The caveats provided about our reliance on the integrity of our sources are particularly applicable to the data pages in this section. Unfortunately, but not surprisingly given the mythical nature of much of the data, the sources used for this section frequently contradict each other and some of the data is far from being convincing with regard to dates, etc.. We suggest that the pages in this section (and any other sources you find that report on these early families) should be viewed FOR FUN rather than with any serious intent. As our main focus is on Section III of the database, we are giving only a low priority to sorting out the many discrepancies we have found in these Ancient & Mythical pages. Nevertheless, from time to time we will review some of them and try to make sense of them.

NB. Reported file sizes are approximate only.

  Gods and their offspring (4)
Gods01 (18KB) / Gods02 (15KB) / Gods03 (14KB) / Gods04 (07KB)

Descendants of Adam and Eve (6)
Adam1 (12KB) / Adam2 (08KB) / Adam3 (16KB) / Adam4 (16KB) / Adam5 (10KB) / Adam6 (10KB)

Early Continental (33)
Ascania1 (08KB) / Brabant01 (11KB) / Britons1 (08KB) / Brittany1 (06KB) / Burgundy1 (12KB) / Capet01 (14KB) / Cleves01 (06KB)
Franks1 (11KB) / Franks2 (30KB) / Franks3 (40KB) / Franks4 (11KB) / Franks5 (14KB)
Germany01 (12KB) / Germany02 (11KB) / Germany03 (13KB) / Goths1 (08KB)
Iberia01 (24KB) / Iberia02 (27KB) / Italy01 (11KB) / Ivrea1 (12KB) / Oldenburg1 (05KB) / Provence1 (19KB)
Romans1 (19KB) / Romans2 (14KB) / Romans3 (10KB) / Saxons01 (11KB)
Vandals01 (13KB) / Viking01 (17KB) / Viking02 (21KB) / Viking03 (20KB) / Viking04 (11KB) / Viking05 (08KB) / Welf1 (10KB)

Early British & Irish (21)
Irish01 (09KB) / Irish02 (11KB) / Irish03 (09KB) / Irish04 (09KB) / Irish05 (11KB)
Saxons02 (09KB) / Saxons03 (19KB) / Saxons04 (09KB) / Saxons05 (13KB) / Saxons06 (09KB) / Saxons07 (10KB) / Saxons08 (05KB)
Scots1 (10KB) / Scots2 (14KB) / Scots3 (06KB)
Welsh01 (09KB) / Welsh02 (16KB) / Welsh03 (11KB) / Welsh04 (14KB) / Welsh05 (19KB) / Welsh06 (14KB)

On 21.09.09, Wales01 and Wales02 were renamed Welsh04 and Welsh02 respectively.
On 11.04.11, ItalyXX was renamed Italy01.
On 18.08.14, Welsh01 and Welsh02 were renamed Welsh02 and Welsh06 respectively.


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