Okehampton (d 1090)
3. Maud d'Avranches (or Abrincis) (b c1054) GHJRSY
m. (c1069) Ranulf de Meschines, Count of Bayeux (b c1050, d 1129) GHJRSY
4. Judith (le Goz) d'Avranches (b c1054)
  m. Richard de l'Aigle = Richard de Aquila (b c1050, d 1085)
  A. Gilbert de l'Aigle
  m. (1091) Julienne de Perche (dau of Geoffroy II, Count of Perche)
  i. Richard de l'Aigle (b 1100)
  m. Beatrix d'Estuteville (b 1121, d 1178)
  a. Lucie de l'Aigle (a 1217) HJY
  m. (before 1177) Richard I de Beaumont, Vicomte de Maine & Beaumont (a 1199) HJY
  b.+ other issue - Richard, Isabelle
  ii. Marguerite de l'Aigle (b c1100, d 25.05.1141) GHJSWY
  m. (after 1130) Garcia VI 'el Restaurador', King of Navarre (b after 1110, d 21.11.1150) GHJSWY
  B. Maud de l'Aigle
  m1. (div) Robert de Mowbray, Earl of Northumberland
  m2. (div, sp) Sir Nigil (Nele) d'Aubigny



1. William d'Avranches (d c1087)
  m. Emma of Dolton (dau of Baldwin FitzGilbert, Sn de Meules and Sap, lord of Okehampton)
  A. Robert d'Avranches or de Abrincis of Okehampton, Hereditary Sheriff of Devon (a 1130)
  m. _ Dole (dau of Gelduin de Dol = Godwyn Dole)
  i. Maud d'Avranches (de Abrincis), Dame du Sap (d 21.09.1173)
  BE1883 identifies Maud's 1st husband (and father of Hawise) as _ Deincourt. TCP (Devon) identifies him as ...
  m1. William de Curcy (d 1162)
  a. Hawise, lady of Okehampton (d 31.07.1219)
  m. Sir Renaud (Reginald) de Courtenay (d 27.09.1174)
  m2. Robert FitzEdith (d 1172)
  B. daughter
  m. William Paynel of Les Moutiers-Hubert, Hambye and Drax (d before 1148)

Main source(s):
(1) For top section : BE1883 (Abrincis of Chester), various web sites
(2) For lower section : TCP (Devon) with some input from BE1883 (Courtenay of Devon)
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