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NB. Reported file sizes are approximate only.              Number of lists : 252

IAnson1 (15KB)Uploaded: 28.02.14 / Updated: 28.02.14
I'Anson of Ashby Ledgers, I'Anson of Cotgrove Place, I'Anson of Hawkeswell (Hawkeworth), I'Anson of Leyburn, I'Anson of New Bounds, I'Anson of Richmond
Ibbetson1 (16KB)Uploaded: 29.12.08 / Updated: 15.04.24
Ibbotson of Bradfield, Ibbetson of Leeds, Ibbotson of Nether Combes, Ibbetson of Yorkshire
Ibbetson2 (12KB)Uploaded: 08.04.16 / Updated: 23.06.22
Ibbotson of Wightwistle
[Ichingham - see under Echingham]
[Idle of Bulmer & Leeds - see IZmisc02 below]
Ievers1 (19KB)Uploaded: 03.01.13 / Updated: 03.01.13
Ievers of Castle Ievers, Ievers of co. Clare, Ievers of Limerick
Ilbert1 (09KB)Uploaded: 29.10.08 / Updated: 29.10.08
Ilbert of Bowringsleigh
Iliffe1 (14KB)Uploaded: 06.12.22 / Updated: 06.12.22
Iliffe of Hinckley
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[Ince of Wirksworth - see Temp14]
Incledon1 (21KB)Uploaded: 08.12.11 / Updated: 08.12.11
Incledon (Incledene) of Braunton, Incledon (Incledene) of Buckland, Incledon of Incledon (Incledene of Incledene), Incledon of Pilton House
Inge1 (10KB)Uploaded: 04.06.13 / Updated: 20.07.23
Inge of Benn Hill, Inge of Thorpe Constantine
[Ingelthorpe - see under Ingolsdthorpe below]
Ingham1 (09KB)Uploaded: 14.01.17 / Updated: 14.01.17
Ingham of Blake Hall, Ingham of East Marton, Ingham of Hunslett, Ingham of Ingham, Ingham of Ossett
[Ingham - see also under Engham]
[Ingland of Welton - see EZmisc03]
Ingleby1 (19KB)Uploaded: 20.04.04 / Updated: 20.04.04
Ingleby (Ingilby) of Ripley
Inglett1 (10KB)Uploaded: 12.04.18 / Updated: 12.04.18
Inglett of Allington, Inglett-Fortescue of Buckland Filleigh, Inglett of Lamerton
Inglis1 (14KB)Uploaded: 17.09.17 / Updated: 17.09.17
Inglis of Cramond, Inglis of Tarvit
Inglis2 (13KB)Uploaded: 17.09.17 / Updated: 17.09.17
Inglis of Auchindinny, Inglis of Langbyres, Inglis of Redhall
Ingoldsby1 (16KB)Uploaded: 28.05.07 / Updated: 13.08.15
Ingoldsby of Ballybeg, Ingoldsby of Ingoldsby, Ingoldsby of Lethenborough (Lenborough), Ingoldsby of Waldridge
[Ingoldsthorpe (Ingoldisthorpe or Ingelthorpe) of Ingoldshorpe & Burgh Greene - see Temp94]
[Ingowe of Essex - see IZmisc02 below]
Ingram01 (14KB)Uploaded: 21.11.05 / Updated: 21.11.05
Ingram of Barrowby, Ingram of Irvine, Ingram of Temple Newsom
[Inkepenne of Inkepenne & Halton - see Tmp12]
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Innes01 (08KB)Uploaded: Early / Updated: 13.11.03
Innes of Innes
Innes02 (24KB)Uploaded: 13.11.03 / Updated: 13.11.03
Innes of Blackhills, Innes of Crommey, Innes of Innes
Innes03 (31KB)Uploaded: 13.11.03 / Updated: 18.03.13
Innes of Balveny, Innes of Cowie, Innes of Edingight, Innes of Innermarkie, Innes of Orton (Ortoun), Innes of Rosieburn
Innes04 (16KB)Uploaded: 12.01.04 / Updated: 12.01.04
Innes of Coxton, Innes of Inaltrie, Barclay-Innes of Towie-Barclay
Innes05 (14KB)Uploaded: 18.03.13 / Updated: 27.04.15
Innes in Arsallary, Innes of Balnacraig, Innes of Drainie, Innes of Drumgask, Innes of Fracafield, Innes of Lerwick
Innes06 (15KB)Uploaded: 05.01.18 / Updated: 05.01.18
Innes of Borlum, Innes of Borrowstoun, Innes of Isauld, Innes of Oust, Innes of Sandside, Innes of Skaill, Innes of Thursater
[Innes of Toux & Pitfour - see Temp03]
[de Insula - see under Lisle]
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Irby1 (18KB)Uploaded: 07.01.08 / Updated: 07.01.08
Irby of Boston, Irby of Whaplode
Ireland1 (22KB)Uploaded: 24.12.08 / Updated: 15.03.09
Ireland of Bewsey, Ireland of Garston, Ireland of Hale, Ireland of Hutt, Ireland of Lydiate
Ireland2 (17KB)Uploaded: 29.09.07 / Updated: 29.09.07
Ireland of Adbrighton, Ireland of Lythwood, Ireland of Oswaldstre (Oswestry)
[Ireland of Brislington - see IZmisc01 below]
[Ireton & Irton - see draft Ireton1]
Irvine01 (23KB)Uploaded: 28.09.02 / Updated: 25.10.21
Irvine of Brucklaw (Brucklay), Irvine (Irwin) of Drum, Irvine of Fedderet, Irvine of Murthill, Irvine of Saphock
Irvine02 (14KB)Uploaded: 28.09.02 / Updated: 06.09.06
Irvine of Artamford, Irvine of Drum, Irvine of Kingcausie
Irvine03 (16KB)Uploaded: 26.11.07 / Updated: 26.11.07
Irving of Bonshaw, Irving of Ironshore, Irving of Kirkconnel, Irving of Robgill
Irvine04 (13KB)Uploaded: 26.11.07 / Updated: 26.11.07
Irving of Dumfries, Irving of Gribton, Irving of Logan
Irvine05 (26KB)Uploaded: 26.11.07 / Updated: 26.11.07
Irvine of Castle Irvine, Irvine of Cooles, Irvine of Killadeas, Irvine of Rockfield
[Irvine of Midbrake & North Yell - see IZmisc01 below]
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Isaac1 (18KB)Uploaded: 24.10.14 / Updated: 19.06.21
Isaac (Isack) of Bolliott (Burriatt, in Atherington), Isacke of Heavitree, Isaack of Hitcham, Isacke of Polslowe, Isaac of Westdown
Isaacson1 (12KB)Uploaded: 16.08.19 / Updated: 16.08.19
Isaacson of London, Isaacson of Newcastle
Isham1 (09KB)Uploaded: 16.07.05 / Updated: 16.07.05
Isham of Braunston, Isham of Picheley
Isham2 (20KB)Uploaded: 16.07.05 / Updated: 16.07.05
Isham of Lamport (Langport)
Isley1 (08KB)Uploaded: 04.11.15 / Updated: 04.11.15
Isley of Sundridge (Sondrige)
Isted1 (09KB)Uploaded: 02.03.24 / Updated: 02.03.24
Isted of Ecton, Isted of Framfield
[Itchingham of Dunbrody - see within EZmisc02]
[Ives of Wellingborough & Bradden - see IZmisc02 below]
[Iveson of Leeds & Black Bank - see IZmisc01 below
[Iwardby - see IZmisc01 just below]
Izod1 (10KB)Uploaded: 31.07.20 / Updated: 31.07.20
Izod of Chapel Izod (Grovebeg), Izod of Stanton, Leslie of Wilton
IZmisc01 (18KB)Uploaded: 22.03.04 / Updated: 08.05.22
Irvine of Midbrake, Irvine of North Yell, Iwardby (Ewerby) of Missenden, Iwardby of Quainton, Ireland of Brislington, Iveson of Black Bank, Iveson of Leeds
IZmisc02 (13KB)Uploaded: 24.05.16 / Updated: 01.10.19
Idle of Bulmer, Idle of Leeds, Ingowe of Barking, Ives of Bradden, Ives of Wellingborough
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Jackson01 (09KB)Uploaded: 28.12.06 / Updated: 28.12.06
Jackson of Duddington, Jackson of Fanningstown, Jackson of Stamford, Jackson of Wisbech
Jackson02 (12KB)Uploaded: 04.12.10 / Updated: 21.10.11
Jackson of Ederthorp, Jackson of Hickleton, Jackson of Normanby, Jackson of Yorkshire
Jackson03 (15KB)Uploaded: 14.11.15 / Updated: 01.02.22
Jackson of Combehay, Jackson of Enniscoe, Jackson of Pontrilas, Jackson of Sneyd Park
Jackson04 (11KB)Uploaded: 22.12.15 / Updated: 22.12.15
Jackson of Darrington, Jackson of Leeds, Jackson of Snydal (Snydale)
Jackson05 (12KB)Uploaded: 10.02.21 / Updated: 19.06.21
Jackson of Bury St. Edmunds, Jackson of Coleraine, Jackson of Spalding, Jackson of Westminster
Jacob1 (12KB)Uploaded: 09.06.05 / Updated: 19.02.17
Jacob of Bromley, Jacob of Dover, Jacob of Gamlingay, Jacob of Horseheath
[Jakes of Whellesburgh - see JZmisc01 below]
Jalland1 (18KB)Uploaded: 25.12.13 / Updated: 25.12.13
Jalland of Nottingham, Jalland of Rolleston, Jalland of Scarrington, Jalland of Stapleford, Jalland of Whatton-in-the-Vale
James01 (22KB)Uploaded: 06.03.08 / Updated: 03.11.21
James of Creshall (Crishall), James of Ightham Court, James of London, James of Manuden, James of Reigate
James02 (07KB)Uploaded: 07.09.20 / Updated: 07.09.20
James of Denford Court
[James of Eltham - see within Goddard02]
[James of Romerden in Smarden - see Tmp11]
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[Jane in Cornwall - see JZmisc03 below]
[Janson - see IAnson above]
[Janssen of Wimbledon - see JZmisc01 below]
Janvrin1 (11KB)Uploaded: 14.05.17 / Updated: 14.05.17
Janvrin (Valpy-dit-Janvrin) of Jersey
[Valpy - see also under Valpy]
[Jaques of Elvington & York - see JZmisc04 below]
Jardine1 (08KB)Uploaded: 11.10.05 / Updated: 11.10.05
Jardine of Applegirth
[Jason - see JZmisc03 below]
[Jay - see JZmisc02 below]
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Jeans1 (09KB)Uploaded: 09.07.17 / Updated: 09.07.17
Jeans of Christchurch
Jebb1 (10KB)Uploaded: 11.11.15 / Updated: 11.11.15
Jebb of Chesterfield, Jebb of Walton
Jeffreys1 (09KB)Uploaded: 30.11.04 / Updated: 18.02.23
Jeffreys of Acton, Jeffreys of Ryeton, Jeffreys of Wem (Wemm)
Jeffreys2 (06KB)Uploaded: 08.10.10 / Updated: 08.10.10
Jefferyes of Blarney Castle
Jeffreys3 (19KB)Uploaded: 29.04.12 / Updated: 06.04.20
Jefferay of Chittingly (Chittingleigh), Jeffreys of Clifton, Jefferies (Jeffreys) of Earls Crombe (Earl's Croome), Jeffreys (Geffereys) of Ham Castle (Holme or Home Castle)
Jekyll1 (17KB)Uploaded: 22.10.15 / Updated: 22.10.15
Jekyll of Dallington, Jekyll of Newington
[Jelley - see under Gilly]
Jenkes1 (11KB)Uploaded: 22.09.07 / Updated: 22.09.07
Jenkes of Wolverton
Jenkin1 (28KB)Uploaded: 21.04.17 / Updated: 21.04.17
Jenkin of Coldred, Jenkin of Eythorn, Jenkin of Folkstone, Jenkin of Richborough, Jenkin of Salehurst, Jenkin of Stowling, Jenkin of Warbleton
[Jenkin of St. Columb - see JZmisc02 below]
[Jenkyn of Harpenden - see JZmisc03 below]
[Jenkins of Grimston, etc. - see JZmisc04 below]
[Jenkins of Nant-y-groes & Ty Mawr - see JZmisc01 below]
Jenkinson01 (20KB)Uploaded: 23.05.03 / Updated: 09.05.21
Jenkinson of Liverpool, Jenkinson of Hawkesbury, Jenkinson of Walcot
Jenkinson02 (05KB)Uploaded: 02.12.20 / Updated: 02.12.20
Jenkinson of Stony Stratford, Jenkinson of Walton
[Jenkyn or Jenkyns - see under Jenkin just above]
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[Jennens - see under Jennings just below]
Jenner1 (09KB)Uploaded: 11.04.20 / Updated: 11.04.20
Jenner of Wenvoe Castle
Jenner2 (21KB)Uploaded: 12.04.20 / Updated: 12.04.20
Jenner of Kempsford, Jenner of Marston Meysey, Jenner of Slimbridge, Jenner of Stonehouse, Jenner of Wildhill
[Jenner - see also Jenour just below]
[Jennett of Norgrove - see Temp86]
Jenney1 (23KB)Uploaded: 01.11.06 / Updated 01.11.06
Jenny of Cressingham Magna, Jenney of Herringfleet, Jenney of Knodishall (Knotishall), Jenney of Theberton
Jennings01 (13KB)Uploaded: 22.04.05 / Updated: 17.05.12
Jenyns of Bottisham, Jenyns (Jennings) of Churchill, Jenyns of Hayes
Jennings02 (17KB)Uploaded: 20.09.07 / Updated: 14.08.18
Jeynens of Bosmawgan, Jennings of Duddlestone, Jennings of Kibworth, Jennyns (Jennins) of Welleborne
Jennings03 (13KB)Uploaded:14.08.18 / Updated: 10.04.19
Jennens of Birmingham, Jennens of Erdington, Jennens of Gopsall
[Jenings - see also under Jonine below]
Jenour1 (14KB)Uploaded: 01.07.10 / Updated: 01.07.10
Jenour of Bigods, Jenour of Great Dunmow, Jenour (Jenoure) of Stonham Aspall
[Jenour - see also Jenner just above]
Jephson1 (16KB)Uploaded: 31.08.10 / Updated: 31.08.10
Jephson of Froyle, Jephson of Mallow Castle
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Jermy1 (08KB)Uploaded: 09.09.05 / Updated: 08.05.07
Jermy of Metfield (Metfeild)
Jermy2 (20KB)Uploaded: 09.09.05 / Updated: 27.05.13
Jermy of Bayfield, Jermy of Brightwell, Jermy of Gunton, Jermy of Marlingford (Merlingforth), Jermy of Stutton
Jermyn1 (24KB)Uploaded: 09.09.05 / Updated: 08.05.07
Jermyn of Depden, Jermyn of Rushbrook (Rushbroke), Jermyn of St. Edmundsbury
Jerningham1 (13KB)Uploaded: 30.12.03 / Updated: 05.12.05
Jernegan of Horham-Jernegan, Jernegan of Somerley Town (Somerleytown or Somerleton), Jernegan of Stonham
Jerningham2 (17KB)Uploaded: 30.12.03 / Updated: 05.12.05
Jerningham of Cossey, Jernegan of Somerley Town (Somerleytown or Somerleton)
Jervis1 (17KB)Uploaded: 25.09.05 / Updated: 24.11.05
Jervis of Bradwall, Jervis (Jervys) of Chatkyll (Chatcull), Jervis of Darlaston, Jervis of Meaford, Jervis of Netherseal, Jervys of Ollerton, Jervis of St. Vincent, Jervis of Woodwall Green
Jervis2 (07KB)Uploaded: 22.07.16 / Updated: 22.07.16
Jervis of Sheffield
Jervis3 (15KB)Uploaded: 16.08.22 / Updated: 01.10.23
Jervis of Great Peatling (Jerveis of Peatling Magna), Jervis of Lutterworth, Jerveis of Thorpe Langton
[Jervis & Jerveis - see also under Gerveis]
Jervoise1 (09KB)Uploaded: 01.09.04 / Updated: 14.10.15
Jervoise of Britford, Jervoise of Herriard
[Jervoise (Clarke-Jervoise) of West Bromwich & Idsworth Park - see within Clarke03]
Jesson1 (10KB)Uploaded: 14.11.15 / Updated: 14.11.15
Jesson of Coventry, Jesson of Nuthurst
Jessop1 (10KB)Uploaded: 06.02.08 / Updated: 31.03.24
Jessop of Bromehall (Broom Hall), Jessop of Doory Hall
[Jevers - see under Ievers above]
[Jewell in Devon - see Tmp25]
[Jex - see Blake05]
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Jobson1 (10KB)Uploaded: 04.02.20 / Updated: 04.02.20
Jobson of Colchester, Jopson (Jobson) of Cudworth, Jobson of Monkwick, Jobson of West Donyland
Jocelyn01 (14KB)Uploaded: 06.02.05 / Updated: 23.12.13
Jocelyn of High Roding, Jocelyn (Josselyn) of Hyde Hall
Jocelyn02 (30KB)Uploaded: 23.12.13 / Updated: 23.12.13
Jocelyn of High Roding, Jocelyn of Hyde Hall, Jocelyn of Roden
Jocelyn03 (14KB)Uploaded: 24.12.13 / Updated: 24.12.13
Josselyn of Boxtead, Josselyn of Little Horkesley, Josselyn of Mount Bures
Jodrell1 (13KB)Uploaded: 15.01.10 / Updated: 15.01.10
Jodrell of Twemlow, Jodrell of Yeardsley
Jodrell2 (17KB)Uploaded: 13.06.13 / Updated: 18.07.16
Jodrell of Duffield, Jodrell of Lewknor, Jodrell of Lichfield, Jodrell of Moorhouse (the Moor House)
[Johnes - see Jones below]
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Johnson01 (19KB)Uploaded: 13.10.09 / Updated: 13.10.09
Johnson of Aldborough, Johnson of Ayscough Fee Hall, Johnson of Frieston Hall, Johnson of Spalding
Johnson02 (10KB)Uploaded: 14.10.09 / Updated: 14.10.09
Johnson of Ayscough Fee Hall, Johnson of Claxby, Johnson of Pinchbeck
Johnson03 (09KB)Uploaded: 15.12.16 / Updated: 26.12.20
Johnson of Bowden Park, Johnson of Fordwich, Johnson of Nethercourt
Johnson04 (09KB)Uploaded: 02.12.20 / Updated: 02.12.20
Johnson of Milton Bryan, Johnson of Stamford
[Johnson of Cork, Johnson of Kilternan - see JZmisc02 below]
[Johnson of Kilbourn (Kilburn) - see JZmisc04 below]
Johnstone01 (11KB)Uploaded: 24.06.03 / Updated: 01.09.16
Johnstone of Johnstone
Johnstone02 (19KB)Uploaded: 24.06.03 / Updated: 01.06.09
Johnstone of Annandale, Johnstone of Corrie, Johnstone of Hartfell, Johnstone of Johnstone, Johnstone of Raecleuch, Johnstone of Wamphray
Johnstone03 (16KB)Uploaded: 24.06.03 / Updated: 08.07.03
Johnstone of Alva, Johnstone of Hackness, Johnstone of Westerhall
Johnstone04 (26KB)Uploaded: 04.01.05 / Updated: 15.02.22
Johnston of Beirholm, Johnston of Clerk Orchard, Johnston of Hilton, Johnston of Sheens (Scheines), Johnston of Wamphray, Johnston of Warriston
Johnstone05 (26KB)Uploaded: 27.03.05 / Updated: 18.02.13
Johnston of Badifarrow, Johnston of Ballindallach (Ballindauch or Bendauch), Johnston of Caskieben, Johnston of Crimond, Johnston of Craig, Johnston of Hilton, Johnston of Newplace
Johnstone06 (14KB)Uploaded: 03.02.07 / Updated: 11.10.12
Johnstone of Galabank, Johnston of Gilford, Magill of Gill Hall, Johnstone of Gretna, Johnstone of Mylnfield, Johnstone of Newby
[Jolley, Joliffe & Jollie - see under Jolliffe just below]
Jolliffe1 (16KB)Uploaded: 20.11.04 / Updated: 06.07.16
Jolliffe of Ammerdown Park, Jolliffe (Jolley) of Cofton Hall, Jolley (Jolli) of Leek, Jolliffe of Petersfield
Jolliffe2 (13KB)Uploaded: 06.07.16 / Updated: 15.08.18
Jollie of Sheffield, Jolley of Standish, Joliffe of Tredidon
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Jones01 (10KB)Uploaded: 24.01.03 / Updated: 27.04.03
Jones of Llanarth Court, Jones of Treowen
Jones02 (14KB)Uploaded: 11.09.04 / Updated: 11.09.04
Jones of Navan, Jones of Ranelagh
Jones03 (13KB)Uploaded: 13.03.09 / Updated: 27.10.17
Jones of Chepstow, Jones of Fonmon Castle, Jones of Manchester
Jones04 (20KB)Uploaded: 28.10.09 / Updated: 28.10.09
Jones of Castellmarch, Jones of Penhesgin, Jones of Tyn Cae
Jones05 (14KB)Uploaded: 21.05.10 / Updated: 21.05.10
Jones of Brynhir, Jones of Ynysgain ucha, Lloyd of Criccieth
Jones06 (14KB)Uploaded: 28.05.10 / Updated: 28.05.10
Jones of Brynhyrddin, Jones of Plas Gwyn
Jones07 (10KB)Uploaded: 06.09.10 / Updated: 01.01.11
Jones of Holt, Jones of Ty Coch, Jones of Ty Issa, Jones of Ynysfor
Jones08 (13KB)Uploaded: 15.09.10 / Updated: 15.08.18
Jones of Broom Hall, Jones of Hendrewen, Jones of Penrose, Jones of Ysgubor Hen
Jones09 (12KB)Uploaded: 12.11.10 / Updated: 12.11.10
Jones of Llynon, Jones of Ty Newydd, Griffith of Trefraig
Jones10 (08KB)Uploaded: 10.01.11 / Updated: 16.12.23
Jones of Bangor, Jones of Craflwyn, Jones of Hay Hill, Jones of Nass, Jones of Plas yn Ddol
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Jones11 (24KB)Uploaded: 26.09.15 / Updated: 26.09.15
Jones (Johnes) of Abermarles (Abermarlais), Johnes of Dolecothy (Dolau Cothy), Johnes of Llanvairclydoge
Jones12 (16KB)Uploaded: 09.07.20 / Updated: 02.07.22
Jones of Avebury, Jones-Brydges of Boultibrook, Jones of Cranmer, Jones of East Wickham, Jones of Fakenham
Jones13 (10KB)Uploaded: 25.07.20 / Updated: 25.07.20
Jones of Chilton, Jones of Sandford, Jones of Shrewsbury
Jones14 (12KB)Uploaded: 31.12.23 / Updated: 31.12.23
Jones (Bishops in Ireland), Jones (later Hamilton-Jones) of Moneyglass
[Jones of Braich y Bib & Trefan - see within Wales67]
[Jones of Llangoed - see within Griffith12]
[Jones of Llwyn On - see within Hughes08]
[Jones of Rhosfawr - see within Glynne4]
[Jones of Wern - see within Wynne09]
[Jones of Yspytty - see within Wales29]
Jonine1 (10KB)Uploaded: 09.02.20 / Updated: 09.02.20
Jonine (Jenings) of Ironpool (McJonine of Polleniren), McJonine of Tobberkeigh
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Jope1 (08KB)Uploaded: 05.03.12 / Updated: 05.03.12
Jope of Merifeild (Merefeild)
[Jopson - see Jobson above]
[Josselyn - see under Jocelyn above]
Juckes1 (10KB)Uploaded: 01.04.20 / Updated: 02.11.20
Juckes of Buttington, Jukes of London
[Jull of Ash - see within Godfrey01]
Juxon1 (13KB)Uploaded: 05.08.15 / Updated: 09.04.17
Juxon of Albourne, Juxon of Canterbury, Juxon of Chichester, Juxon of Little Compton, Juxon of London
JZmisc01 (10KB)Uploaded: 01.11.06 / Updated: 16.01.23
Janssen of Wimbledon, Jenkins of Nant-y-groes, Jenkins of Ty Mawr, Jakes of Whellesburgh
JZmisc02 (21KB)Uploaded: 21.09.07 / Updated: 03.12.20
Jay of Jay, Johnson of Cork, Johnson of Kilternan, Jenkin of St. Columb
JZmisc03 (12KB)Uploaded: 11.11.15 / Updated: 12.12.18
Jenkyn of Harpenden, Jason of Broad Somerford, Jason of Hinton, Jane of Lanhydrack (Lanhydrock), Jane of Liskeard
JZmisc04 (15KB)Uploaded: 19.06.16 / Updated: 28.06.16
Jenkins of Busby, Jenkins of Grimston, Jenkin of St. Melans, Jaques of Elvington, Jaques of York, Johnson of Kilbourn (Kilburn), Hunter of Kilburn
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[Kadwell - see KZmisc05 below, see also Caldwell]
[Kalleway of Stowford - see KZmisc02 below]
Kavanagh1 (17KB)Uploaded: 24.04.08 / Updated: 13.06.14
Kavanagh of Ballyhale, Kavanagh of Borris
(23KB)Uploaded: 20.12.07 / Updated: 19.01.13
Kaye of Dalton, Kaye of Glatton, Kaye of Heath Hall, Kaye (Keay) of Woodsome (Woodesham)
Kaye2 (17KB)Uploaded: 06.03.10 / Updated: 08.08.16
Kay of Baldingston, Kay of Bury, Kay of Chesham, Kaye of Wakefield, Kay of Manchester
[Kay or Kaye - see also under Key below and Cay]
[Keane of co. Waterford - see KZmisc05 below]
[Keay of Whitchurch - see KZmisc04 below]
[Kaynes - see under Keynes below]
[Kearne (Kerne alias Tresillian) of Cornwall - see KZmisc05 below]
Kearney1 (17KB)Uploaded: 11.06.11 / Updated: 11.06.11
O'Kearney of Ballydonagh, Kearney of Blanchville, O'Kearney of Knockanglass, Kearney of Ossory, Kearney of Waterford
(17KB)Uploaded: 13.06.07 / Updated: 14.02.19
Kete (Keate) of Hagborne, Keate of The Hoo, Kete (Keate) of Locking
Keatinge1 (18KB)Uploaded: 04.05.22 / Updated: 04.05.22
Keatinge of Cork, Keatinge of Dublin, Keating(e) of Narraghmore (Narraglimore), Keatinge of Shanballyduff
[Keay - see under Kaye above]
Keble1 (13KB)Uploaded: 02.10.23 / Updated: 02.10.23
Keble (Kebell) of Humberston, Keble of Newbottle, Keble of Old Newton, Keble of Stowmarket
Keck1 (12KB)Uploaded: 05.04.23 / Updated: 05.04.23
Keck of Long Marston, Keck of Staughton Grange
[Kederminster - see KZmisc07 below]
[Kedwelley - see KZmisc06 below]
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Keigwin1 (17KB)Uploaded: 10.06.09 / Updated: 10.06.09
Keigwin of Mousehole
Keith01 (17KB)Uploaded: Early / Updated: 15.11.04
Keith of Keith
Keith02 (24KB)Uploaded: Early / Updated: 10.07.03
Keith of Keith, Keith Marischal, Keith of Pittendrum, Keith of Troup
Keith03 (11KB)Uploaded: Early / Updated: 28.08.03
Keith of Inverugie, Keith of Ludquairn (Ludquharn)
Keith04 (09KB)Uploaded: 11.01.03 / Updated: 08.07.03
Keith of Kintore, Keith Marischal
Kekewich1 (15KB)Uploaded: 12.07.05 / Updated: 21.06.13
Kekewich of Katchfrench (Ketchfrench) , Kekewich of Hall, Kekewich of Islington, Kekewich of Lenley, Kekewich of Peamore, Kekewich of Trehawke
Kekewich2 (10KB)Uploaded: 21.06.13 / Updated: 21.06.13
Kekewick of Catchfrench (Ketchfrench), Kekewich of Polmarkin
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Kelke1 (17KB)Uploaded: 31.05.13 / Updated: 31.05.13
Kelke of Barnetby, Kelke of (Great) Grimsby, Kelke of (Great) Kelke, Kelke of London
Kelland1 (22KB)Uploaded: 22.12.11 / Updated: 22.12.11
Kelland of Eastington, Kelland of Lapford, Kelland (Kellond) of Painsford, Kelland (Kellond) of Totnes
[Kelloway of Rockbourne & Stowford - see KZmisc02 below]
Kelly01 (15KB)Uploaded: 04.02.06 / Updated: 04.02.06
O'Kelly of Gallagh, O'Kelly of Hy-Many, O'Kelly of Tycooly
Kelly02 (09KB)Uploaded: 04.02.06 / Updated: 04.02.06
O'Kelly of Aughrim, Kelly of Buckfield, Kelly of Strokestown
Kelly03 (13KB)Uploaded: 18.01.12 / Updated: 18.01.12
Kelly of Kelly (Devon), Kelly of Redcliffe
Kelly04 (13KB)Uploaded: 18.01.12 / Updated: 18.01.12
Kelly of Kelly (Kelley of Kelley)
Kelsall1 (07KB)Uploaded: 17.07.13 / Updated: 17.07.13
Kelsall of Bradshaw Hall, Kelsall of Chedle, Kelsall of Nottingham
Kelso1 (15KB)Uploaded: 06.12.16 / Updated: 06.12.16
Kelso of Dankeith, Kelso (Hamilton) of Hullerhirst, Kelso of Kelsoland, Hamilton of The Retreat
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Kemeys1 (15KB)Uploaded: 30.11.04 / Updated: 30.11.04
Kemeys of Began, Kemeys of Caldicot, Kemeys of Kemeys, Kemeys of Llantrissent, Kemeys of Slough (St. Loo), Cameys of Llanmartin
Kemeys2 (28KB)Uploaded: 30.11.04 / Updated: 07.04.13
Kemeys of Bertholey, Kemeys of Clonmore, Kemeys of Falsgrave, Kemeys in Fern Castle, Kemeys of Kemeys, Kemeys of Kilmeague, Kemmis of Rossnaclouagh, Kemmis of Shaen
Kemeys3 (17KB)Uploaded: 30.11.04 / Updated: 30.11.04
Kemys of Bedminster, Kemys of Cucklington, Kemys of Oldbury Manor, Kemys of Wickwick
Kemeys4 (25KB)Uploaded: 30.11.04 / Updated: 30.11.04
Kemeys of Cowbridge, Kemeys of Garrege, Kemeys of Llanblethian, Kemeys of Maesglas Castle, Kemeys of Michaelston, Kemeys of Newport, Kemeys of Rogerstone, Kemeys of Rumney, Kemeys of Sutton
Kemeys5 (18KB)Uploaded: 30.11.04 / Updated: 30.11.04
Kemeys of Cefn Mably, Kemeys of Llanvair, Kemeys of the Vaendre
[Kemeys-Tynte of Cefn Mably - see within Hassell1]
[Kemis of Kemis - see KZmisc06 below]
Kemp01 (21KB)Uploaded: 17.08.05 / Updated: 01.11.05
Kemp of Gissing, Kemp(e) of Weston
Kemp02 (15KB)Uploaded: 23.04.17 / Updated: 23.04.17
Kempe of Ollantigh, Kempe of Wye
Kemp03 (18KB)Uploaded: 23.04.17 / Updated: 23.04.17
Kemp of Hurstmonceaux Place, Kemp of Lewes, Kempe of Slindon (Slyndon), Kempe of Spains, Kempe of Woodalling
Kemp04 (18KB)Uploaded: 12.12.18 / Updated: 12.12.18
Kempe of Blisland, Kempe of Crugsillick, Kempe of Lavethan, Kempe of Rosteague, Kempe of Truro
Kempthorne1 (19KB)Uploaded: 30.08.18 / Updated: 30.08.18
Kempthorne (Ley) of Tonacombe, Ley of Kempthorn
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[Kenah of Castlemartyr - see Temp20]
Kendall1 (17KB)Uploaded: 23.09.11 / Updated: 06.01.19
Kendall of Cofton, Kendall of Kingsbridge, Kendall of Treworgy
Kendall2 (21KB)Uploaded: 23.09.11 / Updated: 06.01.19
Kendall of Killygarth, Kendall of Lostwithiel, Kendall of Luxulyan, Kendall of Pelyn
Kendall3 (13KB)Uploaded: 22.01.23 / Updated: 22.01.23
Kendall of Austrey, Kendall of Smithesby, Kendall of Twycross
[Kendal of Stourbridge - see KZmisc03 below]
[Kenn - see KZmisc01 below]
[Kennan - KZmisc02 below]
Kennedy01 (26KB)Uploaded: Early / Updated: 14.05.20
Kennedy of Cassillis, Kennedy of Dunure, Kennedy of Glentig, Kennedy of Girvan Mains (Girvanmains)
Kennedy02 (23KB)Uploaded: 24.09.03 / Updated: 10.10.03
Kennedy of Blairquhan, Kennedy of Cassilis, Kennedy of Craigoch, Kennedy of Culzean, Kennedy of Kilhenzie
Kennedy03 (20KB)Uploaded: Early / Updated: 14.05.20
Kennedy of Ardstinchar, Kennedy of Bargany, Kennedy of Bennane, Kennedy of Dalquharran, Kennedy of Dunure, Kennedy of Kirkhill
Kennedy04 (10KB)Uploaded: 17.08.19 / Updated: 27.05.20
Kennedy of Ardmillan, Kennedy of Clowburn, Kennedy of Mount Kennedy
Kennedy05 (13KB)Uploaded: 14.05.20 / Updated: 14.05.20
Kennedy of Balmaclanachan, Kennedy of Bellimore, Kennedy of Drummellane
Kennedy06 (07KB)Uploaded: 04.06.20 / Updated: 04.06.20
Kennedy of Kirkmichael
Kennedy07 (12KB)Uploaded: 11.11.23 / Updated: 11.11.23
Kennedy of Ballymagowan, Kennedy of Derry, Skipton of Beechhill
[Kennedy of Baltersan - see Temp04]
[Kennedy of Blairquhan - see Tmp05]
[Kennet of Wakefield - see KZmisc04 below]
[Kenney - see under Kenny just below]
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Kenny1 (13KB)Uploaded: 14.06.12 / Updated: 14.06.12
Kenny of Ballinrobe, Kenny of Roxburgh (Roxborough)
Kenny2 (18KB)Uploaded: 14.06.12 / Updated: 14.06.12
Kenney of Cullen, Kenney of Eldermine, Kenney of Keelogues, Kenney of Kenney's Hall, Kenney of Kilclogher, Kenney of Wexford
Kenrick1 (12KB)Uploaded: 12.08.10 / Updated: 15.09.10
Kenrick of Maen y driw
Kenrick2 (14KB)Uploaded: 29.05.15 / Updated: 29.05.15
Kenrick of Bletchingley, Kenrick of London, Kenrick of Woore
Kenrick3 (18KB)Uploaded: 23.01.16 / Updated: 31.03.17
Kenrick of Bewdley, Kenwrick of King's Sutton, Kenrick of Wrexham
Kent1 (13KB)Uploaded: 05.08.16 / Updated: 05.08.16
Kent of Fornham St. Genevieve, Kent of Southwark
Kent2 (13KB)Uploaded: 05.08.16 / Updated: 05.08.16
Kent of Copenhall, Kent of Hooton Roberts, Kent of Kimberworth, Kent of London
[Kenton of Kenton - see Temp43]
[Kenwrick - see under Kentick just above]
Kenyon1 (16KB)Uploaded: 19.01.10 / Updated: 14.04.16
Kenyon of Gredington, Kenyon of Haldworth Bank, Kenyon of Kenyon
[Keogh & MacKeogh - see KZmisc07 below]
Keppel1 (13KB)Uploaded: 09.10.05 / Updated: 09.10.05
Keppel of Albemarle, Keppel of Lexham Hall
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Ker01 (26KB)Uploaded: 31.10.02 / Updated: 17.10.13
Ker of Auldtounburn (Altonburn), Ker of Caverton, Ker of Cessford, Kerr of Lothian, Ker of Roxburghe, Ker of Samuelston
Ker02 (29KB)Uploaded: 31.10.02 / Updated: 18.04.06
Kerr of Ancram (Ancrum), Kerr of Crailing, Kerr of Ferniehirst, Kerr of Jedburgh, Kerr of Lothian, Kerr of Newton, Kerr of Oxnam, Kerr of Primside, Kerr of Woodheid
Ker03 (11KB)Uploaded: 26.01.04 / Updated: 26.0104
Ker (Bellenden) of Bellenden, Ker of Roxburghe
Ker04 (16KB)Uploaded: 01.08.05 / Updated: 01.08.05
Kerr of Bughtrig, Kerr of Chatto, Kerr of Maesmor, Kerr of Redden
Ker05 (20KB)Uploaded: 03.10.05 / Updated: 28.08.19
Ker (Carre) of Cavers, Kerr of Greenhead, Carre of Hundalee, Ker of Primside (Prymesideloch)
Ker06 (09KB)Uploaded: 16.05.20 / Updated: 16.05.20
Ker in/of Auchengree, Ker of Kersland
[Ker or Kerr - see also Carr]
[Kerdeston - see KZmisc01 below]
[Kerne - see under Kearne above]
[Kerr - see under Ker just above]
[Kerrich of Geldeston & Harleston - see KZmisc01 below]
[Kerridge of Shelley Hall - see KZmisc01 below]
[Kerver - see KZmisc02 below]
Kervyle1 (15KB)Uploaded: 05.12.14 / Updated: 05.12.14
Kervyle of Watlington, Kerville of Wiggenhall
Kestell1 (11KB)Uploaded: 21.01.12 / Updated: 21.01.12
Kestell of Kestell
Kestell2 (13KB)Uploaded: 21.01.12 / Updated: 21.01.12
Kestell of Egloshayle, Kestell of Kestell, Kestell of Pendavey
[Kete - see under Keate above]
Ketleby1 (14KB)Uploaded: 04.09.10 / Updated: 06.04.20
Ketleby of Cotheridge, Ketleby of Ketleby, Ketleby of Steeple
[Kett - see KZmisc03 below]
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Key1 (16KB)Uploaded: 20.07.20 / Updated: 20.07.20
Key of Fulford, Key of Leadenham, Kaye of Lewisham, Key of London
[Key - see also Kaye above]
[Keynell of Dorset - see Temp41]
Keynes1 (08KB)Uploaded: 10.11.19 / Updated: 10.11.19
Keynes of Dodford, Keynes of Gretworth, Keynes (Kaynes) of Milton Keynes
Keyt1 (09KB)Uploaded: 21.04.04 / Updated: 21.04.04
Keyt of Ebrington
[Kibblewhite (Kiblewhite) of Berkshire - see KZmisc06 below]
[Kidderminster - see KZmisc07 below]
Killigrew1 (20KB)Uploaded: 30.07.10 / Updated: 10.02.19
Killigrew of Arwennack, Killigrew of Killigrew, Killigrew of Penryn
Killigrew2 (18KB)Uploaded: 30.07.10 / Updated: 10.02.19
Killigrew of Hanworth, Killigrew of Laroch, Killigrew of Pendennis Castle
Killingbeck1 (11KB)Uploaded: 17.04.24 / Updated: 17.04.24
Killingbeck of Allerton Grange, Killingbeck of Chapel Allerton, Killingbeck of Killingbeck
Killinghall1 (12KB)Uploaded: 18.06.16 / Updated: 18.06.16
Killinghall of Middleton St. George, Kelynghall (Killinghall) of Nether Middleton
Killiowe1 (09KB)Uploaded: 19.08.18 / Updated: 19.08.18
Killiowe (Killiow) of Lansallos
[Kilpatrick - see under Kirkpatrick below and Patrick1]
[de Kilpeck - see Tmp06]
Kilvert1 (07KB)Uploaded: 23.06.06 / Updated: 23.06.06
Kilvert of Astley, Kilbert of Bowley, Kilvert of Grinshill
[Kimpton - see Kympton below]
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[Kinardesley - see Kynnersley below]
Kincaid1 (20KB)Uploaded: 05.10.20 / Updated: 05.10.20
Kincaid in Brochton, Kincaid of Coates, Kincaid of Craiglockhart, Kincaid of Edinburgh, Kincaid of Kincaid, Kincaid of that ilk
Kincaid2 (21KB)Uploaded: 05.10.20 / Updated: 05.10.20
Kincaid of Auchinreoch, Kincaid in Dalgreen, Kincaid in Edinburgh, Kincaid of Gogar, Kincaid in Grange, Kincaid of Hillhousefield, Kincaid of Hucks, Kincaid of Saltcoats, Kincaid of Warriston
[Kinchant of Park Hall - see KZmisc07 below]
[Kinder of Cheapside - see KZmisc04 below]
King01 (17KB)Uploaded: 12.01.05 / Updated: 12.01.05
King of Kingston, King of Rockingham
King02 (13KB)Uploaded: 27.10.05 / Updated: 01.02.13
King of Ballylin, King of Charlestown
King03 (17KB)Uploaded: 14.05.06 / Updated: 09.03.22
King of Lovelace, King of Ockham, King of Wormenhall
King04 (10KB)Uploaded: 06.06.12 / Updated: 03.10.23
King of Barra, King of Boutrie, King of Drums, King of Millbank, King of Rochester, King of Warbester
King05 (18KB)Uploaded: 07.01.24 / Updated: 07.01.24
King of Corard, King of Dublin, King of Gola
Kingscote1 (18KB)Uploaded: 23.05.05 / Updated: 05.10.17
Kingscote of Combe, Kingscote of Kingscote
Kingsley1 (11KB)Uploaded: 27.01.17 / Updated: 27.01.17
Kingsley of Canterbury, Kingsley of Kingsley
Kingsmill1 (17KB)Uploaded: 11.11.07 / Updated: 04.07.11
Kingsmill of Einham (Enham), Kingsmill of Sydmonton (Sidmanton)
Kingsmill2 (14KB)Uploaded: 04.07.11 / Updated: 04.07.11
Kingsmill of Sandlesford, Kingsmill of Sydmonton (Sidmanton), Brice of Castle Chichester
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Kinloch1 (15KB)Uploaded: 21.07.08 / Updated: 21.12.17
Kinloch of Cruvie, Kinloch of Gourdie, Kinloch of Kinloch
Kinloch2 (11KB)Uploaded: 21.07.08 / Updated: 09.07.13
Kinloch of Gilmerton
Kinnaird01 (07KB)Uploaded: 03.03.04 / Updated: 09.03.10
Kinnaird of Culbin, Kinnaird of Inchture, Kinnaird of Kinnaird
Kinnaird02 (14KB)Uploaded: 03.03.04 / Updated: 03.03.04
Kinnaird of Inchture, Kinnaird of Kinnaird
Kinnaird03 (13KB)Uploaded: 09.03.10 / Updated: 09.03.10
Kinnaird of Culbin, Kinnaird of Glenlatroch, Kinnaird of Salterhill
[Kinnear (Kinneir) of Balmerino, Kinloch, Kinnear (Kinneir) & Lochton - see draft Kinnear1]
[Kinnersley - see Kynnersley below]
[Kinninmonth of Kinninmonth, Craighall - see draft Kinninmonth1]
[Kippen of Lanarkshire - see KZmisc07 below]
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[Kirkcaldy (Kirkaldy) of Grange - see KZmisc05 below]
[Kirky of Wakefield - see KZmisc03 below]
Kirkbride1 (08KB)Uploaded: 04.06.14 / Updated: 04.06.14
Kirkbride of Ellerton, Kirkbride of Kirkbride (Kyrkbride of Kyrkbride)
Kirkby1 (11KB)Uploaded: 13.02.09 / Updated: 13.02.09
Kirkby of Crosshouse, Kirkby of Kirkby Ireleth
Kirkby2 (14KB)Uploaded: 13.02.09 / Updated: 28.08.16
Kirkby of Ashlack, Kirkby of Kirkby
Kirke01 (07KB)Uploaded: 06.02.05 / Updated: 06.02.05
Kirke of East Markham, Kirke of East Retford
Kirkham1 (23KB)Uploaded: 31.12.10 / Updated: 13.04.18
Kirkham of Bidwell, Kirkham of Blagdon (Blackdown), Kirkham of Cotterstock, Kirkham of Finshead (Fineshade) Abbey, Kirkham of Pinhoe, Kirkham of Warmington
Kirkpatrick1 (10KB)Uploaded: 02.06.04 / Updated: 02.06.04
Kirkpatrick of Closeburn(e), Kirkpatrick of Kilmichael, Kirkpatrick of Redburgh
Kirkpatrick2 (13KB)Uploaded: 02.06.04 / Updated: 02.06.04
Kirkpatrick of Closeburn(e)
[Kirkpatrick - see also Kilpatrick above]
[Kirrell or Kirrill - see KZmisc04 below]
[Kirshaw of Leeds & Ripley - see KZmisc03 below]
[Kirsopp of the Spittal - see within Gibson03]
Kirton1 (11KB)Uploaded: 26.06.11 / Updated: 03.05.19
Kirton of Edmonton, Kirton of Hauxley, Kirton of Thorpe Mandeville
Kirwan01 (21KB)Uploaded: 31.08.06 / Updated: 31.08.06
Kirwan of Castle Hacket, Kirwan of Cregg, Kirwan of Dalgin, Kirwan of Galway, Kirwan of Hillsbrook, Kirwan of Knock
Kirwan02 (06KB)Uploaded: 01.09.06 / Updated: 01.09.06
Kirwan of Blindwell
Kitchener1 (11KB)Uploaded: 29.12.13 / Updated: 29.12.13
Kitchener of Lakenheath, Kitchener of Mildenhall
Kitchingham1 (08KB)Uploaded: 20.06.16 / Updated: 20.06.16
Kitchingham of Leeds
[Kitson of Hengrave - see KZmisc06 below]
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Knapman1 (09KB)Uploaded: 14.04.18 / Updated: 14.04.18
Knapman of Drewstanton, Knapman of Throwley (Throwleigh)
Knapp1 (11KB)Uploaded: 21.10.15 / Updated: 21.10.15
Knapp of Little Linford, Knapp of Shenley
Knatchbull1 (24KB)Uploaded: 01.10.04 / Updated: 27.01.17
Knatchbull of Mersham Hatch
[Knevet & Knevett - see under Knyvett below]
Knight01 (11KB)Uploaded: 25.01.07 / Updated: 25.01.07
Knight of Downton, Knight of Lea Castle, Knight of Wolverley
Knight02 (13KB)Uploaded: 27.03.13 / Updated: 27.03.13
Knight of Barrells
Knight03 (16KB)Uploaded: 24.02.21 / Updated: 24.02.21
Knight of Chawton, Knight of Cowden, Knight (Gally-Knight) of Langold, Knight of Lingfield, Knight of Smythies
[Knight of Carnarvon - see within Wales67]
Knightley1 (23KB)Uploaded: 15.04.05 / Updated: 16.01.11
Knightley of Fawsley, Knightley of Gnoshall (Gousall), Knightley of Norton, Knightley of Offchurchberry, Knightley of Upton
Knightley2 (25KB)Uploaded: 15.04.05 / Updated: 25.03.21
Knightley of Borough Hall, Kinghtley of Fawsley
[Knighton of Bayford - see Temp93]
[Knighton (Baronets) - see Temp93]
Knill1 (06KB)Uploaded: 06.02.22 / Updated: 06.02.22
Knull (Knill) of Byford, Knill of Knill (Knull of Knull), Brokenbergh of North Wraxhall
Knill2 (11KB)Uploaded: 06.02.22 / Updated: 06.02.22
Knill of Knill (Knull of Knull, Knyll of Knyll), Knill of Llanbadarn Vynyd, Knill of Stowe
[Knipersley - see KZmisc01 below]
[Knivet - see under Knyvett below]
Kniveton1 (13KB)Uploaded: 12.07.05 / Updated: 18.12.10
Kniveton of Mercaston (Myrcaston), Kniveton (Knyfton) of Mugginton, Knyfton of Uphill
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Knollys1 (22KB)Uploaded: 03.03.04 / Updated: 24.06.15
Knowles of North Mymms, Knollys of Rotherfield Greys, Knollys of Thame
Knollys2 (09KB)Uploaded: 03.03.04 / Updated: 14.07.12
Knollys of Banbury, Knowles of Lovell Hill
[Knolles (Knollys) of Grove Place - see Temp79]
[Knowles - see under Knollys just above]
Knox01 (12KB)Uploaded: 17.01.04 / Updated: 09.10.08
Knox of Ranfurlie (Ranfurly)
Knox02 (11KB)Uploaded: 28.04.05 / Updated: 28.04.05
Knox of Munnymore, Knox of Prehen, Knox of Ranfurlie (Ranfurly), Knox of Rathmullan (Rathmullen)
Knox03 (36KB)Uploaded: 28.04.05 / Updated: 28.04.05
Knox of Ballycruly, Knox of Castlerea, Knox of Dungannon, Knox of Grace Dieu, Knox of Mount Falcon, Knox of Moyne Abbey, Knox of Nutley Park, Knox of Ranfurly, Knox of Rappa Castle, Knox of Silvyland, Knox of Woodstock
[Knull - see under Knill above]
[Knutsford of Twemlow - see within Croxton1]
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[Knyll - see under Knill above]
Knyvett1 (18KB)Uploaded: 08.02.04 / Updated: 10.02.19
Knyvett (Knyvet or Knevet or Knevitt) of Buckenham, Knyvett (Knevet) of Southwick
Knyvett2 (19KB)Uploaded: 04.09.04 / Updated: 11.02.19
Knyvet of Ashwellthorpe, Knyvet of Berners, Knyvett of Buckenham, Knyvett of Denver, Knyvet of Rosemeryn
Knyvett3 (09KB)Uploaded: 11.02.19 / Updated: 11.02.19
Knyvett of Fundenhall, Knyvett of Sonning, Knyvett of Westminster
[Kryell - see under Kyrriel below]
Kyffin1 (10KB)Uploaded: 07.11.09 / Updated: 07.11.09
Kyffin of Cae Coch , Kyffin of Glascoed, Kyffin of Llanfyllin
Kyffin2 (11KB)Uploaded: 08.11.09 / Updated: 08.11.09
Kyffin of Maenan
[Kyllyowe - see under Killiowe above]
[Kyme of Kyme - see KZmisc01 below]
Kympton1 (06KB)Uploaded: 17.03.24 / Updated: 17.03.24
Kympton of Hadley, Kympton of Steple Morden, Kympton of Weston
[Kynardesley or Kynnardesley - see Kynnersley below]
Kynaston01 (20KB)Uploaded: 21.05.03 / Updated: 12.09.05
Kinaston of Estwike, Kynaston of Morton, Kynaston of Pontisbursley, Kynaston of Rosehampton, Kynaston of Shotton, Kynaston (Kinaston) of Stocks, Kynaston of Walford
Kynaston02 (15KB)Uploaded: 12.09.05 / Updated: 12.09.05
Kinaston of Oteley, Kynaston of Ryton
Kynaston03 (17KB)Uploaded: 12.09.05 / Updated: 12.09.05
Kynaston of Breadonheath (Brandonheath), Kynaston of Hardwick, Kynaston of Hordley, Kynaston of Morton, Kynaston of Rosehampton
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[Kynne of Maidford - see KZmisc06 below]
Kynnersley1 (12KB)Uploaded: 01.10.08 / Updated: 01.10.08
Kynardesley of Kynardesley, Kynardesley (Kynnardsley) of Loxley
Kynnersley2 (12KB)Uploaded: 01.10.08 / Updated: 01.10.08
Kynnersley of Badger, Kynnersley of Leighton, Kynnersley of Loxley, Kynnersley of Wrickton
[Kyrkbride or Kyrkbryde - see under Kirkbride above]
Kyrle1 (15KB)Uploaded: 11.10.06 / Updated: 11.10.06
Kyrle of Much Marcle, Kyrle of Ross, Kyrle of Walford Court
[Kyrriel or Kryell of Westenhanger - see Criol1.]
[Kyte - see Keyt above]
[Kytson of Hengrave - see KZmisc06 just below]
KZmisc01 (23KB)Uploaded: 13.09.03 / Updated: 20.04.20
Kerdeston of Kerdeston, Knipersley of Knipersley, Kyme of Kyme, Kenn of Kenn, Kerridge of Shelley Hall, Kerrich of Geldeston, Kerrich of Harleston
KZmisc02 (15KB)Uploaded: 27.06.10 / Updated: 06.02.22
Kerver of Rhosbeirio, Kelloway of Rockbourne, Kelloway (Kalleway) of Stowford, Kennan of Annfield, Kennan of Ashtown, Kennan of Diswellstown
KZmisc03 (19KB)Uploaded: 18.06.14 / Updated: 15.01.16
Kellett of Clonmel, Kellett of Lota, Kett of Norwich, Kett of Wymondham, Kirby of Wakefield, Kendal of Stourbridge, Kirshaw of Leeds, Kirshaw of Ripley
KZmisc04 (16KB)Uploaded: 19.01.16 / Updated: 21.09.23
Kinder of Cheapside, Keay of Whitchurch, Kennet of Wakefield, Keynell of Dorset, Kirrell of Goldhill in Hadlow, Kirrell (Kirrill) of Sevenoaks
KZmisc05 (16KB)Uploaded: 29.01.17 / Updated: 19.08.18
Kadwell of Kent, Kirkcaldy (Kirkaldy) of Grange, Keane of co. Waterford, Kearne (Kerne alias Tresillian) of Cornwall
KZmisc06 (16KB)Uploaded: 28.09.19 / Updated: 06.08.23
Kynne of Maidford, Kedwelley of Hartley, Kemis of Began, Kemis of Kemis, Kibblewhite (Kiblewhite) of Berkshire, Kitson (Kytson) of Hengrave
KZmisc07 (14KB)Uploaded: 06.11.23 / Updated: 06.03.24
Kederminster of Langley Marsh, Kederminster (Kidderminster) in Wraysbury, MacKeogh of Castle Troy, Keogh of Kilbride, Kippen of Lanarkshire, Kinchant of Park Hall

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